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  1. Could anyone give information on what happens at a set aside hearing i am the judgement creditor lip ccj against active ltd thanks
  2. Hi all. Hoping for some advise on next steps with a faulty TV that is 1 and a half years old. I want Co-op to repair it free of charge under the SOGA but they're not having any of it. I'll lay out the timeline as follows. Toshiba TV was bought by mother in law from a Co-op store in person in Oct 2014. She paid £208 for it (reduced by by about £50 as she had just finished working for a different Co-op store and had a discount card). She paid using her Barclaycard. In approx Jan this year it went faulty. Won't switch on. The power button on it alternates bet
  3. Hi there, New to this forum but it all looks helpful. Im sure this question has been posed here before but im just seeking clarity on my legal position. Bought an £800 sony vaio laptop from Currys (for my sins) in Oct 2013. It was the most expensive windows laptop in the shop, sold to me after I explained I use it for work and it gets lots of use so needs to be a machine which will stand up to it rather than a cheap laptop that will struggle to keep pace... It has been repaired once by Currys already in Summer 2014 (software failure, they reinstalled windows for me and thats a
  4. Hi there I will try and keep a complicated story simple! I saw a car I was interested in the price was 21k. The car was 9 months old and had done less than 3,000 miles I took a reduced part exchange price for my car under pressure from the pushy salesman to get the deal done - (I would never have taken this price normally)this entailed rolling over 5k of negative equity into the new hire purchase agreement 3 months later a warning light comes on Take it to the garage and there is unrecorded accident damage - after much time and stress and reports my claim to have the car rejec
  5. I purchased a Henleys watch from an Ebay seller in October 2014, brand new, boxed, and with tags. Within 2 months, the silver coating was rubbung off either side of the winder, around the top and bottom of the case, and around the underneath, showing a copper colour. I contacted the seller who ignored me. I then sent the watch back to the sellers address. I got a reply stating that the seller gives 21 days warranty, and that I should return the watch back to the manufacturer. The seller finished by saying that he returned the watch back to me. Fast forward to thi
  6. I'm afraid I'm terribly confused by the situation I'm in and can't seem to find a straight answer anywhere. I'll start with a brief outline with dates as close as possible to accurate.. Nov 2013 - I purchase a massage chair from Sasaki (credit card deposit, rest on finance) Feb 2014 - chair is delivered Feb 2014 - I contact Sasaki stating chair unsuitable. Doesn't fit my build. They were given full info before purchase Mar 2014 - Sasaki agree to look into replacing, will 'get back to me' May 2014 - I start section 75 with Hitachi Finance as nothing heard from Sasaki Jun 20
  7. Ok, I do hope i am not repeating whats been answered before, and a quick search has not thrown up anything. So a pair of Magnum boots, nearly £150 worth. 3 months of wear and the sole has nearly worn through and has split about a third of the way from the front, sideways across the sole. Is this considered just fair wear and tear. All other magnum and other (decent)boots i have had have lasted for donkeys without wearing through. I did two tours in a single pair of magnums but these ones havent lasted 3 months just knocking doors. They are genuine and purchased direct from magnum so
  8. Totally let down by whirlpool... their product quality had fallen beyond expected standard. Bought a microwave from ao.com on 15/10/2013. After 2 days it arrived... and FAIL... won't turn on. (no power, fuse ok) After that got a replacement which on 3/12/2014 stopped heating food (probably faulty magnetron... looked up and the part alone is around £100). Now it won't even switch on. I hope that you agree that £245 appliance should last more than a year... so I mentioned them SOGA. also offered to do an independent examination/repair if they agree to reimburse the cost of i
  9. Got a case going with the dealer I purchased prestige second hand car from. 3 months after battling to resolve amicable, im considering rejecting under SOGA or pay for repairs then claim cost ans damages through small claims court. The car developed faults from day one. Some were repaired under warranty. Other issues I had to fork out for myself as they were deemed to fall outside warranty. New problems surfaced, all of which were again deemed outside warranty so they refused to repair. Fortunately I took down a timeline of every event, phone call, names of ppl I spoke to, etc...
  10. Hi everyone, I bought a 08 Fiat Bravo from Jamie of Epic Motors Coventry on the 4th Oct 2014. On the 18th Oct 2014, it lost power on the motorway and could only do a maximum of 50mph while making a grinding noise. I managed to pull into a parking lot and called RAC who diagnosed it as a broken turbo. Since I only had roadside assistance and was 120miles from home and it was midnight, I paid £300 to have the car recovered back to my house. I got in touch with the seller on the 19/10/14 to see what he was willing to do. He initially offered to fix the problem free of charge bu
  11. Hi everybody, looking for some advice regarding a used vehicle. earlier this year, we had an accident which caused significant damage to our car and it was written off by the insurance company. using the insurance payment we purchased a used car from a dealer. our old vehicle was: 2007, 64000 miles, no previous owners - bought from new. the used car we bought: 2006, 75000 miles, 2 previous owners. MOT the same week as purchased - no advisories. a good clean tidy car that HPI checks found clear. we felt confident enough to purchase the car. before
  12. Good afternoon I am after help in regards to the sale of my French Bulldog puppy bought on 6/8/14. He was advertised as a pick of the litter and in good health.. He is kennel Club registered and the breeder is a Kennel Club assured breeder and I felt I did everything I could to ensure I was purchasing a healthy and happy puppy. I have a copy of his original advert, plus a copy of the contract I signed when I picked him up as proof of the sale The very next day I took him to his new vet for a check over and to get him wormed and registered, only to be told the devastating news that h
  13. have a Mac White that is just over 4 years old and the Magsafe Power Cable is perishing, and becoming dangerous, this seems to be a common fault although Apple will not acknowledge the same. I approached the retailer who is an Apple approved retailer. and we are at the point with the complaint where the retailer states that SOGA does not apply it is fair wear and tare. Any comments as to how I stand? FS
  14. We've had an intermittent issue with our Fridge Freezer, which now finally seems to have broken down permanently, it's only 3 1/2 years old so we're claiming, something, back from the retailer. To this end we asked an engineer to come out and provide us with an engineers report, however, I'm really not sure what he's provided is adequate, I haven't much confidence in him to be honest, he initially tried to claim that the invoice for his visit was the report, until I asked for something a bit more substantial. His last offering is attached (I've removed the company header) [ATTACH]
  15. Hi, I purchased a Zanussi Freezer for £200 in July of 2012 and it has now packed up. I contacted 123Electrical wo I purchased it from and they asked me to organise a engineers report which I have, at the cost of £44. The Zanussi engineer has concluded it will cost more than the purchase price to repair which I communicated back to 123Electrical. I have now recieved a call from Zanussi direct offerring to replace the unit for £150. 123Electrical are stalling saying they need to talk to the manufacturer again. Can someone with more knowledge of SOGA let me know if I am corr
  16. Situation.. A mobile phone retailer offers incentive gifts for taking out/renewing contracts with phones. A renewal is arranged by phone and a gift chosen. There is no problem with the phone received as part of an upgrade/contract renewal. However there is a problem with the free gift, a 3DS XL game console, in that there are no English instructions (Spanish, Portuguese and Italian only). Questions.. Is not having an English manual contrary to fit for purpose/satisfactory quality? Is the gift even covered under SOGA/DSR or any similar act? Does this affect the phone
  17. Hi there I'm new to this forum and could do with some help. 5 months ago I bought a used 207 from a dealer and at the time no issues with the car where pointed out, I was told that it came with 2 year warranty and a years free mot when the current one runs out which is around now.. I booked it in with the dealer for its free mot and then after dropping the car off I was contacted by the dealer stating that some work needed to be carried out and that it needed new rear disc brakes and pads which don't fall under the warranty I thought fair enough wear and tear, he quoted me a price
  18. Friend bought a car from a guy who runs a business with a website offering 'Cars for Sale' and his business has a companies house registration showing 'Nature of Business - 45112 - Sale of used cars and light motor vehicles'. He paid for the vehicle by bank transfer into the guy's business bank account and the seller scribbled him a pencil receipt (which my friend also signed), part of which used the phrase "sold for sum private by bank transfer". The car started to go seriously wrong a few months after purchase and my friend phoned him and texted him (the dealer) multiple times aski
  19. Back in February 2013 I bought a car from a commercial garage. It was inherently faulty from the start. I attempted with the authority of the garage to get it repaired but new faults kept appearing, so I returned it under SOGA. The garage agreed to a partially refund the £9000 I paid by offering £7500. I had the car for a month and it was in and out of the garage for repair 6 times so I refused their offer. They then got quite nasty with a "take the money or take us to court" attitude so I referred it to my credit card provider under Section 75 of CCA. They told me they thought the garag
  20. Here we go then: 20.3.13: sign a finance agreement, pay a deposit and take delivery of 05 Citroen C5 auto diesel, 77k on the clock 21.3.13: having driven c140 miles, the STOP warning light appears on the dashboard. I stop the car immediately. I wait a few minutes, and start the car again. Plumes of white smoke emit from the exhaust. I switch off and wait a few more minutes. Repeat the exercise with the same result. I'm no mechanic, but have enough lay knowledge to suspect this is a blown head gasket. I call my recovery company. Upon arrival, he repeats the exercise. He tells me tha
  21. Ok so brought a car exactly 3 months from garage, its a used car and i paid about the market value (certainly no lower) During the 1st 4 weeks i was noticing i was putting about a litre of oil in every week and the heat shield fell off (minor but still) and the air con and blower packed up completely. It was not leaking oil it was burning it. Contacted the garage who agreed to take it back and 'have a look' they did and 'fixed' the car. fast forward to now and the car is suddenly using a litre of oil a week again, basically i think they temporarily hid/fixed the problem rather t
  22. Hello CAGgers, On 23rd of June I purchased a 2001 VW Beetle for my wife from an independent dealer in Cornwall (I live in Essex, so it was some way to go!). The car was paid for using a credit card. Last week I noticed some rust patches had appeared at the corners of the roof. I took the car to a body repair specialist and now have a bill for £463.60 in front of me. Now, obviously I'm not happy with that, but what concerns me more is the advisory notice that the body shop have put on the invoice: "Due to the location and depth of the rust, the repair we have carried out is o
  23. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I bought a car three months ago from Toyota, on the day of picking up that car, it broken down and eventually the battery went flat within a month. As a preapproved car they are meant to be fully serviced, have have their preinspection checks and any MOT advisory issues on the MOT to be rectified according to Toyota. Ive asked for the preinspection checks which the garage don't have, and when I went through the servicing documents the car was due for a service the week after I picked up the car, and on the day of receiving the car I foun
  24. Hi guys, just looking for some SOGA advice. I've been swatting up on this for a while now as the issue has been dragged out massively now! In April '13 I bought a 2.0T Audi A5 from a 'luxury car specialist' it seemed pretty obvious, pretty quickly that she was going through oil pretty quick. I looked it up and found that the 2.0T engines do use some oil, so I just faced facts and kept going. The consumption got 1L per 600 miles! I put the car into Audi to see if there was anything they could do. They conducted an oil consumption test, which the car failed, an
  25. Sorry this is my first post but I guess that is the nature of this site, anyhoo I need some advise regarding the SOGA and small claims after rejecting a vehicle - to cut a long story short... Question 1 - under the small claims court it appears I need to seek the judges permission to present expert evidence? I have spoken to VW Van center in Exeter and due to the nature of the camshaft fault needing some of the engine to be removed to be properly diagnosed this will cost £390 in labour and parts (gaskets need to be replaced when engine is taken apart, hence parts cost).
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