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Found 9 results

  1. Could I please ask a bit of advice for a friend. She is only young and was hit by a car whilst walking home one night. She was on the pavement and the car insurer has obviously accepted full liability. She went to a Solicitor who has urged her to accept an out of court settlement of £5,500 She had head injuries and needed stitches Had 3 broken ribs Post Traumatic Stress Missed her exams Three weeks loss of salary Out of this she needs to pay her Solicitor 25% Does this seem a fair settlement?
  2. My friends partner is leaving the matrimonial home tomorrow and she has no idea what she may be able to claim (she has never had to claim benefits before) Her circumstances are: Two children, one child is under seven. She doesn't work. She is on strong medication for depression (due to husband leaving her) The home is rented Where does she start in the benefit maze? Any information will be most grateful. x
  3. Ok, I do hope i am not repeating whats been answered before, and a quick search has not thrown up anything. So a pair of Magnum boots, nearly £150 worth. 3 months of wear and the sole has nearly worn through and has split about a third of the way from the front, sideways across the sole. Is this considered just fair wear and tear. All other magnum and other (decent)boots i have had have lasted for donkeys without wearing through. I did two tours in a single pair of magnums but these ones havent lasted 3 months just knocking doors. They are genuine and purchased direct from magnum so
  4. a friend has recently had a PCN for walking off site by UKCPS, windscreen ticket issued. Not sure which is the best way to proceed with this one, The car park was a free one so there is no loss on the part of the operator, there's no cctv or anpr cameras, I presume they must have someone with a camera taking photos of the driver and passengers leaving site. at this point I'm thinking do they need a picture of the driver driving the vehicle and then leaving the site ? Can anyone in the car leave the site ? or is it just the driver that is not allowed t
  5. Simple question. Will a current walking possession agreement technically be useless after the 6th of April. If a bailiff has to re-attend in the event of a default on an arrangement, can they use the walking possession from the old reg's to gain entry, or not? My view is no, as the old reg's will be null & void, but I can't find the answer to my question in the new reg's. So, any learned posters know for sure?
  6. I defaulted on a walking possession agreement with Rossdales for unpaid Council Tax. They arrived today to remove goods stating that i must pay £896.87 or they would remove goods. The goods listed are Sharp 40" tv 2 Seater Fabric sofa Zoostorm Desktop Pc
  7. Hi-I'm considering trying to reclaim some or all of my bailiff charges over unpaid (late) council tax. Can anyone please point me to any legislation or regulations that determine valid levies please? I'm confused as to why any walking possession agreement inside a house requires a signature yet it seems that levied goods outside the house are OK if not signed (ie a car or items from a shed/outbuilding) Who decides if a levy requires a signature or not? I'm pretty confident that I can claim my Head H fee back after reading the thread on here. I also have a removal of goods f
  8. Hi Can anyone help me, i am trying to create a thread on here, i stupidly got myself in to debt a few years ago after suffering from depression (this is not an excuse) i am not trying to sort it out, i got myself in council tax arrears for around £800 however with court costs and fees there now saying its over £1000 they took me to court and got rossendales involved, anyway someon attended my property to do a levy or walking posssession, i panicked at the first letter and let them in, whilst doing the WOP the guy sat in a chair looked around my living room and wrote a couple of thi
  9. Hi really need some advice re a walking possesion order with dukes bailiffs. Basically we are a family of 5 on low income recieving child tax creds, working tax creds, housing benefit, council tax benefit and child benefit plus my partner's wage (low income). We got behind with this years council tax due to having an attatchment of earnings on my previous years council tax. We currently owe 589.71. Anyway today i had a knock on the door and a guy introduced himself as a dukes bailiff and was nice about it saying he could accept £80 a month (i can afford that just) but that he had to come
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