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  1. Hi, I'd be grateful if anybody could give advise me on my rights for the following issue. I bought a pair of waterproof boots from a well-know firm that sells outdoor & rock climbing gear. The boots have developed cracks on the panel that runs around the shoe and is attached to the sole. The sole itself is fine. The boots however are no longer fit for purpose. I showed them to the shop assistant who told me that it's general wear and tear and there's nothing they can do about it. I asked if they could repair them and was told I could (buy) and try a tent rep
  2. Hi, I was caught shoplifting in boots today with my partner. He had no involvement in it at all. He was just with me. As we left, the street ranger came after us and told us the security of Boots would like to talk to us. We went back with him, thought there's no point in trying to fight it and admitted to what I did, and gave him the goods I had taken. I've never stolen before. It was a one off. I am on lots of medication for a long term disability, and have (mental health) BPD, which makes me impulsive, and silly sometimes. I told the security guard this,
  3. Hello, I bought some nice glasses around 3 months ago from Boot the Opticians. After 2 weeks the left arm came off (they are sort of 'clip ins' with no screws). It then started happening regularly, then the left lens became unclipped from the nose bridge. They are now so wonky and wobbly that i can't even clean them without the arm or lens coming off. I read reviews on NHS Choices about Boots the optician and there's 15 pages with virtually all giving negative responses, and plenty with arm issues. They also state that Boots don't seem to want to help
  4. Hi there, recently me and a few friends were caught shoplifing £58.97 worth of makeup from Boots. This is my first ever offence and I clearly wasn't thinking right, I'm so ashamed of myself. we were caught by CCTV and the two guards came up to us and took us to back of house. At this point, I knew I messed up. He gave us the option of either telling our parents or calling the police and risking a criminal record. OBVIOUSLY, we chose to just tell our parents even though we knew we'd get in a huge amount of trouble. The goods were taken back by Boots with no dama
  5. A bit about myself: I live in Scotland, am a middle aged divorcee with Multiple Sclerosis who has (or had, before now) a completely clean record. Last week I came home find a card through my door from the police informing me that they had called to speak to me and would I please contact PC Thingumajig to arrange a time to talk regarding 'an ongoing investigation'. I had no idea what this could be about and my medical condition leaves me embarrassingly prone to panic reactions in even the most innocuous out-of-the-norm situations. I immediately started panicking tha
  6. hi everyone i need help badly. a few days ago i was caught stealing at boots and the security guard lead me to their security room. inside, there is one female boots staff and another security guard from the shopping mall. total three of them. the security guard from boots asked me to take out whatever stuff i have stolen i did as told as i was too afraid. later on, he asked for my id and name and home address which i gave as well issued me with an RPL form. the amount i have stolen was £220 i know its so stupid i stole 4/5 perfumes
  7. I really need some advice. Last night night I was caught shoplifting at Boots. I was detained by LP and they advised they had been watching me for a months, maybe even a year, and knew I had stolen other items. The LP guy said I had only got lucky that he had never been on duty to catch me. I did not have any photo ID so he was going to call the police but eventually decided not to after I'd explained my situation. He took my debit card details, train pass details (it has my photo but isn't official ID) and accepted a letter I had in my bag from Stepchange as proof of my address. He took a pho
  8. Hi all, Hope this is the right place for this. My partner recently picked up some weekly contact lenses from Boots. she wears them frequently, but her normal order had not arrived so she had to pick up a pair to tide her over from the store. almost immediately after she put them in, her vision began to go blurry and her eye felt discomfort. The Boots staff at the store were awful. first they wanted her to wait to see the optometrist, until she made a fuss, when it turned out one was free, then she had to ask three times for them to rinse her eye. Finally they sent her to Moorfield e
  9. On Friday I was extremely concerned about a thread on one of the ‘Beat the Bailiffs’ facebook sites that eventually led to the debtor being removed from his car and with many police in attendance. Background: The debtor (Tony) did not seek advice on the site. Instead, his brother Paul sought advice from the Social Media Site on his behalf. It would seem that ‘Tony’ had not paid a penalty charge notice and accordingly, a warrant of control was issued and passed to Marston Group to enforce. The bailiff attended the property early last Friday and after a short period of time, cl
  10. Hi all, Hope you had a great Christmas. Anyway, about this time last year I was carrying out sub contract work for a company called Betta Living installing kitchens. On this particular kitchen Betta Living made a long line of ordering mistakes supplying incorrect kitchen units and doors. This was nothing to do with us as installers this was all down to Betta Livings Installation management Team. We completed the kitchen as far as we could, around 90% and thankfully left the kitchen completely usable over the Christmas period. We were then asked by BL to return to fit the last
  11. I purchased a pair of glasses from Boots opticians, theses were unsatisfactory as i couldn't see through the reading part of the varifocal, the optician made me a new pair but I still can't see through them. I have written to Boots customer complaints for a full refund, they say I cannot have one and my issue is with the franchise not with Boots. I didn't know the optician was a franchise of Boots as the name Boost optician is over the shop door and all my receipts have Boots opticians on them. What can I do? and how can I get a refund? I d
  12. Today I was caught shoplifting £62 worth of products in Boots. I was spotted by the security guard (who wasn't in uniform) and I was taken to the security room. I was searched and the stolen goods were seized while the security guard made some very strange comments about me being a "godless woman" and having "the devil inside me". I am 17 years old so he asked for the details of a parent/guardian. Although I live with my mother, I decided to give my dad's details and address because if my mother ever found out about this I would be beaten black and blue and I'd probably end up in hospita
  13. Hi everyone My daughter who is 18 had a moment of stupidity in January and decided it would be ok to shoplift a mascara from Boots. She was accosted by the security guy on leaving the store, taken back inside, her details were taken was given the option of them either calling the police or agreeing to be contacted by RLP - she was terrified out of her wits as she suffers from acute anxiety problems, and agreed to the RLP route. The guard copied her student ID details and took her phone number and our address. They asked her to empty her bag which she
  14. Hi guys. Firstly i apologise for creating a thread similar to those posted but my situation seems slightly different to those i have came across as i did in fact admit i was guilty and police were called. The threads i came across didn't seem to involve police. I did in fact shoplift from boots around 2 years ago, police were called and i admitted i was guilty. Attended police station and paid a fixed penalty notice of £80 so i didnt have to attend court. received a letter from boots not long after asking for payment of £147.50 which i threw in the bin. Although i admitted guilt
  15. Hello , I have read many different stories on here and so far , Ive learnt that I have to ignore them . What happened was I took something only worth £3 out of stupidity as I clearly can afford it. I got taken to the small room, I'm only 16 and didn't have ID with me so they made me write my name , date of birth and address down and checked if it was the same as what one of my siblings gave in. The police weren't called and they took my picture to stick up on their .."wall of fame " which I thought was stupid as I already wasn't feeling well and it seemed as if they were making a joke out of i
  16. My wife felt her glasses that she uses for driving were not as sharp as they used to be and called Boots to make an appointment. Off she trotted for an eye test. They told her that she needed new glasses for reading, but she told them she was happy with her reading and just wanted her distance vision correcting. They then tried to sell her varifocals, but once again, my wife reiterated she just wanted her distance vison correcting for driving. When she told the optician that her eye consultant told her not to have them due to a slight issue with a cataract, she was answered with a "pfffft
  17. Ok, I do hope i am not repeating whats been answered before, and a quick search has not thrown up anything. So a pair of Magnum boots, nearly £150 worth. 3 months of wear and the sole has nearly worn through and has split about a third of the way from the front, sideways across the sole. Is this considered just fair wear and tear. All other magnum and other (decent)boots i have had have lasted for donkeys without wearing through. I did two tours in a single pair of magnums but these ones havent lasted 3 months just knocking doors. They are genuine and purchased direct from magnum so
  18. I took £19 worth of products from boots, I have no idea why I didn't even need the items or particularly really want them but I took them. a security guard caught me and took me to a room with 3 other men. I had took the label of the products which they found and I gave them the two products back and apologized. They asked for my name, D.O.B, address and took a picture of me on a mobile phone? They gave me a letter 'notice of intended civil recovery' and banned me from the store. They did not contact the police and said they wouldn't and said they cannot tel
  19. Last week I bought a new pair of walking boots from one of the Mountain Warehouse stores. The first time I wore the boots I found them to be very slippery when walking, having little or no grip. It felt about the same as walking on ice. I queried this with the company who have been most unhelpful. They say the boots are made for "rough terrain". No where in the advertising of the boots does it mention they are not suitable for general wear such as walking on paths, roadways or other normal surfaces. Could anyone please advise how I should procede with either getting the boots ex
  20. I stole about £230 worth of stock from boots and was caught , taken to room in store , ID -pic taken etc and cctv burnt to disk, and then police called, ultimately leading to me being cautioned after saying I accept that it was me ( never been in trouble with the police before ) After about a week i received a letter from the dreaded RLP and were asking for £196.00 . What Im trying to deliberate is whether to just ignore it and see what happens or to pay . If it were a smaller amount of items stolen by me I would probably leave it but as it was a larger a
  21. Hello, When I was 13 I was with a friend was shoplifting from boots, I'd let her put stuff in my bag too because she didn't have room and I'd given up arguing (it was wrong I know all of that but she was my friend then and I was young) We were taken into the small room and the security guard told me that although I wasn't shoplifting I was as much to blame as an accomplice and that I was banned for life from every boots nationwide, I vaguely remember signing something however NO picture was taken of me and I was not issued a fine (as I've seen from other member
  22. Hey all, Today i was caught shop lifting from boots. .. i dont normally do this but i just did it and got caught, the guy took my details and i lied about my name but not my address. .. i dont know why i did but i was worried about future jobs, im only 19 and im worried about the fine he said i will have to pay, they refused to give me water and i was confused when they kept making me sign things and not giving me enough time to read them. .. im currently waiting for the letter how long will that be here? also i cant
  23. Hi all, I have already done some research on the RLP and their practices after I agreed to help a Spanish friend who for some reason or other decided to take a few items from Boots, after he had already made a purchase, the value cannot have exceeded £20 at most, and the items were recovered, intact, in saleable condition. He paid a fixed penalty notice and thought nothing more of it, until he received what must have been the RLP's second letter (the first never reached him) which stated that he had not responded to their first letter and that their client was seeking £147.50. This w
  24. Sorry, second time of writing this as lost my first post. Hope someone can give me some wise advice!! I was shopping today in boots, bought a few items paid and left quite happily with my toddler who for the first time EVER I let him walk with me rather than pushed in the pushchair although still had it wth me! Left the shop quite happily, spent ages faffing in the car park changing my little boys nappy and sorting him out - chucked pram in car and got in. Just as I was pulling off, a knock on my window from a security guard.. I opened my window and he aske
  25. Hi All, of my friend went to Boots today, she had purchased perfumes of aroung 40 £. She paid for 40£, she got a Boots bag but she felt she missed something so went to perfume location again and took two more perfumes which were costing around 60£ and was to pay for it, but issue was she kept the perfume in the Boots bag, She was in some other thoughts and went near the doors. As she went near the doors she was asked by security officials to stop and was escorted to the Cabin where she found two ladies and 2 security gaurds. As she is new to UK she was
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