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  1. Hi, I'd be grateful if anybody could give advise me on my rights for the following issue. I bought a pair of waterproof boots from a well-know firm that sells outdoor & rock climbing gear. The boots have developed cracks on the panel that runs around the shoe and is attached to the sole. The sole itself is fine. The boots however are no longer fit for purpose. I showed them to the shop assistant who told me that it's general wear and tear and there's nothing they can do about it. I asked if they could repair them and was told I could (buy) and try a tent repair tape, but that they weren't sure if it would work. I am in doubt as to whether that is really the case and was wondering if anyone knows what my rights are in this situation. Thank you. Any advice will be much appreciated. Sweet Justice
  2. Hi, I was caught shoplifting in boots today with my partner. He had no involvement in it at all. He was just with me. As we left, the street ranger came after us and told us the security of Boots would like to talk to us. We went back with him, thought there's no point in trying to fight it and admitted to what I did, and gave him the goods I had taken. I've never stolen before. It was a one off. I am on lots of medication for a long term disability, and have (mental health) BPD, which makes me impulsive, and silly sometimes. I told the security guard this, but he didn't respond. He was really lovely, not intimidating at all, and handled it really discretely. However, we were held in the room, which had a code to get into, and I asked to go to the toilet and was told no, and that I could go after. I was crying & shaking, and on the verge of having a panic attack (from feeling claustrophobic) he took our details, and "distinguishing features" (my tattoo on my leg) and then asked me to sign something to confirm I / we wouldn't return to the store. Now, he's said we will receive a fine each, from RLP, and threatened that if this wasn't paid, it would escalate further to the police. I asked him when we would receive this letter by, and he said he had no idea. now I'm just sat anxiously waiting. has anyone got any advice? I'm also signed off sick, so have next to no income, and my partner is supporting me. I'm awaiting disability allowance, but haven't heard from them yet. I was wondering if my mental health could be mentioned at all to them? I don't know what to do. Please help in anyway possible! is it right my boyfriend will receive a separate fine just because he was stood with me? Thanks so much. Oh I'm 21, and he's 22 by the way x Oh and i also signed to say I acknowledged I was banned from the store (I don't know how long for or if they actually recognise me?)
  3. Hello, I bought some nice glasses around 3 months ago from Boot the Opticians. After 2 weeks the left arm came off (they are sort of 'clip ins' with no screws). It then started happening regularly, then the left lens became unclipped from the nose bridge. They are now so wonky and wobbly that i can't even clean them without the arm or lens coming off. I read reviews on NHS Choices about Boots the optician and there's 15 pages with virtually all giving negative responses, and plenty with arm issues. They also state that Boots don't seem to want to help. Am i right in thinking there is no warranty with glasses? It seems head office and the opticians in question are getting people to too and fro between them. I wish i had looked at the reviews beforehand. Do i have the right to demand a refund as they are at the point where they aren't wearable. I bought these in good faith and paid £260+ on my debit card. I haven't as yet approached them and would be grateful for any advice on exactly how to approach them regarding law and retailers obligations. I think these must have been made in China they are that flimsy and other people have also had problems clipping them back together for me. TIA P.S. if anyone is going to Boots the Optician please read reviews online first.
  4. Hi there, recently me and a few friends were caught shoplifing £58.97 worth of makeup from Boots. This is my first ever offence and I clearly wasn't thinking right, I'm so ashamed of myself. we were caught by CCTV and the two guards came up to us and took us to back of house. At this point, I knew I messed up. He gave us the option of either telling our parents or calling the police and risking a criminal record. OBVIOUSLY, we chose to just tell our parents even though we knew we'd get in a huge amount of trouble. The goods were taken back by Boots with no damage done. After this ,they took our details and gave us a 12 month ban and a sheet behind with RLP in the corner. We were told we'd be expecting a 'fine' of around £120 which I thought was ridiculous for a 16 year old to be paying. Yes, I know I did wrong but come on?! me being me I decided to do some research and came across a number of forums and threads telling me I should ignore the letters, but this sounds really wrong considering they threaten to take people to court? I really don't want to stress my parents out even more as we have a lot of things to be paying for at the moment and I myself am stressing too because I don't want to get into even more trouble. Please help me before I lose my marbles ((((
  5. A bit about myself: I live in Scotland, am a middle aged divorcee with Multiple Sclerosis who has (or had, before now) a completely clean record. Last week I came home find a card through my door from the police informing me that they had called to speak to me and would I please contact PC Thingumajig to arrange a time to talk regarding 'an ongoing investigation'. I had no idea what this could be about and my medical condition leaves me embarrassingly prone to panic reactions in even the most innocuous out-of-the-norm situations. I immediately started panicking that I had done something illegal to warrant the police at my door but after talking it out with a friend we concluded that perhaps I had witnessed something that the police were investigating as I don't live in the best area. I phoned the PC and arranged to come in the next day to see him but completely spaced on asking why he needed to speak with me. When I got to the police station I was taken into a small room with only a table and three chairs, PC Thingumajig asked me to sit down and as he sat in front of me and pulled out his notebook a second PC came in behind him and closed the door. I started to get a little shaky as it was quite intimidating (this second PC was vaguely familiar to me as one that had treated a friend of mine particularly badly last year). I was shocked and stunned when I was told that I had been accused by the local Boots of shoplifting a mascara the previous week. I told them that I had not but as I was in full panic mode at this point I could not really digest the information they were giving me. They told me that they had witnesses who had seen me take it and had followed me out of the store and through the shopping mall, as well as CCTV footage of the incident. They were quite frankly not interested in any explanation I had for what had occurred on the two occasions that I recalled being in the store over recent weeks. When I told them of my medical condition and its effect on my memory (particularly in stressful situations) as the reason why I could not remember the day in question, the intimidating one immediately latched on to this as an explanation for my thieving ways and would not let it go. My record was checked and since it was clean I was told they could issue an official police warning or if I wanted to contest they would charge me and send it to the PF who would decide whether to take it to court or not. By this time I was so distressed and confused I was beginning to doubt my OWN honesty so I agreed to the warning in order to avoid the stress and pressure of the long drawn out legal procedure which could have had devastating consequences for my health. The warning was issued as well as a ban from Boots stores (I will never be darkening their doorstep again in any event - physically or digitally). Since that time I have been so stressed I have had panic attacks when I enter the shopping mall where I do volunteer work once a week, am prone to crying uncontrollably, have been unwilling to leave my home and unable to socialise with my friends. The stress has also had a deleterious effect on my health by worsening the symptoms of my MS. I have only recently been able to look at the warning notice and comprehend the date of the alleged incident which was almost exactly a week prior and, now that I can ponder it with a clear head, I DO recollect the day in question as I was re-starting art classes on that date. I DID enter the store more than once (a point they made repeatedly) as I had wanted to print a photo from my phone and, because their machine's USB was not recognising my device, I used the USB from my portable charger and accidentally left it in their machine. I had returned a couple of hours later to retrieve it. Since the photo printer is at the opposite end of the store from the make-up section I have no idea why they think I pocketed a mascara but since I was nowhere near that area of the shop (except to enter and leave) I have no idea why I have been accused of this crime - the only thing I pocketed in the store was my own property! Is there any way I can get the store to at least apologise for humiliating me and can I get the police to rescind the warning? Do they not have to stop me AT THE TIME instead of waiting a week to apprehend? Should I be worried as to how the police got my name and address? The only way I can think is to have accessed my prescription history at the pharmacy. They wouldn't let me see the CCTV footage either when I asked and I'm pretty sure the Data Protection Act gives me that right. I would really appreciate any advice I can get.
  6. hi everyone i need help badly. a few days ago i was caught stealing at boots and the security guard lead me to their security room. inside, there is one female boots staff and another security guard from the shopping mall. total three of them. the security guard from boots asked me to take out whatever stuff i have stolen i did as told as i was too afraid. later on, he asked for my id and name and home address which i gave as well issued me with an RPL form. the amount i have stolen was £220 i know its so stupid i stole 4/5 perfumes thats why the amount is expensive. he called the police police came and searched my bag found another item i had stolen from another stall. i cant lie because the tag is still on and i have no receipt. the police took me to custody at police station. first all my items are being emptied from my bag and jacket and all the police found another item in my jacket which i totally forgot about it i was so scared i keep begging her but no use i was asked if i need a solicitor the police and the surgeon kept saying whether or not i have the surgeon decision is not going to change. i told them i dont need which i regret after i come back home i was asked questions by the surgeon and lead to a cell room which i was lock. after an hour or so the police come and told me they are going to my house and check my room and state this is always the case for stealing. i was so worried another hour has pass in the cell room and finally she is back she said my room doesnt look suspicious and she commented i always have tea in room? later on she interview me with a recording and then ask me lots questions. i admitted of stealing at two stores afterwards, my dna and photo (front and side views) as well as my finger prints are all taken and recorded i was told by the surgeon that my case will be a caution (is that called caution?) and i can go home. no action will be taken and the polices just told me not to do silly things anymore and they say i might receive letter from boots thats all. i assume that will be the RPL lettter? im so scared: will my housemates know what letter that is? is there any sign showing that letter is from RPL? also, will i be fine??? btw im above 20 years old. I need help people. i couldnt sleep for nights and keep having bad dream about it. what shall i do. someone help me please
  7. I really need some advice. Last night night I was caught shoplifting at Boots. I was detained by LP and they advised they had been watching me for a months, maybe even a year, and knew I had stolen other items. The LP guy said I had only got lucky that he had never been on duty to catch me. I did not have any photo ID so he was going to call the police but eventually decided not to after I'd explained my situation. He took my debit card details, train pass details (it has my photo but isn't official ID) and accepted a letter I had in my bag from Stepchange as proof of my address. He took a photo of the address section. Basically, I've been shoplifting makeup items from there for a while, probably is a year. I work in the financial services industry and they've recently brought in annual credit checking for financial soundness. I am in a lot of debt and do have multiple defaults and a CCJ. I was completely honest on these checks but my manager said that going forward, I must show I'm repaying more of my debts than I have been otherwise they can't prove I'm financially sound and this could affect my job. I'm quite into makeup myself so I know the value of items. I stupidly thought it would be easy to steal some makeup items, these are from more high end brands rather than the cheaper items, and sell them on via a friend I have from school who is into all sorts of dodgy stuff and was quite happy to take these items and give me a cut, which I've been using to pay off more of my debts. I started doing it with the intention that I'd only do it a few times and then try find another way to make money but it was so easy that it carried on. When LP questioned me he did say he could see I'm a genuine person and that I'm not the usual 'type' they catch, which I'm assuming means I'm working and not a drug addict or something. He completely believed me, which was helped by the fact I had the Stepchange letter in my bag which I had with me as I needed it earlier in the day to show my manager at work - I was advised to contact Stepchange as it's a recognised place of support by my company. He took my photo and details, said I was banned from all Boots stores for life, and then gave me one of the RLP leaflets. I've read people don't usually pay these fines but I fully intend to because in my case, the store is out of pocket as they were only able to recover the item I was trying to steal yesterday but they know I've done it before as he was able to go into detail about certain items I know I've stolen, even right down to how I concealed them and the aisles I was in at the time. He escorted me outside and we stood for a long time talking. He was absolutely lovely and not at all threatening. He started off by saying that even though I wasn't arrested, they could still 'crime' it because of all the other evidence and at the very least I'm looking at a big fine, which I fully expect and accept. I asked if there was any way I could pay a fine that day, which required me having to phone my elderly gran to beg for some money (and having to lie to her about the reason why as there's no way I could tell her what I'd done, she'd be sick with worry). She agreed to transfer me some money there and then and after I got off the phone to her, I was in tears in front of the LP (because it was the first time I'd ever lied to my precious gran). I hadn't noticed but the LP had also made a call to someone at the same time as I'd been speaking to my gran. He seemed to take pity on me in my pathetic state, and said not to get the money from my gran and that he would handle this himself and whilst I wouldn't avoid the fine, I shouldn't get a record. A criminal record would probably screw me over more than my credit file in terms of my job! Despite what he said, I'm still terrified they will change their mind and report this because of all the evidence they have, which I know they must have because of the detail they went into. I couldn't deny any of it. I feel so stupid and I know I will never be doing this again. I have literally exchanged one set of problems for another, not to mention increased my debt but that's the least of my worries right now. The LP told me he suspects I've had about a grand's worth of merchandise and he's probably not wrong. Can someone tell me if this is likely to be reported to the police, despite what he said? He did also take my phone number and said he'd be 'ringing it through' first thing today and I haven't had any calls, he seemed to be making reference to RLP when he was talking about the report but in my state at the time, I wasn't entirely sure and I left without asking a load of questions I should have. He was genuinely nice to me and said he has literally never done that before with any thief but could tell I'm a nice person who's been put into a very difficult situation. He told me to 'sort myself out' and not see stealing as an answer to my debt problems. Aby help or advice out there? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Hope this is the right place for this. My partner recently picked up some weekly contact lenses from Boots. she wears them frequently, but her normal order had not arrived so she had to pick up a pair to tide her over from the store. almost immediately after she put them in, her vision began to go blurry and her eye felt discomfort. The Boots staff at the store were awful. first they wanted her to wait to see the optometrist, until she made a fuss, when it turned out one was free, then she had to ask three times for them to rinse her eye. Finally they sent her to Moorfield eye hospital, but didn't send anyone with her. She spent several hours in the Moorfields A&E, where the staff were shocked that her eye hadn't been rinsed sooner and more extensively. By this point she was in agony too. So the upshot was she had blurry vision and severe pain for a few days, had to spend the evening at Moorfield's A&E and had to take a hotel for 2 nights as her vision was too poor to take the train home. To be fair, after first saying they would only reimburse her taxi costs, boots did reimburse the hotel and medication costs too. Now, the problem is, after doing some research, we found that these lenses, made for Boots by Coopervision, had a similar issue a few years ago, where they were contaminated with silicon oil, causing horrific injuries for some people and leading to a recall. As my partner put the lenses in in the shop, she didn't keep the cases for them and allegedly neither did the shop, which seems like it ought to be included in some sort of protocol. Anyway, the reason we're here is 1.) Has anyone heard of, or is there somewhere that might know, if there are other recent cases like this? Our primary concern is that no one else suffers due to Boots' inadequate response. 2.) My partner isn't sure if she still has the lenses, but if she does they are in a fresh contact lens holder with fresh saline solution. I appreciate this would have diluted any contaminate, but is it possible, if she can find them, to have the lenses tested, perhaps with a Mass spectrometer, to see what the contaminant was? 3.) this si the most minor concern, but should we and could we seek any compensation from boots? We've accepted reimbursment for our out of pocket expenses - the taxi, hotel and medication, but all of our communication was without prejudice and we stressed that we weren't accepting this in full and final settlement. I know the impact didn't last very long, but she was in agony, terrified of losing her vision, had to spend the evening in Moorfields and was supposed to be chaperoning me following a medical procedure I had had earlier that day that involved sedation. And now, as someone who wears contacts frequently, she is very nervous about wearing new pairs. Thanks for your help
  9. On Friday I was extremely concerned about a thread on one of the ‘Beat the Bailiffs’ facebook sites that eventually led to the debtor being removed from his car and with many police in attendance. Background: The debtor (Tony) did not seek advice on the site. Instead, his brother Paul sought advice from the Social Media Site on his behalf. It would seem that ‘Tony’ had not paid a penalty charge notice and accordingly, a warrant of control was issued and passed to Marston Group to enforce. The bailiff attended the property early last Friday and after a short period of time, clamped his car. In ‘Paul’s’ initial post he called for ‘Boots on the Ground’ to attend the address (in Oldham, Lancashire). As is usual with the site, the full address and postcode were provided. One poster (John) spoke with Tony a number of times and reported back that he had advised him that: The warrant was not a legal document as it was not signed. Tony should stay in the car as his vehicle could not be removed while he is inside. and that: He should tell the bailiffs and police that "Wesley is just getting ready with a crew". (Wesley posted himself to confirm that he would be attending). Further alarming posts were made that indicated that the bailiffs would be attacked (for example: “law doesn’t matter, lets all go out and lynch the fxxxing bailiffs”). The situation esclated very quickly indeed and from reading the posts the indication was that many people were on their way to the address (in Oldham) with Wesley himself posting that ‘we have a Mexican standoff’. Further posts reported that about six police officer had arrived together with more bailiffs. In all, almost 400 posts were made on the site and yet....not one person bothered to ask any background information such as: Did he receive all the notices from the local authority? Did he appeal the penalty charge notice? Did he receive the Notice of Enforcement from Marston Group? Did he respond to outline a payment proposal? Instead, as is always the case with these sites, the suggestion made was to ....submit an Out of Time statutory declaration to the Traffic Enforcement Centre. One person exhibited a copy of the warrant of control and it was plain to see that the warrant was a legal document. Naturally, it did not require a court seal or a 'wet ink signature'. Telephone calls were made to the bailiff by an admin member of the Social Media Site (a lady with supposedly 30 years of legal experience) asking that the vehicle remain clamped until the Out of Time statutory declaration had been processed. Naturally, with the expectation of many more ‘supporters’ shortly arriving, the enforcement agent took the decision to remove the vehicle (by this time it had been clamped for over two hours). A tow truck was in attendance. The debtor was removed from the vehicle. Fortunately, for the bailiffs, the police and the debtor the 'Boots on the Ground' stunt was a complete failure.
  10. Hi all, Hope you had a great Christmas. Anyway, about this time last year I was carrying out sub contract work for a company called Betta Living installing kitchens. On this particular kitchen Betta Living made a long line of ordering mistakes supplying incorrect kitchen units and doors. This was nothing to do with us as installers this was all down to Betta Livings Installation management Team. We completed the kitchen as far as we could, around 90% and thankfully left the kitchen completely usable over the Christmas period. We were then asked by BL to return to fit the last two remaining wall units. I should point out that at this point I was already in dispute with BL with regard to already outstanding payments. So, we scheduled a day to return to this particular job but when we arrived they had once again supplied incorrect items so could do no work. Another week goes by and I received a part payment from BL with regard to the previously mentioned outstanding payments. (All this is just background info) So a week later when the new delivery arrived I was asked to return again to which I refused as I was convinced that I would be doing this for free. In short I finally agreed to return on the provision that we were paid the outstanding £400 to complete the work. I was promised that this would happen but being cynical I had the installation manager in question agree to me sending him an invoice via email for the outstanding sum and to reply to this email agreeing to it before commencing the work. I have the invoice together with all of their emails and ours in reply. To this date I have not received any payments from Betta Living with regard to this and would like opinions on whether or not I have a case worth pursuing via MCOL? Any input gratefully received. I think I have got it all down in this post but if any further clarification is need dont hesitate to ask. Many thanks
  11. I purchased a pair of glasses from Boots opticians, theses were unsatisfactory as i couldn't see through the reading part of the varifocal, the optician made me a new pair but I still can't see through them. I have written to Boots customer complaints for a full refund, they say I cannot have one and my issue is with the franchise not with Boots. I didn't know the optician was a franchise of Boots as the name Boost optician is over the shop door and all my receipts have Boots opticians on them. What can I do? and how can I get a refund? I do not want to return to the shop as I feel they have been very unhelpful?
  12. Today I was caught shoplifting £62 worth of products in Boots. I was spotted by the security guard (who wasn't in uniform) and I was taken to the security room. I was searched and the stolen goods were seized while the security guard made some very strange comments about me being a "godless woman" and having "the devil inside me". I am 17 years old so he asked for the details of a parent/guardian. Although I live with my mother, I decided to give my dad's details and address because if my mother ever found out about this I would be beaten black and blue and I'd probably end up in hospital. They called my father to confirm the details, they took some pictures of me and then I was given a piece of paper confirming my ban from the shopping centre for 6 months and from Boots for 6 months. They said that they'll be giving me a fine(?) of around £130, I can't really remember. The police were not involved. I've not stopped crying or shaking since being let out of the security room, I know it's silly, it could have been a lot worse. I just want to make sure that it's not possible for anything to be sent to my mother's address. I gave them my father's address, told them I permanently live there and even said that I'm not in contact with my mother so I can't see that anything would be sent to her but I want to check because I'm really on edge right now. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone My daughter who is 18 had a moment of stupidity in January and decided it would be ok to shoplift a mascara from Boots. She was accosted by the security guy on leaving the store, taken back inside, her details were taken was given the option of them either calling the police or agreeing to be contacted by RLP - she was terrified out of her wits as she suffers from acute anxiety problems, and agreed to the RLP route. The guard copied her student ID details and took her phone number and our address. They asked her to empty her bag which she did immediately and returned the mascara which was worth about £10. Since then she received three letters from RLP that I have already seen as standard on this group (and I am most grateful for all the advice I have already seen on here about similar incidents) I have told her not to reply. They first demanded £155.49 as a "contribution" towards Boots' losses - which as far as I can see do not exist. They also managed to spell her name completely wrongly although since they had her student ID photocopied I don't understand how! She has now received a 4th letter attached offering her a settlement of £108.84 - again, I have told her not to respond. Is this one of the letters you have already seen for something like this? Thanks very much for all your help.
  14. Hi guys. Firstly i apologise for creating a thread similar to those posted but my situation seems slightly different to those i have came across as i did in fact admit i was guilty and police were called. The threads i came across didn't seem to involve police. I did in fact shoplift from boots around 2 years ago, police were called and i admitted i was guilty. Attended police station and paid a fixed penalty notice of £80 so i didnt have to attend court. received a letter from boots not long after asking for payment of £147.50 which i threw in the bin. Although i admitted guilt i was not prepared to pay for 1 mistake twice. 2 years later i have received a letter from County Collections Ltd on behalf of boots saying they were instructed to recover the outstanding liability against me... if i fail to pay or contact them within 7 days boots may issue legal proceeding against me whih may incur further costs etc. Also informing me that unsatisfied CCJ may result in my credit rating being affected. So, my question is.. what should i do now? I obviously admitted to the police i was guilty, but the way i see it is i paid the fixed penalty notice so why should i pay further costs? I understand the amount they are asking for is to cover losses etc.. the items i stole were re-sellable as i didn't actually damage anything and they were recovered by the store. The security guard also added to the total items which i had paid for which i asked to tske home with me upon showing them my receipt which i was allowed to do so i guess the amount of items they want to recover is wrong. also the security guards time whilst dealing with me.. he infact sat looking at his camera and caught another shoplifter whilst we were waiting for the police to arrive, so did not infact keep him away from his job at all. Do boots actually ever take court action for these amounts? The surname on the letter is also spelled incorrectly, if that makes any difference Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello , I have read many different stories on here and so far , Ive learnt that I have to ignore them . What happened was I took something only worth £3 out of stupidity as I clearly can afford it. I got taken to the small room, I'm only 16 and didn't have ID with me so they made me write my name , date of birth and address down and checked if it was the same as what one of my siblings gave in. The police weren't called and they took my picture to stick up on their .."wall of fame " which I thought was stupid as I already wasn't feeling well and it seemed as if they were making a joke out of it . Anyway , they then gave me the RLP letter and let us go . I have already learnt to ignore their letters because I honestly think £100+ is too much to pay for something only £3 . What I am worried about is that will the letters come through with my name or my parents as I am only 16? They also asked for my phone number as well . I will just ignore all of their letters , but I am worried that they won't give up sending letters , and if they say that they will redirect the issue back to their client , does this mean they will contact boots and let them know about me not paying ? Surely boots will then have the right to get the police involved ? Also can I rest assured about this not getting noted down in any criminal records of mine ? Therefore I don't have to tick any boxes if I apply for jobs and get asked for my record ? Please help , not that I am worried sick as I'm not . But I still am anxious about the issue getting the polive involved for something so minor . It's also my first and last time shoplifting ... Thanks
  16. My wife felt her glasses that she uses for driving were not as sharp as they used to be and called Boots to make an appointment. Off she trotted for an eye test. They told her that she needed new glasses for reading, but she told them she was happy with her reading and just wanted her distance vision correcting. They then tried to sell her varifocals, but once again, my wife reiterated she just wanted her distance vison correcting for driving. When she told the optician that her eye consultant told her not to have them due to a slight issue with a cataract, she was answered with a "pfffft', and a shrug of shoulders, the inference being that that was a ridiculous thing to say. Anyway, she chose some frames and I was present when paying for them when the manager said;"You'll really notice the difference with these specs..." When she collected her new glasses, once in the car she did a side by side test with her old glasses to find that they were no better, and possibly worse. She stuck with them for a couple of days, but repeatedly found no improvement. I then took them back to the shop for a refund only to be refused and told" nobody forced your wife to buy them". I left them on the counter and after several failed attempts managed to get hold of the regional manager who repeated the, "nobody forced...", mantra. I was having a measured conversation with her when she said, "We are going round in circles here" and put the phone down on me! My point at this stage was that my wife had been mis sold the specs as apart from her reading requirement, her long distance vision prescription had changed by the smallest amount measurable. After a small amount of googling, it became clear that many opticians would not prescribe new glasses for such a small change as the difference would be unnoticed by the wearer. At no point was my wife asked if she wanted new glasses when there would be no no percetible difference. She already had 2 pairs of glasses which the opticians were aware of, having checked their strength on a machine in the shop. It became apparent at this point as well that the store wasn't even a proper Boots Opticians but merely a franchise. I escalated this to Big Boots in Nottingham and went through customer service levels until I got to the team leader of the Opticians team. She was rude, patronising and completely obstructive. She was talking to my wife as she refused to listen what I had to say, dismissing my points with "You weren't in the room." She constantly tried to trip my wife up on her statements to try and discredit her point. In the end she said,"Nobody told your wife her prescription hadn't changed, she bought the glasses anyway". She seemed to think that was her winning point and would not take on board that proved the specs had been mis sold as it was clear to the optician, if not my wife, that that was the case, and clearly didn't need them from a practical point of view. I spoke to this harridan again (Customer Services shouting? Epic fail!) who just point blank refused to do anything about the £150 wasted and refused to tell me the name of her superior. She also told me that as we had used a franchise it was them I should deal with and not Boots. Utterly gobsmacked with their attitude. Am I being unreasonable in wanting a refund? Can't believe Boots are behaving this way, totally bizarre.
  17. Ok, I do hope i am not repeating whats been answered before, and a quick search has not thrown up anything. So a pair of Magnum boots, nearly £150 worth. 3 months of wear and the sole has nearly worn through and has split about a third of the way from the front, sideways across the sole. Is this considered just fair wear and tear. All other magnum and other (decent)boots i have had have lasted for donkeys without wearing through. I did two tours in a single pair of magnums but these ones havent lasted 3 months just knocking doors. They are genuine and purchased direct from magnum so its not a knockoff issue. I have no chance of returning them as i have no receipt left and been 6 months since i bunged them in the back of the garage, so this is just a theoretical question now. Thanks GTSTL
  18. I took £19 worth of products from boots, I have no idea why I didn't even need the items or particularly really want them but I took them. a security guard caught me and took me to a room with 3 other men. I had took the label of the products which they found and I gave them the two products back and apologized. They asked for my name, D.O.B, address and took a picture of me on a mobile phone? They gave me a letter 'notice of intended civil recovery' and banned me from the store. They did not contact the police and said they wouldn't and said they cannot tell anyone about it like my family (I'm 18). When will I get this letter? They told me I have 21 days to pay them and if I don't the price will go up. Thanks for any help and advice.
  19. Last week I bought a new pair of walking boots from one of the Mountain Warehouse stores. The first time I wore the boots I found them to be very slippery when walking, having little or no grip. It felt about the same as walking on ice. I queried this with the company who have been most unhelpful. They say the boots are made for "rough terrain". No where in the advertising of the boots does it mention they are not suitable for general wear such as walking on paths, roadways or other normal surfaces. Could anyone please advise how I should procede with either getting the boots exchanged or my money back from this company?
  20. I stole about £230 worth of stock from boots and was caught , taken to room in store , ID -pic taken etc and cctv burnt to disk, and then police called, ultimately leading to me being cautioned after saying I accept that it was me ( never been in trouble with the police before ) After about a week i received a letter from the dreaded RLP and were asking for £196.00 . What Im trying to deliberate is whether to just ignore it and see what happens or to pay . If it were a smaller amount of items stolen by me I would probably leave it but as it was a larger amount it may make for an easier case should I end up in court . Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hello, When I was 13 I was with a friend was shoplifting from boots, I'd let her put stuff in my bag too because she didn't have room and I'd given up arguing (it was wrong I know all of that but she was my friend then and I was young) We were taken into the small room and the security guard told me that although I wasn't shoplifting I was as much to blame as an accomplice and that I was banned for life from every boots nationwide, I vaguely remember signing something however NO picture was taken of me and I was not issued a fine (as I've seen from other members). My father paid the amount for the goods that were in my bag and my friends mum did the same for her. I still remember being scared out my wits even to walk past it and crying and we were taken home in a police car and the police man told my father about everything. I am now 20 and I've been in many boots since including that one and never had any problem even when paying with debit cards. Is this ban still in place? Can I apply for a boots loyalty card? Thank you.
  22. Hey all, Today i was caught shop lifting from boots. .. i dont normally do this but i just did it and got caught, the guy took my details and i lied about my name but not my address. .. i dont know why i did but i was worried about future jobs, im only 19 and im worried about the fine he said i will have to pay, they refused to give me water and i was confused when they kept making me sign things and not giving me enough time to read them. .. im currently waiting for the letter how long will that be here? also i cant afford to repay it, the value of the item was £12 and he was like it will cost £130ish and they didnt lose anything out of it. will they be able to get money off me?
  23. Hi all, I have already done some research on the RLP and their practices after I agreed to help a Spanish friend who for some reason or other decided to take a few items from Boots, after he had already made a purchase, the value cannot have exceeded £20 at most, and the items were recovered, intact, in saleable condition. He paid a fixed penalty notice and thought nothing more of it, until he received what must have been the RLP's second letter (the first never reached him) which stated that he had not responded to their first letter and that their client was seeking £147.50. This was the first I had ever heard of the RLP, and my friend being from another country did not understand his rights in this situation, and got into quite a panic over whether this could affect his job with an airline. He sent a couple of emails and, on my advice, requested details of what these "costs" constituted i.e. what loss was suffered by Boots. He has now received another letter (attached below) in which they attempt to justify the "claim" as both "compensation" and "a contribution towards the time administraion and security costs incurred as a result of dealing with your wrongful actions." He has now asked me to draft a written response, and I am just wondering how many legal arguments to include (of the Oxford case, CAB statement etc) or whether to simply dismiss their baseless claims altogether. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]51816[/ATTACH]
  24. Sorry, second time of writing this as lost my first post. Hope someone can give me some wise advice!! I was shopping today in boots, bought a few items paid and left quite happily with my toddler who for the first time EVER I let him walk with me rather than pushed in the pushchair although still had it wth me! Left the shop quite happily, spent ages faffing in the car park changing my little boys nappy and sorting him out - chucked pram in car and got in. Just as I was pulling off, a knock on my window from a security guard.. I opened my window and he asked me if I paid for a face cream that I DID pick up.. ..contemplated paying and then put back in not the same place. He said he couldnt find it and would I mind showing him my buggy.. ..I got it out.. .shook it out and nothing there. even offered willingly to show him my handbag which had nothing in . ...and offered to let him look in my car but he said he couldnt do that and would have to give me the benefit of the doubt!! was so upset!! got home told my husband and he was furious I'd been accused. However this evening my husband was cleaning the car and rolled under the car seats is the bloody face cream! i am horrified. ..... so my question is, I am not going to take it in to them for fear of what they will do.. ..but if I posted it back to them, or posted a letter with the money value is that worth anything at this point? my husband is scaring me with suggestion of me being all over cctv etc etc. What is the best thing to do?
  25. Hi All, of my friend went to Boots today, she had purchased perfumes of aroung 40 £. She paid for 40£, she got a Boots bag but she felt she missed something so went to perfume location again and took two more perfumes which were costing around 60£ and was to pay for it, but issue was she kept the perfume in the Boots bag, She was in some other thoughts and went near the doors. As she went near the doors she was asked by security officials to stop and was escorted to the Cabin where she found two ladies and 2 security gaurds. As she is new to UK she was not aware what was happening and got afraid. She was questioned on perfume bottles and charged against her that she tried stealing it. and they said it was recorded in CCTV. She informed them that she was not aware of it and apologized for the same. But they did not listen and threatened her to sign a paper and if not signed then she will face consequences and gave her RLP contact details on a paper and said she would get letter for RLP in a week. she was asked for her address and her debit card details and banned her coming to Boots back. Not sure if they had called police as she was not able to understand what were they talking. We both are roommates and we both havent slept for second day now thinking what would happen next.. I saw the blogs. wanted to confirm what should we do Should she pay to RLP If she pays would they not send the letter again and what proof she gets of payment made. we are due to go to apply for Shengen visa , would this affect the visa application. Will she have any Police record against her because of this. We are leaving UK in next 6 months. will it affect her work and will she be asked to leave from work. Will boots take action against her and police will get hold of her. Will RLP keep her record and will it affect my coming to UK again on work permit affect. I am going to call RLP and check what they do if money not paid. please give me answer as I and my freind are very afraid as we are new in this country.
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