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  1. Thank you. I have not had much experience with fines/debts etc so unsure of how these debt collection agencies work.
  2. Hi guys. Firstly i apologise for creating a thread similar to those posted but my situation seems slightly different to those i have came across as i did in fact admit i was guilty and police were called. The threads i came across didn't seem to involve police. I did in fact shoplift from boots around 2 years ago, police were called and i admitted i was guilty. Attended police station and paid a fixed penalty notice of £80 so i didnt have to attend court. received a letter from boots not long after asking for payment of £147.50 which i threw in the bin. Although i admitted guilt i was not prepared to pay for 1 mistake twice. 2 years later i have received a letter from County Collections Ltd on behalf of boots saying they were instructed to recover the outstanding liability against me... if i fail to pay or contact them within 7 days boots may issue legal proceeding against me whih may incur further costs etc. Also informing me that unsatisfied CCJ may result in my credit rating being affected. So, my question is.. what should i do now? I obviously admitted to the police i was guilty, but the way i see it is i paid the fixed penalty notice so why should i pay further costs? I understand the amount they are asking for is to cover losses etc.. the items i stole were re-sellable as i didn't actually damage anything and they were recovered by the store. The security guard also added to the total items which i had paid for which i asked to tske home with me upon showing them my receipt which i was allowed to do so i guess the amount of items they want to recover is wrong. also the security guards time whilst dealing with me.. he infact sat looking at his camera and caught another shoplifter whilst we were waiting for the police to arrive, so did not infact keep him away from his job at all. Do boots actually ever take court action for these amounts? The surname on the letter is also spelled incorrectly, if that makes any difference Thanks in advance.
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