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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, looking for advice I've discovered this forum. Apologies for long post...... Two weeks ago I was involved in a car accident on a roundabout. I was on my way home after picking my children up from school. I approached in the right hand lane, this lane leads to either the middle lane or the right hand lane of the roundabout. The lane markings on this major roundabout are clearly marked. I travel this route 2 to 3 times a day and as usual went to the middle lane. There were numerous cars on either side of me as we went over the motorway. After the next exit my lane becomes the left hand outside lane - and the roundabout exit lane to the motorway. A white car on my right started to indicate then immediately pulled into my lane, there was a sudden bang and the force of the impact knocked my car from the lane. There was damage to the side of my car – driver’s door and side wing, and side trim hanging off. The third party didn’t get out of their vehicle. As I was about to go speak to her, she made no acknowledgement and drove away through the traffic lights - from the left hand outside lane, which is the exit lane only to the motorway, and back around the roundabout to the right. The side trim of my car was hanging off and scraping on the road but as I had not even had the opportunity to obtain the third party’s vehicle registration number I had no option but to go after her through red traffic lights. She had then gone through a further set of traffic lights. I caught up with her and signalled to pull over. The driver stated she hadn’t left the scene of the incident (despite driving away not knowing whether or not my car was even driveable, had made no acknowledgement to me, driven through two sets of traffic lights before I was able to catch up to her). As she hadn’t stopped at the scene I called the Police as I had concerns whether she would provide the correct details under the circumstances. I was given an incident number. The third party apologised, said she believed the right hand lane she was in merged into the lane I was in. Why did she indicate if these lanes ‘merge’. There was absolutely no reason for her to change lanes, as both lanes lead to the same exit. I told her to go and check the lanes and she would find the lanes do not merge. Third party car had damage to front nearside wing. Can clearly see damage to my car is caused by the front wheel of the third party vehicle from the large round black rubber mark. This shows the third party’s wheels were turned towards my vehicle. This was 100% not my fault and I have told my insurance company I will not accept any liability for this incident. The problem is the third party has the same insurance company, at first they seemed helpful and reassuring but the last few times I’ve called for an update they seem to have a different attitude - where’s the proof she went into my lane, where’s the proof she drove away? Apparently the third party has not yet responded. The insurance company has suggested it would go split liability if it comes down to my word against hers without any cctv or witnesses. Hopefully the third party will be honest about what happened. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Took delivery of a brand new E-Pace and initially all was good until 6th June was drive on a dual carriage way and the front collision detection system triggered incorrectly. The car was bought to a stand still, the hand brake applied, and engine switched off, no vehicles or obstruction in front of car. Luckily the lorry and car behind our realised there was a fault and avoided a collision, wife and daughter very shaken. Reported to dealership who were very concerned and asked to bring it into dealership, they inspected the car found errors or logs relating to the time of the incident. Dealership said we could not have our car back it was too dangerous hire car was provided. were hoping there was an identifiable fault that would be quickly fix but after a week still investigations were ongoing we therefore rejected the car as ‘no fit for purchase’ Initially dealership were onboard and told us to report the issue to Jaguar Finance stating we were going to reject the car. Dealership the found a replacement car but delays started to happen Main issues were the replacement car was £600 which I wasn’t prepared to pay but also I’d used Jaguar Privilege staff discount which caused problems I continued to chase and was told ‘we have to follow process’. By this stage I’d already escalated the issue to the Jaguar Executive team. 2nd June still no updates chased and was told still waiting for report from engineers at which point I expressed concern and threated legal action. Magically a few hours later I received a call from dealership, no Jaguar stating that no fault had been found and as a result they could not replace my car and I’d have to have my original car back. I have stressed that no fault found does not mean the incident did not happen, in theory it is now more serious as Jaguar are aware of an issue and have been unable to identify the cause. Weekly summary of the events below, I have a very detailed breakdown of events Is there anything I can do, my wife now does not want to drive the car, she did feel happier knowing the car was going to be replaced. Now she will be concerned if it happens again. 25/05/2018 1 Delivery and handover of E-Pace 01/06/2018 2 Identified faults, rear fog light wiring, alarm triggered, 3G Issues 06/06/2018. Collision detection system triggered incorrectly 08/06/2018 3 Car returned to Marshalls due to serious fault, refused to return car as logs found, too dangerous 15/06/2018 4 "Asked to call Finance company and inform them car is not fit for purpose and is being rejected. All ad-min good and complete and everyone had approved the replacement. Christian had identifed a suitable vehicle but due to additional cost it needed approval but shouldn't be an issue." 22/06/2018 5 Replacement vehicle hadn't been approved, must follow process. 29/06/2018 6 "Issue relating to Privilege voucher resolved Christian working to locate suitable replacement car. Additional £600 reguired for new car, unwilling to pay extra, Marshalls unable to cover costs. Potential issues with Q3 pricing in comparison to Q2, need to wait until next week." 06/07/2018 7 Q3 SE Specification changed, Drive Pack now an additional £700 cost option.
  3. Anglian Water pays £50,000 after water pollution incident READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/anglian-water-pays-50000-after-water-pollution-incident
  4. Casualties in tank incident at Castlemartin firing range READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-40279546 My thoughts go out to all those involved and their families. Fear Naught
  5. ABTA Data security incident March 2017 READ MORE HERE: https://abta.com/news-and-views/news/data-security-incident-march-2017
  6. On Monday of this week I was in a meeting at work with about 20 or so colleagues. One of them had only just joined the company and was staying over in Manchester (head office) as he was based in the London office. Unfortunately during the meeting this colleague had an epileptic fit, falling off his chair and banging his head. Our office first aider was on in the room in seconds, and asked for coats / jackets to be placed under his head to prevent him from injuring himself further. As my suit jacket was on top, it ended up being covered in blood. Later that day I took the jacket to Timpsons to be dry cleaned, however they refused to take it as the blood hadn't fully dried, so returned it again on Wednesday. Yesterday I picked it up to find that most of the blood / saliva was still on the suit. Timpsons have offered to re-clean the jacket, however say that there's no guarantee it will come out. I wasn't to bothered about the cost of cleaning the suit - A couple of pound is nothing compared to the guy having a fit and injuring himself, however I am a little bit more concerened if the jacket is ruined, seeing though it cost almost £200 only 3 months ago. My question is, if the jacket / suit is ruined, who's responsible for replacing it? I don't want to come across as cold hearted, however I also don't want to be massively out of pocket. Is it My employer - They specify that you must wear a suit to work. The culture dictates that this is a nice suit and the phrase "look like your going to a wedding is often banded about. It was my work's first aider who placed the jackets under my colleagues head, as well as the presentation video (put together by the marketing team) without no warning of flashing lights which seemed to set his fit off. My colleague - He was staying at head office for a week and didn't bring his epilepsy medication. He knew that he was prone to fits (as he said the following day) but didn't speak up when told we were going to watch some videos on the projector. Me - That's life. Things happen beyond our control and I have to live with it. As I say, I don't want to come across as harsh. I'm not particularly fussed paying £10 to have the jacket cleaned. I just don't want to be £200 out of pocket (more if the suit is no longer sold as the trousers would be useless without a jacket) when it wasn't my fault. I'm going to wait until I get the jacket back from the cleaners for the second time before raising the issue with work. Also, if you were in this position (had your clothing ruined) or my colleagues position regarding the ruining of someones suit what would you do? Thanks in advance Scott
  7. A bit about myself: I live in Scotland, am a middle aged divorcee with Multiple Sclerosis who has (or had, before now) a completely clean record. Last week I came home find a card through my door from the police informing me that they had called to speak to me and would I please contact PC Thingumajig to arrange a time to talk regarding 'an ongoing investigation'. I had no idea what this could be about and my medical condition leaves me embarrassingly prone to panic reactions in even the most innocuous out-of-the-norm situations. I immediately started panicking that I had done something illegal to warrant the police at my door but after talking it out with a friend we concluded that perhaps I had witnessed something that the police were investigating as I don't live in the best area. I phoned the PC and arranged to come in the next day to see him but completely spaced on asking why he needed to speak with me. When I got to the police station I was taken into a small room with only a table and three chairs, PC Thingumajig asked me to sit down and as he sat in front of me and pulled out his notebook a second PC came in behind him and closed the door. I started to get a little shaky as it was quite intimidating (this second PC was vaguely familiar to me as one that had treated a friend of mine particularly badly last year). I was shocked and stunned when I was told that I had been accused by the local Boots of shoplifting a mascara the previous week. I told them that I had not but as I was in full panic mode at this point I could not really digest the information they were giving me. They told me that they had witnesses who had seen me take it and had followed me out of the store and through the shopping mall, as well as CCTV footage of the incident. They were quite frankly not interested in any explanation I had for what had occurred on the two occasions that I recalled being in the store over recent weeks. When I told them of my medical condition and its effect on my memory (particularly in stressful situations) as the reason why I could not remember the day in question, the intimidating one immediately latched on to this as an explanation for my thieving ways and would not let it go. My record was checked and since it was clean I was told they could issue an official police warning or if I wanted to contest they would charge me and send it to the PF who would decide whether to take it to court or not. By this time I was so distressed and confused I was beginning to doubt my OWN honesty so I agreed to the warning in order to avoid the stress and pressure of the long drawn out legal procedure which could have had devastating consequences for my health. The warning was issued as well as a ban from Boots stores (I will never be darkening their doorstep again in any event - physically or digitally). Since that time I have been so stressed I have had panic attacks when I enter the shopping mall where I do volunteer work once a week, am prone to crying uncontrollably, have been unwilling to leave my home and unable to socialise with my friends. The stress has also had a deleterious effect on my health by worsening the symptoms of my MS. I have only recently been able to look at the warning notice and comprehend the date of the alleged incident which was almost exactly a week prior and, now that I can ponder it with a clear head, I DO recollect the day in question as I was re-starting art classes on that date. I DID enter the store more than once (a point they made repeatedly) as I had wanted to print a photo from my phone and, because their machine's USB was not recognising my device, I used the USB from my portable charger and accidentally left it in their machine. I had returned a couple of hours later to retrieve it. Since the photo printer is at the opposite end of the store from the make-up section I have no idea why they think I pocketed a mascara but since I was nowhere near that area of the shop (except to enter and leave) I have no idea why I have been accused of this crime - the only thing I pocketed in the store was my own property! Is there any way I can get the store to at least apologise for humiliating me and can I get the police to rescind the warning? Do they not have to stop me AT THE TIME instead of waiting a week to apprehend? Should I be worried as to how the police got my name and address? The only way I can think is to have accessed my prescription history at the pharmacy. They wouldn't let me see the CCTV footage either when I asked and I'm pretty sure the Data Protection Act gives me that right. I would really appreciate any advice I can get.
  8. Hi Everyone, So on Thursday 14th January I received a Reminder Notice from Horizon dated 8th January for parking at a Sainsbury car park during a no parking period on 5th December 2015. They also mentioned that a notice was issued on 10th December 2015 but this is the first communication I have received from them. Because I did not respond to the notice (which I did not even receive in the first place), they are saying I as the registered keeper am liable to pay the full £70 charge. I went back to this car park yesterday to check the signs. On the entrance it says that the car park is operated by horizon and to read the terms on the boards in the car park. Then inside the car park there are big purple boards saying 4 HOURS FREE PARKING in bold white writing . However they also have yellow boards closer to the inside of the car park mentioning in small print that you cannot park when the store is closed. I was only in the car park for around 10 minutes eating my KFC meal so did not go right inside to look at all the signs. My understanding was that if they did not want me to park there, the car park would have been closed just like the one next to KFC, they do have a barrier but it was up and I saw a few cars inside. Even if my not seeing the small print in the dark argument is not valid, would I still be able to appeal this charge as I did not receive anything within 14 days of the incident taking place? They have mentioned that it was issued 5 days after the incident but I did not get anything and for all we know, they could even be lying about this. I have attached a copy of the parking notice. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Sam
  9. About 1430 hours today, Monday 22 December 2014, a Glasgow City Council bin lorry was travelling north on Queen Street when it appeared to strike pedestrians outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) before continuing to travel towards George Square, when it crashed at the Millennium Hotel on Queen Street at George Square. Read More Here: http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2014/december/264461 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/11308468/Glasgow-bin-lorry-crash-live.html Very sad news especially at this time of year. I would like to wish those injured a speedy recovery and my heart goes out to those that sadly lost loved ones condolences.
  10. Hi every one I saw this wonderful website and that many other people had similar issue to me I thought it would be good to post my issue here for advice. on Tuesday 4th November I was stopped by a inspector on bus 31 because I was using my mum's 50% discount oyster but this was a total mistake of me accidentally taking it because I though it was mine since my mum have health problems she tell me to fill up the card and she takes out the photocard when she fills up the card. I was going to college for a exam and I thought I had money in my oyster when I went on bus it said no money and I was told get off I ran back to home to ask my mum for money she was not home I saw a oyster on the table I was really sure this was my oyster card because I have 2 cards that my mum occasionally top up for me when I got on the bus and swiped it it said 70p taken and I figured out it was mum card and bus had gone 1 stop before inspector stopped me and took my details and took the card and told 10 days I get letter. I have received a TFL letter 3 days after the incident saying date time I was reported and that legal proceedings may be taken against me and if I have anything to say and I have written a 500 world explanation of my mistake of taking this card and im about to post it today or tomorrow reading some post and seeing the internet I see that TFL most the time prosecute people and they end up with a criminal record. I heard you can settle outside court if they accept but what does that mean ? does the money have to be paid at that point or is it monthly instalment or some type of agreement I have no job no money and my parents have no money too im really scared of what may happen. I recently became 20 and I been in UK for about 5 years I also don't have a single Pence in my bank Im really scared if out of court settlement mean i give ££££ handed cash to the them and they will drop it. All this happened because of the pressure and stress I had because of my very important exam and at the end I missed it but I im more worried about this case with TFL. I have also read TFL points to prosecute and points to not prosecute and TfL will have regard to the following factors against prosecution and it seems Point b and e is in favour of me however im not sure about e. The points that may lead to a prosecution from what I read mostly is G because I have paid for the service but with a discounted card so it cant be F wich is still not acceptable and point E im not sure because I don't know if that area is a high loss. b) Where it appears that there has been a genuine mistake of fact by the alleged offender. e) Where, owing to circumstances beyond the offender’s control, commission of the offence was unavoidable. Points that they can prosecute me g) The offender has unlawfully used or transferred a Freedom pass, Staff Pass or other concessionary passes or travel documents issued to named holders. f) The offender has failed to pay for the service or failed to have sufficient Oyster card credit before boarding a relevant service e) The offence occurred in an area or on a service known to occasion high revenue loss to TfL.
  11. Hi, I completely lost the plot this evening. I went to my local Tesco Express (it's attached to a petrol station) and suddenly got a craving for cream cakes. There were some which were reduced but they weren't the one's I like. In a moment of madness I swapped the price labels to not 1 but 2 packets of cream cakes. I took just 1 packet to the cashier along with some other legitimately reduced items. The cashier realised the what I had done I pretended I had no idea what was going on. In fact I went back and grabbed a packet of legitimately reduced cream cakes, paid for my total shopping using a Tesco Credit Card (I was obviously having a total meltdown) and left. Total value of the swap 43p or 86p if you include the 2nd packet of cakes I left behind in the chiller cabinet. So my questions are: 1) The store staff didn't take me anywhere to question me, didn't make me fill in any forms, no Police were called I guess they couldn't really apprehend me as they don't have a security guard. However they do have my credit card details s o could they review the CCTV footage and then tell the Police? Would the Police be interested in a 43p matter? 2) Can Tesco pass the matter onto RPL anyway just on the basis of the cashier's suspicion and possibly some CCTV footage? 3) Could Tesco subsequently ban me from all their stores? 4) How quickly do RPL / Tesco work in such matters. If I don't hear in a month from anyone should I assume I've got off? I'm hoping that as nothing was done at the time, that Tesco aren't going to involve the Police over 43p. However whether they can get RLP and a ban in place after the event is another matter. Has anyone had a letter from RLP and /or a ban from Tesco after the event, or are you always told at the time the offence was suspected/caught? Of course this would all be moot if I hadn't been stupid enough to use my Tesco Credit Card to pay for it all! PS Yes I know I am a total moron. I have never done anything like this before and never will again!
  12. Hi all, I got into a bit of a scrape with Primark (don't laugh) yesterday (23rd October 2014) when I tried to shoplift a couple of shirts that came up to the cost of £26. I was escorted down to a detention room where I was spoken to and my provisional driving licence was photocopied and after a few words I was given a piece of paper stating what the costs of my anticipated 'fine' from this notorious company called RLP will cover. They saw other shirts that I had purchased from another branch along with the receipt which came to the total of £42.90, but that didn't stop them from telling me to expect a 'fine'. I was told that I should be getting this letter in three weeks. I've been doing a frantic amount of research between yesterday and today and from what I've gathered, they have no legal right to scare me into paying anything and all they make is empty threats. However I'm afraid that they may actually contact Primark again and I was told that I would be taken to court if I don't pay up to this RLP company, not to mention they have me on CCTV. However the goods were recovered before I left the store and they were in perfectly resaleable condition. The police weren't called and I wasn't made to sign anything. No additional details like a telephone number or my parents' contact details or anything were taken and I was allowed to go afterwards. I'm anxious they may also turn up unexpectedly to my house when I'm not there, and I do not want my family to know under any circumstances. I was told by a sympathetic security staff member that if I don't pay this fine immigration officers and border control across the EU will be notified and I will be stopped in airports regarding this, and that this will last for 5 years. I know I'm very much in the wrong and I did something stupid but I seriously don't have the money to spare and I don't want to go to court and risk a criminal record. In addition, in principle alone I believe like many others on here it is wrong to extort money from someone by playing on guilt, particularly as it seems I'm going to pay £137.50 for items that came up to £26 that were recovered in a perfectly resaleable condition, which of course the store will make money from anyway regardless of whether I pay the fine or not. Not to mention it would supposedly be 'covering the costs of past shoplifters'. As my parents are forever adamant on taking and opening my mail and get mad if I get a hold of it I have sent off my application for the Mail Collect service Royal Mail runs, so I can collect my mail from the sorting office without running the risk of them seeing it and getting myself into 100x more **** than I'm already in. I also wanted to know if this would show up on any kind of CRB/enhanced CRB check and do retailers regularly check RLP's so-called 'dishonesty register' when someone applies for a job? If so, how long would I be on there for? I'm 18 and I've never had one despite frantic applying. I definitely don't need this as a further setback. Do I ignore the letter when it comes or do I reply? And if so, how? I'm afraid to leave it but I also don't want to be out of pocket because of greedy capitalism on the part of RLP as I believe there is no basis to do so as the goods were recovered, the police weren't called and RLP is a private company with no legitimate connections to the criminal justice system. This was completely out of character for me and I definitely won't be doing it again. I'd lose my friends if they knew as well which is why I'm here looking for advice on what to do when the letter from RLP comes. I just want this over and done with. Please help!!! Thank you xx
  13. the other day I was at sainsburys with my friend and she had popped a bottle into her bag and I walked out with her bag.. . The security guards asked us to follow them to the back of the store and so we did so, police weren't called, we said our sorry's as it was a one time thing and we expressed how much we regretted making that stupid decision. they then told us that we would have to pay an amount of £150 for wasting their time and I just really want to know how this whole civil recovery thing works. Will it come up in a future CRB? They also took a copy of our ID and said how they were going to add it to the database... what database? who will have access too my details? They also said we have a life long ban from all sainsbury's in the country; if I appealed for this to be revoked what would the process consist off? We know that it was wrong on our behalf, even though I only walked out with her bag, which is what got me into trouble, I still know and acknowledge that it was wrong. If anyone can help me and explain this to me in a way that I could understand please leave a comment. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hey About a month ago me and two others were taken by security guards at Primark in London because of shoplifting. I tried put a pair of sunglasses in my bag for my buddy and the other tried to take clothes for about 20£. The last one didn't know about this but he was prosecuted too. After a moth (today) I got a letter from RLP (as expected) and it tells me I have to pay 218.78£ for the incident, I think the others got the same amount. The sunglasses I had in my bag was fit for resale and all the other clothes was too. Why should I be charged this much? Also, I am from Norway and I live here, can RLP do anything to me other than spamming me with mails? After reading a bit I have found out that the police in England can't do anything to me unless I live in England, and because I live in Norway only the norwegian police can arrest me if it ends like that. I also know that you only get a warning for shoplifting ATTEMPTS here in Norway if you haven't done anything criminal before. I need help here, me and the others have talked about this but I just want to be sure. I am not willing to pay almost 220£ for this.
  15. I have been involved in a couple of motoring incidents where I have not been at fault and one where I have. I also have one speeding ticket. I am unsure of the dates and details of these incidents and would like to know if there is a way of finding out the official details that the insurance companies use to see if I have declared everything. As I renew my motor insurance I am unsure of specific dates etc and am worried that if I was ever to claim then I would find that my cover in invalid. In a nut shell… where can I find out all my motor incident and conviction details. Hope you can help Owen
  16. Just moved house and was at the local DIY store whose car park is on a bit of a slope and has signs everywhere, used one of their provided trolleys to get a pile of DIY stuff, got out to the car put the brake on, put baby in the back whilst doing this the trolley rolled off and bumped into someones car, they were not happy, i reported the failure of the brake to the staff at the DIY store am i liable for the damage to the other car?
  17. I have read the other threads relating to DWF and Sainsburys but I feel that my letter is slightly different so please feel free to comment as appropriately . . . . I have today received a letter from DWF following an incident at Sainsburys which was resolved by a police community resolution order. The letter from DWF asks for a balance for £150.00 to be paid within seven days "to avoid further action" but then beneath the Balance Due line is written: "The sum is broken down as follows: Value of goods stolen £0.00 Value of goods damaged £0.00 Value of cash stolen £0.00 Security costs £0.00 Amount now due [in bold] £[blank]" The incident was settled at the time with Sainsburys and the Police with nothing outstanding. I am aware that the general advice is to wait for two or three letters then send a "I deny any liability" letter but what should I do in this case where there appears to be no amount due? Thank you for your advice.
  18. Hello, Apologies if this is a bit of a mess first timer I was in Wales last July the 25th 2012 and was stuck behind a coach for 20 miles up the brecon mountains, when we reached the bottom there was a straight which I over took a coach not looking at my speed, I do no I was speeding but not the amount I was presented with by the officer with a speed gun, my issue is not the speed but the duration they served the intension to prosecute, What time do they have to serve the notice if any ? as when I received it from the police in Wales it is 6 months and 2 weeks the net said 6 month ? is this true or is there no time limit to serve an ItP. Thank you.
  19. Don't know whether you can help or not, and whether you know anything about Danish law. Just before Christmas last year, XXX was going to work on his bike but didn't have the back light on it as he couldn't find it. Instead of going on the bike path, he decided to go down the back streets. A policeman on a motorbike pulled him up, and wrote a ticket for XXX for 46 euros. He told XXX the paperwork for it would be sent to him in the post so he could pay the fine. He finally received the paperwork a week ago, this time the fine has increased to 128 euros. The reason being he didn't have the paperwork to pay it straight away. Because the police have only just sent him the paperwork, he has to pay the increase. He did have a reflector on the back of his bike, I don't know whether that would make any difference. He's told the police that he has a young baby, but they said he still has to pay it in one go. He's told me that 128 euros, is four days wages. I would be very grateful if you could offer any advice that might help him. If it had happened over here, he would probably have just got a warnin
  20. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-18719962
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