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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, good people of CAG, I wonder if you can help me, please. Hi there, I bought a car for Four Thousand five hundred and fifty pounds from a chap on Facebook Marketplace about three weeks ago. At first, it all started pleasantly enough, the seller and I traded details, texts and phone calls. I arranged to meet him at his home address, he wasn't there when I arrived and had to wait about 10 minutes for him to arrive. I drove the car on a test drive around the block in the dark, he had the radio on masking any sound, we took it into a garage which had "some" light. I looked at the car and it seemed perfect, too perfect. I have read that having background music on masks any noise, thus covering up any car issues. We traded details again, phone numbers etc and said that yes, I was definitely interested. We traded texts and I said that I was going to try and get the money together. He then tried to hurry my decision by saying that there were others interested even though I said that I was. Anyhow, I went with my wife to pick the car up on Sunday (6th Jan) We had to wait for him again, about 10 minutes and the car wasn't at his home address. He arrived and my wife transferred the money into his account. We started filling out the log book for the change of owners and he started saying ok let's do this all online so we did. We changed the owner details online there and then which I was a little odd. We then signed a bit of paper saying that the car had no warranty and sold as seen which again was a bit odd but the money had already been transferred at that point. The Engine Management light was on when I drove the car home, I didn't think that much of it as I've had cars where the management light has come on and it was because of a faulty spark plug or something like that. The next day (Monday 7th) I took it to my local garage around the corner from me where I have all of my servicing and MOT's done and I trust them. I asked them to check what the Management Light Fault was. I had a phone call later on in the day giving me some very disturbing news indeed. They ran some diagnostic tests on it and the fault which came up was a problem with the Automatic DSG gearbox and was told would cost upwards of 2k to repair. If the Mechatronic unit is faulty then again you are looking at upwards of 2K, if they have both gone then goodnight. There was also a problem with a wheel bearing at the back, the bulb in daytime lights had gone and the tyres were close to worn on the back. Needless to say, I was fuming, I tried to ring the seller, I sent him messages.... nothing. I then spoke to Citizens Advice who told me to write a letter saying that he was breaching conditions and that you were rejecting the car. wait for 14 days. I sent two letters, one to the address he gave (home address) and one to the "business" address (see below) I sent them Special Delivery so that I could track them (as advised by Citizens Advice) the one sent to his home address wasn't read but the one at his business address was signed for by him Mr Bhatti. I constantly phoned him, left messages on his phone and through texts but he ignored all communication. I Finally tracked him through WhatsApp, he still denied all knowledge of the faults but he didn't answer all of the other questions I put to him, he said he broke his phone and it was being repaired, that's why he didn't respond. He said that it's all my fault and I should have checked the car thoroughly. This was a Private sale but I have since found out that the seller is a director of a company which sells used cars and light vehicles. This I think is the reason he always turned up 10 minutes later as his “office” is around the corner. I have a messenger chat where he told me that there were no problems with the car and the car drove well and the mileage was motorway miles. The previous owner I was told was an old man who drove the car locally who kept it in the garage. The car is immaculate so who was I to doubt that. This was, in fact, a complete lie. It emerges that the old man is, in fact, a minicab driver registered to drive for Basingstoke Council. The owners before him were ERAC UK Ltd who are a Car rental firm in Aldershot. This means that the car would have been driven by anyone and in all different manners. These are Two things that would have affected my decision to purchase the car which he should have told me about. I also have photographic evidence that he does have other cars for sale on Facebook Messenger. The yellow "trader" slip is missing from the V5 log book so this is another abnormally. I also found out through the Internet that he and his brother were charged back in 2007 with handling stolen mobile phones from a shop he worked in so it proves he is a dishonest person. I also joined Which Legal and we are now into the third week after sending my second letter about taking the matter to court, which I can't really afford to do and can't really get the time off of work. I now find out that he has resigned as a director of the “said” company so that’s a bit odd too. Do I have anything here or am I wasting my time or do I give it to one of those "ill buy it.com" places for a reduced amount and cut my losses? Thanks in advance.
  2. MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis is suing Facebook for defamation following “repeated fake adverts from [problem]mers it refuses to stop publishing” In a statement on MoneySavingExpert, Lewis wrote: “I get about five messages a day from people saying, ‘I’ve just seen your Bitcoin ad and wanted to check it.’ If that is the number who get through to me, how many more must be just taken in?” Well i have seen these adverts have you. I very nearly lifted a floorboard to take out some of my secret stash after thinking well he is a chap you can trust. I came so close but nailed the floorboard back down again. The phone did not stop ringing for weeks.Trying to entice the old owl.From all over the world. Has anyone else nearly fallen into the trap. Or maybe fallen straight through it. Just wondering as you do.
  3. on Wednesday morning i found out Facebook had disabled my Facebook page! :o it seems to be because my real name is XXXXXXXXX, but my Facebook page [& everything on the internet] is called XXXXXXXXX. Apparently it's against Facebook's rules to use a name that isn't your real name! i have got my real name on my page's info section & as my nickname [which only my FB friends can see] but that's not good enough i guess. i've used xxxxxxx for my Facebook since i joined in 2009 so i'm shocked & angry i suddenly got disabled now. if Facebook would un-disable my account then i could change my name, but i can't change my name if they wont let me log in! ;( so far all i can do is fill in Facebook's stupid [automated] forms online. no actual human being. so far they're asking for ID with xxxxxxxx on. which i obviously don't have cause it's my nickname, not my real name. Facebook don't understand that some people like to be under a nickname/false name, especially when you have mental health issues & an abusive ex-husband. even the police advise a fake name for certain people. what happened to anonymity? i can't even tell my Facebook friends why i'm missing because my profile has disappeared. :/ if i could actually contact a human being that works for Facebook...rather automated stuff...then i could get this sorted. anyone know if there's a way to get to a human? i know not everyone likes Facebook or social media, but it's my lifeline; so any help would be appreciated.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/02/facebook-surveillance-tech-ethics I'm sure we were all aware that facebook (and google) read everything you write and do, BUT perhaps not just how much they monitor and analise you and your kids, and who they sell the findings too. Always remember to log out of your google and facebook accounts.
  5. Another DFS unhappy customer ...... ... We are waiting for DFS to repair our Oskar 3seater for the 4th time in 2 yrs 3 months We purchased our "Oskar" sofas from DFS just over 2 years ago, delivered in November 2014 . ...within 1 month of our sofa being used it started clicking on the right side when it was sat on.... .. DFS Repair man came out confirmed it had a problem arranged to get it removed and fixed at their warehouse.. ...Came back days later all was fixed ... About 18+ months later we called DFS again about the centre cushion sagging..... ... Repair man came out and stuffed a blue piece of foam under the centre strap which looked rough but done the job.. ..... A week later when my hubby sat on the right side of the sofa (same side it was repaired! 'the back leg Literally flew off.... Leaving a mark on our solid oak flooring. ...we then noticed the first repair DFS had done "they repaired the first problem (clicking noise) by spraying loads of FEB-FOAM at the inside leg to stop the clicking noise then they screwed a couple of 3inch screws into the plywood corners the leg was connected too.. ...... We were not happy when we saw the first repair and took photos of how poorly it had been fixed/ repaired/ made.. ..after seeing what they had done we were in shock, we contacted DFS again They came and looked and again arranged collection a week or 2 later.. .. We were left for more then a week with our 3 legged unusable Oskar sofa in the middle of our front room waiting for them to come and collect it for the 2nd time.. ..at this point I felt this sofa was jinxed from the first month and just wanted them to take it away and replace it for another one that doesn't have any problems from the start 'But they would only repair it again .... . it was repaired my husband asked to view the repair before they tacked the bottom back up so we could see what they had done to fix the problem " they had replaced the back and the front legs where standard plywood was used and replaced the standard plywood with hard wood.... But they hadn't replaced the other 2 legs on the other good side of the sofa with hardwood they left it as Nader with the original standard plywood corners.. ... My husband said he wasn't happy that the good side wasn't also changed from plywood corners to hardwood. ..and asked to have them replaced also with the hardwood rather then the plywood they are made with.... ...we bought that sofa with the belief it was built on hard strong cherry wood and when we saw the plywood we didn't expect that with a £2300 sofa.. ..they said its ready for delivery again and that all 4 standard built plywood-corners are now replaced with hardwood and they had also re-plumped the centre sofa cushions again this time properly .... ...which was appreciated ....... . Our sofa was delivered back to us for the 3rd time.. ..and this month (april2016) on the same right side arm on our 3seater Chesterfield Oskar sofa has gone.......... I have read on another review on here that ..their sofa arms went and that their upholsterer" advised they are all faulty and the largest sofa should of been built with a foot in the middle as its too long to support itself. This really is past a joke.... We do not want this repaired for the 4th time in just over 2years I feel this s jinxed and us bringing us nothing but arguments in our home... .we want either a replacement or our money back. .... We spent £3500 on matching sofa, chair and pouffe it should not need repairing 4 times in two years surely!... ....please can someone advise us.. Please help me
  6. On Friday I was extremely concerned about a thread on one of the ‘Beat the Bailiffs’ facebook sites that eventually led to the debtor being removed from his car and with many police in attendance. Background: The debtor (Tony) did not seek advice on the site. Instead, his brother Paul sought advice from the Social Media Site on his behalf. It would seem that ‘Tony’ had not paid a penalty charge notice and accordingly, a warrant of control was issued and passed to Marston Group to enforce. The bailiff attended the property early last Friday and after a short period of time, clamped his car. In ‘Paul’s’ initial post he called for ‘Boots on the Ground’ to attend the address (in Oldham, Lancashire). As is usual with the site, the full address and postcode were provided. One poster (John) spoke with Tony a number of times and reported back that he had advised him that: The warrant was not a legal document as it was not signed. Tony should stay in the car as his vehicle could not be removed while he is inside. and that: He should tell the bailiffs and police that "Wesley is just getting ready with a crew". (Wesley posted himself to confirm that he would be attending). Further alarming posts were made that indicated that the bailiffs would be attacked (for example: “law doesn’t matter, lets all go out and lynch the fxxxing bailiffs”). The situation esclated very quickly indeed and from reading the posts the indication was that many people were on their way to the address (in Oldham) with Wesley himself posting that ‘we have a Mexican standoff’. Further posts reported that about six police officer had arrived together with more bailiffs. In all, almost 400 posts were made on the site and yet....not one person bothered to ask any background information such as: Did he receive all the notices from the local authority? Did he appeal the penalty charge notice? Did he receive the Notice of Enforcement from Marston Group? Did he respond to outline a payment proposal? Instead, as is always the case with these sites, the suggestion made was to ....submit an Out of Time statutory declaration to the Traffic Enforcement Centre. One person exhibited a copy of the warrant of control and it was plain to see that the warrant was a legal document. Naturally, it did not require a court seal or a 'wet ink signature'. Telephone calls were made to the bailiff by an admin member of the Social Media Site (a lady with supposedly 30 years of legal experience) asking that the vehicle remain clamped until the Out of Time statutory declaration had been processed. Naturally, with the expectation of many more ‘supporters’ shortly arriving, the enforcement agent took the decision to remove the vehicle (by this time it had been clamped for over two hours). A tow truck was in attendance. The debtor was removed from the vehicle. Fortunately, for the bailiffs, the police and the debtor the 'Boots on the Ground' stunt was a complete failure.
  7. Good day to you all. This is a little unusual but I hope someone can advise me on my legal position? About a year ago I started a Facebook group, it turned out to be quite popular and so I appointed some members as administrators to help me run it. One of these administrators asked me if it would be OK for him to design a new header/logo for the group to which I agreed. He designed it using a proprietry computer program, used public domain and royalty free images, the name of the Facebook group and also the accompanying website that I also registered the domain in my name. He has now left under a bit of a cloud and has sent me several messages regarding this logo, he has claimed it is his copyright and I have no right to use it. I told him to go take a running jump and continued to use it. He has now threatened legal action and has said I will be hearing from his legal representative. He has made the same threat to the remaining administrators, holding them jointly responsible. . The simple thing to do would be to change the logo but unfortunately we had it turned into a bumper sticker as well and several members have purchased one, they would quite rightly be a little miffed if we changed it. . So in summary, am I in breach of copyright even though (a) It contains the name of my group and my website? (b) He designed it whilst working for the group © It is made up of royalty free and public domain material? . Your advice would be welcomed.
  8. Hi all, I ran into an interesting situation today that I'd like some help with. An email address of mine is associated with both my Ebay account and my Facebook account. Yesterday I purchased goods from a company via Ebay who have today used my email address to look for me and 'friend' me on Facebook. I don't wish to sound like I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but in my view they've used my email address in a manner other than intended. Are they doing anything wrong? I suspect not, at least legally, but I don't think it's acceptable.
  9. I'm a member of facebook but have never posted anything. I get all this crap about telling the world my email address so I get friends etc, but also rubbish about someone wanting to be my friend. As I say, I have never ever put anything on, but this morning I have a "Craig Wannan wants to be friend with you on facebook" What rubbish, first I doubt there is anyone called Craig Wannan and why would he want to be friends with me when I don't even exist. I certainly don't want to be friends with him even if I did exist as I've never heard of him.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/npowerofficial/photos/a.458948164151561.113457.453780661334978/913197612059945/?type=1&comment_id=943978288981877&offset=0&total_comments=462&src=email_notif Anyone like to tell those people to come here for help.
  11. With the amount of fraud being revealed by the DWP and many more cases getting taken to Court is on the increase. The following story from a source that often posts up to date cases and those that involve significant amounts of money. The crime of failing to declare a change of circumstances under the SSAA 1992 is getting more and more publicity in the press. Have a read here and then you can see just how the DWP can and does catch those who fail to make the required notifications of a change of circumstances. I regularly post in the Bailiff section of CAG and there we have a link to scoop.it the reason that I have posted this link again is to show that the DWP now uses social media to catch benefit fraudsters. they also data share to other benefit agencies to see if you have other claims that could be suspected fraud. Please have a read of this one and if you have any questions please ask...... See the link below http://www.nottinghampost.com/Mum-s-95k-benefit-fraud-exposed-Facebook/story-26752397-detail/story.html
  12. We will no longer be able to give advice or to comment on the Npower Nightmare Facebook group because we have been blocked. If you are a member of one of the other groups – Npower Boycott, Nasty Npower, Consumers Against NPower, etc and you see comments which are posted on this forum or in one of those groups and which you feel might be useful to the people who are on the Npower Nightmare Facebook group, then you might think to relay those comments to those people because we will be unable to do so directly. Some of you might also feel inclined to let the members of the Npower Nightmare Facebook group know that the Consumer Action Group has been blocked because I expect that most of them don't realise it. The way that the Npower Nightmare group is being conducted would almost lead you to believe that it is a shill group of Npower – but of course that is just being fanciful, isn't it?
  13. Am not sure where to post this Appeared on my facebook a few minutes ago Russell Burton‎ 25 mins · Don`t wait for the debt collection agency or the bailiffs to make there move @ Ca3 we tackle the situation head on and we get results, our service is free to all and always will be ...... ... If your hoping rent a mob or statutory declarations are going to get you out of trouble ? YOUR WRONG ! PLAIN WRONG !! DEAL WITH IT BEFORE IT ENDS UP IN COURT AS YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PROPERTY, a denial of access will not stop a corrupt court system, but asking for a lawful contract will ........ will https://www.facebook.com/groups/710786995643218/
  14. Due to the fact that my company has decided to pay all the office staff a bonus and all the managers graded M2 and above, and not the workers in the factory i have created a facebook page for ppl to vent, what are the legal implications of this and can i be dis-missed for it? plz contact me and i will be able to share the link on fb! any advice is welcome, in the last 3 years the have taken so much from us workers and we have had enough. we don't know our rights enough to stand up for our self's . plz help!
  15. I am looking for advice on how to deal with Mecca Bingo High Street Clubs who post online competitions for free tickets etc. Once such competition offered two free tickets to an event worth £20 where you could attend a Mecca Club and have 16 chances to win £1000 full houses (total payout on all games worth £20000) 8 people guessed the correct answer and 2 picked at random won the 2 free tickets to the event worth £20 i.e. free bingo books. Rules were 1 entry but a few entered twice. I was told by Mecca they took the 1st entry for each person but 1 winner's 1st entry was incorrect. They told me the rules were applied correctly which I pointed out was actually incorrect. This is not sour grapes but unfair to the other 7 who guessed correctly as only 1 of the winners entry was correct the other had guessed incorrect first. This is a common problem on other individual Clubs facebook competitions. How should Mecca redress this?
  16. Hi Just a warning for all you employees Employers are using your facebook and twitter accounts as evidence in tribunals So beware
  17. Does anyone know what the situation is regarding so-called evidence garnered from a private page on Facebook? In light of the current furor and FB insisting it does not give access to government agencies - is it legal for the DWP to use Facebook in court?
  18. How do I change my settings on FB so that everyone can't see everything I've commented on? getting really annoyed now; as certain family members think it's ok to just mention stuff I've posted that I don't wish to talk about.
  19. Hi, My wife has a disciplinary hearing at work because she stupidly made comments about work on facebook and somebody screenshot these and give them to her boss. She basically said her work was a sh**hole and that she couldn't wait to get a new job so she could leave. She has now been suspended awaiting a disciplinary hearing which is this Wednesday with her manager and HR. My question is - what is the most likely outcome from this? She has no warnings at work but people have said she might get fired .... is this likely? Thanks Krav
  20. Facebook and Google amass 'voluntary' personal data Max Schrems is no luddite. The law student was savvy enough to know that, if he requested it, Facebook would have to release all of the data it has collected on him since he joined. Even he, though, was taken aback by the amount of information Mark Zuckerberg's social network had on him. When his report came back – all 1,200 pages of data – he saw details of friend requests he had ignored; people he had "defriended" and even items he had deleted from his account. Yet everything in his file was information he had voluntarily given. His experience mirrors not only those of Facebook's estimated 900 million users, but those of everyone who has ever googled something, entered personal information into a website or – to some extent – even loaded a web page. Today's headlines on the Government's so-called "snooper's charter" are about new powers for the police. But companies have been using internet users' data for good and bad for years. Google and Facebook are probably the most notable examples of sites that feed off the data their users give them. Both have targeted advertising. For those adverts to be worth the pixels they are printed on, they need users' information. http://www.independent.co.uk/hei-fi/news/facebook-and-google-amass-voluntary-personal-data-7854248.html?origin=internalSearch
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