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  1. Thanks guys. If we get more - I suppose we probably will - I will upload those too for your records. Best wishes LucyP
  2. Hello everyone, Next instalment....a letter from County Collections Limited (attached). They've also texted my daughter saying they've been trying to contact her urgently - though the text arrived after the letter. I guess the advice is still ignore it, but would welcome your views please. All best wishes Lucy
  3. Thanks all! I will keep uploading any more of these letters in the hope that it will be of help to somebody else in the future.x
  4. Hi Guys My daughter has received another letter from RLP. it seems an empty threat again, but I would appreciate your opinions. I couldn't seem to save as a pdf so is it viewable as a jpeg? Thanks LucyP
  5. Haha, yes I know. I read those and they were very persuasive when I was in two minds about what to do for the best. I trawled through many of the threads on here when I saw the first letter because I have no legal expertise at all and I didn't know who RLP were. I was left in no doubt about what to do!
  6. hi again thanks to everyone for your comments. She is still panicking each time a letter comes through, but what you all say makes such good sense - and in any case she will be going off to university in september so hopefully she won't see too many more of them. When I get any more letters I'll post them here for you to see. Have you not seen an example of the one I just posted before offering a discount? LucyP
  7. Hi everyone My daughter who is 18 had a moment of stupidity in January and decided it would be ok to shoplift a mascara from Boots. She was accosted by the security guy on leaving the store, taken back inside, her details were taken was given the option of them either calling the police or agreeing to be contacted by RLP - she was terrified out of her wits as she suffers from acute anxiety problems, and agreed to the RLP route. The guard copied her student ID details and took her phone number and our address. They asked her to empty her bag which she
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