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Found 6 results

  1. Dear All, In the Courts and Tribunals Act 2007, it is suggested that once a warrant is issued against the debtor for a parking offence, then the vehicle cannot be sold or disposed of prior to levy or removal, until the debt is cleared. This of course leaves innocent people like Ethel and Albert two pensioners, having purchased a vehicle from London with outstanding parking tickets in a terrible and disgusting position. Along comes a bailiff with ANPR and removes the vehicle. The bailiff then states that the vehicle is subject to outstanding parking tickets, they will not return the vehicle until all the tickets are paid in full including costs of removal, and as such under the Courts and Tribunals Act 2007, they do not have clear title, and they are ordered to seek the return of £7500 for their car from the person who they purchased it from, in this case Mr Jones, who in turn sticks two fingers up to Ethel and Albert. How can it be that innocent people who purchase vehicles with outstanding parking tickets are being subjected to this kind if trauma, it is a terrible [problem], and I cannot imagine that parliament had intended for the bailiffs to interpret the law in the manner they have done. The names used in this story are of course not their real names, but the innocent people concerned are real, and are worried about losing further sums with Newlyn PLC pursing these kinds of dirty tactics. Newlyn PLC have invited the pensioners to take legal action, but are warned that if they dare they will defend it viciously, as they take legal action against them seriously.
  2. I started working for the local authority under a year ago, my employment record is excellent, no absence or lateness and great feedback in first 6 months, signed off. There is 5 of us in our department, 3 males 1 other female. The female is married to one of the males. I have had nothing but grief and complaints from this female work colleague in the same position as myself. I have told my manager at every monthly meeting she is difficult to get along with, my manager said "We, had a discussion whether bringing another female into the team would change the group dynamics". This female has been the only female for over 7 years. I have been very enthusiastic and work hard but she is lazy and I believe she thinks I may be showing her up. I was signed off in November after 6 months and had a tidy up of the office and data. This female reported me in December for not reporting an incident, (there was nothing to report). I have been under investigation for the past 4 months, today I received a letter telling me another allegation has been raised in the course of the investigation and it will be going to a disciplinary panel. No mention of the 2 original allegations as they have not been able to prove any wrong doing on my part. My manager keeps changing the points of the investigation. First it was failing to report, second it was person may have suffered injury, then it was not written in the log properly. No the new allegation is falsifying a critical document. What can I do, I have the union backing me but I am still worried as it seems they are determind to get me out of the company. The female colleague that has made complaints about me, her husband trained me and is an asset as he performs a lot on computer repairs for my manager for free. I believe this has turned into a witch hunt, what can I do to stop myself losing my job?. I have done no wrong.
  3. Hi Guys, The story goes, purchased a car from Lincolnshire from a couple. Paid in cash. Did a HPi check (Basic one) and everything clear. The couple signed receipt to say no finance etc. HPi check done with cazana. Car purchased March 2017. No logbook received i contacted the couple and it looked like they was playing games. i applied for a logbook myself and came with 2 weeks. Did a further HPi check with cazana.com in April 2017 as was getting worried why the logbook hasn't come and the HPi came back clear with no finance etc. I sold the car on the 06/06/2017 on eBay and the buyer advised me he has done a HPi check and there is outstanding finance. I then went back to the HPi I did with cazana.com and now it shows a 36-month agreement taken out on the 10/11/2016! I have removed it from eBay and apologised to the buyer. Contacted couple and the wife has advised me that she is no longer in contact with her husband and she can’t pay it off and is sorry they didn't tell me about the loan! Today I get a letter from Loans2go saying the car belongs to them and there is a BOS. Contacted HPi company who are looking into it. Where do I stand here? The couple duped me. Such a disgusting thing to do to someone. I have called Loans2go and asked for the BOS. I’m so upset with all of this. When I contacted the couple their mobile phones were dead I managed to track them down on Facebook to which at the start she was like don’t worry I will sort it out when I’m back from my holiday. Such horrible people out there. I’m a student and cannot afford such a loss, it would mean I have to drop out of university for 1 year and work as I pay my own fee’s. The lady is giving me a story that she cannot pay this loan as she is a single mother now with a disabled child.
  4. A bit about myself: I live in Scotland, am a middle aged divorcee with Multiple Sclerosis who has (or had, before now) a completely clean record. Last week I came home find a card through my door from the police informing me that they had called to speak to me and would I please contact PC Thingumajig to arrange a time to talk regarding 'an ongoing investigation'. I had no idea what this could be about and my medical condition leaves me embarrassingly prone to panic reactions in even the most innocuous out-of-the-norm situations. I immediately started panicking that I had done something illegal to warrant the police at my door but after talking it out with a friend we concluded that perhaps I had witnessed something that the police were investigating as I don't live in the best area. I phoned the PC and arranged to come in the next day to see him but completely spaced on asking why he needed to speak with me. When I got to the police station I was taken into a small room with only a table and three chairs, PC Thingumajig asked me to sit down and as he sat in front of me and pulled out his notebook a second PC came in behind him and closed the door. I started to get a little shaky as it was quite intimidating (this second PC was vaguely familiar to me as one that had treated a friend of mine particularly badly last year). I was shocked and stunned when I was told that I had been accused by the local Boots of shoplifting a mascara the previous week. I told them that I had not but as I was in full panic mode at this point I could not really digest the information they were giving me. They told me that they had witnesses who had seen me take it and had followed me out of the store and through the shopping mall, as well as CCTV footage of the incident. They were quite frankly not interested in any explanation I had for what had occurred on the two occasions that I recalled being in the store over recent weeks. When I told them of my medical condition and its effect on my memory (particularly in stressful situations) as the reason why I could not remember the day in question, the intimidating one immediately latched on to this as an explanation for my thieving ways and would not let it go. My record was checked and since it was clean I was told they could issue an official police warning or if I wanted to contest they would charge me and send it to the PF who would decide whether to take it to court or not. By this time I was so distressed and confused I was beginning to doubt my OWN honesty so I agreed to the warning in order to avoid the stress and pressure of the long drawn out legal procedure which could have had devastating consequences for my health. The warning was issued as well as a ban from Boots stores (I will never be darkening their doorstep again in any event - physically or digitally). Since that time I have been so stressed I have had panic attacks when I enter the shopping mall where I do volunteer work once a week, am prone to crying uncontrollably, have been unwilling to leave my home and unable to socialise with my friends. The stress has also had a deleterious effect on my health by worsening the symptoms of my MS. I have only recently been able to look at the warning notice and comprehend the date of the alleged incident which was almost exactly a week prior and, now that I can ponder it with a clear head, I DO recollect the day in question as I was re-starting art classes on that date. I DID enter the store more than once (a point they made repeatedly) as I had wanted to print a photo from my phone and, because their machine's USB was not recognising my device, I used the USB from my portable charger and accidentally left it in their machine. I had returned a couple of hours later to retrieve it. Since the photo printer is at the opposite end of the store from the make-up section I have no idea why they think I pocketed a mascara but since I was nowhere near that area of the shop (except to enter and leave) I have no idea why I have been accused of this crime - the only thing I pocketed in the store was my own property! Is there any way I can get the store to at least apologise for humiliating me and can I get the police to rescind the warning? Do they not have to stop me AT THE TIME instead of waiting a week to apprehend? Should I be worried as to how the police got my name and address? The only way I can think is to have accessed my prescription history at the pharmacy. They wouldn't let me see the CCTV footage either when I asked and I'm pretty sure the Data Protection Act gives me that right. I would really appreciate any advice I can get.
  5. I despair now. I know you wont believe this. But it is true. I enclose my last letter I just sent to the New Forest District Council. This is all perfectly true. Someone inside this council is determined to ruin my life and who knows why? Heres my letter anyway. Thankyou for reading, desperation has made me post here with no worries for the consequences. Dear Dianne, (Council Tax Office, New Forest District Council) I thought it might be only fair to advise you that I am currently being observed by legal authority and I need to inform you that your judgement regarding "National Minimum Wage" is information illegally exists against my name. The reason for this is that countless business account papers of mine have been delivered to the New Forest District Council via one MB but despite so many copies the women there are still unable to assess the simplicities of a business running on a loss at the end of the financial year but instead (as declared by MB) have "Thrown their hands up in the air (!!!) because they could not make head or tail of my figures (Three versions of which SHE formulated and assured me they would be "fine") and have "GUESSTIMATED" my income as being , Not three or four figures in the minus, but rather 5 figures in the plus. That means instead of having run on a loss of almost £1000 for the last financial year, they have fictionalised that I was on about £11,563:05. Not by calculation or deduction of data delivered to them in seven formats!!!! but because they "didnt know what else to do with it all." The implications of this fiction against my name are as follows. They have already been shown my tax submission form to the HMRC who now view their sumary by the nfdc as contradictory to their records against my name. The penalties for this are Prison, triple their estimated tax contribution they deem payable and several thousand pounds for fraud and not disclosing accurate data to the countries taxation system. So you see, on top of the inability for one department there to communicate with the other I am still awaiting their decision on my housing benefit which, in the case of Salisbury, was a simple 8 week pause before they assessed my accounts. In this instance the game has been played and seems to be a hate-project now to the point where threats, letters of inaccurate demand, ludicrously varied data filled out by MB and an inability to assess simple accounting data has resulted in an issue which is set to destroy two business ventures of a 52 year old man who is desperately trying to set up business in the hope that he can be free of poverty in this recession and legitimately employ others to run a successful operation again. It doesn't look good. On top of this there is a company debt I owe to pay the rent here for £6000:00 I took out in advance on your assurances that I was promised would be due when my assistance from the Council was assessed and until I was able to support myself alone finally. With Your bailiffs and prison threats, THEIR bailiffs and Prison Threats, the HMRC's Prison and threats and now a band of clerks in the council rooms gaming my life into hardship on top of the strain it has put on my relationship with my Lady I am being backed into a very dangerous corner or no return here where possessions, livelihood, family and freedom and liberties are being stripped away from me because.... (as I have been informed by an insider there who sympathises and I quote) "Nobody here (At the nfdc) has any idea about accounts, no training or qualifications at all". They went on to say, "If you turned up drunk, were a Muslim, polish or a single mother they would pay out the money with no restraints." They then went on to say, "Youre dealing with a couple of man haters. It would probably be best of you left town to another Council altogether." I know you're simply doing your job but I do ask that you telephone me at the earliest opportunity because currently there are three illegal moves that have been made against me not including the removal of my cooking facilities last year where unknowingly I moved into a tiny flat that the owners had NOT declared to the councils. As punishment they made them remove my cooker and said "I" would be fined if I was caught cooking food in my flat above a garage outside away from the main house. The New Forest District Council then said that I was to cook food in the owners kitchen , walk back to the garage outside rain snow or night, with my dinner in one hand and a drink in the other, climb up a spiral staircase in total darkness and eat my food or entertain guests in this fashion because the flat had NOT been declared to them by the owners and therefore it was not legal for me to cook food there by their decision." The fact is they should have stated that it was when my tenancy was to be renewed that any cooking facility was to be removed. The way this entire scenario has been handled now with FOUR illegal moves against my name I have lost confidence in this councils inability to see a tiny string of accounts, the actual bank statements, the actual bank activity of my business, the actual personal accounting activity of my life and STILL come up with a "GUESSTIMATE" that I have earned "11,563:05 when there is absolutely no record OR evidence that my accounts have run anything but to the figure of -£1000:00 MINUS for the last finnacial year. This has been going on since January this year and 6 months later they STILL haven't decided. I hope you read all this. My appreciations if you did. Sincerely, N. Armstrong.
  6. Please can somebody advise me? Friend is going to an employment tribunal mostly to recover unpaid wages - employer obviously wants to make him look as bad as possible so he can avoid paying up and has a rather nasty solicitor working for him. Former employer is alleging that friend is guilty of theft - not from former employer but from a third party ( a customer of the employer). As far as we know the customer has NOT said anything has been stolen. So friend in a letter to the tribunal requested that the employer should be required to have confirmation from the customer that these thefts actually happened if they were to be included in the tribunal. It was a long letter and this was only a small part of it. Solicitor wrote back a very nasty e mail (not copied to the tribunal obviously) and said "An employer does not have to prove by evidence that a theft has taken place, but that he reasonably believed that it had and that the employee had participated." I understand that the employer does not need to have the same level of proof as a criminal court but does he not even need to prove that anything was actually stolen? It seems to me that he might as well say that because my friend went to the train station that he stole a train - no he didn't, it wouldn't fit in his pocket! I realise that if the theft had been from the employer that things might be different as he would know for certain that something had gone missing but as the employer does not have any control over the customer or his activities this seems grossly unfair. Any help or comments would be gratefully received. Lizzy
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