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Found 18 results

  1. 50 Days to go until the tenth Armed Forces Day READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/50-days-to-go-until-the-tenth-armed-forces-day
  2. Hi, I have joined the forum in the hope that somebody has useful information for me in my aim to shake Cabot Financial off, who are chasing a debt which becomes statute barred in September 2018. A brief outline of the debt I am being chased for: Type of debt: Credit debt - Santander Current account Outstanding balance: £590 (consisting £150 overdraft + £440 charges) Account closed: September 2012 After speaking with a helpful advisor at the National Debtline and explaining my situation, I was told it was a difficult one which needed careful consideration of my next steps. I was presented with three options: 1. Wait the seven months and risk court action 2. Set up a payment plan, which would reset the limitation act 3. As it was a disputed debt with Santander, present evidence to Cabot for them to investigate - but this would reset the statute barred clock. I have email records of a complaint I had made to Santander about charges on my account late in 2011. Santander acknowledged receiving my complaint, they even followed up with an email apology for the delay in responding to the complaint - but this was to be the last correspondence with no further follow up and the issue remained unresolved from their side. I have records of this correspondence. I stopped using the account and the charges continued until the bank decided to close it in September 2012. I really don't have the money to pay this debt. I would really like to avoid paying it especially as it was disputed with Santander in the first place, I can't afford a CCJ as it will stop me getting a mortgage which I hope to be in a position to go for within the next few years. I am looking for delay tactics without acknowledging the debt to get me into the statute barred date when I can confidently answer a Cabot phone call and tell them to do one! Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
  3. To spend or bank your old £1.00 coins. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?473204-New-quid-on-the-block&p=4982628#post4982628
  4. Tesco Direct has dropped its minimum payment charge for click and collect. Until now, shoppers were charged £2 for orders under £30. The supermarket said in February it had to introduce the charge to cover rising costs and was in line with rival supermarkets, which charge similar fees for their click and collect services. But now it says that it wants to give shoppers more choice and convenience, particularly in the run-up to Christmas http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/money/mortgages-bills/tesco-direct-drops-minimum-payment-charge-for-click-and-collect-11364098202576
  5. Hello, I am in pretty desperate need of advice! I rented a unit to use as a photography studio around 18 month ago. When I looked at the unit, there were a few leaks, which the landlord said he would repair, but never did. I carried on paying rent, but not using the unit as a studio, more of a storage space, as the leaks prevented me from having my equipment set up. Fast forward to December (my dad was incredibly ill and passed away in the August of last year, so all of the unit leaking and not being able to use it went right to the back of my mind) the landlord gave me a polite reminder that my rent is due. I, again, politely reminded him that the unit leaks and nothing has been done about the leaks since I'd been there. He apologised and told me that I wouldn't be paying any rent until he'd repaired the leaks. I then spoke to the landlord in July, him asking what was happening etc. and whereabouts the leaks are etc. so he could get them fixed. I explained that I don't use it etc. and most of my work involves me working away (or I use my garage as a small studio) and I wouldn't be back until mid August. I then start getting messages from the landlord saying that I'm owing the full missing months of rent, from the last time I paid in December. I received a letter the other day from a debt collector company saying that I owe the landlord £4248, which is the 10 months rent (£400/m) plus a late payment fee. The guy was friendly enough and I explained the entire situation and he appreciated that I as clearly not trying to rip them off etc. He said that as it's a commercial property, the fact the landlord told me not to pay until he'd fixed the leaks was completely irrelevant unfortunately. The unit still leaks next to the 3-phase 415V main fuseboard, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a death trap and I could never have clients into the building etc. He said that even though the landlord had said that (not paying rent etc.), I was still responsible and if anything, should have had the roof repaired and taken it out of the rent. Where do I stand? The chap I spoke to said the amount may be negotiable, but to be frank, I feel that I shouldn't have been paying full rent for the period that I was, let alone for the period that he told me not to pay through. I fully appreciate that although the guy I spoke to was very friendly etc., but is obviously working for the landlord and not myself, so there is going to be an issue of him biasing towards their interests and not my own. There's just no way I could afford to pay that figure, it's hard enough working as a freelance photographer at the best of times, let alone paying rent on a unit that's been unusable since I got it. Where do I stand? If anybody has anything impartial to say, that'd be great and thanks in advance. Sorry for long post.
  6. Hi all, I bought a property with an ex partner many years ago. I managed the property for the first few years before handing it over to a managing agent. The property was in my name as he was out of the country as the time of signing the mortgage. No declaration of trust was put in place but it was always agreed to split it 50/50 and there is an email showing this (and that intent). The property was sold 2.5 years ago and following a previous legal matter, where the ex wanted access to the property's accounts, my solicitor at the time, who sold the property, agreed to hold the proceeds of the sale on account until we agreed the split. Where I'm at is that I am still agreeing to 50/50 whereas my ex partner wants more (he thinks I benefitted from re-mortgaging the property which I didn't and various other things which are not correct). My solicitor who dealt with the sale has now handed this matter to a Civil Litigation / Family lawyer in his firm who now wants £500 on account to get going and then £250 an hour + VAT. I simply can't afford this. I see this matter with my ex dragging on and on (as have previous matters to cause extra pain and maximum cost) and I do not wish to rack up huge costs which will only benefit the solicitors in the end. Their quote of what it could cost up to would eat up the entire 50% share I am owed. My questions are : - can I handle this matter on my own for now? - If I need a solicitor in the future can a junior, less costly person handle this? Anyone know how much or where to go? - If I went to another solicitor what happens to the money held on account? - What law prevents me from taking my half as it was in my name anyway? - Can I be taken to court if we can't reach agreement? - Is there any other information that could be useful for me? Thanks so much - I really appreciate any feedback or input you have
  7. What do people think about Banks now offering Mortgages to people aged 80 or older ? Woolwich are now offering mortgages up to age 85. What are the implications ? Can people in retirement afford to continue paying mortgages ? What happens when retirement income is less than thought, causing people to have difficulties with repayments ? Will Banks be more considerate to older people when considering repossession ? Does it matter if older people die leaving a house with a mortgage ? How is life Assurance affected ?
  8. Hi struggling to pay a barclays card and was wondering if we should contact them or just ignore them untill they default it and then start payiing of?? we know we are going to default just want to get it on file asap so we can start the 6 years count down any help would be great thanks
  9. Not sure if anyone knows what the likely outcome might be for this one... Picked up a used car today for my wife. I insured it before I headed out to pick it up, but of course couldn't tax it yet. When I picked the car up (just 15 mins away from where I live), I attempted to tax it online using my phone - but being in a small village meant I couldn't get a stable connection to do this. I instead drove it home, and taxed it when I got back - so about 20 mins later. However... I'm pretty sure I saw a fixed ANPR camera on my way out the village Assuming it 'got' me, am I likely to be stung for it? Officially, no grace period is offered when buying a new car - but will the fact it was taxed on the same day - and therefore paid for from the beginning of the month - help me out here?
  10. As a verbal contract (which starts on the 30th June) was entered into according to Scottish Power CS when the MD was caught on the phone a few weeks ago Are there any options on how to cancel? I've asked for a copy of the Sales Call which requires a £10 cheque
  11. Sorry, deleting temporarily as I don't want to be identified. Moderators feel free to delete this post/thread.
  12. Please can somebody advise me? Friend is going to an employment tribunal mostly to recover unpaid wages - employer obviously wants to make him look as bad as possible so he can avoid paying up and has a rather nasty solicitor working for him. Former employer is alleging that friend is guilty of theft - not from former employer but from a third party ( a customer of the employer). As far as we know the customer has NOT said anything has been stolen. So friend in a letter to the tribunal requested that the employer should be required to have confirmation from the customer that these thefts actually happened if they were to be included in the tribunal. It was a long letter and this was only a small part of it. Solicitor wrote back a very nasty e mail (not copied to the tribunal obviously) and said "An employer does not have to prove by evidence that a theft has taken place, but that he reasonably believed that it had and that the employee had participated." I understand that the employer does not need to have the same level of proof as a criminal court but does he not even need to prove that anything was actually stolen? It seems to me that he might as well say that because my friend went to the train station that he stole a train - no he didn't, it wouldn't fit in his pocket! I realise that if the theft had been from the employer that things might be different as he would know for certain that something had gone missing but as the employer does not have any control over the customer or his activities this seems grossly unfair. Any help or comments would be gratefully received. Lizzy
  13. Although this doesnt affect me, I am taking an interest - I didnt realise that it only affected those living in 4 council areas until September. I wonder why those 4 areas have been chosen for the Pilot scheme ? Hopefully by then, it will be proved to be another disaster and it will be stopped. Read more : http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/why-you-ll-be-more-broke-next-month--151600586.html
  14. Hi all. Looking for some reassurance if thats possible. DMP has been set up and running since August 2012. The majority of creditors have been really positive and supportive through the entire process which has really helped. The only sticking point at the moment is we have had notification from stepchange (cccs) that 2 of our payments have been returned and an ongoing increase in rbs current account balance. 1.Payday UK (approx balance £800) are no longer accepting payments from stepchange on our behalf....and at present my wife is receiving calls from Credit Resource Solutions insisting she contact them asap. I understand that CRS is a DCA working on behalf of/ under the same umbrella as payday uk but we hve had no written communication from payday uk informing us of a change of arrangements. 2.Our payment to RBS personal loan (approx balance £11000) has also been returned, with the account no longer able to view on online banking. 3. Our rbs current account was sitting just below our £600 overdraft limit when we entered into our DMP. During that process we slipped over that limit by £4 or so. I have attempted to write to the rbs to ask them for support with our dmp but we notice now that our current account balance is now approx £1200 ......about £600 in charges. Help?
  15. Hi everyone! I am new to these forums, so please tell me if I have posted this in the wrong section! A few years ago I took out an unsecured loan with Lloyds TSB for £5000 about 8 months later it was re-financed for £6000. I was paying back all the repayments until I became unemployed due to a spinal injury. I then receieved Income and support allowance which I used all of to make repayments. But then it wasnt long after the Tories came into power that I lost all my benefits. So I set up a payment plan with lloyds TSB to pay back £1 a month. I did this for a few months, but when away from my address for a while, with no access to internet. My classic account went overdrawn and two £1 repayments bounced. I then got a letter from lloyds own debt recovery comapny based in Brighton - SCM solicitors. Stating my account balance was £6,245.68 and arrears £987.80. The letter demanded I repay the balance above less any rebate. Obviously I was not able to pay them, So i called them up. All they told me was that they could not talk to me about it, that my account was still being processed, and that someone would call me with the next step. NOW... I have recieved a letter from Moorcroft debt recovery limited, saying that they are sending me a notice of intended litigation before legal proceedings in the county court are issued. And that they believe that this letter fulfils this requirement even if it is not actually read by me. It says that to prevent our recommending to our client that solicitors should commence legal proceedings, it is essential that i settle this debt without delay. Payment should be submitted in full within 7 days or contact made with this office immediately, by telephone or by letter, with your payment offer. i have until the 17/01/12 Then it says We would draw to your attention that if judgement and an order for repayment in full is obtained and remains unpaid, a range of court enforcement options are available to our client and an application for one of these maybe considered. it then goes on to say about legal cost for court etc. and the usual jargon. I am really stuck, I'm just about keeping my head on... but I am quite shi* scared to be honest. PLEASE HELP!!! thankyou so much!
  16. Well with oil prices falling to $90 a barrel and forecasters saying it could drop to $50 as demands fall,you can bet they will be looking at a bigger increase than 3p come January. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18588855
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