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  1. Predatory mortgage support boss disqualified by the courts READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/predatory-mortgage-support-boss-disqualified-by-the-courts
  2. Court bans mobility equipment boss for 6 years - Churchills Homecare READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/court-bans-mobility-equipment-boss-for-6-years
  3. Car parts boss banned after failing to deliver customers’ orders READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/car-parts-boss-banned-after-failing-to-deliver-customers-orders
  4. I started working for the local authority under a year ago, my employment record is excellent, no absence or lateness and great feedback in first 6 months, signed off. There is 5 of us in our department, 3 males 1 other female. The female is married to one of the males. I have had nothing but grief and complaints from this female work colleague in the same position as myself. I have told my manager at every monthly meeting she is difficult to get along with, my manager said "We, had a discussion whether bringing another female into the team would change the group dynamics". This female has been the only female for over 7 years. I have been very enthusiastic and work hard but she is lazy and I believe she thinks I may be showing her up. I was signed off in November after 6 months and had a tidy up of the office and data. This female reported me in December for not reporting an incident, (there was nothing to report). I have been under investigation for the past 4 months, today I received a letter telling me another allegation has been raised in the course of the investigation and it will be going to a disciplinary panel. No mention of the 2 original allegations as they have not been able to prove any wrong doing on my part. My manager keeps changing the points of the investigation. First it was failing to report, second it was person may have suffered injury, then it was not written in the log properly. No the new allegation is falsifying a critical document. What can I do, I have the union backing me but I am still worried as it seems they are determind to get me out of the company. The female colleague that has made complaints about me, her husband trained me and is an asset as he performs a lot on computer repairs for my manager for free. I believe this has turned into a witch hunt, what can I do to stop myself losing my job?. I have done no wrong.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/may/19/rbs-fred-goodwin-court-bank-bailout-shareholders
  6. ....after being caught prowling trains to film up commuters’ skirts. Oh dear, oh dear https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3133778/british-parking-association-quits-film-up-skirts-patrick-troy/
  7. My wife was employed as a shop assistant when the local village shop was taken over by a new owner. She started on the day he took over the business just over 2 years ago. Since that day she has worked consistently over 25 hours a week, with an average over the 2 years of 31 hours a week. She has never been given, or offered a contract, but is paid through the books with pay slips, holiday pay and pension etc. There is a flat attached to the shop, and for some months its been empty. The boss wants to let that flat out on a private rental, but there is a codicil attached by the people who actually own the shop that whoever lives there must work at the shop and it cannot be rented out to anyone other than an employee. My wifes boss has come up with the idea that he will rent the shop out, but to swerve the codicil he will be giving the new people some hours at the shop. He has said that he will therefore be reducing my wifes hours to 20 hours a week, which in all honesty would cause us severe financial problems. When he told my wife the plan he explained that because there is no contract, no hours are guaranteed and that she is actually therefore on a zero hours contract. This is HIS interpretation of it, and therefore he can reduce the hours as he sees fit. Surely he is incorrect, and that because she has consistently worked an average of 31 hours a week, this is an implied contract and any changes to her hours MUST be agreed by her before he can go ahead. As far as I am aware, it is his responsibility to ensure that if he wants staff to be on a zero hours contract, he must say that when he employs people, and must provide a contract of employment that states this. He cannot employ someone on full time hours, then decide later on that because there is no contract in place he wants it to be a zero hours contract. What are my wifes rights here, and what should she do to approach her employer about it.
  8. Hi all. Very briefly, my friend worked for an employer last year who paid him by bank transfer and never gave him a pay slip. My friend resigned at Christmas and since then has sent letters to the employer asking for payment for 2 days worked, 2 days bank holiday pay and 2 days holiday pay. He has since asked me to help him make a claim against his ex-employer. Evidence-wise, we have this: Original advert in local paper Bank Statements showing 7 bank transfers made to my friend's bank account starting on 11.9.2015 and ending 18.12.2015 totalling £4718 Copies of letter and email sent to employer Proof of receipt of letter. He is owed money for the last 2 days he worked (21&22 December 2015), 2 days holiday pay and 2 days bank holiday pay. He works this out as £9 x 8 hours x 6 days=£432 Is this the correct amount or do we work out the Tax and NI he would have had deducted? (although his employer, apparently, never paid his NI or Tax) My question is, do you think that we have enough evidence to proceed? And, if so, is an LBA the next move, detailing the above information? Thank you in advance, B
  9. Hi all. I was assaulted at work little over a month ago, this was entirely the fault of my employer as they didn't take the required steps to ensure staff safety. Despite many complaints from the team. I haven't been to work since and have been signed off with work related stress. My employers haven't contacted me at all during this time and the meeting is at my request follow contact that I made with HR. I don't want to return to work. I want them to to pay me off to leave, obviously signing away any rights to a claim for PI or anything else. How likely is this?
  10. I work security. that bits simple My boss who is the Facilities manager has just been told as they supervise security staff they must have a Non-front line licence. The lay out of the companies involved is below. the Building owner appointed a property management company. That company breaks into 2 sub companies One side property management, the other, people who work at the buildings like Facilities managers. the property side appoints its preferred security contractor who then supplies the officers My onsite boss, the Facilities manager who is a direct employee of the client company (not a contractor/agency) has been told they can no longer talk to me about building matters or security until they get a Non-front line licence. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55909[/ATTACH] Strange
  11. Hi all I will try to keep this brief but basically my partner has been off work due to work related stress for 4 weeks. He is being bullied by his boss so much so that he got ready for work as normal one morning and then just broke down, crying and physically trembling and could not go out of the front door. I got him to the doctors the same day and he is now having to go for councilling because his stress and anxiety is so bad. He is in his 40's and this has all had a very bad effect on him. Most days he cannot even speak to anyone from work as the stress of it just sets him back and he breaks down so I have had to speak to them on his behalf but either my partner or myself have kept in constant contact with them with updates. His boss is fully aware that my partner is ill because of his actions but he is insisting on a welfare visit next week. We said we didn't have a problem with the visit but requested that it be with my partners Service Manager and someone from HR. He received an unpleasant letter from his bullying boss yesterday basically saying that he is aware my partner has refused to see him but he has got to have the meeting with him and the Service Manager. Instead of it being at our home his boss wants the meeting at a venue close by and will contact him with the details shortly. He has also made reference to the contact by my partner and wants an explanation why he is not contacting them. Even though he has been, either himself on his better days or when they have phoned I have spoken with them. There has been contact at least 3 times a week. It was made clear that a meeting with the boss would be detrimental to his health but he is willing to meet with a different manager and Hr but his boss has totally disregarded the well-being of my partner and since the letter came yesterday he has been in a right state and he now has to worry about the meeting until it happens next week. He is just not strong enough mentally to have a face to face meeting with this person. My questions are, can I attend the meeting with him as my partner has admitted to me that he is scared of him and also is there anyway that we can insist his boss does not attend? We are currently drafting a letter to raise a formal grievance against his boss.
  12. Hi all again, sorry if I've put this in the wrong place but not sure where it would go. My sister's partner has been working at [removed] for about 5 years now, and he's brought to my attention that he believes he's not being payed for the hours he is working. Now he starts work at 8am and only finishes when "the job is done" which is normally half 5 to 6pm. He gets weekly payslips and he's latest pay slip (21/11/14) says: TAXABLE PAY: 260.85 NON-TAXABLE: PAY 0.00 TOTAL PAY: 260.85 INCOME TAX: 13.60 NATIONAL INSURANCE: 12.94 NET PAY: 234.31 TAX CODE: 1000L Now in the hours column it doesn't have any hours in it at all. Surly the company has to put the hours he works. As always any advice is much appreciated. Thanks Andrew
  13. Hi, I invoiced my boss two weeks ago just after i left my job there (I was self employed so had to invoice) and he is yet to pay it even though he usually pays a couple of days after, but now i've left he is obviously being stubborn. I have emailed him and he hasn't responded to any of them in the last few days. I have tried to call him but he doesn't answer so he is obviously just ignoring me. The amount is only £120 as i only done a days work for him last month so i am not overly worried about it, but it's just the principle and him being an idiot about it for no reason (baring in mind i left on good terms as well). One of my friends worked for him as well and then left, and my boss owes him £700 as well. So how long do i have to wait before i can do something? What can i even do about it anyway? My friend has been waiting 4 months for him to pay his £700 invoice. Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi. Need some advice. We work in a care home environment. There is a good team there but some problems have occurred with a new boss. Background. We are part of two homes. The main building which provides 24/7 care, and ourselves that provide more independent living. Both have been run seperatly until now. The main building can be heavy going, whilst ours provides care taylored to the individual. Both have separate teams of staff and both are on a different rota. Change of boss. A new boss for both the homes started. At the time we passed a recent CQC inspection, whilst the main building had some minor issues to resolve. However, there were some minor drug errors from agency nurses at night at our place. The boss was livid and said he would make changes. The nursing side is the responsibility of higher management and is not provided by the care workers. But then: The boss held a meeting with the care workers and his tone was very harsh towards the care workers. Those that attended the meeting felt he was blaming all the care staff and nothing was mentioned about the fact it was agency RGN's and the responsibility of senior management. The care staff have never been involved with this side. As a result the staff have experienced the following. In addition he has made additional changes which is destroying the good team we have. Many of us are also worried about the needs of the service users and he is also implementing changes to our contracts: 1) The boss is clearly showing discrimination towards the women at the home. In addition he keeps having a go at our overseas staff who live in the UK. 2) Changes of working shifts. An additional late shift has been introduced without the staff consent. Whilst they have changed the hours to make them more social after we had a meeting, the consultation period was cut short and not everyone had enough notice to attend. 3) Compulasory training. Whilst we all agreed to training, we now have an additional task to perform with the nurses to ensure that they give the correct medication. This benefits the service users. However, we all received threatening e mails stating that unless we all attended, staff would be shifted to our main building. We were given 4 days notice. Then the dates were changed. Not everyone could attend and reluctantly they have agreed another date. 4) Poor attitude of boss. He has stated to a number of people, including myself he does not care about the staff here. He is often rude and blunt to everyone, questioning if we have the right motives. There is always an unpleasant atmosphere when he visits. 5) Change of pay date. With our last wage slip, a letter was enclosed changing our pay date from 24 to 27. Some of us have already have done overtime expecting it to be paid on the 24th of next month. In addition some of us have problems with paying the rent/ bills as payment for these are due on the 24th. One person has had their rent date changed but they have to pay another 4 days rent which they cannot afford. We were not asked about this change but I understand that our contract allows the employer to change our conditions. 6) Change of workplace/ rota. We have been told that our rota will be changed. We are now expected to work at the main building some weeks, which is different hours, type of work, and is more difficult to get to. The rota we are being told, will include compulsory shifts regardless if we have childcare commitments, college or other work commitments. We are concerned as many of the residents have individual needs and do not want different staff who do not know them. Their quality of care may suffer. Before the bosses arrival we had a great team and we were praised by the CQC for our level of care. Whilst there were some issues with the agency nurses, the care workers are being targeted. All our hard work appears to being dismantled and we all feel that he has no regards to us and we feel that he is bullying the team. I understand that at least two staff, including the main building have had run ins with him and they are even instructing their solicitors. It appears his behaviour is not just limited to our site. Many of us are not with a union but they are assisting them too. Any urgent advice would be needed on any of the points above.
  15. hi guys, i was witness to a fight outside of work which involved a collegue. i told the police that i didnt see who hit who first(which is the truth) but i suspected that my collegue was hit first because his teeth had been knocked out. now when my boss asked me to give her a statement i wrote that i saw the other man hit my colleague first. its now going to crown court as my collegue is acused of stamping on the other man. can my boss sack me for giving her false account of what happened.
  16. Hi, i'm new here and hope someone can give us some advice. I work in a big department store, we are allowed 5.6 weeks holiday a year. We have always allowed to book holidays whenever we want to (except christmas and busy periods) our staff handbook says we have to give 3 weeks notice to book a holiday. Our boss left in September and a new boss started in December. In January she asked everyone in the shop (55 of us) to book all our holidays for the whole year. This caused a little bit of a commotion because no one knew when they wanted their holidays all year, especially all the 16 year olds. Well we all ended up trying to book our years worth of holiday (even though the handbook says 3 weeks). I say trying because everyone who put in holidays for weekends had them declined. The new boss said that we are not allowed to book weekends off and we are only allowed to book whole weeks. So this is why I am here, none of us are happy with this. Some of the people have worked there since it opened 5 years ago and have always been allowed to book weekends with the old boss. Someone else who works there has a husband who works for the same company but in a different town and this hasnt been passed to them so its just a thing our new boss is doing. We all just want to know if she is allowed to do this? Tell us all of a sudden after 5 years that weekends are not allowed to be booked off. Thanks
  17. And the punch line to that very hilarious joke is: You better sit down for this - Mr McEwan will be paid £1m a year plus £350,000 in lieu of a pension. http://news.sky.com/story/1148639/rbs-boss-mcewan-to-put-customers-first He even has the effrontery to mention the government bailing them out and how important they are to the UK.
  18. This is very similar to another thread on here. My former employer is making a claim against me in the County Court for damage to one of his vehicles which I was driving during my normal course of duties. He wants me to pay £700 damages of which £150 he has already taken out of my final months wages. Below is an extract from my contract of employment which I have signed. When I signed it he wanted 8 signatures from me on 8 different sheets. On the document below of which there is an extract of the wording. He said it was if I incurred any motoring offences speeding etc. it would be my responsibility and also see the paragraph below in bold, re any accidental damage of which I agreed and duly signed without reading the full document Driving Rules and Regulations Whilst in the employment of the Company any motor offences ie. Speeding, Parking or similar offences are your responsibility and not that of the Company. Any accidental damage to Company vehicles or any other vehicle whilst in your control, which is found to be through your poor driving, will be your responsibility and you will be held liable for any costs in respect of repairs to one or both vehicles which will be deducted from your wages, and any subsequent claim made by a third party. I didn't read the part about being responsible for any damage to his vehicles. Should I contest this and make a counter claim for my £150. Any advice will be gratefully received.
  19. I have worked in my current job since June 2012, I didn't have any problems until we moved premises. Since the move I feel I am being bullied and harrassed by my manager. The old premises had a stock room at the back of the shop which made life easy if a customer wanted us to have a look for an item of clothing. Now we have an offsite stockroom which is very cold and does not have a lot of space to work in. I am regularly over in the stockroom with no protective clothing. I have to wear leggings under my trousers and use my own thick coat in an effort to keep warm. I have stubbed my toes a few times on the large runner rails (clothing rails with wheels on) when going to answer the telephone in the stockroom. I have to wear my own trainers in the stockroom as my work shoes would be very cold. Last week before the end of my shift a customer asked me to look for a pair of jeans, I told my manager I was going to look for a pair of jeans and I took the key for the stockroom with me, I looked for the jeans, did not find what the customer wanted and went back into the shop. I told the customer that I did not have the jeans she was looking for then I went back over to the till point and put the stockroom key back in the cupboard. I then gathered my things from the staff room and met up with my mum. My mum had bad news that my Aunt had passed away and I was quite upset. About 90 minutes after I finished my shift my manager telephoned my mobile and asked if I had the stockroom key. I explained i did not have the key as I had put it back in the cupboard. My manager told me that I was the last person to have the key and that I must have put the key in my pocket and took it home. I told my manager that when I had last been to the stockroom i did not have my coat on, she replied that I must have put the key in my trouser pocket, i told her that was impossible as the trousers I had been wearing that day had no pockets at all. My manager then told me that she would have to report the missing key to the Regional Manager and she would be telling him that I was responsible for the missing key. I again told my manager that I had put the key back in the cupboard but she would not listen to me. My manager said I would be hearing from the regional manager in due course. I replied fine and she hung up on me. I then remembered that my mum and sister had been in the shop to meet me at the end of my shift. I phoned my mum who remembered me going to the cupboard behind the till and opening the cupboard, putting my hand in then closing the cupboard. I then tried phoning my manager back but the line was engaged. A few minutes later my mobile phone rang and the caller ID said it was my work. I answered the phone and it was one of my colleagues. It turned out that my colleague had the key in her pocket all along and that I had put the key in the cupboard when I had finished with it. I wasn't at work the next day but I was back in on the Thursday. My manager was in and I thought that she might apologize to me. She never apologized but I informed her of my Aunt's passing and that the funeral would be the following Friday. I asked if my manager could re-arrange my shift for another day as I really want to attend the funeral. She told me she would see what she could do. I still don't know if my shift has been changed. We used to get stock delivered onto the shop floor and I have been appointed to sort the delivery out including counting everything, removing plastic, security tagging the clothes and separating new lines from the delivery. I try to do as much as I can but it is not easy when it is very cold. Today the delivery was in the stockroom and I started dealing with it as usual. It was not easy with staff members coming in and out moving me out of the way while they gathered stock. Then other staff phoning up asking me to find clothes for customers. Out of 3 rails of clothes (over 500 items in total) i completed 2 and 3/4 rails and that was even after working 20 minutes over my shift. I didn't have my phone or a watch with me so I had no idea of the time until a colleague came over and told me. I went back over top the shop and went to gather my things, as I was about to leave the assistant manager told me to hang fire as my manager wanted to speak to me. So I waited until my manager was finished on the phone and she ushered me into her office. She was not happy that I had not finished the delivery within the 4 hours I was in the stock room. She told me she expected me to complete a rail and hour and she wanted to know why I could not do this when other members of staff could. I told her it was very cold and that the delivery driver had crammed the stock onto the rails so I had moved some of the stock to make room so I could access the clothes, remove the plastic and attach the security tag. I also tried to explain that there were a lot of trousers on the delivery that had to be removed from the rail, folded to fit the hanger then tagged. I told her that this takes longer to process the delivery than I would like. My manger told me that the regional manager expects me to complete a rail an hour at least and that I need to think about that when I am sorting out the delivery. My manager said she could do it. I work as hard as I can. I really love my job but it's not easy working with my manager as she always seems to be having a dig at me. Other staff members have mentioned it too. Can anyone help?
  20. Hi all, I am employed has a class 2 driver i being with the company since april 2011. I was pregaent in april when i notify my boss and the company did a risk assesment and we decided i couldnt carry on doing the driving job while pregent due to health and safety has i was at risk of falling from the wagon and also i couldnt lift the any loads of the vehicle. So we agree that i be train on the computer system and help out, then a lady from another branch was leaving and she did admin so i moved to that branch which was closer to me anyway and i do that job until i go on maternity leave then on my returned back to work of maternity i be doing my old job. Right not a problem so far apart from before i left the branch to work at the other branch i was told by the boss/manager that he can only keep my driving job open for 6months when my maternity starts. I just wonder if he can hold me like this has i love the driving job and i thought that my job would be save for me at least for the 12months if i decided to stay off that long, it is more and likely i go back at the end of 9months. I feel pressure in returning to work early then i want too. Can he do this?.
  21. This has made me:mad2: to say the least http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/how-can-the-atos-boss-get-a-bonus-of-1million-while-disabled-people-suffer-8374083.html
  22. Hi all, First post and would be very interested to hear your thoughts. To give you a bit of background, I started work at a company on the 24th September with one other girl. The office I work in had only one member of staff left after several resignations (all very amiable sounding) , and he was appointed manager of this 'new' office. 2 more members of staff started on the 15th October.We all work in media sales. When I interviewed for this role I was incredibly excited - I was interviewed by the commercial director, who is not based here, promised autonomy to do my job as I do best, a chance to earn lots of money and really shape how this new office works. The one thing that is ruining this for all of us is the chap who was appointed manager of this new office. He has had no management training and lacks the common sense / people skills to assume this position naturally. We are all very experienced in what we do (I'm actually more experienced than him!) but we are not treated as so. The autonomy we were promised is non existent, and he is on our backs 24/7, despite us only being here for 2 months and doing a pretty sterling job in that time. Everything that comes out of his mouth is negative, nothing we do is ever good enough and morale is incredibly low. He keeps things to himself, which I believe is to keep power. He wants us to be like robots, doing the job the same way he does it, and is completely unflexible and defensive when we try to counter anything. He particularly focuses his criticism on one member of the team who has tried to bring this up with him, only to be basically ignored and given the same barking instructions as before. He is trying to make 4 experienced people work to his rule, his attitude is 'I'm the manager and what I say goes' and frankly it stinks. He is making us all walk on eggshells and our working days are becoming rather unbearable. I have a meeting with my commercial director tomorrow afternoon (I have somehow ended up as spokesperson!), who I believe will be quite shocked at what is going on here. I would like to get my point across in the most constructive way possible, without coming across like I am whining or b*tching. This guy needs some management training asap, and some coaxing from above to try to work alongside his staff, rather than rule over them. I have no idea how to do this and am racking my brains as to how I can say this without landing myself in it. I wish I could go to my manager directly about this but anything that's been raised in the past has been met with defensiveness and veiled threats. Any thoughts / advice much appreciated!
  23. http://www.channel4.com/news/emma-harrison-im-a-useful-face-to-have-a-go-at Link says it all
  24. So times are hard at the moment, the company i work for has completely changed their management and the regime is very different. They are combating us like we are criminals. Many dismissals, disciplinarys, counselling, targeting, sackings, resignations ...ect My new boss is targeting me. Since his arrival of just over 1 year now he has on numerous occasions unfairly treated me badly, made up things and generally picked on me. I will give you a couple of examples. 1. Accused me of not leaving my home on time (even though i do and i have a vehicle tracker to prove i do). Then shouted at me saying if i want to argue with him he will get a dossier together and get me fired. 2. Forcing me to skip a break in the space of 8 hours and then forcing me to go to another job which travelling would be 3 hours and would mean i come home 2.5 hours after when i should be home at the finish of my shift. So i worked 10 hours without a break. 3. He has texted me saying 'YOUR HEADING FOR BIG TROUBLE' when i told the company i need to take my lunch before i travel 2 hours to a job (this was 7 hours in my shift and on a separate occasion to the above) This is just a few examples of MANY. and i know he has targeted 2 others on a couple of occasions but mainly focused targeting me. Should i go to HR with a grievance on him? or is it not worth the hassle? If i did go to HR what does a grievance mean? just a slap on the wrist? how would they know im telling the truth? I really just want to get on with my job, do my best within my contracted hours with no hassle!
  25. http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/property_news/news/millionairedebtcollectordigsdeepinsouthkensington.html
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