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Found 8 results

  1. My wife was employed as a shop assistant when the local village shop was taken over by a new owner. She started on the day he took over the business just over 2 years ago. Since that day she has worked consistently over 25 hours a week, with an average over the 2 years of 31 hours a week. She has never been given, or offered a contract, but is paid through the books with pay slips, holiday pay and pension etc. There is a flat attached to the shop, and for some months its been empty. The boss wants to let that flat out on a private rental, but there is a codicil attached by the people who actually own the shop that whoever lives there must work at the shop and it cannot be rented out to anyone other than an employee. My wifes boss has come up with the idea that he will rent the shop out, but to swerve the codicil he will be giving the new people some hours at the shop. He has said that he will therefore be reducing my wifes hours to 20 hours a week, which in all honesty would cause us severe financial problems. When he told my wife the plan he explained that because there is no contract, no hours are guaranteed and that she is actually therefore on a zero hours contract. This is HIS interpretation of it, and therefore he can reduce the hours as he sees fit. Surely he is incorrect, and that because she has consistently worked an average of 31 hours a week, this is an implied contract and any changes to her hours MUST be agreed by her before he can go ahead. As far as I am aware, it is his responsibility to ensure that if he wants staff to be on a zero hours contract, he must say that when he employs people, and must provide a contract of employment that states this. He cannot employ someone on full time hours, then decide later on that because there is no contract in place he wants it to be a zero hours contract. What are my wifes rights here, and what should she do to approach her employer about it.
  2. hi yesterday a car was driving like a nutter behind my wifes car with the young kids in it, she slowed down to let him pass and just as she done it he mounted the grass verge on the left and drove into the left front wing causing a dent, he shouted out of the window and drove off. my 16 year old daughter got the make and reg of the car which was a dark blue Vauxhall insignia, when we reported this to the police they said it must have had fake plates on as the car should have been a white Vauxhall insignia. this seems funny as the wife says it was blue and at 1pm in the afternoon I think she can see clearly. they said they cant do anything as its may be the wrong car? could he have changed the colour, it was a 12 plate car also. any help would be great thank you.
  3. Bailliffs called unitied untilities debt in my wifes name. Will they want to know all the income coming into the household . My wife is not working due to illness after losing job 2 years ago. you can probably see my past experiences in archives. I myself are on pension state pension have had to take on a partime job against doctorrs orders. another firm of bailiffs put an attachment of earnings on my wages for council tax debt. so only come out with £95. after aeo. because this is in my wifes name do they only want to know what she can afford to pay, or because it is a household debt i.e. for water. we got turned down for that water thing if unable to pay said we did not qualify. can any body tell me what to say. Thank you
  4. Basically I'm in a right mess. I lost my job in 2012 and we got into arrears on our mortgage. The mortgage company took us to court and got a suspended repossession order and we agreed to pay back our arrears over monthly instalments. My wife went back to work as I couldn't find a job and we managed to maintain the payments. In October my wife was signed off work for pregnancy problems and hasn't been able to go back to work. Thankfully we still managed to pay October and Novembers payment but missed Decembers. I however found a job which I started the beginning of this month and my wife's maternity leave kicked in so we will be getting an almost double payment this month and next month also. The arrears on the mortgage are £2056.42. I spoke to the mortgage company and advised I can pay over £1000 plus this months payment this month and the rest next month (this will mean falling behind in our other payments but we need a house and can catch up on the other payments once this is sorted). They have advised they will not accept this and have already gone to the court to enforce eviction. There is no equity in the house. My wife is due to have the baby at the end of next month, we also have 2 other small children. I'm at my wits end, I have no idea what to do. My wifes blood pressure is already a big issue in this pregnancy and she can't stop crying, neither of us are sleeping and everything just seems so hopeless. Please can somebody give me some advise on what to do next.
  5. to cut a long story very short, My wife took Maternity in Oct 2011 received all her holiday pay up to and incl Dec 2011, before she was due to return to work she fell pregnant again and in between the end of her first maternity and the start of the second, (about May 2012) she went on the sick until she could start her second period of maternity. She did not return to work in 2012 at all. In the december of 2012, my wife requested her accrued holiday pay, her boss refused stating she couldn't pay it whilst my wife was on maternity, however she would continue to accure holidays - we have this in writing, our second daughter ws born in January 2013 and the subject of holiday pay got lost in the chaos of settling two small babies into the family. In June 2013, my wife had a return to work meeting with her ex boss which basically resulted in her ex boss making it plain that she would do nothing to accomodate my wifes childcare requirements and so my wife was forced to seek alternative work (very lucky I know) My wife ensured that she gave her employer in excess of a full 30 days notice of her planned return to work date. She then gave 30 days notice of her intention to leave. My wife left her employment within the frist two weeks of July 2013. We sent a letter prior to her leave date requesting her P45 and Holiday pay be sent via the post, then followed it up after he leave date with a letter requiring she provide P45 and Holiday pay within 28 days (as per advice from tribunal service). just really sounding out for options available.
  6. Hi all, just a quick question I have a payment plan with a hceo for a ccj, i have missed 4 months payments and have recieved a letter asking them to contact them to recommence payment plan if i dont contact them then they will send baliffs round etc . I own a van (used solely for work and is parked away from my home address at the moment just in case ,) however we do have a family car, the log book is in my wifes name and has always been in her name but there is a finance agreement on it in my name. i just want to know if things go bad and the baliffs visit can they seize her car as i dont have a garage in which to hide it ! p
  7. Dear All, My Wife was previously married and acquired debts. Whilst I have no financial association with her I wondered what the cheapest and swiftest route was in order to stop the wolves from the door. I recently heard of at type of IVA/bankruptcy where you pay a small fee (or it might have been for free) so you can make yourself bankrupt? Am I barking up wrong tree. Just need to start the ball rolling so I/we know that in 6 years she starts afresh with acquiring new credit. I would really appreciate some insight. Thanks all.
  8. Hi folks im after a bit of help back in 2001 i met my new wife and she had already left her ex husband which they had a joint morgage together, when they split he was taking over the payments and the house in 2002 we found out that he had not been paying the morgage and the house had been taken back by the bank total of £12000 short fall, so i in my wisdom decided to pay the short fall via instalments as her father stood garantor on the morgage( he is disabled) i have to date paid a total of £7500 of of the short fall and her ex husband has not paid a penny, i have now refused to pay any more untill they chase her ex for the rest of the balance (which they have never done) they now state unless we continue with they payment they will chase my wife and her farther for the balance owed.... if i continue paing the full amount off can i personally claim half of what i have paid off of her ex and can they still claim off of the garantor for they balance as they have not contaced him for 10 years also my wife is unemployed so can they chase her or not cheers for your help in advance
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