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Found 19 results

  1. My new fridge freezer was due for delivery yesterday, but the delivery guy said that he noticed that it was broken as he was about to take it off the van. He said that he would order another one and that it would be delivered today. However, this morning I recieved a phone call from currys saying that this new Samsung freedge freezer is also damaged and that they will order another one, and that they will deliver this on Friday. I told them that the fridge freezer that I was supposed to get yesterday was broken, to which they said that this one is also broken. I have to
  2. I purchased a new 2 seater sofa and 2 chairs from SCS, the delivery turned up today and the delivery men were unable to get the furniture into the property. They were useless couldn't speak much English and give up. There is another attempt arranged to deliver tomorrow with a different crew, hopefully this crew will be more professional. What I would like to know is what would happen if the second crew also fails to get the furniture into the property? Could I request a refund? I have never had problems before with getting furniture in and out of the property and that i
  3. Car parts boss banned after failing to deliver customers’ orders READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/car-parts-boss-banned-after-failing-to-deliver-customers-orders
  4. At the beginning of February I went to Grand Canaria for a winter break . The problem was I forgot one of my prescription medications. My son immediately packed the missing medication ( a control for high blood pressure ) in a jiffy bag and went to local post office and asked for quickest method to get the package to me , telling the clerk exactly what was in the package . The Post Office counter clerk suggested Parcel Force Global Express for the sum of £47 ( for a small jiffy bag ! ) He duly filled in the dispatch form clearly marking it “medication “ The package was a
  5. I recently bought a second hand car. because of my busy life it became clear that I would struggle to take delivery. The salesman agreed to bring it to my house to complete the sale. He was late and I couldn't wait for him. Despite him knowing that I couldn't complete other than that one chance the dealers are trying to insist that I complete and wont refund my money. He was late because of a traffic jam which they say was unavoidable. The roadworks which caused it have been there for 2 years. What are my options?
  6. Dear Forum, I am a building services consulting engineer by profession and have also started up 2 small businesses, one of which is Nationwide Recovery Ltd. I unwittingly employed a person who had some serious past and pending convictions, he initially befriended me by selling me a vehicle. Unfortunately, I purchased a recovery vehicle to start the business amongst other vehicles to sell and trade with. I have a motor traders insurance policy.I am due to attend Magistrates Court on April 4th to claim ownership of 2 vehicles. The person concerned disowned his claim to 2 more vehicles
  7. An investigation has come to light into missing correspondence about patient care. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/feb/26/nhs-accused-of-covering-up-huge-data-loss-that-put-thousands-at-risk?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+main+NEW+H+categories&utm_term=215114&subid=7192694&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2 HB
  8. I ordered something for a birthday present last wed and was supposed to go to a near by Halfords as a pick up point but I'm still waiting and it's not arrived! DPD said it would be in HALFORDS after 12pm thursday 31 dec.... IT NEVER ARRIVED! Called DPD up and said what the hell is going on and they said it will be in halfords after 12pm 2day (MON) gut feeling it won't be in though! Anyone else had/having probs with them?
  9. Hi, I have searched the forums for a couple of hours trying to get my head around the next step to take in reference to my letter titled: "Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)". Copy of letter [ATTACH=CONFIG]59738[/ATTACH] The case is regarding a landlord who took close to 2,000GBP without a signed contract in place and refused to refund my money. I never received the room or anything in return. Question I have (Sorry if they seem obvious, I haven't been to court before and I have searched for a while trying to find the answers) 1) Is this ca
  10. It's a 'only wish it happened to me' moment, when Amazon (well marketplace trader) put the wrong price on an item in my favor. What is the position in insisting that I get the items I bought? I think much depends on 'the contract'. ie is it an offer and your acceptance -or- is it a contract? So far I have found in the "The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013" Under part 5 section 42 paragraph (3) states: Unless there is an agreed time or period, the contract is to be treated as including a term that the trader must delive
  11. Hello there, I have a serious issue regarding my parcel shipment from UK to Nepal. I had sent 2 ounces of gold along with other 21 pages of documents via Dhl to Nepal on 4th June 2014. I was not sure if they ship gold. I went to the DHL service point and asked if they deliver gold. The agent said that the value has to be less than £5000. Since my gold was worth £1850 I was happy to proceed. Gold along with my 21 pages of other documents were packed and shipped for £51.95 in 1kg box. Declaration on the parcel cover was clearly made 1) Documents 21 copies
  12. MISSING a parcel delivery while you are at home is annoying - but a postman has been caught posting a missed delivery card without attempting to deliver the package to the addressee who was inside the house at the time. In the time-stamped CCTV stills which will trouble anyone awaiting important Christmas deliveries, the Royal Mail postman can be seen rushing towards the house with only the Sorry We Missed You card in his hands. He is also not carrying the electronic pad to collect the signature and returns to his vehicle just seconds later before driving off.
  13. Out of the blue this week I've received calling cards from Walker Love asking me to contact them about a legal document to deliver/legal matter to discuss - they did not indicate which and I had no idea what this was concerning so obviously didn't contact them. I have never had any contact from them before, or any letters/demands for payment from them prior to this. I received cards Monday, yesterday and again today (I work 9-5). However today's card has a message on the back stating they wish to deliver legal papers in relation to a loan from a bank I've had nothing to do
  14. I have just had the postman knock at my door asking if i will take a packet in on behalf of my neighbour. Talking to him he has stated that it is now compulsory for him to knock on neighbours to try and get rid of the packet and if he returns to the office with packets then he has to explain why he was unable to leave them with a neighbour. Looking into this Royal Mail brought in this system and the decision was left with the postman as to if he will leave the item with a neighbour unless the household had opted out of such an arrangement. Now that Royal Mail have now made delivery t
  15. Hello, My phone was delivered to my address and signed for by the wrong person. I managed to get company to send me a new phone. It took more than 5 hours on the phone and research but they changed from "it is my (consumer) responsibility" to "we are very happy to deliver your phone tomorrow" in 1 second. The story is long, but worth a read if you are experiencing similar problems. Save yourself sometime, I wish I had more guidance and didn't have to find out by myself! I am not a lawyer and I am sure there are some things which the company could have argued back, but they chose no
  16. Tesco Fullborn Cambridgeshire. Order to be delivered to my son and family on 21 1 13. At 5.30 they phoned to find out where it was. They were told loaded and then unloaded, No delivery Money would be refunded in 3 to 5 days. If re-ordered delivery would be 2 days forward. It was explained that there should have been a phone call, they had insufficient funds to re-order and that 3 to 5 days was too late. 3 small children. No luck, then spoke to customer services who spoke to the store manager, a Mr Marco who would not give a reason for non delivery and would not help. Customer services were not
  17. An internet based company called Discountvouchers.co.uk advertise on the internet to purchase discount vouchers to be redeemed against goods also advertised on the same site. Purchasers have not received goods or goods have been sub-standard, damaged and being sourced from China. This firm has many subsidiary companies trading under ASAP Discounts Ltd, London. They have [problem]med many people who are now pursuing for money lost. Discountvouchers.co.uk apparently do not exist at the addresses registered, they are in debt according to public records in the sum of a quarter of a million p
  18. Placed order at tesco.com yesterday for 54 bottles of Coke (2lt bottles) they have it on deal 3 for £3 plus delivery it worked out 58.50 minus £10 voucher for first groceries shopping I had to pay £48.50. Booked slot between 12 pm - 1 pm for today. Waiting between those hours and no sing of the driver, so after 2 pm loggoed into account on tesco website and next to my order it says it was delivered. Contacted tesco by on-line form and just had the phone call from them saying that they canceled the order because of stock shortage and because items are too heavy to deliver. Why do they sell
  19. Good afternoon, I ordered some goods online. They promised to deliver on one day, they failed to turn up. I called to ask what happened and they rearranged it for the next day, again they didn't turn up. I finally got it on the third day but in total I had to take three days off work. I understand that the first day taken off work is at my expense but I had to take a further two due to their failure to deliver. Am I entitled to a consequential loss claim? I sent them a formal complaint and explained this to which their auto response said they would reply within 5 days.
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