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  1. Yes. The ccj is from sainsburys. I lost in court at the time as cabots solicitors only gave me their court pack 5 minutes before going in. Was innocent at the time in this process. I wrote to them with change of address a while ago but looks like they have only just amended my details. ( they wrote time at my new address but only applied it to another account) been paying the ccj for sainsburys since 2911 but never had a statement.
  2. Just a quick bit of advice. I wrote to cabot asking for a sar on the account I pay. Just got a letter back saying they do not have to send anything under this account number as this was subject to a legal case, but would send a statement out seperatly. They also included loads of other accounts numbers. Two I think are with Barclaycard, which I won in court, and the other is this co-OP loan they allege. They have also said they will not release any info unless I confirm my identity by phone or sending copies of passports ect. They say that the date they have to send is from when I
  3. Yes. I make a reference to one ccj I have been paying. As for this one, I need to write to them to request a statement of account. Probably subject access request to see all my payments. Am concerned about the one they are writing and threatening visits.
  4. Ok. I will send a staue barred letter. Was trying to keep things simple. What about their claim that I have made a payment? On the other account, which had a ccj on (over 8 years old and paying) surely under the consumer credit act, they are obliged to send an annual statement or every 6 months. I have been reluctant to write to them as this opens up a can of worms and they try all sorts of tactics.
  5. Just wanted some advice. I have had Cabot writing to me for the last couple of years chasing an old debt which they allege is a co-OP loan. I have ignored them, as well as the previous companies for 10 years. It will be statue barred. They recently changed tactics. They first wrote a letter saying thankyou for the recent payment, then letters saying why have you stopped paying. Then they have instructed resolvecall to visit my home. I have made no payment to them. I have an account with cabot for another debt which I have been paying
  6. True. However we work for a private company. They have been paid the funding and we feel they do not want to give up on some of the profits they have made over the years. We know many in the care industry and many are treated like dirt by their companies as they try to make as much money as possible. I am all for companies making profits but most of us are fed up with not beong paid what we have to put up with. Most of us do not work in care for the money. Its so we can make a difference.
  7. Hi. Just needed some advice. I currently work in the care industry. At our place we do sleep ins as our clients need 24 hour care. A letter was written complaining that in light of recent rulings regarding sleep in pay, the employer was underpaying us under the national minimum wage. This was discussed in our staff meeting with all the staff names typed on it. The area manager wanted to know who sent it. They were very dismissive of the letter. The area manager commented on the poor way it was written. They wrote directly to the individual concerned saying th
  8. Cheers all. Have read up on the restons replies. Will wait for the next moves but prepare in the meantime. Have a copy of the 7 day demand letter in my record which i have read is non compliant. Also never had the credit agreement from my credit card, only the application form for the overdraft/ credit card. Loan was seperate, taken in 2007. Both my cca request in 2009 and arrow recently means it is still outstanding. Will let you know when i hear anything else.
  9. Not yet. Been away working for a week. Will have a look tomorrow but any suggestions would be appreciated. Don't wanna mess this up as i have just got my life back together after 6 years of hell and getting married next year. My partner wants us to buy later this year and don't need this hanging over my head!
  10. Does that sound good. I found the letter very aggressive and intimidating. Do I need to acknowledge or write to the court? Any suggestions, please advice. In terms of evidence they are referring to, I have what is needed but that is to be supplied at the defence hearing, after the witness statement. (It appears they do not have this at the moment nor do I need to supply this yet) This also means that Arrow Global have not supplied my S77-79 request, nor did HSBC at the time in 2009, therefore it should be unenforceable. What if they have their stike out application approved. Wha
  11. Hi. Received this this morning from one of Restrons trainee solicitors. The points they raised are summarised however, have included the rest of the contents of the letterJust need advice on this: We note you have filed a defence to the court proceedings against you. By way of explanation, Arrow Global Limited is a debt purchaser. We would advise that this is a simple debt recovery action and the relevant facts are: 1) Refers to an overdraft facility. 2) Statements of account will have been sent to you on a monthly basis throughout the lifetime of the account including
  12. Thanks for the help. One last thing. Do I mention I made a request to Arrow Global regarding my credit agreements under s77-s79 which they returned with the £1?
  13. Thankyou. As i stated, their was a final demand for the entire lot. The loan, cc and overdraft. I cannot recall receiving default notices for the cc or loan. I had agreed to repay the loan and started sending payment. I have letters to back this up from me. However, they used the payments to offset the entire amount, not as what i agreed. I stopped paying. That was 4 years ago i think. On all the letters, i stated i did not acknowledge the account or cc. Only the loan. Now by vitue of them never acknowleding the loan for over 6 years, does that make that staue barred? In a
  14. Agreed overdraft at the time was about £500. Have checked my paperwork I have. I have letters sent to First Direct. I have some correspondence from first direct/ hsbc. I cannot recall ever receiving default notices for the cc, loan and bank account. I did receive a final demand letter with all three accounts saying I had seven days in which to pay in full. This was in May 2009. Original Credit agreement request was 9th June 2009. Only ever had copies of application forms for loan and original bank account/ credit card. See above first. Have added a couple of thin
  15. Have found some of my paperwork. Still need to find the rest. The account number is the same as the bank account number. I have only ever received a copy of the loan application, taken out later, and a copy of the bank account application which has a small section for the credit card application. I also received this yesterday: We thank you for your letter and acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974. We do not accept that we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statue. This account arose under an overdraft faciliy. Ev
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