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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I was hoping if someone could give me some advice in best way of tackling the damage to my property caused by my local council this morning. :-x:-x I came home this evening to see my rear gate in the garden which leads on to the access road at the back of the house broken, as well as brick wall knocked down. It appears this morning around 11am one of those caged type vehicles operated by the council was collecting rubbish along the road. From the CCTV footage I have (link below) the vehicle stops outside my back gate, as it drives away the gate at the back of the vehicl
  2. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296513-296513&p=3317951#post3317951 I am just considering this and contemplating taking court action against unregulated property manger who took a secret commission
  3. Hello, I got a PCN from CPS Midlands Ltd, I looked and they are not registered with the BPA (British Parking Association) and they also not registered with the IPC (International Parking Committee). I checked through their members today (17th of July 2018). I paid £2 initially for parking and got a machine error and the machine did not accept any more change. And it does not accept cards either. I then paid £5 and got my parking ticket which I displayed on my dashboard. There were two machines at their premises with the same tariff sign next to each. One of their machines were inacce
  4. Been helping someone who has got themselves into a bit of bother with a PBC [pawnbrokingcompany] over the renewal of a large logbook loan against a hypercar. Just wondered if anyone else has had an success in getting a LBL extended on the value of a vehicle that was clearly valued at 10+ times the amount of the advance, against the trade resale of said vehicle, without it being "re-valued" by a 3rd party on behalf of the PBC? The issue is the vehicle has gone up considerably in value, over the period of the original LBL and the PBC have called the full amount in, against the value of
  5. Hi. I hope someone will be able to help. My friend's husband (yes, really!) died last May and has left a complicated financial mire to unpick. The husband was in business with his sister (he made a payment to purchase a 1/2 share) but the partnership was not a formal one. I don't believe the partnership is being disputed. The husband bought a Lotus (dream car). He sold his wife's car, which realised £6000, which was used as a down payment and the sister agreed to stand as guarantor on the loan. The husband paid the monthly instalments. This is where it gets murky. The instalment
  6. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/shop-lets-you-save-hundreds-9195194 This looks interesting.
  7. Today I have had the misfortune to be made aware of yet another person who took internet advice after receiving a Notice of Enforcement and was led to believe that if he made payment direct to the Magistrate Court that he would be able to avoid bailiff fees. This person took the advice and paid the court direct and;.....as it always the case.....he received a letter from the court to advise him that his payment had been forwarded direct to Marston Group. He too has now found himself in a position where an enforcement agent has made a personal visit...and the debt increased by way of an
  8. Long time lurker here. I own a BMW 1 series - 2007 model. Hello All, I've got a question with regards to my car and its repairs. Basically, what happened earlier this week was I drove my car to the mechanics for him to run a full diagnostics and see whether there were any problems as the yellow light on the dashboard came on, immediately I drove it to the garage to solve the problem. The mechanic ran a full diagnostics on the car and said my chain is showing signs of wear and tear which will need to be replaced. He also mentioned that I would need an exhaust vanos solenoid
  9. On 4 March I made an order with Virgin for an offer that was on to tempt previous subscribers back. It was for the Big Kahuna Movies and Sports for ~£66 per month for 12 months. We received the order confirmation and everything was great until it was installed yesterday. Last night I noticed that the movies and sports channels were missing. We received a second e-mail stating the the price was £49 + line rental, but never thought any more of it as it came to ~£66 (I'm saying approx as my partner is currently asleep and I can't access her e-mail). My partner rang up Virgin as the accou
  10. Hi I am currently in a situation where I am not sure what to do or at least what my legal rights are. I have privately rented the current property for 3 years. There have been odd issues here and there with regards to the landlord wanting to increase rent even though the same properties on our street are renting for less already. I have 3 children, 2 of which have disabilities. I have recently had a heating/water issue, which caused quite a lot of distress to us. During a conversation, the landlord said he had no money. This has unsettled me somewhat. Whilst eve
  11. Hi, I am confused, stressed and depressed! I am 65 (65 last June). I have had a DLA award since 1995, HRM & MRC. I have had reviews over the time I have claimed, the last being in 2011 when it was again re-awarded indefinitely. As I was under 65 when PIP came in and will be over 65 by the time PIP goes nationwide, I am told that I will be in the first wave due to my age to be re-assessed for PIP. All of that is a fact. Given that it may well be next year when things start to happen I am trying to get my head round the claiming principle of PIP.
  12. I am wondering what happens if i report my ex-boyfriend's mobile phone stolen to the police? The phone and monthly direct debit for it is on my name on my bank account. He has a recent criminal past and therefore he said he cannot have his own bank account, ID, passport or any possessions. He obviously did not pay me the monthly fees, only gave me the first month's charge that was charged to me after using phone for 7 days. He lived with me altogether for 3 months and at this point he was still with me. 3 weeks after he got the phone we fell out with each other and he moved out, sa
  13. Hi My daughter signed up to a gym online, 2 months on and I am unable to use the gym due to a foot operation and therefore she is also unable to access same. as she is 16 can they still tie her into the 6mth contract as they are saying she cannot cancel at this time. mine has been cancelled as i have been a member for a longer period thanks in advance
  14. Hi Guys This is probably an unusual question. I'm part of a new health group and we are looking for a name for the group. Most members are in favour of "Natural Health & Education Institute" or something with "Institute" or "Foundation" in it. We want to register the organisation, buy the domain and protect the name. Are there any legal implications around using the word "Institute" or "Foundation"? If so, how can we research to find out what words/names cannot be legally used please? Thanking you in anticipation.
  15. hi guys, i was witness to a fight outside of work which involved a collegue. i told the police that i didnt see who hit who first(which is the truth) but i suspected that my collegue was hit first because his teeth had been knocked out. now when my boss asked me to give her a statement i wrote that i saw the other man hit my colleague first. its now going to crown court as my collegue is acused of stamping on the other man. can my boss sack me for giving her false account of what happened.
  16. Breaking news Supreme Court ruling on challenge to its "back to work" schemes government lost appeal 4 of 5 points ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24742499 http://news.sky.com/story/1161527/court-back-to-work-schemes-legally-flawed
  17. I was told they were being challenged but i've heard nothing about it? I keep reading about frankly scandalous and shocking cases affecting people a lot worse than me and it seems like it's only going to get worse. I watch some news and political programmes and i never see it being a addressed at alll; why not? It's just sheer lunacy what's going on and i've thought about trying to return to work to avoid the uncertainty and difficulty of all these reforms. How they can get away with it? It's bad enough dealing with a health condition without the added pressure of some seemingly na
  18. I recently tried purchasing a £1,600 laptop through Dell (28/12/12), however it wouldn't go through as my bank wouldn't release the funds for this transaction. Dell didn't receive any money, so the whole order was cancelled on Dell's behalf (it said "Cancelled" on their website, so the proof is there), and it was left at that. Knowing that the order was now cancelled and my bank wouldn't release the money to them, I had another think about it and decided I wouldn't attempt to make another order as there were a lot of sales going on after Christmas and thought my money could be better spen
  19. I have just checked my documents from LBL company Automoney and my Documents :- Pre-contract credit information Fixed Sum Loan Agreement regulated By Consumer Credit Act 1974 Bill of Sale Have all been only signed by Myself and the Automoney employee and not Independently witnessed. Can anyone please tell me how i stand ? Also are these documents invalid or incorrect? Can my vehicle be repossessed because of these documents? Does my LBL now become an Unsecured Loan? Thanks again in anticipation
  20. Hi, I hope someone can help me with this slightly complicated matter: Please bear with me as I give you some background information first: I live in the Republic of Ireland, and my son is a successful athlete. Last year he received private sponsorship and part of this was to provide funding for a personal training programme with a UK based sport-specific trainer. This was to cost £120 per month. In the meantime, my son's sponsor has become unable to provide further support, and my son is unable to fulfill the payments to the trainer. I contacted the trainer in question, explained the
  21. a few months ago i was desperate and stupidly took out a log book loan. the loan was for 2000 pound and i have to repay 5000 pound i know i was stupid but i was really desperate. the thing is the car and the logbook are both in my wifes name although my wife knew about the loan when the agent called to fill in the loan documents my wife had been called away to save him having to return the agent forged my wifes signiture on the loan documents . does anybody know if this loan is legally binding i know its a strange case but it did really happen the agents signiture looked nothing like my wifes
  22. Hello everyone, I really hope that I can have an answer to this problem and that it may help others as well. Recently, after much struggling with a sense of guilt! I decided to go ahead and use the services of a claims company to try to reclaim some of the PPI I believed I had been mis-sold. Within a few days of contacting the company i received a call and made a few claims through the company. I believed it to be a no win no fee so was quite happy to pay the charges should they be successful and should I receive any payout on a successful claim. Today I received a b
  23. I don't know if I am posting this in right place. My self and my husband got behind with council tax. The council have just put a attachment of earnings on my husbands wages. When my Husband got his wage slip there was no mention of the attachment of earnings on it. There was just a separate hand written piece of paper stating how much they had deducted from his wages to pay the council. Is this right can they just hand write it and not put on wage slip. It is causing us alot of problems. You see my husband gets paid by cheque. He is given cheque on a Sunday, but works Monday and Tuesday with
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