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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I am hoping someone can offer me some advice please as i am a little confused by all this. I took out a secured loan in 2006 with Welcome Finance and thereafter got into financial difficulty with the loan going into arrears. A company called Experito Credite then got in touch to set up a payment plan, which I did paying them £50 a month. After this, the loan was then transferred over to Lowells who i continued with the same payment of £50 a month. However, on looking at my recent Lowells statement, it claims a company called Sigma Financial Group are the original creditors. I have never heard of this company and i cant find any link on the net between them and Welcome Finance. I obtained a copy of my deeds and Welcome Finance are listed as having a charge but there is no mention of any of these other companies. I am looking to sell the property and possibly get a reduced settlement. Having spoken to CAB, they advised me to do a SAR in the first instance, to check for PPI or charges. Only now i'm unsure who the SAR should go to, Welcome, Lowells or SIGMA? I haven't dealt with Welcome in over 7 years now so would they even have this information? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi. I hope someone will be able to help. My friend's husband (yes, really!) died last May and has left a complicated financial mire to unpick. The husband was in business with his sister (he made a payment to purchase a 1/2 share) but the partnership was not a formal one. I don't believe the partnership is being disputed. The husband bought a Lotus (dream car). He sold his wife's car, which realised £6000, which was used as a down payment and the sister agreed to stand as guarantor on the loan. The husband paid the monthly instalments. This is where it gets murky. The instalments were paid from the joint business account. I understand that the husband then drew salary minus that payment. The sister now asserts that she is the legal owner of the vehicle (although she is not the registered keeper) as she is obviously now liable for the debt (is that assumption correct?). My friend believes that as the car belonged to her husband, it is part of his estate and should pass to her, although she accepts that the loan (plus any interest) must be repaid from funds raised by selling the vehicle. The car is worth c£37k. I don't know how much of the loan is outstanding. My questions are basically, then, does the sister own the car because she is liable for the loan? If the sister IS the owner, she did not make the down-payment or pay the instalments, so does this money have to be factored in somewhere? This is one of many financial issues that my friend is trying to deal with, but I'm trying to help by dealing with each in turn. She does have a solicitor who is dealing with probate, but they're not dealing with this issue in isolation and are being unbelievably slow. Any advice will be very gratefully received. Thank you
  3. Good morning all, Thanks for your recent help with my Lowell/Carter/Frederickson/Coop issue. I'm still waiting on the outcome. While dealing with the above, I requested a copy of my CRA file from Noddle and discovered that I have a default account with APS Ltd for £178.00. Date of default is 31/08/2012. Now APS did a prepaid credit card which i applied for ages ago and used for travel within Europe. Basically load required funds and use it instead of my main bank card. I suspect the charges are either a delayed transaction, or charges/interest of some sort. My questions; - Judging from my recent experience, how do I find out who currently owns the debt? Is there a template letter I should use and what am I asking for? Current owner? Total amount? Statements? CCA? - I haven't heard from APS at all! I wouldn't have known if I didn't check my file. What can I do about this? - I am volunteering to resolve the issue. In your opinion, can I negotiate a lower settlement figure or am I better off paying the whole thing? Would paying a lower figure affect how the settlement is recorded with the CRA? Apologies for the lengthy post.
  4. Hi All, A while since I have needed your help, here I am again! My wife purchased a car from Carcraft on finance 2 weeks ago, practically the day before they went into administration. The finance was approved via GMAC (Conditional Sale Agreement) and we drove the car away that evening having paid £100 deposit. Carcraft filled in the V5 listing my partner as the owner and told us they would send this off. Obviously we now know Carcraft have gone bust and have appointed Grant Thornton as administrators. Our assumption was the finance agreement would stand and that we would make our payments to GMAC. Today we had a phone call from a gentleman kindly telling us that GMAC didn`t pay Carcraft for the vehicle and that Carcraft also did not send back the V5 listing my partner as the new owner. We still have the other parts of the V5 listing my partner as the new owner. The gentleman told us he would be in contact in due course to collect the vehicle from us! Who owns the car? We have the V5 listing us as the new owner, Carcraft no longer exist, the finance company never entered into the contract with Carcraft, my own guess would be the administrators, Grant Thornton? Any advice would be hugely appreciated, my own feeling is to keep schtumm and wait for Grant Thornton to come after us which may be months off, hopefully we will be the bottom of a long list of creditors. Ta Dee.
  5. I have a judgement against a debtor who owes me £35,000. I hope to place charges then force a sale of property he owns to get my money back. I know he owns quite a few properties he rents out. Is it possible to find out the addresses of his properties via the Land Registry? Thanks.
  6. it's a bit of a long story but the basic facts of my case are: i) I have outstanding unpaid parking tickets issued by my local council ii) at least one of those tickets has gone to northampton county court who have issued a seizure warrant for the car. iii) baliffs came to seize the vehicle but failed to identify themselves to me as such. iv) a situation arose thereafter that has resulted in the police seizing my car under PACE (basically the car is now part of a criminal investigation) v) the police have told me that they intend to release the car into the posession of the baliffs when they have finished with it as they view it as the property of n'hampton county court and their appointed agents (the baliffs) I need some serious help here guys. What if anything can i do?
  7. If a passenger I picked up (I'm a taxi driver) is to be believed... She told me her car was lawfully seized from private property and crushed (reasons not given) yet she consequently took on the DVLA and won damages, with her defence being based solely around vehicle ownership and the Magna Carta. Is it correct that the DVLA don't just own registration numbers but that they also own all registered vehicles (as they do registration numbers) ? ....afterall it would kind of explain why I'm refered to as the 'registered keeper' rather than 'registered owner'... And if correct, what steps can I take to ensure I 'own' my car / protect my investment ? .....or is she leading me up the garden path ????
  8. was over 6 years 50 arrears charges 15 pounds no dd and taken to court by them was up two thousands pounds in arrears also i left them last year as the rate was 10.4 % i am sure these were added to the mortgage help thanks paul.
  9. Clydesdale bank is owned by National Australia Bank (NAB). In turn NAB have shareholders who are: EDIT Name of Shareholder Number of shares % 1 HSBC Custody Nominees 359,630,439 16.86 2 J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 260,185,567 12.20 3 National Nominees Limited 244,446,877 11.46 4 Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 97,543,050 4.57 5 Cogent Nominees Pty Limited 41,084,898 1.93 6 National Australia Trustees, SSAP & SSOP Control A/Cs 26,107,907 1.22 7 J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited, Cash Income A/C 21,042,955 0.99 8 AMP Group 19,841,838 0.93 9 RBC Dexia Investor Services Australia Nominees Pty Limited, PIPOOLED A/C 14,053,969 0.66 10 Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited, CFS WSLE Geared SHR Fund A/C 13,358,640 0.63
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