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  1. Thanks guys for your replies. I did apply for an Aqua card several years ago to improve my credit score and continue to use it. I'm a landlord with a number of BTL mortgages and a couple of other credit cards and a loan but no defaults so I'll apply and see what happens. I don't know how the credit scoring system works but remember hearing someone say that we should wait several months after being declined so I assumed that applying for credit again too soon would have a negative impact.
  2. Hi Guys In November, I applied for a post office credit card and was declined despite having near perfect scores with Experian and Equifax. I used an eligibility checker first and it showed that I had a 95% chance of being approved so I felt confident to apply. However, while filling out the application form I did notice that there were no fields to enter information as a self-employed person but I proceeded anyway by entering info about my self-employed status so it may be that they only approve those that are employed. I received a letter from them confirming the decline but they didn't give a reason. It said that they used Experian. For several years I have had an Aqua card and they have increased my credit limit quite substantially. Over the last 6 months they have sent me a letter every month encouraging me to apply for a loan for up to £5,000 using the loan code they sent. I want to apply for a loan because the rate is 3X lower than their credit card rate. However, I'm concerned about my credit score being negatively affected again I wonder if someone could tell me how much time I should allow before applying for credit/loan again. Your advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Guys I've been using Airbnb during my travels for the last 8 years. I recently stayed with a family in Scotland and on arrival was introduced to the family dog (a golden retriever). The listing stated that it's a friendly dog and I know that this breed has a good reputation for being a great family pet. When I arrived at the house I received a warm welcome from the host, her husband and their children. I was then introduced to the dog and was encouraged to stroke her so that she would be familiar with me. Later that evening the host, her son and the dog came into my room and we were chatting and again I was stroking the dog and there was no problem. However, on the 2nd evening when I saw the dog lying outside the kitchen door which is opposite my room, I approached her and was stroking her on the head for about 30 seconds when I saw her lips curl up as she started growling. Obviously, I knew that wasn't a good sign so I quickly jumped back but she still managed to bite me on my right hand but because I jumped back she didn't break my skin. I know this is unusual behaviour for this breed but what the host told me on arrival was that the dog is terminally ill with cancer and she pointed to the dog's stomach to show me that she has a massive tumour. The following night when I had to go to the bathroom in the midddle of the night, the dog started growling as I was coming down the stairs to go back into my room (the dog sleeps outside the kitchen and I had to go upstairs to the 1st floor to use the bathroom). I believe that the illness is the cause of the dog becoming temperamental but the host is blaming me for approaching the dog. when I reported the incident to airbnb they suggested that I request a refund from the host. However, when I made the request the host said they disagree and put the blame on me. I had stayed 4 nights that cost just over £200. I would appreciate some advice on where I stand with this. I'm not trying to gain a large sum of money out of this as I wasn't injured but it was a frightening experience and I was very wary of the dog after that. I personally don't think a refund is an unreasonable request but as they're blaming me for approaching the dog that they introduced me to I am now considering the next step. I would appreciate any legal guidelines on this matter. If anyone has any factual information then that would be really helpful.
  4. Thanks for the additional replies. My door will stay firmly shut in their face!
  5. Thank you to you all for your replies. It's unlikely that I'll have any interaction with an agent because I don't usually open my door to unexpected callers. Initially, I did think about contacting them to let them know why I don't need one but the more I read their threatening letter the more it annoyed me. Also, if I did contact them then that would probably open a can of worms as they'd have my name and would probably keep writing to check if anything has changed.
  6. Hi Guys 4 months ago I moved into my new home that already had a dish and aerial attached. I haven't had a TV for years so got out of the habit of watching TV (and I don't miss it!). I do have a laptop, ipad and mobile phone (laptop is used for business and ipad used to watch youtube sometimes and play music). I have received several letters from TV licensing and an officer visited last week but I wasn't in. The following day I received a letter (addressed to dear sir/madam) saying that an officer visited and that they will be proceeding to the final stages of their investigation. One of the options states "we can apply to court for a search warrant to gain access to your property". I ignored the previous letters as they weren't addressed to me and wasn't aware that I needed to respond. This last letter has made me quite angry so I want to know if they really have the power to obtain a search warrant to look for a TV? If this is true then I'm absolutely astounded that they have such powers for something so minor. This seems very draconian to me! Please move this post if I've posted it in the wrong place as I wasn't sure.
  7. Hi Guys, I want to apply for a 0% credit card to do a balance transfer but a couple of days ago I viewed a property that I want to buy with a buy to let mortgage. I already own several BTL properties but my concern is about applying for both within the same timeframe. I was wondering how long it takes for credit applications to appear on our credit file? I would like to apply for both this coming week.
  8. Update: the company has paid my claim in full so I didn't need to enforce it after all
  9. Hi Andy Thank you for the link. That's helpful. Best regards. Zinnia
  10. Hi Guys I've been granted a default judgment against a large well known house builder company for just under £5k. They initially filed an acknowledgement of service to defend the claim but failed to respond after I sent the particulars of claim. I took the next step to request payment immediately but would like some advice about the best way to enforce this judgment if they fail to make the payment. Can they still apply to have judgment set aside at this stage? If so, what happens next? Your help would be appreciated as I'm unfamiliar with these matters.
  11. Thanks Gany. Yes, I posted the POC on the 16th so I have put this date alongside the first question and I have put the 18th alongside the second question. I sent it by recorded delivery. Andy, yes I did MCOL.
  12. Hi Guys I would appreciate hearing from anyone that is familiar with the Certificate of Service form (N215) as I need to submit one within the next couple of days. At the top left hand corner there are two questions (a) On what day did you serve? (b) The date of service is The claim was served on the Defendant on 3 February and I posted the Particulars of Claim to them on 17 February so which date do I insert for the first question and which date for the second? It is not clear to me. Zinnia
  13. Hi Guys I live in private rented accommodation (since 2011) but I own 5 properties and would like to raise a small amount of finance against one of my properties (£5k - £10k) that has equity of around £100k. I am a self employed landlord and would appreciate any recommendations for a hassle-free way to raise a small loan. I'm fine with the lender taking out a first charge and I want to be able to repay early without any penalties. I don't want to have to submit accounts for such a small loan because I would be an idiot to risk losing a 2b flat in London that I've owned since 2008 hence why I'm looking for a "hassle-free" way to raise the loan as quickly as possible. My credit score is average and I'm happy to send the potential lender copies of these. Can anyone recommend a legitimate private lender or know of a good company I could contact?
  14. Hi Everyone! I just thought I'd update you all on the outcome of this case. I put in a claim in May and they have now made a goodwill offer of £500 which I have accepted. Clearly, they took this matter very seriously.
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