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  1. Thank you! I'll check those out to see if they have apps I can use on my phone.
  2. Hi Guys I am currently looking for a car to buy and am looking on FB and Gumtree and I might also go to a couple of car auctions. What is the reliable and popular source for finding out the value of a car? I've just seen a nice Ford car and the price seems reasonable but I have no idea whether it is overpriced, underpriced or current value. Your advice would be appreciated.
  3. There isn't a pilot flame on the boiler but it has a flourescent blue light showing a number. Only the central heating uses gas. Thanks.
  4. Thank you everyone for your input! I hadn't considered that the boiler may still be using gas even when not being used. The Ideal boiler was installed about 5-6 years ago. I have never looked at my usage data so maybe I should.
  5. Hi Guys I moved into my new home 2 years ago and it already had a smart meter. I switched to Utilita (gas & electric) because there is no daily standing charge. However, when I spoke to them in October the agent said that I had used gas during the summer months. The central heating is the only thing that uses gas and I had no reason to turn it on during the summer as I use fan heaters instead if it get a bit chilly. I accept that my monthly direct debit needs to be increased (currently £50 for both - one occupant) but I wonder if there is a
  6. Thanks guys for your replies. I did apply for an Aqua card several years ago to improve my credit score and continue to use it. I'm a landlord with a number of BTL mortgages and a couple of other credit cards and a loan but no defaults so I'll apply and see what happens. I don't know how the credit scoring system works but remember hearing someone say that we should wait several months after being declined so I assumed that applying for credit again too soon would have a negative impact.
  7. Hi Guys In November, I applied for a post office credit card and was declined despite having near perfect scores with Experian and Equifax. I used an eligibility checker first and it showed that I had a 95% chance of being approved so I felt confident to apply. However, while filling out the application form I did notice that there were no fields to enter information as a self-employed person but I proceeded anyway by entering info about my self-employed status so it may be that they only approve those that are employed. I received a letter from them confirming the declin
  8. Hi Guys I've been using Airbnb during my travels for the last 8 years. I recently stayed with a family in Scotland and on arrival was introduced to the family dog (a golden retriever). The listing stated that it's a friendly dog and I know that this breed has a good reputation for being a great family pet. When I arrived at the house I received a warm welcome from the host, her husband and their children. I was then introduced to the dog and was encouraged to stroke her so that she would be familiar with me. Later that evening the host, her son and the dog came into my
  9. Thanks for the additional replies. My door will stay firmly shut in their face!
  10. Thank you to you all for your replies. It's unlikely that I'll have any interaction with an agent because I don't usually open my door to unexpected callers. Initially, I did think about contacting them to let them know why I don't need one but the more I read their threatening letter the more it annoyed me. Also, if I did contact them then that would probably open a can of worms as they'd have my name and would probably keep writing to check if anything has changed.
  11. Hi Guys 4 months ago I moved into my new home that already had a dish and aerial attached. I haven't had a TV for years so got out of the habit of watching TV (and I don't miss it!). I do have a laptop, ipad and mobile phone (laptop is used for business and ipad used to watch youtube sometimes and play music). I have received several letters from TV licensing and an officer visited last week but I wasn't in. The following day I received a letter (addressed to dear sir/madam) saying that an officer visited and that they will be proceeding to the final stages of their inve
  12. Hi Guys, I want to apply for a 0% credit card to do a balance transfer but a couple of days ago I viewed a property that I want to buy with a buy to let mortgage. I already own several BTL properties but my concern is about applying for both within the same timeframe. I was wondering how long it takes for credit applications to appear on our credit file? I would like to apply for both this coming week.
  13. Update: the company has paid my claim in full so I didn't need to enforce it after all
  14. Hi Andy Thank you for the link. That's helpful. Best regards. Zinnia
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