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  1. Thanks Bankfodder, So i've drafted a letter of claim, is this ok to send as it is or should I tweak something? ========================================= Dear Sir/Madam, Further to my recent complaint dated the 7th December 2020 (copy attached) I still have not received a satisfactory outcome in relation to my missing parcel even through someone from your escalations department assured me that someone will be in touch to take further details which unfortunately did not materialise. The contents of my parcel were valued at £638.09 plus th
  2. It's been 10 days now since I submitted a formal complaint to DPD my complaint hasn't been resolved.. Since making the complaint I had one telephone call from them and 3 emails. The last email I received from them was last week confirming hey couldn't find the parcel and someone from the claims team will make contact to take details, I don't have any faith in them phoning me I was thinking of sending a letter of claim which will give them and 14 additional days to reimburse me or commence proceedings or shall I wait until after Christmas.
  3. **Update** I fired of a formal complaint letter yesterday via email and copied in the CEO, since then I've had three email and a telephone call from them requesting further information. Hopefully they are now taking my complaint seriously.
  4. This is a very complicated case and i'm sorry I can't add anything useful towards your case , but the best people on this forum are here to help you get it sorted. I have a gut feeling that someone might of got your details from 192.com, You can actually pay a one off fee and in return get a list of all the people living at a specific address with full names and ages. As long as you know someone dob, & address that all you need to get away .
  5. ` thanks for your response, I'll do just that raise a written complaint and wait a couple weeks before sending of a letter of claim. I'll update this thread after a couple weeks or if they reply sooner.
  6. Great post OP and fantastic advice by Bankfodder throughout the entire process. Glad to hear you got some of your money back. I'm in a similar situation but with DPD where my parcel has gone awol and DPD not taking any responsibility. I'll be 100% referring back to this thread in future.
  7. After reading through some posts on a similar cases, I've come across the above and have amended the above letter to suit my case. Would it be ok to send this letter by email and post? I'd also like to add that before taking the parcel to my local dpd drop off shop, I took pictures of both the goods and packaging. What I found bizarre when preparing the item for postage is that I didn't have to print of any labels or anything to stick on the parcel but just simply take it to the shop, the shop keeper then scanned a QR Code on my phone, gave me a receipt and stuck a s
  8. Hi Bankfodder, Many thanks for the reply, greatly appreciated. I've made a formal complaint over the phone and was given a case number which I have tried countless time trying to follow it up without success. In regards to insurance I took out an additional £500 cover on top of the standard £50 they offer in case of loss or damage, so total cover is £550. The Item I was retuning was a Grohe shower set which I bought online for £630 but decided to return it. i'm aware there is a shortfall of circa £84 but that's my fault as I didn't was to
  9. Hi, I hope someone can provide some advice in regards to a parcel I posted which seems to be lost. Last month I posted a parcel through the DPD app and dropped of the parcel at my local dpd drop off shop as advised. Since I've dropped of the parcel on the 18th November I haven't been able to track it on my phone and nor do dpd customer services know where it is. I've also tried contacting DPD via multiple phone calls and most recently by Resolver and the response I get from them is to contact the app shipping department and when I do they refer
  10. Hi, The balance for my Holiday is due on the 15th of May for August travel to the states. Given the current situation I'd prefer not to go anywhere. My holiday was booked through Virgin Holidays as a package deal in February, well before I knew anything about covid-19. If I currently cancel I will forfeit my deposit of £700 unless I move the booking to next year subject to paying any price increases (same holiday next year is £2k extra). Having read through the booking conditions on VH website it clearly states I will loose the deposit if I cancel. Although this is VH own booking condition,
  11. Hi. Thanks for all your replies very much appreciated. Very busy day I had sorting out this mess and finally I think I got it sorted. this morning I was on to the council first thing, spoke to lovely lady from the council insurance team and she advised me I could either take up the issue with the council or go directly through my home insurance but the first option taking longer then the second option. As I need the back fixed pronto, I decided to get it fixed through my insurers who will then try recover the claim through the council including the excess and any expense
  12. Hi, I was hoping if someone could give me some advice in best way of tackling the damage to my property caused by my local council this morning. :-x:-x I came home this evening to see my rear gate in the garden which leads on to the access road at the back of the house broken, as well as brick wall knocked down. It appears this morning around 11am one of those caged type vehicles operated by the council was collecting rubbish along the road. From the CCTV footage I have (link below) the vehicle stops outside my back gate, as it drives away the gate at the back of the vehicl
  13. Hi, My sony Bravia TV has developed a fault after two years, where by the screen is green when I turn it on. As it is outside the Warranty period I asked currys to fix, replace or contribute to a new tv under the SOGA. They said unless I can get a independent report demonstrating that the TV had a manufacturing fault they can't help me. I paid £575 for this TV and two last only two years is a joke. Where can I get an independent report carried out? thanks for your help.
  14. I heard you all will be getting £20 extra for JSA as it's christmas
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