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  1. Thank you it will be interesting to see if they do email me with further information! It was an online chat facility I was using and they had details of my previous post code (moved house twice since the date of the 'debt') but I guess these could have come from anywhere! the site was paycrs.co.uk
  2. Hi I dont know if i am posting this in the right forum. I received a text from CRS to say i had an outstanding debt. I went online and spoke to an advisor about what this was and was told it was 1st quote insurance and that it was a balance of £93.75 relating to a policy ending in April 2010. I have no recollection of this and so the lady checked it out and then said the account was actually aquaforce. I asked who they were and she said they supply bathrooms, the house i lived in at the time belonged to a housing association and i never had bathroom repairs, i informed her of same and so s
  3. Thank you I will do I owe for the final month of my membership which I accepted and asked them to invoice me which they haven't as of yet, the payment was due 1st May. (I couldn't get into the gym to pay as I am on crutches at the mo following a foot op and so am unable to drive!!). I presume they will send some sort of letter before long!
  4. Thank you It wouldn't surprise me if they don't contact me and I end up with a debt collecting letter of some sorts, they haven't been very good at communication so far!
  5. Hi I've not heard anything back yet from DW in relation to my email The application was done online in my daughters name but the direct debit was in my name, I didn't physically sign anything but I presume completing in online is a substitute for this. Am I still liable for any payment if the direct debit is in my name? Thanks for your help-
  6. Thank you the company is dw sports fitness. The direct debit has always gone out of my bank but other than that it's all in her name and she didn't have to claim she was older or anything like that to open the account
  7. Thank you, I've emailed them to inform them that the contract is not legally enforceable and to cancel the membership with immediate effect so shall await their response and then if necessary contact their complaints dept (although from past experience these do not offer a very good service either!)
  8. Hi I emailed the gym to point this out and received this response: 'I understand [name] is 16 but when she signed into the contract she accepted the terms & conditions which do include signing into a six month contract.' In order for the contract to be cancelled they are saying that a bulk payment of £119.80 can be made (29.95 per month) for the 4 mths outstanding. As my daughter is in full time education she can't afford this and should never have signed up initially!!!!!!
  9. Hi My daughter signed up to a gym online, 2 months on and I am unable to use the gym due to a foot operation and therefore she is also unable to access same. as she is 16 can they still tie her into the 6mth contract as they are saying she cannot cancel at this time. mine has been cancelled as i have been a member for a longer period thanks in advance
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