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  1. Please can anyone advise log book loans got a charging order on my house - i wrote to the company thats dealing with things they responded saying another rcompany had bought their debt and i could make an offer to them to clear , I havent contacted them yet as i didnt want to say anything I shouldnt to them - Im so confused by everything , does anyone have any advice please ? Thanks very much
  2. Hiya I took out a couple of log book loans via Cash Converters between 2010 and 2013. The first was paid in full, the second I have no idea what the status is. I was in financial difficulty at the times of taking out the loan, due to several reason, one being a gambling addiction and an endless cycle of payday loans. When I took out the second loan against my car, the man who agreed it even commented on how much money i was gambling and said that he really shouldn't approve the loan but that he would for me. The car was repossessed by them and my sister lent me the money to get it back which was around £800, they then said I still owed them another £800 or so. I'm not sure whether I paid anything towards that, but I moved house, and they were aware of my address change. A few months after I moved up here my car was clamped as I let my tax run out and the car was taken by the DSA and I never got it back. Log book loans had the V5 and I have no idea what happened with the car after that, whether they took it or it got crushed. I haven't heard anything from them since 2013. I have since had help for my gambling addiction and have been getting my finances back on track and have seen online that it is possible to make clams back against some of these lenders for unaffordable borrowing. I know it's not their fault I had an addiction but there were no real checks in place when they were lending me money and I think that had they checked properly I wouldn't have been allowed a good 3/4 of the loans I got. I just wondered whether I could arguably make a claim against log books loans given that they may consider I still owe them money? Realistically they should not have given me the second loan at all, at the time I just needed the money so the fact that he said he give it to me even though he shouldn't was a bonus. I know that him saying that would come to he said she said but he had copies of my bank statements and they must have been file with his office so they could verify it as unaffordable from that surely? Any advice appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi hoping someone can help I stupidly took out a log book loan with varooma, I missed a couple of payments due to being off work with family issues and had the dreaded letter regards defaulting on the loan. I knew I had money coming in the next week so was planning on just getting the account up to date at that point. I then received a letter 7 days later telling me if I didn't pay in 3 days my car would be towed. This letter was dated the 11th and was sent 2nd class post so I received it on the 14th. No sooner had I opened the letter that a recovery agent was at the door saying my car is going. IF the letter had been sent recorded delivery I would have received it on time and paid the amount owing. I had to pay £735 which I was told was full payment to stop the car being taken. I assumed this was the full balance of the loan ?? I have now had a reminder that I have 4 payments left and the next instalment will be coming out this month. Is this right after just paying £735. I realise the recovery agent fees are high but he didn't take my car, just turned up and I paid. Also is it legal to give a paltry 3 days to pay and then send the letter 2nd class so it has no chance of getting to me in time ? I am trying to recoup some money and stop the further 4 payments being taken out of £100. The original loan was £500 and I have so far paid around £1550 with all the charges added on
  4. I had the cabin components delivered on 8th January Due to issues with the base we did not start building the cabin 25th January We have now encountered a few issues with the build, and the company will only respond via e-mail and not over the phone which is dragging out the resolution of our queries At the moment the doors will not align correctly and are out of alignment by 8mm. We have now been told to put the glass into the doors as they will hang differently, but we cannot see that this will resolve the situation Now, we have found another problem in that all four panels of glass are scratched. The company have asked for pictures but this is not easy to get as the scratches are hard to see even with black card behind them. The company have advised that I signed for the goods at time of delivery as being in good condition, but there was no way you could check each item as there were hundreds of bits of wood as well as glass and plastic items. I would like to ask for some advice on what to do next? I paid by credit card so should I raise Section 75 for faulty goods if they won't replace the doors or glass
  5. Hi, I bought a voltage converter from Amazon to use for an American TV. While using it the converter started buzzing really loudly, suddenly overheated, and killed my flatscreen Samsung TV. Since I bought the product there are some very bad reviews on the product that include a person whose item exploded as a result of the item being faulty, so its not just me. I've been trying to get in touch with Amazon complaints department as I wanted to log a formal complaint about the converter and the TV, and I did this over a chat with Amazon's complaints department (- apparently). Amazon wouldn't allow me to log a complaint or do anything. Here's a snippet of how the conversation with Amazon Complaints team went: 11:45 PM GMT M: Based on our conversation, I understand I am not allowed to make a formal complaint. I am not allowed to get a link to your compensation policy. And I am not allowed to get compensation for the items damaged in my property by your dangerous faulty product. Based on this conversation I understand amazon takes no responsibility for items that are dangerous to people and private property. And I am also not allowed to contact the Amazon’s legal department. Is that right? 11:48 PM GMT Parthasarathy: I will forward this issue to our internal team and will make sure that you will not face this problem again. 11:50 PM GMT Me: Yes, you can forward this to the internal team. In the mean time I would like Amazon to register a formal complaint on the following grounds: 11:52 PM GMT Me: 1) I am being blocked from logging a formal complaint. 2) I am not allowed to get a link to your compensation policy. 3) I am not allowed to get compensation for the items damaged in my property by your dangerous faulty product. 4) Amazon takes no responsibility for items that are dangerous to people and private property. 5) I am being blocked from contacting the Amazon’s legal department. 11:52 PM GMT Parthasarathy: Okay. I will now forward this issue to concerned team and will assure that this will not happen again in future. 11:53 PM GMT Me: Can you please give a reference number for my complaint. And when should I expect a written response to my complaint please? 11:54 PM GMT Parthasarathy: I'm sorry it's an internal contact and we don't have the option to disclose it's output. 11:56 PM GMT Me: If you register a formal complaint, you have to give the customer a reference number, it's got nothing to do with internal contacts or disclosure. Also, ever formal complaint has to have a written response. Again, it's got nothing to do with internal contacts, disclosure or outputs. Are you saying that you refuse to register a formal complaint? 11:58 PM GMT Parthasarathy: We understand how you feel, we’re very sorry. We’re going to take care of this and you can trust us that it will not happen again in future How can I file a formal complaint with Amazon if Amazon does not want it? What should I do? Thank you.
  6. Been helping someone who has got themselves into a bit of bother with a PBC [pawnbrokingcompany] over the renewal of a large logbook loan against a hypercar. Just wondered if anyone else has had an success in getting a LBL extended on the value of a vehicle that was clearly valued at 10+ times the amount of the advance, against the trade resale of said vehicle, without it being "re-valued" by a 3rd party on behalf of the PBC? The issue is the vehicle has gone up considerably in value, over the period of the original LBL and the PBC have called the full amount in, against the value of the vehicle 2 years ago... a single extension to the LBL was made 13 months ago, again, against the value of the original vehicle value. Can the LBL be called in based on the valuation of previous paperwork and called in early? Weird one, but sure a Gagger will know a Gagger that knows the answer!!
  7. in may this year my daughter had a car accident and the car was written off (although we didnt think it was necessary). Two men have just knocked showed me a copy of my daughters registration doc asking if i knew the person, they were after the log book and they were driving the car that had been written off. I didnt have the logbook as logbook and reg docs had to be sent in to the insurance company. I hope we are not going to get some kind of come back over this
  8. hi i dont know if someone will reply but if the agent who is the witness on the bill of sale uses the company address as their address on the bill of sale is this void or not please help they turned up to take car but as i had paid an amount a few days prior they did not take it as phoned company and asked whats going on firstly the person i phoned giggled and said i bet you were scared and that they forgot to cancel the repossession also the day before the people turned up for the car i had come to an arrangement with the same lady who i spoke to on the phone and i still had no idea that the next day they planned to repossess as i never received a default at all. Also the agent who was the witness on the bill of sale used the address of the company and their own is this allowed please 1) can the agent who is the witness on the bill of sale use the company address as their address. As i read somewhere that it must be their home address as they dont live at the company. 2) Secondly the people turned up to take car and i did not have a clue this was happening i did not receive any default letters but as i borrowed some money to clear some debt as i had lost my job no fault of my own i phoned the company asking what is going on in which the person giggled and said bet you were scared i was in utter despair getting laid off work and found this comment was a punch in the heart. this same person said sorry we forgot to cancel the repossess order so they never took car but over a three day period prior to the people turning up i had been making arrangements with the same person who giggled at my distress we had made arrangement which were accepted but i was made to pay over half my income now being jobseekers allowance which is paid fortnightly of £143 in which they wanted a fortnightly payment of £76 i begged for some compassion because this amount i am expected to pay is set up for me to fail as i was going without food sometimes but this amount is taking food from my children they didnt care 3) when i was first laid of i sought help from citizens advice who phoned the company a nd to lower my payment which thy did for a month my adviser asked if i could pay £20 per week in which they wanted £25 but still in same situation im now forced to £38 per week. Even though prior to getting the loan a manager made me feel so secured in getting the loan including how they would help me if a financial situation did happen which i now feel was false information just so i take the loan 4) it also states in the contract to allow 30 days to get over the shock of a loss in finance which when my advisor from citizens advice was not informed about no one offered me any offer of a 30 day hold on payment. i am now in a constant state of worry that my car will just disappear if i do not manage these payments in other words take food of myself and children. i really need my car for job interviews children to school help take are of ill nana. i would not of got the loan if the manager hadnt have been so reassuring in how much help they would give people and i did not know i would be laid of my job which is not my fault please help
  9. How do these work exactly. I have a loan with Mobile money but they don't have the log book as they gave me the loan when I first had the car and had sent off for the log book. As I am now in financial difficulties with them, how can they seize the car without the book? Also, could I still sell the car and then pay them back rather than them seizing it and selling it cheap?
  10. now know why Varooma hassle you to write your review 1 day after taking out the loan, as obviously you will be happy with them at that point, but my god will that change. I seriously don't know how these guys can trade let alone be a member of the CCTA & FCA I fell into financial difficulty after taking out a £5k loan paying back £500 per month for 24 months, I took out my loan in January 2015 and have literally just had to sell my £11k BMW for £7k so they wouldn't repossess my car. They charged me over £3.5k in charges (not interest I’m talking about just charges) for according to them, SMS Charges @ £1.5 per text, one month they sent me 30 apparently, Outbound call charges £5 per time, Late payment charges £15, Default Notice Charges £15, Default notice reminder charge £15, Final Demand charge £15, Demand for payment notice charge £15, Recovery handling fee £75, Recover agent fee £475 (I SPOKE TO THE REPO AGENT AND HE SAID THEY DONT GET PAID UNTIL THE CAR IS REPOSSESED). They contacted me to say the car was out for repossession and I tried to negotiate a payment plan, however they weren't interested, they wouldn't hold the repossession and demanded I paid over £3k in arrears that day or someone would come to my work and take the car. I was 1 month behind 1 month!!! I eventually sold my car @ a £4k loss just to pay these loan sharks. In total I borrowed £5000, I was 8 months into my loan and had paid back £3481.92 which was £518.08 shortfall (1 month ) and they forced me to pay back another £6857.13 even though I was settling my loan 15 months early. In total I paid them loan sharks £10338.92 for a £5k loan and only had it 8 months, that's £5338.92 profit in their back pocket. They target the venerable and nearly all the way through my loan except at the end they constantly emailed me offering further advances. I have an open case with the financial ombudsman, I have also contacted the FCA, watchdog and my local MP. I won’t let these sharks get away with what they have done to me I tried to post this on Trustpilot and guess what Varooma did "Varooma reported this review 16 hours ago for the following reason(s): The review contains sensitive information"
  11. Hello, I'd be really grateful for any help you could offer. I'm live chatting with Sky to raise a complaint about their poor customer service and they're refusing to log my complaint. They're telling me "As there is no further action required by us to remedy any failures on our part." Can they behave like this?! Thank you
  12. Hi. We got a log book loan with Varooma, we fell behind on a couple of payments and it was suggested that we take another to clear the debt. Naively we agreed. The payments were £89 and £102 a month (approx), being made redundant meant we got behind again despite numerous attempts to negotiate a fair plan going forward we have been told again and again that they can't as we are in arrears. The issue is we can't get out of the arrears. We currently pay £150 a month on each but the interest on the arrears means the debt increases every month. I can't not understand what this means though (this info was as if July, I don't have any further updated) Total of instalments now in arrears £156.22 Total amount payable under the agreement £999.50 Total amount you have paid £2,094.27 Outstanding balance including arrears arrears £3,025.52 Less any rebate £2,026.02 Total amount payable by you £999.50 And the other one says Total of instalments in arrears £1,002.50 Total amount payable under the agreement £1,857.50 Total amount that you have paid £2,024.91 Outstanding balance including arrears £1,857.50 Less any rebate allowance £0.00 Total amount payable by you £1,857.50 It confuses me. I've contacted the courts to see if the bill of sale is registered. Do I need to get a statement of everything paid and owed?
  13. Hi can someone help i bought a car and have had a letter from logbook loans stating the car had a loan on and they are coming to get it
  14. Hi everyone, A friend of mine is looking to get a log book loan, as he needs some urgent cash - he had problems similar to my own in the past with payday lenders and made settlements to all, which of course leaves him unable to get credit with them or any of the normal channels. He is now in good shape financially (other than having no credit score) and able to repay the loan over probably 3- 6 months without any problem. His big worry is whether the companies that offer these loans can be trusted - having dealt with all the lies and tricks of the paydayloan industry in the past, he doesn't want to get involved with anything dodgy, or worse still risk losing his car due to their dishonesty. Are there companies out there that do logbook loans that are safe/reputable? So far he has looked at (Company name removed- SS ) which seem reasonable in terms of interest compared to the others, but I see stories of them taking cars back without cause? Haven't ever seen a story of this happening when payments were kept up and on time, so can they be trusted? Is there another option that would be better/safer? Any help much appreciated....
  15. I very foolishly took out log book loan with Mobile Money and very evident that they are not type of company to help people. I have learnt that they break alot of CCTA code of practice.. and as there is no proper legislation there is not much help out there for when my car was repossed. I have followed every procedure got bona fide debt advisor that log book loan company should recognise and put an account on hold mobile money would not accept. I applied for time order and day after documents sent to them they went to another county were car was hidden and took it without any keys on back of a car with hand brake on etc. The collector wasn't sia regulated just another to add to long list of mobile money being above the law. Well I have court date and looking into going to media this week. These companies are just doing there own thing and need stopping. Luckily I have backing of citizens advice who are legal advocating on my behalf would love to hear if anyone else has concerns or took mobile money to court. I am hoping to lobby my local mp for all log book loan companies to apply to court before they repossession as ccta are being ignored. Any advice much appreciated! !
  16. Hubby needs to submit self-assessment tax returns for the first time in years. Long since forgotten/lost login details and password for HMRC site, so now received these through the post. Just gone to log in and now have to prove his identity using either Experian or a company I've never heard of called digidentity. Chose Experian as the latter required a current passport and ours have run out, but Experian accepts details off a photocard driving licence - except it didn't and wanted passport details too, so now have to phone up. It did say the problem could be because the system was new. Now what gets me, is the blurb says the Govt are using private companies for ID as they have the expertise in this field, yet they use DVLC and presumably the passport office to verify identification. Last time I heard, these were still under Govt control! How long has this been in place and why is there a need for it? I've heard nothing about it on the news.
  17. Hi I hope somebody can help me, I recently purchased a used car stupidly my partner said he had done hpi but hadnt. Its an 04 car and I recently got a letter not on a letter head or anything explaining that it has a bill of sale on it. I rang to find out who the company was as it didnt give any clue on the letter. Before I rang I looked into things and asked for them to send me the bill of sale, they say they cant do this but gave me the registration date of 15/7/13 and the number to check myself. I am assuming this will take time to give them more time to [problem] me. I asked if a deal could be done as I had just mot'd the car and they said they could there is £273 out standing I offered half they refused and said best they can do is 2 thirds. I havent got this amount of money just to pull out and am annoyed that I should have to pay somebody elses debt off to keep a car I have already paid for. Please can anyone help
  18. Hi, I stupidly have a Log Book Loan, which was taken out 3 years ago, due to personal circumstance. I am still trying to pay this. Unfortunately I have falllen behind with my payments, I have always been in contact with them trying to explain the situation, they have before managed to take my car although I did get it back after lending the money. My repayments then went up. I have tried to negotiate a lower repayment, but the lowest they say they will accept is £100 per week. A couple of weeks ago one of the management team contacted me with a full and final offer, which i would love to accept to finally get them off my back. I asked if they could possibly extend the offer until the end of the month to which they agreed but demanded £300 immediately or they will instruct a debt recovery agency. I have read alot about BOS, I do not have a copy of this, and I cannot find my original agreement. I do remember signing and an employee coming to my house and signing. Could someone please advise as to my next move. Thank you
  19. Is it possible that a former officer of the old Log Book Loans organisation is now an adjudicator at the financial ombudsman services? I have mentioned him in my application to the FOS in relation to my stolen car. What should this mean for me or anyone else that is seeking justice from this company which has now gone into administration? Fortunately the FOS are accepting applications from before a certain date.
  20. Hi, a general question, not related to any purchase I've made, yet. I thought that log-book loans were only for newish cars and those over, say, £3,000, however, from what I'm reading it appears older and less-expensive cars can end up on a log-book loan as well. So, is there any rule-of-thumb such as, cars over 10 or 15 years or below £xxx will probably not have a log-book loan secured against them. I'm asking because as I understand it there's a glaring loophole in the procedure whereby someone can obtain one or more log-book loans with their V5 (multiple by telling DVLA it's lost and getting a replacement) and then sell the car before the loans are registered, assuming the coy even registers them at all. When I did a search on google as if I wanted to set up a log-book loan website/franchise (NO, I don't, but the info's out there!) the 10 year and price came up, but it wasn't firm. Any suggestions or pointers. Thanks.
  21. Hi I posted earlier about bill of sale, now I've got a bigger problem. My dad purchased my car for me, and gave it us as a gift for our grandchildren. I went and got a stupid log book loan on the car, now my dad has told me that he has outstanding finance on the car. The garage told him it was fine to buy the car on finance in his name and have the log book in my name. I didn't know it was on finance it was all kept hush hush from me. I didn't know till today after I mentioned my difficulties with log book loan to my dad. My dad doesn't want to get into trouble as he has a fantastic credit rating and has been misled by the garage. What do I do about the logbook loan, surely they can't have the Bill of sale on it if it has outstanding finance. Do I tell the logbook loan company or will this get my dad in trouble which I do not want to do.
  22. Hi, I stupidly took out a log book loan, I am up to date with payments but my query is does the bill of sale have to be witness signed by someone other than the person that issued your logbook loan? My Bos is signed by the exact person that gave me the loan, no witnesses were present.
  23. My daughter has told me that she took a log book loan on her car Grrhh! She borrowed £100, has so far paid £600 and reckons that by the time she has made the final payment she will have paid £3000, Can this be challenged ? Are there any template letters? Thanks
  24. Hi, Am I right in thinking that if you get a top up to your log book loan and sign a new agreement, a new bill of sale has to be registered within 7 days?
  25. I'm having an issue logging into my CAG Webmail account. At first, I wasn't 100% sure i'd ever paid for one, but on attempting to register it said the name was already taken. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only person that would ever use the username I chose. I won't post the full address to avoid spam bots picking it up, but it would be the same as my username on here, and would have had consumeractiongroup.co.uk as the domain. I did send a message via the technical help form a few days ago, but have yet to recieve even an aknowledgement that the message has been recieved.
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