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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone A friend of mine has Virgin TV, Internet and Phone line, Big kahuna On Saturday I rang him to see if he was OK, has serious heath issues. Went to see him and nothing was working, phone line not working so on. Anyway after a long phone call to Virgin this morning on friends behalf today Found out that some one had Maliciously phoned Virgin saying my friend had Died sometime at the end of March this year. Yes that's right told Virgin my friend was Deceased. My friend is very much alive and kicking this morning. I got Virgin to reconnect his telephone, Internet and TV within the next 48 hours or so and his virgin password had been changed. Virgin media have my contact details as added back up. I want to report this to the Police on my friend behalf, does anyone think a criminal offence may have been committed under one of the communication act, Just to add Virgin media where much help. Any advice would be welcome . Thank you in advance.
  2. Computer maker Lenovo has been forced to remove hidden adware that it was shipping on its laptops and PCs after users expressed anger. The adware - dubbed Superfish - was potentially compromising their security, said experts. The hidden software was also injecting adverts on to browsers using techniques more akin to malware, they added. Lenovo faces questions about why and for how long it was pre-installed on machines - and what data was collected. The company told the BBC in a statement: "Lenovo removed Superfish from the preloads of new consumer systems in January 2015. At the same time Superfish disabled existing Lenovo machines in the market from activating Superfish. Complaining "Superfish was preloaded on to a select number of consumer models only. Lenovo is thoroughly investigating all and any new concerns raised regarding Superfish." Users began complaining about Superfish in Lenovo's forums in the autumn, and the firm told the BBC that it was shipped "in a short window from October to December to help customers potentially discover interesting products while shopping". User feedback, it acknowledged, "was not positive". Last month, forum administrator Mark Hopkins told users that "due to some issues (browser pop up behaviour, for example)", the company had "temporarily removed Superfish from our consumer systems until such time as Superfish is able to provide a software build that addresses these issues". He added it had requested that Superfish issue an auto-update for "units already in market". Superfish was designed to help users find products by visually analysing images on the web to find the cheapest ones. Such adware is widely regarded in the industry as a form of malware because of the way it interacts with a person's laptop or PC. Security expert from Surrey University Prof Alan Woodward said: "It is annoying. It is not acceptable. It pops up adverts that you never asked for. It is like Google on steroids. "This bit of software is particularly naughty. People have shown that it can basically intercept everything and it could be really misused." According to security experts, it appears that Lenovo had given Superfish permission to issue its own certificates, allowing it to collect data over secure web connections, known in malware parlance as a man-in-the-middle attack. "If someone went to, say, the Bank of America then Superfish would issue its own certificate pretending to be the Bank of America and intercept whatever you are sending back and forth," said Prof Woodward. Ken Westin, senior analyst at security company Tripwire, agreed: "If the findings are true and Lenovo is installing their own self-signed certificates, they have not only betrayed their customers' trust, but also put them at increased risk." Clean install Although Lenovo has said that it has removed Superfish from new machines and disabled it from others, it was unclear what the situation would be for machines where it had already been activated. Prof Woodward said: "Lenovo is being very coy about this but it needs to explain how long it has been doing this, what the scale is and where all the data it has collected is being stored. "There will be remnants of it left on machines and Lenovo does not ship the disks that allow people to do a clean install." It raises wider questions about the deals that computer manufacturers do with third parties and the amount of software that comes pre-installed on machines. Mr Westin said: "With increasingly security and privacy-conscious buyers, laptop and mobile phone manufacturers may well be doing themselves a disservice by seeking outdated advertising based monetisation strategies." Users were particularly angry that they had not been told about the adware. One Lenovo forum user said: "It's not like they stuck it on the flier saying... we install adware on our computers so we can profit from our customers by using hidden software. "However, I now know this. I now will not buy any Lenovo laptop again." The problem also caused a storm on Twitter, where both Lenovo and Superfish were among the most popular discussion topics.
  3. Tried screen grab but technology defeated me . so I have copied the main details This is the message from Norton 28/03/2014 14:35:44,High,An intrusion attempt by klotaz.info was blocked., No Action Required, Web Attack: Malicious SWF Download 8,No Action Required,No Action Required,"klotaz.info (, 80)",klotaz.info/ads/id_24853.swf?cid=fm2lqejejimm53at1blvfqe1), (,"TCP, www-http" Network traffic from klotaz.info/ads/id_24853.swf?cid=fm2lqejejimm53at1blvfqe137 matches the signature of a known attack. The attack was resulted from \DEVICE\HARDDISKVOLUME3\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\INTERNET EXPLORER\IEXPLORE.EXE
  4. Hi, Over a year ago now my teaching career was brought to an abrupt Holt as what I can only say, an ex partner, and her gang of friends decided to target me as I was moving away for a new teaching job I had worked hard to gain. As I returned from my first week away I was confronted by my ex, of which I told her I was calling the police, she then hit my, so I called the police. I just reported the incident then thought that is then end, later I was visited by the police; she reported me for assault and it was then apparent that her and her male friend had alleged I had beaten her and she had actually marked bruised herself. Two weeks later I was suspended from my new job by the principal, then on returning back home was arrested on suspicion of rape of my ex girl friend, and sexually touching of a 15 year old, of whom I was not even in the same vicinity of at the time of the allegations. During the police interviews I gave a full and honest explanation of what had happened as my solicitor explained "No Comment" is more applicable if I had done something wrong. My new employer suspended me whilst I was on bail and when the cases were dropped they let me return to work but under intense supervision which is understandable but upsetting. I lasted a week and then resigned. I still had the matter of the original assault she had made up, of which I went to court and was found "NOT GUILTY" even though she had witness statements and pictures of bruises her stories did not match up. Almost just after I had won my case it was then made apparent that the boss at the job I resigned from, whether it was out of anger because they had paid me fully for 6 month or just out of procedure, referred me to the ISA to try and bar me from working with kids and vulnerable adults. After all the information had been passed over from the Police and place of work and careful deliberation they found no problem with me working with any groups and DID NOT bar me. The education board then contacted me saying the case is dropped with no action taken. I then got a job working in computers, of which is my primary career aim, teaching was always my fall back job. They did not ask for a CRB. The job is going really well now, I am over the worst, have a new start but wish to climb the ladder and apply for bigger jobs and other companies - no work with children or vulnerable groups. My question is, if I get asked for an enhanced CRB, although, due to my own peace of mind, have chosen never to work with children or vulnerable groups, what do I do about explaining these arrests. Reading what I have already entered above it looks quite clear, "I was arrested due to malicious allegations of which I protested my innocence through out and gave a full and honest explanation to, the sexual offences were dropped and I won my case of common assault as I was completely innocent. Afterwards all information was passed to the ISA of whom decided to still allow me to working with children and vulnerable adults without restriction." I know this is a pretty difficult thing to post on here but I am a hard working, law abiding citizen who is working very hard at this career and want to be completely ready for this situation if it arises. I have a clean criminal record by the way, anyone could be arrested in my experience if somebody makes up a story.
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