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  1. Hi, thanks for the response. The alert was the beginning of the complaint - there was no alert to let us know the patent had failed - but it became more about Sky's customer service following that. Thanks for the reply- I've now spoken to higher level person in Sky and asked someone else to take a look at the replies re T&Cs and complaint code of practice- seems I wasn't told the whole truth about the process in all of this. Thanks
  2. Hi, sorry. I've been asking Sky to tell me how and when they restrict service if a payment is missed. We missed one and weren't alerted until our services were cut. We were away and didn't know. Payment was made but their attitude stank. They're refusing to raise a complaint - against their customer services - and are refusing to give me access to the t&cs of my account. Can they do this? Thank you
  3. I've been told that Sky can't send me the t&cs of my agreement because "This information is not available to our customers as it is an internal process." and that how and when they take payment, or alert customers of a failed payment "... is dependent on the overall run of the account and therefore the terms and conditions will not cover this." How can this be true!?
  4. Hello, I'd be really grateful for any help you could offer. I'm live chatting with Sky to raise a complaint about their poor customer service and they're refusing to log my complaint. They're telling me "As there is no further action required by us to remedy any failures on our part." Can they behave like this?! Thank you
  5. Hi, thank you so much for the reply. I have told the council the situation here but they're saying that they've done all they can. Our arrears go back a few years - we're paying the current year plus extra for the arrears - as we had large medical bills to pay - all of which can be proven - and we paid as much as we can to the council. Lumps sums and instalments. We have had to miss instalments and have let the council know. I received a letter this morning stating that April's first instalment for 15/16 hasn't been laid on time and our case had been sent to Rundles. I will gather all the evidence prior to their letter. Thanks so much for your response.
  6. Hello, I'd be really grateful for any advice please. I've been told today that we've been referred to Rundles re the arrears on our council tax. I am at home with a housebound disabled son who also suffers from severe anxiety- so my question is will the bailiffs visit me first or do they write to me? I don't think I can take it if they visit. We don't even have friends here at the moment because of son's illness. Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  7. Thank you, that's what I thought. Is there anything I can send back to them to force the issue? Thank you.
  8. Hello, I'd be grateful for any advice on the following; I made payments to Lowell via standing order and have been informed by them that I have now overpaid. I requested they refund the overpayment to a bank account and received the following response: "Unfortunately we are unable to refund straight into a bank account. If you are not wanting to transfer the over payment to another account [they now tell me I have one other open account with them] you would need to speak to your bank and complete an Indemnity Claim. This will allow you bank to pull back the funds into your account. " I've never heard of this before and any overpayments - including standing orders - have just been refunded. Has anyone come across this before? Thanks in advance.
  9. Also, sorry, EDF are telling me that they have "discussed the tenancy agreement with the debt department and the landlord cannot terminate my tenancy over this."
  10. Hello, i really need some advice please. I have a large debt with EDF energy. My son has been ill for a few years now and we spent a long time, and a lot of money, trying to get to the bottom of his health problems. We are still paying a substantial amount each week to try to keep his health stabilised. EDF are insisting that my offer of £250 per month is not enough and that they must fit a prepayment meter. Our tenancy agreement prohibits the fitting of a meter, and with the landlord only doors away, we are unable to do this. Plus our house runs on oil and, as we have not been able to afford to buy oil this year, we are currently heating the house with, cheap to run, electric heaters. I worry that we will find ourselves in a situation that we will not have the funds to feed a meter each week due to our other expenses. My son receives DLA and I receive Carers allowance. Is there a way out of this? EDF have just emailed me to say "but if this matter is escalated longer the debt follow up will lead to the meters being put into the property by warrant which will then cost additional charges to yourself." My friend's brother is a solicitor and I am due to speak to him plus the CAB once more. I would be grateful for any advice as I really don't think I can take this additional pressure for much longer. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I would be grateful if anyone could help. I placed an online order with H&M earlier this week but immediatelyrealised that I had mistakenly (as it was auto-selected) chosen 'monthly payments' under payment; I had intended to pay by card and called them immediately to rectify the situation. The customer service rep I spoke to took my card details and told me it had gone through & everything was now paid for, also that she'd cancelled the 'account' business and no credit check would take place and so on. A strange thing then happened with my bank account: there was a large debit taken from the account (£100+ - it was 'spoken for' so not available on my account but wasn't yet showing on my list of transactions so neither me nor the bank could see who had taken it); I hadn't made this transaction and it occurred on the day I gave my details to H&M (and they were the only people I made a card transaction with that day). So (sorry, this is a bit longer than I'd hoped), I rang H&M again yesterday just to check that a mistake wasn't made and basically nothing I discussed with the previous woman appeared to have been actioned. There was no payment showing on the account and I have received a letter this morning telling me my account with H&M has been opened. H&M assure me that no payment was taken off the card yet the woman processed it whilst I was on the phone and said "it's authorised and all paid for". I would like to write to H&M this time to a) cancel any account they've opened and b) get absolute clarification on what's happened with this order and payment but wondered if anyone had any email contacts for the company? Thanks
  12. Hello, My husband and I had a joint account with Abbey a few years ago. They repaid charges into the account (having asked for cards to be returned etc.) When they account was once again active they issued us with new, basic cashpoint, cards and told us we were no longer entitled to anything else. We were so sick of them that we didn't bother any more and just used our other account. A few weeks ago we received a strange 'current balance' letter from Abey/Santander on the same account and I called to ensure that the negative balance shown was not correct; was assured this wasn't the case so forgot about it. I have now received a letter from Wescot (and I believe they're calling my house on a regular basis) demanding the payment of this sum of money..is there anything I can do? Thank you
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