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  1. Hi, I have recently turned 18 and have tried opening a bank account however I was declined. I was told in the branch to check my credit report at Experian and Equifax. I have been able to check Equifax and have discovered there are 5 defaults from different companies. All these defaults are from quite some time ago and show the wrong date of births. I have disputed these defaults with the Equifax but they have come back and said the companies have said the information is accurate and they cannot change it. The companies that the defaults are from Lowell, Tesco, Virgin and Shop direct. Please, can you advise me to what to do next and how to approach the companies involved? Should I communicate by Letter or Email and also is there any templates I could use? I have already reported this to the police and action fraud and have a crime reference number. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello BWlegal has sent a letter dated 14th August 2017 requesting a final payment from me. I see that the debt they refer to is a closed account on my credit file and the last record on the credit file was from T/A Payday Express, (and recorded by them) showing as 'satisfied ' default assigned in January 2017. I have not paid any monies toward the debt which had a default registered from 2013 until January 2017. There have been no default notices recorded after January 2017. I have letters from Payday Express and Prac dated April 2017 saying the debt was assigned in December 2016 to Prac who use BWlegal. I hope the above is not too confusing, I do want to resolve the issue but is bwlegal entitled to be asking for payments from me? Look forward to your responses
  3. I was in a relationship with a man who was both physically and emotionally abusive. He had used my bank account to commit fraud and HSBC held me liable for the debt from the fraud which is £9,566. I managed to find another place to move to and made sure I was virtually untraceable on social media and the internet. I never told the police about the abuse at the time for fear of him being arrested then released and onto me. However I did report the fraud to the police through Action Fraud and they replied a few months later saying that they cannot follow up on it as there is not enough evidence. Now HSBC are harassing me to pay back the debt, I'm a 22 year old student who cannot pay back such a large amount. Although I am terrified of him I tried to locate him so the police can find him yet he is nowhere to be found and I believe now that he had been using a fake identity whilst with me. HSBC have been immensely unhelpful, I have gone back and forth into branches and made numerous phone calls which have all been useless and I cannot take out debt relief management plans or file for bankruptcy because the debt is from fraud. They also filed a CIFAS flag marker against my name so I have to use an online bank now and will not be able to get jobs in many sectors when I finish uni, for 6 years. I opened a case with the Financial Ombudsman which is taking a long time but have been studying hundreds of their decisions on similar cases and they never rule in the favour of the victim/consumer, so I am not confident. What do I do?
  4. Disclosure and Barring Service New identity checking guidelines READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-identity-checking-guidelines
  5. Hi Guys i had a default on my credit report for £455 from shop direct which was opened in 2013 i would have been 17 at the time so there was no way i could even obtain credit. I have sent my passport details in to shop direct for proof and they have taken the default off my account my only problem is now my credit score is 208 which is very poor the only two things i have on my credit report are my phone contract and my credit card. I pay these every month and on time my credit card is paid off as i only had a £200 limit capital one offered to up my limit but i dont need it i turned down their offer. Why is my credit report still the same as when the default was on there also when i go on to closed accounts it shows shop direct would that still be having an affect on my credit report. I dont know what do as me and my boyfriend were planning on buying a house this year and by the looks of things that wont be happening now.
  6. Good Morning everyone, My situation is quite complex so please bear with me and any help and uggestions would be greatly appreciated, i will start with a brief statement as to how this all started 15 years ago and then onto the problems i am now facing. In 2003 i applied to remortgage and take equity from my home, i was turned down, i checked my credit reports to see that i had several defaults and a CCJ from Barclays on my acc, after a few years i managed to get all of this sorted with apology letters from Barclays. In 2013 i was again chased for debts that did not belong to me, i tried every avenue possible to get this mistake sorted for a second time but eventually i ended up going to the newspapers and the FOS who then sorted out the problem with Lloyds and Experian with a pathetic £250 compensation, even though id spent 10 times this on phone calls and writing letters/emails etc . Now in 2018 this has all happened again, i have checked my report from all 3 CRAs and Call Credit and Experian are showing defaults, CCJ, addresses i have never lived at, they have even changed my electoral roll entry without any instruction by myself or legal documents to do this. All of this wrong information is for a person with the same first and last name as me and also the same date of birth, however this other person has a middle name and i do not. I received a letter from 02 on the 19th of March chasing a debt for this other person, i immediately checked my credit report, and there it was, 02 had already linked me and the debt/account to my address without doing any checks whatsoever to see if i was the correct person, i DONT have an account with 02. There is then the other accounts from 6 other companies in default that i have never had accounts with and a CCJ which i dont even know what it is for , i just know none of these belong to me as ive never missed a payment on anything or had any dealings with these companies. I have disputed all of this with Call Credit but they refuse to remove all of this wrong information, i have not spoke to any of the companies involved as from past experience they will not speak to me due to data protection when i say i am not the person they seek, but they also dont resolve the problem either, i have since joined checkmyfile and they are trying to sort things out with call credit , but say i have to sort out this mess with Experian myself. I am seeking advice as to what to do next, to be honest the companies reporting all of this wrong information in my eyes need to pay, i am busy renovating my home and considering an extension as my wife is 8 months pregnant but i am now reluctant to apply for any loans/remortgage etc as i know i will be turned down, and as you can expect for this to happen a 3rd time my stress levels have went through the roof. Companies listing defaults on my report who i have no dealings with at all and ruining my credit report because of there incompetence to check they have the correct person are: Lloyds Bank (again) Lowell Vanquis Bank Capital One Hoist Portfolio Home retail group 02 ( who reported and made the link with callcredit , even though this serial debtor has paid his bill now, so is not showing as a default, but its now to late as they have done the damage) Thank you kindly to anyone that can help. Luco19
  7. Hi, I was a victim of identity fraud in around June 2012. "Someone at the time took out loans in my name with quick quid and lending stream". It was a lot of hassle at the time ( I went through the police action fraud, recived a crime number and after a month or so I signed a couple of letters from both companies and the matter was cleaned up. I also opted at that time to put extra restrictions on anyone else trying to fraudulently take out any more loans in my name. "Let me just say that I have never ever applied or taken out any loan in my life other that a mortgage for our home that is now fully paid off". back in June 2017 I started receiving letters from MMF motormile finance now Lantern, stating that I owed them £250 for another loan from what turns out to be taken at around the same time as the other loans in 2012! I phoned them straight away and explained what had happened. But all this did was for them to send demanding letters on a weekly basis! I forwarded the police action fraud crime number from 2012 thinking that that would be the end of the matter. But all they do is keep sending me more demanding letters. Are these people above the law or what! They keep asking for very personal details e.g bank statements from 2012, my national insurance number, payslips, photo id from a passport or driving licence. I'm sure it would be reckless to send such sensitive information to a bad debt collecting company! (Do they cover their costs by selling on this very useful and very accurate information to third parties?) It would be very lucrative if they did as they would have all the information to take out a loan in my name!! What's going to happen in another few years, Am I going to get demanding letters form another bad debt company?? As much I want to clear my name I am very sceptical about about how they would use that information. I lay awake at night worrying myself to death, I am frightened about what they might do. I have been to Citizens advice bureau who just say go to police action fraud! its bonkers. If a company doesn't accept a police action fraud number and the evidence from the time of the identity fraud then they are surly acting above the law!
  8. Hi guys, I need some urgent advice, i just received three letters from Marston company asking me to pay three parking fines or they going to send a bailiff to take over all my belongings by 31st Jan 18. My driving details have been stolen in early march 2017 i been informed by DVLA in June, that someone used my details to get the new licence but after providing some security details they issued me new licence. When i asked if they found out who is the culprit then they told me that matter is with west Yorkshire police and i dont have to do anything. After that in september 2017 people from vw company came to my house to recover the car but after clarifying every thing, they advised me that i should report to the police as you are the victim of identity fraud because someone got the vw car on finance and used my details and did not pay the installment. I reported the police straight away and police gave me the fraud incident number, the criminals also used my details and got the loan around £60k as well but all companies who been [problem]med removed my name from their list after finding out that i am the victim of identity fraud. Now Marston company want around £550 parking fines and not accepting the police incident number or dvla letter. The Marston company wants police report, when i asked police about the report they said they do not issue the reports to individuals but they made a new report specifically for Marston group asked me to give the reference number to Marston then they can contact police and police will provide the police report to them. Now the problem is that Marston not accepting this they insist that i have to proivde the police report as they do not contact to third party. I do not know what to do i am victim of identity fraud Marston just want their money they are making threats that i should resolve the matter by 31st or they will come to my house to take all belongings. I never received any letter from Marston before as the culprit used different address where i never lived, now i received notices of enforcement to my address and i have no idea where shall i go from here
  9. Hi there, hope someone out there can help. About 6 months ago I received a letter at my current address, which is a property I have owned and lived in for 2 and a half years, chasing payment for a parking ticket for a car that I do not own. The car is and was owned by my brother who lived with me briefly at my old property, which I sold 2.5 years ago. I contacted the company and explained that the car was not mine and explained the situation. My brother and I have the same initial and surname. Today, I checked my credit file and saw that a CCJ has been issued to me for £275 in respect to the ticket. I did not receive any correspondence at all in relation to the court action, and see that it was issued in my old address which I have not lived at since I sold it in 2015. I contacted the court and it was for a parking ticket issued in late 2016 for a car that I do not own and never have. I did not keep the correspondence I received a few months ago so do not have the details of the company that contacted me previously but this action has been taken by Gladstones. As the CCJ was issued less than 1 month ago I have paid it so it gets removed but can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to getting this money back and bringing Gladstones to account for their error? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Everyone, I am seeking legal help or guidance here as I am at my wits end with any Ombudsman, Sky and CIFAS. Over a year ago I applied for a Santander personal account as I had an existing business account with them, to my surprise they turned me down so I contacted them and they could not provide me with the exact reason why. I was also contacted by Santander who then stated that they had to remove my name from our Ltd company bank account. I dug into this and eventually the bank manager found out that a fraud mark had been registered against me and that was against they're criteria. I contacted CIFAS and obtained a copy of the information, in January 2016 Sky TV registered a credit card fraud mark against my name. To keep it short after many phone calls with Sky, a credit card belonging to someone else was used to pay a bill at my address. Obviously I explained this was not me nor did I have any knowledge of this and Sky told me they could no longer discuss the matter with me. At the time the payment was made I did not reside at the property and can prove this, it was rented out to my younger brother and had been for about 12 months. I confronted him about this and eventually he admits he found a card and had been using it fraudulently. I wrote to Sky and CIFAS numerous times over the past 1.5 years to try and resolve this matter, CIFAS eventually stopped replying to my letters and Sky did not once contact me. CIFAS contacted Sky who stated they were investigating the matter but again neither company ever came back to me. I contacted The Ombudsman who initially couldn't help me the contacted another and the outcome offered was a £30 payment towards the arrears that were caused with the fraud payment and a letter of apology for the poor customer service! I obviously decided as that outcome had no relevance to the issue I had. Sky recently contacted me and I called them back today to discuss the matter further, hurrah I though finally after nearly 18 months! But no, Sky once again were unhelpful and told me they would not be taking any more action on this matter! I emailed the lady who contacted me and she responded with the following: Dear Mr , Thank you for responding to my previous email and contacting us today. I am sorry if you felt that my colleague was rude and unhelpful during your phone conversation and will certainly feed this back. I can confirm that the information supplied to you by Steven is correct. In order for us to take any further action on your account we need written confirmation in the form of a headed letter from the card holder's issuing bank which was used to make the unauthorised payment stating that the payment(s) previously reported as being unauthorised are no longer being treated as such. Only once we receive this headed letter of confirmation will we be able to take any further action. Kind Regards Jacqualyn Case Investigation Consultant Escalated Complaints To say I am banging my head against a brick wall is an understatement. I have tried everything but no one will take any action. I have told Sky that my brother is actually willing to come clean and admit he was the one who made this payment but they aren't interested, what more can I do? I've asked them to look at the dialogue for the call as it would not have been me who made it! They have no evidence yet I have a guilty plea and I still can't get my name cleared! Can anyone on here help? I even think I should be compensated for this now as every single day it causes me trouble and not one single person can understand how to solve the issue. Basically if you want to ruin someones credit, get they're account number from the mail, off the TV what ever is easiest, ring them up, make payment with a hooky card and job done, ruined! Please help! Kind regards Grant
  11. Hi all, I have been a member of the site for many years, and was given great info about reclaiming bank charges years ago, thanks for that. However, my problem is now with Welcome. After scouring the Welcome forum for months I decided to go for the PPI on the loans I had with them, and through the info from this site I managed to get back a good bit of cash, again thanks, but Welcome used the refund to pay off an outstanding balance on my last loan, which I thought had been paid off, since found out why it is still open, but that's another story. However, after returning to this site I figured that there may now be charges I can reclaim, so after reading up on many stories and gathering advice, I sent off my £10 and £1 postal orders to Welcome for my CCAs and a SAR and this is when the problem began!!!! My first letter went to Welcome on February 10 and since then I have four letters from Welcome saying they can't prove who I am and each time I have sent them new proof. To date I have provided them with One of my original loan agreements, which shows my previous address, it was only one I had Letter from solicitor after sale of my previous address, showing full payment to Welcome for a secured loan Letter from Welcome Finance showing loan balance paid off, this was from my previous address. A bank statement showing current address Telephone bill from current address Letter, to my current address, from Welcome regarding a successful PPI claim Letter, showing current address, from FSCS regarding my PPI claim Birth certificate Divorce decree Welcome keep asking me for a passport, driving licence, firearms certificate or a police ID card and I have repeatedly told them, in letters and emails that I cannot provide these as I suffer from Graves Eye Disease so don't drive, I have not been abroad for more than 10 years and my passport expired about 7 years ago so don't have a valid passport, I do not own a gun so do not have a firearms certificate and I do not have a police ID card. Again I received another letter today and after scouring the house have sent them my latest pension plan and a copy of my telephone and Virgin media bill. When applying for my PPI I didn't have to send this much documentation, and I have asked the person dealing with my latest request to confer with the person who dealt with my PPI. So if these latest documents don't work, apart from standing outside their Nottingham offices with my name in bright neon lights, I have no idea what else I can send them to prove who I am. And bearing in mind they have written to me four times and I have replied to each letter with further proof of who I am!!!!! Does anyone have any advice about this????
  12. Dear all, I have found these forums an excellent resource and would like to thank all the contributors! I hope I am posting in the right subsection of the forum. I have posted back in Feb 2012 when Halifax registered defaults. I complained to the FOS. The outcome was an apology, £500 in compensation, about £250 in costs and about £2000 to accout for the additional cost a higher mortgage rate over 2 years. I as satisfied with this and moved on. However problems have continued but with other companies piggybacking on the link Halifax/NatWest created. Most I have dealt by writing strongly worded letters and forwarding previous correspondence/experience with the banks. However CapQuest and Arrow Global have been stubborn and I still have two defaults from CapQuest which do not belong to me. They have conceded that a mistake has been made but have failed to amend the records on one CRA. I again sought review from the FOS who advised them to amend the data and offer me £200 in compensation. They have still not amended the data. I spoke to a Solicitor who quoted £2500 just to start looking at the case and issuing the initial letters to the companies involved! I have now gone on to issue a Claim via MCOL. Please see attached document. I now feel I should have sought some help here before pressing the button and going ahead with this as I have just pain £980 in court fees, having no legal background. I think this was more out of frustration. I will try and update this as I go along. Thanks for all your help CapQuest for CAG.pdf
  13. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice. A few years ago I was the victim of identity theft. I was made aware of this and checked my credit report, someone had applied for several credit cards in my name at a previous address. This had left several defaults on my credit I made contact with these companies through Experian and all these companies confirmed i had been the victim of identity theft and cleared theses defaults from my credit report. I also as advised reported this fraud to the police via action fraud. One of these companies was barclaycard. I have a letter from barclaycard confirming I did not make an application and any fraudulent spending has been removed from this account. I believed the matter settled. However I've recently noticed a default on my credit report for £1351. It had been placed there by Hoist Portfolio holding 2 limited. I disputed this via experian and was told to call barclaycard fraud team. Which I did, they confirmed that I did not owe any money and the only record of myself was the fraudulent application previously mentioned. I then as advised by experian wrote to Hoist Portfolio/Robinson way stating that the date of birth on the default record was incorrect and I was not living at this address at the time the account was created and enclosed a copy of the letter Barclaycard had sent me confirming that i had been a victim of fraud. A week later i received a letter with a Barclaycard letter head stating that this account had been transferred to HPH2 in October 2015 and all payments shall be paid to HPH2. This was 3 months after i received a letter from barlcaycard confirming I'd been a victim of fraud. How do I deal with this? This is adversely effecting my credit rating?!
  14. Morning! received a letter from m&s insurance svs stating i was involved in an incident on 1/11/16 and are charging me an extra £41. I rang m&s and we both agreed it was mistaken identity and i wouldnt be charged on the 6th of december..instead the sneaked it out on the 28th of december and a black mark on my no claims. The alleged incident happened 200 miles away while i was at work and my car parked..they dont seemed to be listening to me.so as i have used this forum in the past and good results im interested in any of your thoughts on how i should proceed further..obviousely the last two phone calls made no difference...only that i pay for them!..many thanks jim
  15. I hope I'm posting this in the right place, it involves quite a few different debt related topics so this seemed as relevant as anything! I've recently split up from my husband and I'm looking to divorce him shortly, in the process of splitting up I've needed to apply for credit for the first time in years and it's become apparent that I've got a poor credit rating as a result of a number of payday loans that have been taken out over the past few years, and a credit card that I paid off years ago and haven't used since is also showing an active balance. I had no idea about these until now, as we've been living abroad and it looks as though my old address was used. I have no proof that this was his doing at all, but he would have known all of my personal details to enable him to apply, and he has a pretty severe gambling problem as well. He has in the past stolen money from me by using my debit card so I absolutely wouldn't put it past him. I reported this to the bank who refunded the money, but it was never proven that it was him. The payday loans were taken out over a short period in 2013, and this is the first I knew of them. I knew about the credit card but as far as I was concerned it was paid off then lost (admittedly, never cancelled). In addition to this, there are 2 loans showing on there as 'lowell' these were from much longer ago, around 2007 and 2009, but I believe these were Welcome Finance loans that I did take out but paid back by around 2011. I can only assume that the fact these are still showing on there is a mistake and somehow they have incorrect records. I should be able to dispute these using bank statements though. It all seems like a lot to deal with on top of the divorce etc. if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be so grateful. I want to move forward and look into mortgages eventually but having all of this on my file will make that nearly impossible I think
  16. Yesterday, I got a phone call from the ATOS assessment center in Weston S Mare, both on my landline and my mobile number, as I was attending a hospital appointment my son answered the home phone and the lady refused to identify herself or leave a message. When they called the mobile number the caller display showed it to be Adams Childrens Ware (a clothing shop now long gone), I was a little creeped out when I phoned the number only to find that it was ATOS calling to confirm that I would be attending my interrogation on Monday. Is it me or am I being paranoid that they are trying to trick people into not responding to calls by using a false caller ID?
  17. Today I received a court summons for failing to identify the driver from a speeding ticket I received at work in last august. The problem is, at the time I was technically homeless (sleeping on friends/family's sofas) but using my dad's address so missed the first letters. Then I found a room to rent last September, changed the address on my driving licence and receive the letter, which I filled in and sent off just before Christmas so I thought it was done. Now I have a court summons for failing to identify the driver. Twice I have admitted I was the driver. Once when they sent the form to my work place and once when they sent it to my address. Now I've had to move out of the room I was renting because my landlord wanted the room back, but my licence is still on that address What should I do? I don't want to plead guilty to something I haven't done. Any advice
  18. Hi, I have recently left an honest low-scoring review on TripAdvisor, to which the restaurant responded by providing the exact location of my work, along with my job title. As I am the only person with this job, I can easily be identified. I flagged the restaurant's response for this reason and it was deleted. However, the restaurant immediately re-posted and, as TripAdvisor approve anything and everything, they have allowed it on to the site once more. Are the restaurant legally allowed to reveal my personal information, which I have not given them permission to provide, online, or am I able to take legal action?
  19. Child Identity Theft – How Safe is Your Child’s Identity ID theft is not just limited to adults. Children are just as much at risk of having their identity stolen. Unfortunately theft of a child’s identity can go undetected for years, which is why children can be a tempting target for identity thieves. In America, the Federal Trade Commission found children make up the fastest growing segment of identity theft victims.* The UK does not experience this crime to the same degree as our personal data is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998, however with the rise of social media children are increasingly susceptible in cyberspace. What is child identity theft? Child identity theft occurs when an identity thief steals a child’s personal details to commit fraud and other types of crimes. It is easy for criminals to set up new accounts as children tend to have clean credit records. This type of identity theft is not usually reported because parents have no suspicion their child’s identity has been taken let alone the child themselves which allows the criminal to use the information for many years. How do I know if my child’s identity has been compromised? Your child gets a bill for something they haven’t ordered. They get emails from an organisation they don’t recognise. They receive letters regarding government benefits or tax payments. They begin receiving credit applications and credit card and bank offers under his or her name. Your application to open a bank account for your child is denied due to poor credit history. What can my child do to protect him/herself when going online? Make sure you teach your child about privacy and that they aware of the information they must not reveal, such as name, address, phone number or school. Be careful of what they share online and with whom. Ensure they don’t accept friend requests from strangers on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. If your child goes on chatrooms encourage them to stay anonymous as they may find themselves to talking to people they don’t know. What can I do to protect my child’s identity online? Check the privacy settings on any online social networking sites your child’s is signed up to and don’t forget to also check the device settings on smartphones or tablets that they may use. Monitor what information is being shared and made public through simply checking search engines for your child’s name. Be vigilant and monitor their social media and chatroom use, such as only allowing them to use it your presence and looking over the chat room before your child joins it. Block pop ups, to prevent your child being tempted to click on them and potentially release malicious software. If your child’s identity has been stolen they must change their passwords to any online sites immediately as well as any security questions. If they have become a victim of fraud report it to Action Fraud. http://www.blog.noddle.co.uk/child-identity-theft-how-safe-is-your-childs-identity/?utm_campaign=Noddle+Newsletter+100815&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=
  20. The number of people falling victim to identity (ID) theft in the UK has risen by almost a third, figures suggest. Data from fraud prevention service Cifas shows that 34,151 confirmed instances of ID fraud were recorded in the first quarter of the year. Identity fraud occurs when criminals abuse personal data to impersonate a victim or to create fictitious identities to obtain products and services. Avoid identity theft and fraud Identity theft can happen by taking documents from your rubbish bin or by making contact with you and pretending to be from a legitimate organisation. There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself against identity fraud. If you receive an unsolicited email or phone call from what appears to be your bank or building society asking for your security details, never reveal your full password, login details or account numbers. A bank will never ask for your PIN or for a whole security number or password either over the phone or via email so never share your PIN with anyone. Create strong passwords for use online, and don't use the same one for every website you login to. Protect your internet connected devices with up to date security software. Don’t leave things like bills lying around for others to look at. Don’t throw out anything containing your name, address or financial details without shredding it first. If you’re expecting a bank or credit card statement and it doesn’t arrive, tell your bank or credit card company. If you move house, ask Royal Mail to redirect your post for at least a year. http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/problem/what-is-identity-theft
  21. I am annoyed that all EU countries with Identity Cards can use these as a passport for entry into the UK and yet UK citizens have to produce a Passport to leave and enter the UK.I am not suggesting we go to the expense of Identity Cards,but surely for any person from the EU to enter the UK they should have a passport
  22. Hi all I signed my girlfriend up to Noddle a few months back to check her credit rating. She had previously explained that she found a letter from a company a year ago and her mum admitted to taking out the account without her permission. They both phoned the company and they agreed a payment plan and that they would send letters to move the account into her mums name. They sent the signed letters back to the company and assumed it had been sorted. Unfortunately the company didn't transfer the account to her mums name and it was still in her name. We immediately spoke to her mum who agreed to pay the final amount, we also reported this to the police and spoke to the company who have agreed to remove this from the credit file. There is also a second entry for a defaulted account in 2010. My girlfriends mum denies she has anything to do with this but the company has read out call logs that prove it is her. She talks about missing payment due to a specific health condition that we know she has. we now want to try and get this removed from my girlfriends credit file but we have hit a stumbling block. First of all we reported it to the police and spoke to the company and they refused to remove it due to it being a civil issue. We have also signed up to Equifax and reported it through them and received the same response. The default is now paid but we want to try and correct the credit file entry. My girlfriends mum has previous doing this sort of thing and is currently giving £170 a month to her other daughter for a loan she fraudulently took out in her name. This has been a tough decision to get the police involved but ultimately it has to stop and we don't want this to affect our future. My girlfriend currently lives with her mum, who is terminally ill, and although moving out is the best option she is keen to stay in the house to help her mum & dad through this illness. Due to her getting a lot worse in the last few months we are confident there won't be any further cases but we will be keeping an eye on her credit file to ensure so. Do you think we can get this entry removed and if so what is the best course of action? Thanks
  23. Hubby needs to submit self-assessment tax returns for the first time in years. Long since forgotten/lost login details and password for HMRC site, so now received these through the post. Just gone to log in and now have to prove his identity using either Experian or a company I've never heard of called digidentity. Chose Experian as the latter required a current passport and ours have run out, but Experian accepts details off a photocard driving licence - except it didn't and wanted passport details too, so now have to phone up. It did say the problem could be because the system was new. Now what gets me, is the blurb says the Govt are using private companies for ID as they have the expertise in this field, yet they use DVLC and presumably the passport office to verify identification. Last time I heard, these were still under Govt control! How long has this been in place and why is there a need for it? I've heard nothing about it on the news.
  24. My son received a letter from Lending Stream for a payment for a loan that was so say opened up in 2011 that he knew nothing about it seems someone had opened a bank account in his name then this company loaned them cash on line. We were told to report this to the police and give them a crime number which we did.In 2014 he received a letter for this loan now from a Mackenzie Hall we then contacted Action Fraud and gave Mackenzie Hall the number and again thought it was all over. He now has received a letter from PRA Group demanding this cash we are doing all we are asked to do but this debt is continuing to be sold on surely this is not right.
  25. I received a letter this morning from London Collection and Compliance Centre, a further steps notice, saying I owe £340.00, it did not state what for so I was shocked, I have never ever been in debt in my life. I called the number on the letter and was told this was for unpaid TV License, I explained that our TV License is paid by DD every month at the start of the month of which I can prove via my bank statements, I was then told this for some house in London!, I have never ever lived in london, only warwickshire my entire life. I have only ever been to London once in my whole life as a child. Not only that, but our tv license isnt even in my name its in my fiancees name but comes from our joint bank account. I was given a number to call the courts (Barkingside?) where I tried to explain that there must be some mix up, the letter obviously has my real and address and dob but it could not possibly be me who ran up this debt and that I can prove I have lived here all my life, via tenancy agreements for my council property, council tax bills, employment support allowance, and bank statements. But I was told I have to make a Statatury Decloration? I contacted TV Licensing customer support but the lady on the phone and 2 senor managers were puzzled by it all and told me to send them copies of these court letters along with a cover note for possible investigation but didnt think they could be of any help... I have contacted fraud sqaud about possible identity theft, cant for the life of me see how it is anything other than that? Im rather worried, puzzled, bemused by it all, wondering to myself how utteryly useless the courts/baliffs are at their job that cant do any real investigations to actually see if they have the right person to begin with? any help would be much appreciated
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