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Found 17 results

  1. First off apologies if this is not the wrong place. Please can someone help with my problem? I need to help as I cannot seem to find a solution to my issue. On 20/09/2013 I pre-ordered the iPhone 5s and paid approx £709 by credit card. Since my upgrade last November, it has sat in a draw but decided I was use it for gym and put a cheap payg (it previously had all workouts etc plus smaller which is why I want to use it) But when I put sim in, it wouldn’t work and after a lot of trial/testing found it to be blacklist which was confirmed by my network Three. They have supplied
  2. Purchased a new phone (online) on an O2 pay monthly contract via mobiles.co.uk. My current provider beat this deal at last minute hence me wanting to cancel the O2 contract and return the handset. I am within 14-days of receipt of handset but have used the SIM/handset (no calls - just testing coverage). mobiles.co.uk's return/cancellation policy (here) states use of SIM/handset signifies acceptance of contract. It also mentions that coverage issues should be discussed with them/the provider before a cancellation can be approved. Either way, the handset will be returned and
  3. Hi, I'm a customer of Three and am currently on contract. My Sony handset has broken, and through no fault of my own. The screen has literally just come away from the frame, without being dropped or anything. Three do what they do best - wash their hands of the situation and refer me to Sony. Sony are taking ages to sort it out, it's been almost two weeks since I first called Three and they referred me. All this time I'm paying for a contract and I don't have my handset! Where do I stand from a legal point of view? The sale of goods act covers me, as the phone was bought b
  4. Upgraded my old handset last September to the latest Moto G 3, all worked fine until it became unworkable, kept freezing, and rebooting itself three or four times a day, came to a head when I couldn't even make a phone call! Put it into O2 to repair under the 12 month warranty in March this year, so technically, although I would need to check the exact dates, within 6 months of purchase, so faulty from the start. The letter enclosed stated that the handset had been replaced, it hadn't, a 'board' had been replaced. All was fine until it came to update the software, this update wa
  5. Dear Caggers, I need some advice. I have a contract with EE. I cannot afford the contract anymore as I have other priorities (my gas usage is increasing rapidly as it gets colder) When I got the contract, I was under the impression that the handset was "free" and the monthly payments is for a "service" (calls, internet, texts etc) not a product too. Can anyone clarify whether (when I default) my handset will be blocked/blacklisted or just the contract SIM? I have tried to help myself by looking for the answer but all stories are conflicting. EE s
  6. Let me begin by saying this - I have never experienced such awful customer service on this level. Or in my life. Quite upsetting really. I upgraded with Vodafone for a 2 year contract and a new handset - an iPhone 6. I then discovered a fault with the screen. Went to the Vodafone store in Trinity Leeds and was told by the manager that it was Apple's problem. I was not even offered a repair by Vodafone as 14 days had passed. Got an appointment with Apple - they agreed, faulty screen and provided me with a refurbished handset. Once I got home that day, I discovered the new handset ha
  7. Hi all Bought a high spec handset in a contract from Mobiles.co.uk. I paid an upfront contribution for the handset. Had it for three days and quite honestly the battery is appalling. Ive done everything i can to limit battery use but even running in power save mode constantly is not helping and im not getting the use out of it that ot was designed for. I use all features of my phones but am having to avoid using this one. As this was a distance sale and i had no chance to test the handset, am i able to return it irrespective of the fact its been used? I must make it clear i have
  8. Hi, I too have fallen victim to not only fraud, but Vodafone's utter incompetence in dealing with the issue. Here is a summary: - In October 2014 I went abroad on holidays for 2 weeks. - While I was abroad, someone used my identity to change the home address and contact number on my account. - 2 lines were added to my account, upgraded my monthly tariff from £10.50 to £166 (for 3 lines) and ordered an iPad and 2 iPhones – which Vodafone claim were received and signed by me. - Vodafone suspected fraud on my account and cut my line off while I was away, however later
  9. Hi there, I hope that someone can help me clarify a matter and advise on if there is anything I can do. I have been in a contract with Orange (now EE) for a good few years. In June 2011, I was midway into a contract when I registered a new phone via customer services. It was the Iphone 4 that had been purchased directly from the Apple store and I advised this to the agent I was speaking to. At the time, I was advised that the £6 a month Orange Care would increase to £12 a month as the new handset was a smart phone. Later I found out that the agent I spoke to also put a note on the a
  10. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help shed any light on my situation. I took out a vodafone contract via Phones4U in July 2013. In Jan 2014 I was contacted by a vodafone and offered the 4g contract for £42 per month which I accepted. Last week my phone ceased working through normal use. The phone is a Nokia Lumia 925, it is still under 1 year old. I took the phone to a vodafone store who sent it for repair, but told me I would not be eligible for a courtesy handset. I then had to pay £45 for a PAYG phone so that I could continue receiving calls on my contract number. It was my understanding tha
  11. I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice. My wife signed up to a contract in April last year for a phone for our son for when he was out and about. Soon after the contract started the phone became faulty. Apparently it is a common fault with the phone in that it will no longer charge. Getting it replaced/repaired I thought would be quite straight forwards. But it's not. It appears that the contract might be through a 3rd party. We have sent off requests on how to get the phone repaired or replaced and heard nothing back and towards the end of last yea
  12. Hi there, first time poster so not sure if this is the right place for this question. I am dealing with a claim through my mobile phone insurance company, the claim has been accepted and I am more than likely going to receive a replacement handset. My question is can they keep my other handset or can I request it be returned to me? I was hoping to recycle the damaged one and recoup some of my costs Hopefully someone can help, thanks in advance
  13. Hi Caggers Can anyone point me in the right direction with the following problem ??? 1: Took out a new contract with EE - June 5th 2013 for 24 months 2: New handset kept freezing and was inoperable August , took it to EE they sent it for repair, would not issue a temp phone without a £100 deposit 3: Phone returned 7 WEEKS later 4:I Took it away and they said it was fine now and blamed the manufacturer for the fault. 5: 2 days later not only was the phone still freezing etc but was even worse in as much as you could not be heard when making a call, so it went back again 6:
  14. I've been directed here as unfortunately I have been left in the mire by 3 mobile and their horribly incompetent, unwilling, greedy "policies" over broken handsets less than two months into a 24 month contract...! The contract: £27 pm for the One Plan and getting a Sony Xperia S from end of Feb 2013. The usage: I received the new Sony Xperia S in the first week of March. However I did not open, unbox or examine it for three-four weeks as I was extremely busy and continued to use my old Nokia E5. On Sat 6th April I finally commission the new X-S phone and get my SIM changed ov
  15. Upgraded 7 days ago today via phones4u but my apple iphone is faulty. They have agreed to exchange it for a new one but I have to send this one back before they will send me a new one. I have explained the problem with this - ie 5 days with no phone but they say this is the only way forward. I have asked to cancel the whole thing but they refuse. Surely if the handset is not fit for purpose and I ordered over the phone, there should be a way to cancel altogether?
  16. I renewed my contract with Vodafone and up-garded to a samsung s3. I received the phone on the 14th August and within a week or so the phone would only charge to 40% and then it wouldn't charge at all. The problem is with the usb connector inside the phone not the actual charger. I called VF on the 6th September and was told I would receive a new handset (no mention of a nearly new handset). After countless phone calls/emails, the phone was delivered Monday, 3 1/2 weeks after my first phone call. The seal on the box was broken so I phoned Vodafone to query this, they told me it was a
  17. Hello, Need some advice regarding a recent upgrade. On the 10th June 2012 i ordered a new handset on a 24 month contract. It arrived after a delay via courier on the 18th June 2012. On the 2nd July 2012 the touch buttons on the bottom of the handset stopped functioning, rendering the handset faulty. I contacted Orange for a replacement, and was advised that "it will be no problems the new handset will arrive this evening" (it was a same day service). However, upon receipt of this "new" handset, i noticed it was a refurbished handset, not a new one. I am now i
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