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Found 7 results

  1. I was in a relationship with a man who was both physically and emotionally abusive. He had used my bank account to commit fraud and HSBC held me liable for the debt from the fraud which is £9,566. I managed to find another place to move to and made sure I was virtually untraceable on social media and the internet. I never told the police about the abuse at the time for fear of him being arrested then released and onto me. However I did report the fraud to the police through Action Fraud and they replied a few months later saying that they cannot follow up on it as there is not enough evidence. Now HSBC are harassing me to pay back the debt, I'm a 22 year old student who cannot pay back such a large amount. Although I am terrified of him I tried to locate him so the police can find him yet he is nowhere to be found and I believe now that he had been using a fake identity whilst with me. HSBC have been immensely unhelpful, I have gone back and forth into branches and made numerous phone calls which have all been useless and I cannot take out debt relief management plans or file for bankruptcy because the debt is from fraud. They also filed a CIFAS flag marker against my name so I have to use an online bank now and will not be able to get jobs in many sectors when I finish uni, for 6 years. I opened a case with the Financial Ombudsman which is taking a long time but have been studying hundreds of their decisions on similar cases and they never rule in the favour of the victim/consumer, so I am not confident. What do I do?
  2. Hi all, first time poster but long time lurker and admirer! I am a former Bank worker (not Halifax) so know a little about complaints procedures but now need your help. For background - My partner was formerly in an abusive marriage. Her ex was emotionally, financially and physically controlling. All of this is documented in court papers and he is not allowed to see my partner's child and has no parental rights. During the course of the relationship, the two of them opened a joint bank account with Halifax (before he became completely abusive). My partner's debit card was at some point confiscated from her by him so she had no access to the account. During this time he attended a branch, obtained a form and forged my partner's signature in order to obtain a £2750 overdraft limit on the account without her knowledge. She had no knowledge of this overdraft (which he maxed out in really short order) until after the divorce proceedings had begun and he had had a restraining order placed on him. Halifax began sending chasers for payment to my partner. She put in a formal complaint which was rejected by Halifax and followed it up to the FOS which was also rejected. Naturally she wasn't best pleased attended the local Halifax branch where the Branch Manager managed to bring a copy of the document she had allegedly signed up on his screen and showed it to her. She then showed him several other documents with her signature on and he confirmed that it was clearly not the same signature or even close. He promised he would look into it and get back to her. Unfortunately he never did. After she chased him twice by email, he just stopped responding. My partner suffers from severe anxiety and depression as a result of the marriage so naturally thought this would be the end of it and simply put it to the back of her mind. This all happened before I met her. The current - Fast forward nearly two years with no correspondence from Halifax to March of this year. My partner received a letter from Halifax confirming that the account had gone past its OD limit and they were now expecting payment of the £86.54 arrears from her. We wrote a formal complaint email to the CEO and requested a DSAR so that we could have a copy of the signature. This was picked up by someone in the executive complaints team and we've been going back and forth with them requesting confirmation that my partner is not liable for the debt (as it was taken out fraudulently by her abusive ex) for the last 4-6 weeks until yesterday when we received what appears to be their final decision. they've completely ignored our request for a copy of the signature (although we are still due to receive the DSAR within the next 4 weeks), completely ignored any points we've made regarding the financial abuse, completely ignored everything - and now the account is being passed to collections, a default is to be registered against my partner and she has been issued with a formal demand for repayment as the account is "jointly and severally liable". As a former bank worker myself, I understand this point but surely this is invalid if we can prove that she did not sign for the OD? WHAT DO WE DO NOW?! I feel like we did the right thing by only corresponding via email/letter and emailing the CEO direct but I just feel like Halifax are completely steamrolling us and insisting she pay this debt. We've tried the local paper (and told Halifax we are contacting them) but so far nothing. Any advice you guys can give would be really appreciated
  3. I have left my partner this year and we filed correct tax credit forms, he was only allowed to bring £1200 in per month because of arrears in CSA to children from his previous relationships. I have a 2 year old daughter who relies on these credits for her nursery fees and I have just recieved a letter saying that he had contacted them and said instead of the £33,000 he earned he actually earned an extra £20,000 on doing home jobs. This is totally untrue but the Tax Credits office are now saying that due to this new information I have to pay £6,000 back and they will stop my credits now meaning my daughter will no longer be able to attend nursery and I will not be able to work the hours I do. Without any evidence which he cant produce as it is not true can the tax credits office just demand this. He is currently being prosecuted for harrassment and this is another way he is destroying my daughter and my life. Where do I stand Please please help as I am on the verge of bankruptcy
  4. asking on behalf of the wife whos at the end of her tether theres one child in her class (5 years old) who has autism now my daughter has autism but this child is at the deep end of the spectrum it has now got to the point where my wife is thinking of asking for a doctors note this childs kicking, biting, swearing, name calling, tried to tear off the wifes clothing now if it happens to the teacher or the head it goes in a record of behaviour, for some reason this doesnt go down if it happens to a TA any advice gratefull receaved
  5. Wonga makes 'unreserved' apology after Guardian investigation found an employee of the firm attacked the MP over her anti-payday lender stance. Online lender Wonga has apologised to MP and anti-payday loans campaigner Stella Creasy after a Guardian investigation uncovered evidence an employee of the firm has been using an anonymous Twitter account to publicly attack her, calling her mentally unstable. The investigation found that at least one Wonga employee had been using so-called "sock puppet" accounts to attack critics of the firm and post favourable comments underneath articles about it. One Twitter account, traced to someone operating within Wonga's London office, called Creasy "mental", "nuts", and a "self-serving egomaniac" because of her stance against the controversial firm and the wider payday loans market. When shown the evidence, Creasy said: "Wonga have been less than positive about the arguments I've made about cost-capping [of short-term loans] and have been the most virulent and aggressive about defending the industry as a whole. They will obviously stoop to many levels, and this is just one of them. I would expect an apology." Creasy asked Wonga, as a gesture of goodwill, to promote an event she is organising in her Walthamstow constituency on Saturday 24 November to help families struggling financially. However, Creasy later said she was disappointed the company had apparently not taken her up on her invitation. She said: "The deadline to place an advert in my local paper advertising the event has passed and I understand that Wonga has not bought an ad. This is disappointing given that Wonga could, as a gesture of goodwill, have helped promote the event at which families will be able to access help and advice to manage their finances responsibly." Writing on the OpenWonga website on 21 November, editor Luke Manning said: "Wonga has made an immediate and unreserved apology to Dr Creasy, which we hope she will accept." He added: "I want to make it absolutely clear that the actions of the individual responsible were inexcusable, and completely unacceptable. I also want to underline the fact that OpenWonga was unaware of, had nothing to do with, and disassociates itself entirely from the comments directed at Dr Creasy – which were made anonymously and without authorisation by another Wonga employee. "A disciplinary process is ongoing and the matter is being taken extremely seriously by the company. Dr Creasy has every right to campaign for the things she believes in, and although we may disagree with her view of Wonga, both Dr Creasy and her viewpoint deserve absolute respect." A computer in the Wonga offices appears to have been used to remove from the company's Wikipedia page a reference to controversy over its sponsorship of Newcastle United Football Club and to delete the category of "usury" under the See Also section. Wikipedia users have since re-added the category of "usury" and the reference to Newcastle United on the Wonga.com Wikipedia entry. Wonga maintains "an unauthorised junior employee" is responsible for the attacks on Creasy and the sock-puppetry. Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/nov/21/wonga-apologises-stella-creasy-abusive-twitter-messages
  6. Hi. I have been delivering for Knowhow for a Franchisee. I no longer work for Knowhow but the Franchisee is refusing to pay my outstanding wages and is sending abusive texts. I contacted HR but they refuse to deal with it. To whom do I complain? Thanks for any help
  7. i wonder if anyone can give me any advice, sorry if this is he wrong place. i left my abusive ex as he made my life hell. he's now got a judgment in default against me for bills and a loan that are all in his name he says i agreed to pay half. i have received a bit of legal aid but am basically told to get the judgment set aside i need to go and face him in court and put mys side across. while this sounds straight forward i am terrified and its keeping me awake at night. i left our home with a carrier bag of stuff. i never went to the police about the abuse but its documented on my medical records. btw i only found the judgement on checking public records after a problem with credit. thanks for any advice in advance.
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