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Found 15 results

  1. Sorry for going in to so much detail but I think it is relevant. I tried several times without success to book myself on a speed awareness course. A message stated that as my course was to be taken very soon I needed to ring them. I tried to ring them several times but as I work during the day and the waiting time was so long I had to give up. I did finally get through to them only to be told that yes I was too late to go on a course. I was told to ring Go Safe, who have the responsibility for issuing NIPs and offering Speed Awareness Courses. I finally got through to Go safe an
  2. Hello, The landlords had started court proceedings for rent arrears, £3,500 although they have submitted incorrect amount to court I put in a defence providing as much info as I could & telling the court I was getting further legal advice. In the meantime I've sought legal advice from Which Legal who confirm that the landlords were in breach of Gas Safe Regs. I've then spoken to Gas Safe Register, I luckily got to speak to an Incident Investigator who said I must definitely report the landlords to HSE. We were in grave danger the entire time we li
  3. I was in-between houses so I put my stuff in self-storage, then I lost my job. I have another job now, but I have arrears with the self-storage company. They keep slapping on approx. £25 every couple of weeks in late payment fess. They wont allow me to take my stuff out and come to some arrangement, they have changed the locks and my bill just gets higher and higher and whilst I can’t get my stuff out every week I get charged another week for storage I feel trapped in a vicious circle my bill just escalates and they rub their hands together when my stuff stays in storage for another
  4. Just after some information if possible. Last weekend my mother in laws house was broken into whilst they were away for the night. The burglars managed to bypass an alarm which was set and stole property. They managed to rip out a small electronic safe which was inside a cupboard and bolted to the wall. Although the safe was locked the theives had gained access to it without causing damage which surprised us and the police. Since then we have been made aware that there are several videos on the internet showing the exact make and design of safe and how to access it without any codes, ke
  5. I had a few personal accounts with NatWest with a few grand overdraft on each which I couldnt pay back. These accounts were eventually closed by the bank and are now in the hands of debt collection agency. I also have a business account with them which has no debt attached to it. A while back I stopped using my business account in case they took money out of that account to repay the overdraft and just used a basic personal account from a different bank for my business banking which really isnt ideal but helped me get through at the time. Im now wondering as I dont have g
  6. My brother sold a car part for £460. The part is a piggy back ECU which is quite rare. He told me that the buyer wanted to pay with a bank transfer to save on him getting fee's etc. My brother said the payment came through instantly and is coming up with something like "3rd party transfer" which we've not seen before. I told him I would check to see if this is safe, or if there is some sort of [problem] that involves doing direct transfers? The buyer is within the UK. Thanks!
  7. How safe are E-cigs ? Many countries have banned E-cigs, yet some people are calling for the NHS to provide them for free for those trying to give up smoking. I looked up information online, as i was surprised about reports that some countries banned E-cigs and I found it to be correct. Brazil and Singapore are just two countries that have banned them. If you are caught using them in Singapore you get an automatic $200 fine. There are multiple concerns about their safety from the batteries being a fire risk to the liquids available for the vaping. In many countries you cannot
  8. Child Identity Theft – How Safe is Your Child’s Identity ID theft is not just limited to adults. Children are just as much at risk of having their identity stolen. Unfortunately theft of a child’s identity can go undetected for years, which is why children can be a tempting target for identity thieves. In America, the Federal Trade Commission found children make up the fastest growing segment of identity theft victims.* The UK does not experience this crime to the same degree as our personal data is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998, however with the rise of social media ch
  9. Immobilise is a FREE national property register, on which people can register items belonging to them. It was set up in 2003 and works alongside the Police National Mobile Proprty Register, so the authorities can trace owners of lost and stolen property. This makes it harder for a thief to dispose of stolen goods and greatly increases the chances of them being identified. It also leads to a huge number of items being identified as stolen and being returned to their owner. Immobilise can be used by members of the public and businesses to register their valued
  10. Seriously it is a bit of a long story so I will try and make it brief. I live in a lovely village in a block of one storey flats which were built in the 70's The landlord is a large housing association. A few years ago a majority of the flats started experiencing bad damp problems, mine included. The housing association maintained it was nothing more than condensation. However on the outside of the building large cracks started appearing and some walls are now at visible angles. They continually come round and re-point the cracks which now open up within a couple of weeks.
  11. I need to open a safe bank account not connected to anyone I owe money to. I was thinking of Co-Op but I have no idea which banks are linked together these days. I have CC debts with MBNA, Bank of Scotland, Mint, Barclaycard and an overdraft with Nationwide Is Co-Op safe for me? Thanks in advance.
  12. my pc HAS decided it now wants to run in safe mode and will not do a system restore, any help welcome, I have not done anything to it.I came to put it on today and it is running in safe mode so it is making it very hard to do anything.I have shut it down and restarted it but still doing same, was fine last night, I am using Windows Vista home premium. Comp is about 3 years old, have tried system restore but when it has finished it I get a message saying unknown error prevented it doing it.I found what I thought were the back up discs I got with it, tried them but it is still same, IT wil
  13. I'm just awaiting my creditors meeting for an IVA which is a couple of weeks and I have had lots of problems with PayDay loans trying to empty my account, although I have gotten all the money back off the bank. I've swapped most my income over to a new account but there is still a few that haven't happened as yet. My daughters DLA is due to go in tomorrow so I'm planning to stay up to safe guard the money and trasfter it to my other account as soon as it goes through. My question is what time do BACS payments go into your account? Is it midnight? Thanks M
  14. Hello out there, thanks for maintaining such a great forum - i was wondering if anyone would be able to lend their wisdom to my predicament. I recently found myself jobless and juggling a number of payday loans - in scrambling for work and having no sociable hours to work with my payday loan providers i approached Debt Reverse - and established a DMP - the first payment has yet to be made but i'm hesitant to send it as despite DebtRev' describing a 'good working relationship' with my payday lenders, i have still received incessant contact from them ( i'm told this is all
  15. Ok guys My question is how long do these people have to issue a speeding fine letter ? Reason i ask is because i was doing 33 or 34 mph in a 30 limit near our home, i have always done this speed and never seen this Van in my life but lately they have been all around our area. I was doing 33 or 34 mph on the 4th September and not heard anything as yet Secondly do they have to make themselves visible to road users ? This van was parrell parked between 2 cars making it hard for people to see him until it was too late.
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