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  1. Hi I've followed the advice on this forum and have been able to get all defaults removed accept Tesco mobile. Tesco mobile are refusing to remove the default because they do not seem is as fraud. This is the last email they sent: "I am once again sorry that there is nothing further we can do in this case. Your account has been fully investigated by our fraud team who have deemed that this is not a fraud case. Due to this, we cannot review your account any further and would recommend that you seek advice from the police on what next steps to take." I have made a com
  2. Hi I have Lowell replied to my dispute online at equifax and said to contact them directly to discuss this. I did this and try replied saying: Hello, Thank you for your email. Authorising this email address As we don’t have confirmation that this email address is for you, we’d be grateful if you could confirm the following for security purposes: · Your date of birth. · Your current address, including your postcode. If you’d prefer, you can confirm this email address by registering on our secure customer website at http://www.lowell
  3. My name is uncommon so I think it is likely fraud
  4. thank you I will modify it and upload it here. Should I still send letters to individual companies about the identity theft or not? Also what companies should I send the SAR too?
  5. I do not have any ideas who it could be but I'm thinking it may be a family member or previous neighbors who share a letterbox.
  6. I have reported the crime to the police and the crime reference number is I have been a victim of Identity Theft and have not taken out any form of credit with your creditor, BT. I have found this out after checking my credit report with Equifax which has a default registered from you for £ 237. This account has the wrong date of birth also registered 11/09/1998 which means the account was taken out when I was underage and a minor. I have also received pre-legal assessment letter from you for this account. I would like this default to be removed from my credit profile. I have written t
  7. Virgin have replied to the Equifax dispute and agreed to remove the default. I just need to remove defaults from Lowell, Tesco mobile and shop direct. - - - Updated - - - 26/01/2019 ive updated this SAR letter
  8. Ok I will change it should I ask them to remove the default in a separate letter?
  9. Should I send this by email or letter to resolve quickly?
  10. hi this is the draft letter i created. Please can you let me know of any changes required thanks
  11. On the letter should I ask he companies to remove the defaults? I disputed the information online using the online support centre
  12. Hi I will write an SAR today and will post it here to check. I have disputed the information with the Equifax but it is still in dispute
  13. Hi, on my credit report it says Tesco mobile telecoms, virgin mobile telecoms, mail agent order agency from shop direct. Lowell is from 19/12/2016 and the default date is 29/06/2017. Second Lowell is from 14/01/2017 and default date is 18/04/2017. Tesco mobile is from 09/01/2014 and default date is 17/08/2014. Virgin Mobile is from 12/12/2013 and default days is 12/10/2016. On the Lowell defaults it says communication supplier from Lowell so I think they may be mobile providers but I will have to find out from them. As I have not moved house i
  14. Hi, I have recently turned 18 and have tried opening a bank account however I was declined. I was told in the branch to check my credit report at Experian and Equifax. I have been able to check Equifax and have discovered there are 5 defaults from different companies. All these defaults are from quite some time ago and show the wrong date of births. I have disputed these defaults with the Equifax but they have come back and said the companies have said the information is accurate and they cannot change it. The companies that the defaults are from Lowell, Tesco,
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