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  1. How can I get any letter of the card provider, it was a stolen card? I have no idea who's it was or where it came from. Also, how would a confession not prove that? Surely if the phone log or what ever information they must keep is not me and it tally's up with his admission of guilt then that must be case closed.
  2. Well the evidence is that my brother is willing to confess to doing it. If they look at the details relating to the call or payment it won’t be me, if they look at the number that called them it won’t be mine.
  3. The gas and electric were metered and I was paying the Sky via direct debit. One month he said he’d cover the Sky bill, I had no idea he was going to ring up and use a stolen card. Obviously being my brother I had no idea he would do such a thing. I understand the reasons behind Sky registering it but the 18 months to prove my innocence and not one of these companies looking into or using the evidence at hand is my issue.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am seeking legal help or guidance here as I am at my wits end with any Ombudsman, Sky and CIFAS. Over a year ago I applied for a Santander personal account as I had an existing business account with them, to my surprise they turned me down so I contacted them and they could not provide me with the exact reason why. I was also contacted by Santander who then stated that they had to remove my name from our Ltd company bank account. I dug into this and eventually the bank manager found out that a fraud mark had been registered against me and that was against they're criteria. I contacted CIFAS and obtained a copy of the information, in January 2016 Sky TV registered a credit card fraud mark against my name. To keep it short after many phone calls with Sky, a credit card belonging to someone else was used to pay a bill at my address. Obviously I explained this was not me nor did I have any knowledge of this and Sky told me they could no longer discuss the matter with me. At the time the payment was made I did not reside at the property and can prove this, it was rented out to my younger brother and had been for about 12 months. I confronted him about this and eventually he admits he found a card and had been using it fraudulently. I wrote to Sky and CIFAS numerous times over the past 1.5 years to try and resolve this matter, CIFAS eventually stopped replying to my letters and Sky did not once contact me. CIFAS contacted Sky who stated they were investigating the matter but again neither company ever came back to me. I contacted The Ombudsman who initially couldn't help me the contacted another and the outcome offered was a £30 payment towards the arrears that were caused with the fraud payment and a letter of apology for the poor customer service! I obviously decided as that outcome had no relevance to the issue I had. Sky recently contacted me and I called them back today to discuss the matter further, hurrah I though finally after nearly 18 months! But no, Sky once again were unhelpful and told me they would not be taking any more action on this matter! I emailed the lady who contacted me and she responded with the following: Dear Mr , Thank you for responding to my previous email and contacting us today. I am sorry if you felt that my colleague was rude and unhelpful during your phone conversation and will certainly feed this back. I can confirm that the information supplied to you by Steven is correct. In order for us to take any further action on your account we need written confirmation in the form of a headed letter from the card holder's issuing bank which was used to make the unauthorised payment stating that the payment(s) previously reported as being unauthorised are no longer being treated as such. Only once we receive this headed letter of confirmation will we be able to take any further action. Kind Regards Jacqualyn Case Investigation Consultant Escalated Complaints To say I am banging my head against a brick wall is an understatement. I have tried everything but no one will take any action. I have told Sky that my brother is actually willing to come clean and admit he was the one who made this payment but they aren't interested, what more can I do? I've asked them to look at the dialogue for the call as it would not have been me who made it! They have no evidence yet I have a guilty plea and I still can't get my name cleared! Can anyone on here help? I even think I should be compensated for this now as every single day it causes me trouble and not one single person can understand how to solve the issue. Basically if you want to ruin someones credit, get they're account number from the mail, off the TV what ever is easiest, ring them up, make payment with a hooky card and job done, ruined! Please help! Kind regards Grant
  5. I have emailed this and will send the same by mail tomorrow. To whom it may concern, A letter was posted to xxxxxxx noting that control has been taken of the vehicle that was parked on the driveway at 10:15 26/01/16. I feel I should inform you that this vehicle was purchased and paid for by Mrs D xxx and is now owned, driven and insured by my partner which is why it was on the driveway on that given day. I myself do not drive at present and have not done so since July 2015. I can of course provide proof/evidence of everything listed above. That being the case I insist that the levy on the vehicle be removed immediately.
  6. I did lose my licence unfortunately, part of the reason I'm in such a mess financially. If I contact them with that information will that stand? Thanks
  7. It's a 2003 BMW convertible, it's not actually worth a great deal anymore. My saving grace may be that although the log book is in my name, when I bought it my mother took out the finance for me!? It's paid off now. Should I lead with this or send the log book off and back date it to December with my girlfriends name on? She insures it and uses it and I havnt had a driving licence since last July so there's not a lot to question really.
  8. Hi Guys, I've been reading through this part of the forum and it looks like I'm in the right place. I've had numerous letters from various bailiffs about some large council tax arrears I have unfortunately accrued over the years. Unfortunately I have not always been a high earner since my business folded back in 2008 when all this began. Last week these guys turned up and I greeted them and they demanded over £4000, I told them I had been in contact with the council and would deal with them, they threatened me with sending it for committal (if that's the correct phrase) because I was refusing to pay. I responded with "I have nothing to take and no money, I am not refusing too, I just cant afford £4000+" Today they turned up again and my girlfriend had parked the car on the driveway (her car but in my name, she pays insurance in her name, it was on my business policy until it ended in December). They have given me a control of goods bit of paper on this car and have given me until 03/02/16 to come to an arrangement or pay. Now I am very poor at present, trying to develop a new business and can barely pay my mortgage at the moment. I have little to no spare money, I would love to pay this off and get it gone but I just can't afford it as I also have other priority debts I'm trying my best to work on. They say (with they're charges £75x5, £235) I owe £4861.02. I actually owe: 2008/2009 23.06.08 – 31.03.09 555.36* 2009/2010 01.04.09 – 31.03.10 793.05* 2010/2011 01.04.10 – 31.03.11 915.95* 2011/2012 01.04.11 – 31.03.12 861.00* 2012/2013 01.04.12 – 31.03.13 933.66* 2013/2014 01.04.13 – 31.03.14 0.00 2014/2015 01.04.14 – 31.03.15 530.98** 2015/2016 01.04.15 – 31.03.16 1030.71** TOTAL 5620.71 The total debits for the years 2008 to 2016 = £7053.48 and costs of £330.00 have been incurred. Therefore, total debit = £7383.48 The total remittance received to date = £1762.77, therefore the remaining balance of the account is £5620.71. That's straight from the Council. What on earth am I meant to do??? Thanks in advance,, Grant
  9. Swift are chasing me for almost £400, I received a fine for a tyre below the legal requirement last year and paid it via an automated service. The payment was a little late as I remember, but the system accepted it and took my money. I have proved this to swift but they say I must contact the client and prove it to them so they can look into the matter. I tried via the number they gave me and they said they couldn't help. What can I do?!!
  10. I've had swift credit services hounding me for a fine I received last year for having a tyre below the legal limit, I paid the fine via an automated service I think it was a month late but the payment was accepted and processed. I called Swift the first time they sent me a letter and gave them the authorisation code to say it had been paid and accepted, a week ago they turned up with a van, I contacted the office explaining I had paid it and sent them a copy of my bank statement as proof as they requested. They then said I had to contact a number to give their client the proof I gave them, this was another automated court service with no one to actually speak to. I emailed them again today explaining this and they said that they have advised me all they can! So I've proved to them that the fine had been paid albeit late but they still are chasing me! What can I do!??
  11. Don't worry followed linky! Thanks for that I'll get on the case immediately and keep this updated!
  12. No, i've not got the complete list of charges only the most recent ones. Grant
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