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  1. Thank you, Yes i have recently moved about three weeks ago. I haven't made any transactions with AXA so I don't know why they took money from my account. Santander says it will be sending me information shortly and I will be picking up my new card at a named branch shortly. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I found out that AXA took out three unauthorised payments from my Santander current account during the last week. I do not recollect having made any contracts with them. Santander made me aware by contacting me with a routine fraud alert contact. I had the card that the monies was coming out from stopped and a new card is on its its way to me. AXA has refunded the monies they have taken out , whilst i am awaiting my new card. , but I have not contacted them . Can AXA do this again? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi hope you can help. I am currently a property guardian which means I live in an empty property as a type of 'live in security guard'. The advantage is that the licence agreement, (instead of rent agreement) each month is so low that I currently have no debts , but have no savings either. The disadvantage is that I can be asked to move out of the property at any months given notice and there are too many constraints on my social life. I therefor want to move into a rented accommodation but have calculated that this would mean I would build debt from rent
  4. Many thanks Andyorch I didn't pursue with the issue but I am glad I am armed with the information you have given and know what to do if I come across a similar [problem] again.
  5. Thank you. Yes the rent £800 is high for me and I have walked away. My query is that isn't LL advertising illegally? Because they wasted my time and I am not sure what other charges they would come up with . Is there a specific trading standards agency I could highlight what I think is illegal and misleading advertising by LL?
  6. Yes , I have communicated by email to say the advert is misleading and the senior negotiator has sent back and email to say that they 'totally understand' and that we could go ahead and negotiate with an offer of £750 with the landlord. I am trying not to give out the whole email correspondence here at this point,
  7. Hi , I went to the viewing having received flat details and the studio was confirmed as that advertised.
  8. Happy New year! Hope you can help. I am just querying if a n estate agent is advertising legally. I was recently in communication with the estate agents Lawson S Stone Coulsdon who currently have a studio flat advertised as £650 per month in the following link https://www.zoopla.co.uk/to-rent/details/53791452 I went to a viewing and was told that the studio was £750. I said this was not the amount advertised and the ' senior negotiator' gave a reason that I find hard to recall now. I was also shown other rooms in the same flat and recognised that photos
  9. Hi, I have received a letter from Robinson Way dated 16th July 2019 acknowledging a SB letter I sent them. They confirm that an account they have with me is statute barred and will be closed. Many thanks for your support in the replies to this thread.
  10. Ok, I do have a pension plan with Equitable Life!!! I have just received a letter dated 09th July 2019 confirming the policy. Thanks for all the reassurances from you and the other site team members. Also to the pointer to pension Wise I would otherwise have been needlessly flustered about scams etc. Many thanks!
  11. Lol! thanks ericsbrother! I was hoping for a windfall from a potential frozen pension, but you have brought me back to earth. What knacked me in the first place was that they could do a credit search out of the blue like that! ... and then send me infor without precise policy details.. But I am looking forward to their reply.
  12. Hi, Thanks honeybee13 I have today sent an email asking what polices I have with them and asking why they did a credit search using my details. I have an automated email response saying they will reply within two weeks.
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