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Found 6 results

  1. I'm sorry in advance if this is a bit vague, but I don't have all the details available. I was contacted by HMRC a year or two ago, stating that I had been overpaid Tax Credits for the year 2013/2014. It came about because I apparently didn't tell them that I stopped using my childcare provider when I moved and had therefore been being paid the 'childcare element' for almost a year, that I wasn't entitled to. I STRONGLY disputed this because I phoned them when I moved to give them my new address, and am absolutely certain that I told them at the same time, that I'm no longer using registered childcare as my mum was now providing my childcare. It just makes no logical sense as I had moved 160 miles so why they'd think I was still using a childcare provider 160 miles away is beyond me... I was so sure that I'd told them, that I began an appeal and requested audio copies of my telephone calls to them within the month that I moved (and the month following, just incase it had taken me a few weeks) They sent me a CD Rom disc with two recordings on - one of which was a phonecall that wasn't even me, it was a completely different person asking about who received Tax Credits if her and her ex husband have joint custody..! The other phonecall was me, but wasn't the phonecall I was referring to (when I moved). So I responded again saying that one wasn't me, but that there must be another one, and apparently it doesn't exist - which is funny, because they had my new address, so it must exist as I must have phoned them to tell them! Anyway, after this I kind-of gave up because I was frightened (the overpayment is large..!) and I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere, that I was going to end up being made to pay it and I don't know how I can. By now I was also no longer a single parent (in a new relationship) so no longer in receipt of Tax Credits and therefore they couldn't deduct it from my award - they just kept sending me payment demands. Since then, I have moved again (last year) and so far I haven't received any more letters from them - I'm assuming they don't know my new address and therefore don't know where contact me, so I have been happily keeping quiet. However I am currently pregnant again and we are in a position where I may have to give up work following my maternity leave as we can't afford the childcare (we no longer have family help with that). Based on my partners income, we *should* be entitled to some tax credits which we would desperately need - but I'm too scared to contact them/apply, as I'm assuming they'll put two and two together at some point; they'll then have my new address and will be able to start chasing me for that previous overpayment again. Would this be likely to happen? I'm even too scared to apply for Tax Relief for my uniform/professional fees etc at work because that's through HMRC too and I'm scared to make any form of contact with them even if it's not the Tax Credits department, as they'll then know where I am We are really struggling financially despite both working hard (with good jobs and a fairly decent wage), so I just don't know how I could begin to pay it back if they insist I have to.. but on the same note, we also do need those Tax Credits if I have to give up work.. that's if they even allow it with an outstanding overpayment on file?! Would it flag up straight away about the previous overpayment, due to my NI number being linked to it..? Would it be dangerous to even apply, considering they'd then have my new address and my NI number will presumably flag up the overpayment again at some point, even if not straight away? Sorry for the long post, my head is a bit of a mess about it all..!
  2. Yesterday, I got a phone call from the ATOS assessment center in Weston S Mare, both on my landline and my mobile number, as I was attending a hospital appointment my son answered the home phone and the lady refused to identify herself or leave a message. When they called the mobile number the caller display showed it to be Adams Childrens Ware (a clothing shop now long gone), I was a little creeped out when I phoned the number only to find that it was ATOS calling to confirm that I would be attending my interrogation on Monday. Is it me or am I being paranoid that they are trying to trick people into not responding to calls by using a false caller ID?
  3. Comparison sites accused over calls The "big five" comparison websites are directing callers to energy tariffs that earn them commission despite being asked for the cheapest deal - months after they faced allegations that they used similar tactics online, it has been claimed. Collective switching website The Big Deal has released recordings of phone calls and transcripts from last month in which it claims that all five of the biggest comparison sites - uSwitch, Go Compare, MoneySuperMarket, Compare the Market and Confused.com - failed to mention deals that did not pay them a commission. In the case of uSwitch, the difference between what it claimed was the cheapest deal and the actual lowest tariff was £60, The Big Deal said. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/pa/article-2935857/Comparison-sites-accused-calls.html You can read the phone call transcripts here: https://thisisthebigdeal.com/blog/PCW-Miselling-Over-The-Phone Last October it was revealed that the price comparison sites were hiding the cheapest “switching” deals in favour of suppliers who pay them commission. Consumers were only given access to the full range of deals – that is, including suppliers who did not pay the sites commission for referring potential customers – if they unticked pre-selected boxes. Confused and MoneySupermarket have since stopped hiding energy deals, but uSwitch, Go Compare and Compare the Market still only show deals they make commission from by default.
  4. 2005 Loan made to purchase a leased flat and the loan was secured by a first mortgage on the property (the principal charge). In 2006 the loan was sold or transferred including all of its interests to another company who then recorded their interest by way a charge using the original mortgage deed which was created in 2005. A few months later with out any knowledge being given to us the borrowers, the so called loan in equity only part was sold and put in a pool of mortgages then sold to investors using the Irish stock exchange. We now jump to 2013 when after repeated written requests of why do I have to now include an unknown party on my buildings insurance and who are the unknown party, I am informed that the party concerned in fact own our loan and have done so since 2006. (Nice to know! Thank you Arseden for informing us 7 years after the event ) A few weeks later I receive a written request to make all my future monthly mortgage payments the Euro shipping company instead(joke). I can,t and nor can any one else just sit back and let this happen any longer, I have had enough and wont stand for it any more. I have decided stand up to them. Do you realize what we all have done, We have put our homes at serious risk and been subject to a big time con, the banksters have without our permission mortgaged our property or home to someone else who is then trading it on the Irish stock exchange. In other words they have mortgaged your mortgage ,so what stops them from mortgaging the mortgage of the mortgage and so on! This is down right abuse! Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes I am dyslexic, help is need if I am to fight them using the law any way I can. Have lots of documents which may help other people who feel the same way as I do don’t mind sharing them and would look forward to hearing from any one in the same boat.
  5. US bank JP Morgan Chase has been accused of hiding its huge trading losses by a US Senate panel. The bank lost $6.2bn (£4.1bn) in trades last year by an employee nicknamed the London Whale. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that the bank misled investors and ignored risks. In response, the bank said: "While we have repeatedly acknowledged mistakes, our senior management acted in good faith." JP Morgan added that the management "never had any intent to mislead anyone". Bruno Iksil, the trader at the heart of the incident, was dubbed the London Whale because the positions taken were big enough to move markets. Mr Iksil lost his job as a result. "We found a trading operation that piled on risk, ignored limits on risk-taking, hid losses, dodged oversight and misinformed the public," said Carl Levin, the subcommittee chairman, who is a Democrat. The report suggested that senior executives, including chief executive Jamie Dimon, were aware of huge losses at the bank, downplaying the risks in public, but also blamed federal regulators for a lack of oversight that allowed the country's largest bank to take on levels of risk. The bank "gambled away billions of dollars through risky and exotic trades, then intentionally hid its losses from investors and the public, showing complete disregard for risk management procedures and regulatory oversight," Republican Senator John McCain said.The committee will question bank officials and regulators on Friday aboutthe trading loss. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21795662
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