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  1. no unfortunately i didnt have the record facility at the time , only thing in my defence i have cctv footage on a hard drive of me at work at the said given time and date..thanks
  2. Morning! received a letter from m&s insurance svs stating i was involved in an incident on 1/11/16 and are charging me an extra £41. I rang m&s and we both agreed it was mistaken identity and i wouldnt be charged on the 6th of december..instead the sneaked it out on the 28th of december and a black mark on my no claims. The alleged incident happened 200 miles away while i was at work and my car parked..they dont seemed to be listening to me.so as i have used this forum in the past and good results im interested in any of your thoughts on how i should proceed further..obviousely t
  3. Yes she does Estell and i dont mind paying, but she never informed them that he left, so i will, apart from that i have our daughter whom she threw out onto the street, so her lover could move in, i pay full whack for our son, she pays 5 aweek for our daughter and i know she is claiming benefits while her lover lives there illegally..i struggle as a working man and she is well off fiddling..i understand your point, but understand how i feel too.
  4. Thank you mad woman, iam still paying child maintenanc, i can take measures now.
  5. Listen to this i have a son 17 and a daughter 15 whom i was paying their mother payments direct into her bank, in may last year she decided to throw our 15yr old daughter out to satisfy the wishes of her 52yr old boyfriend, so i drove the 400miles and brought her home with us, she is now settled in school and doing ok. At the time i informed my ex that my payments should reduce and made an offer she refused and handed matters to the csa, so immediatley i made a counter claim for my daughter this was in june, as my wages had to be assesed i ceased payments and put them to one side untill i k
  6. my son aged 17 left college for no good reason last november, how long can child benefit be claimed after the date he left and should they be informed straight away?
  7. jim 20

    csa query

    Worst of all i pay my other sons mum a fixed sum every month..yes ive had 2 relationships.. by way of family arrangement i also help with clothes pay his xbox live etc, but the csa wont accept this therefore i have to pay 15% to my other ex, so in respect iam now paying more than 25% for 2 children, so now i have to put him through the csa to get it down to 20%, so thats another relationship going all clinical and by the book and on top of all this my daughter also my exs daughter by the way is feeling the tension from me, what kind of mother throws their daughter out to suit the new boyfriend
  8. jim 20

    csa query

    Well ive put my payslips in now and the csa want more than i can afford...that means im struggling to put fuel in the car to go to work..im packing the job in bugger it, she wasnt happy with what i was paying, shes even depraved her own daughter, unfortunately if you work these days you are worse off than the lazy **** ex wives who dont like work, shes on benefit and can run a home..i work and cant meet the costs cos of the extra payments...hope your happy Ann youv just put your own daghter into poverty you should be proud and for the csa! how do they manage without their script! what a bunch
  9. jim 20

    csa query

    She has to pay now jacob, ive done everything by the book never missed payments, always compromised when she has demanded more. ive read horror stories about the csa and she always ued that as a sort of blackmail, iam a parent with care, she is a parent with care, does she have more rights bieng a woman...i dont think so, they all slag men off for not paying, well here is an example of a woman not wanting to pay and i think personally on the whole if it were mainly women who were the absent parents they would be worse than the men!
  10. jim 20

    csa query

    HI, ive been paying child support for my son and daughter for 10yrs now, my son is 16 and daughter 15, recently my daughter moved in with me and is at school i have paid privately without csa, but soon as i asked for £5 a week off my ex wife for my daughter she went up in arms and decided to go through the csa, my son is 400 miles away, and i travel 264 miles per week to work, ive heard of variations, so i need advice, if she can be funny so can i, ive paid all those years, all the travel costs to see them in that time,no help from my ex and i ask for a fiver as she is on some benefits or othe
  11. Hi sequenci, i have just read the article further down the threads, ive got no chance, but i wont be going back with them now!
  12. Hi all, ive been with 3 for seven years now, i have 2 contracts with them at £15 a month each they are phone upgrades, so i have another15 or so months until im contract free. They sent me an email today stating that they are increasing my monthly payments by 53p, not alot, but my agreement was 15 a month not £15.53, now if i cancelled early i get a penalty, so iam not happy about this really surely if they have altered the contract i should be contract free and able to cancel anytime now, to be honest im sick of their special offer calls from india 3 times a day, so iam considering canc
  13. Nah..poor quality paper ive already tried that:wink:
  14. Thats why we use paypal to protect us, they lost the 1500 to the other party, your the easiest target by the looks of it, i would hold the 1500 safe, get the police involved, personally i think your home and dry after all your pc is gone, paypal lost the money after they had paid you, but i wouldnt spend it all just yet til its sorted which im sure it will...sooner you inform police the better,also paypal should inform them too.
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