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Found 16 results

  1. I took a telephone contract out in 2015 and had issues with the provider from the onset and entered into a dispute which lasted several years before finally taking my case to the ombudsman which I won and the provider was deemed to have mis-sold the contract. All adverse on my credit file was wiped clean. The provider also accused me of face to face category six fraud and entered my details onto the National Fraud Database which has caused me untold grief and countless sleepless nights amongst other hardships. This is not dealt with by the Ombudsman services and was made clear by the Omb
  2. CIFAS handled ny complaint against an application fraud warning in a reckless manner. I decided to take CIFAS to Court. I would like some insights as whether or not CIFAS is subject to Consumer Rights Act 2015 for service provisions? My second question is: are there precedents of consumers taking CIFAS to Court?
  3. Hello everyone I’m looking to get some help if possible please my partner recently applied to open a new HSBC bank account for the cash incentive via the online system. The account she applied for some reason was declined but then instantly offered a standard basic account instead which she accepted and the card and pin arrived a few days later. The following week another letter arrived in a large envelope again from hsbc this time stating they had now closed the account without warning or notice due to not meeting the banks criteria. Strange but ok fair enough she’s not wanted as a custo
  4. Hello All, I have Banked with Barclays as a personal customer for several years. Recently I opened a Barclays Business account and 2 weeks later following our first transaction received funds of approx 20k followed by several additional purchases from the same Business client totalling some 80k. The money was used to pay the overseas supplier, (supplier A) and balance used as down payment for additional import stock. The following month approx 40k was received from a customer for building supplies, we had secured 30 days credit terms with the supplier, (supplier B). The sam
  5. Hi, I have read quite a few stories on here which has helped me in writing a formal complaint letter to the CEO Les Matheson and also CC'd to Customer Complaints but i have a funny feeling I am going to have to take my case to court. My story is below.. (I can email my letter that i have already sent to the bank to anyone who is willing to give me some advice or post the contents on the board if needed.) Story: In 2014 3 different cheques of £4,000 odd were paid into my NatWest account. They all was sent back to me at my home address where the bank had let me kn
  6. Can anybody advise how long I will remain on the CIFAS register. I have been put on the Cifas register by Barclays bank. The category used was aiding and abetting. I know I can try and fight it but it has caused me so much stress and time that I feel for my own well being I should just wait until it comes off the register. I am not a fraudster but had money paid into my account which I reported to the bank. As a result they closed my accounts and added me to the CIFAS register. Thank you
  7. Hi Everyone, I am seeking legal help or guidance here as I am at my wits end with any Ombudsman, Sky and CIFAS. Over a year ago I applied for a Santander personal account as I had an existing business account with them, to my surprise they turned me down so I contacted them and they could not provide me with the exact reason why. I was also contacted by Santander who then stated that they had to remove my name from our Ltd company bank account. I dug into this and eventually the bank manager found out that a fraud mark had been registered against me and that was against they're
  8. I have had something simalar happen to me - I was with thinkmoney and decided to move - tied barclays - they accepted me and I moved my pay & DDs to the new account. Yesterday (29/04/206) I finally got a letter in the post I had a text message on the Monday 25th) saying my card was suspended - called them and they said I should have a letter explaining it all. My pay went into the bank on that day and a few DDs have come out. I am trying to get a basic account sorted. (I do have a default on my credit file from about 5 years ago) - I am thinking this
  9. Hi All, Need some advice, I'm contesting a Cat 6 CIFAS marker on my file by NatWest History In 2012, i was the victim of fraud, which involved fraudulent cheques being paid into my account, then cashed out. I contested this fraud to Natwest, however they rejected my appeal; I escalated this to the Financial Ombudsman, however they sided with Natwest. Now I tried apply for a credit card with my bank (Barclays) but was turned down; this prompted me to investigate (currently have a Credit Expert score of 991 and earn £50k+) as I should have met the criteria
  10. Hello all! I have been reading this website for awhile and decided to join yesterday! I am extremely interested to get anyone's advise or experiences with having Bank of Ireland put on CIFAS, how to approach it and how it can be resolved. Many Thanks Lisa
  11. kmiah786

    CIFAS Marker

    Hi, Few months ago I was a victim of fraud, nothing was taken but a fake application was made to Vanquis for a credit card. Now I have a CIFAS marker: Type: ID Fraud (pers credit card) Please can someone let me know how I can get this removed
  12. Hello, Last May my partner and I had our joint savings account closed down with santander due to fraudulent activity. I had no idea why this happened until my partner admitted to me that he had cashed a cheque that came through the post and didn't know why it had been sent/who it was from (absolutely stupid of him I know). 6 months later they'd obviously twigged that this was fraudulent and shut the account down. Fair enough. We went to the bank at the time and explained the situation and they said could take months if not years for them to draw a conclusion to their investigation. We hav
  13. Hi, first post - sorry if its in wrong place! I was rejected for a Santander current account and they suggested I ask with CIFAS, Experian, Equifax, Synectics, Callcredit and N Hunter. I applied online for Equifax and Experian and sent postal applications to the other four. Equifax and Experian have come back and there are a few things to clear up, but mostly seems right. HOWEVER, I got a letter from CIFAS addressed to a similar but different name, and one that I certainly haven't given them or given anyone as my own name. Basically, I am Jonathan and the letter was addres
  14. Hi, i recently applied for a mortgage with C&G, having never had problems applying for mortgages before. The mortgage was agreed in priciple, although they needed to write to employer to confirm commission earnings after around 3-4 weeks of too and fro. Inbetween the times of applying and them writing to my employer, i was offered a new job and current employer asked me to leave straight away, and hence detailed "No Longer Employed" on the reference form from C&G. They then took that as fraud and and think i was lying about employment details, and pla
  15. Hello All! So I am in the process of dealing with partners debt, liaising to negotiate reduced settlement etc. I had thought them very suspicious but all the paperwork is in order and he owes the money. So today I visited my bank to open a (second) business account (my credit file is now thankfully squeeky clean) only for it to be 'referred'. I was told (and shouldnt have been but he was trying to help and has known me for some time) that it was because my boyfriend is showing as potentially fraudulent as as we live at the same address I am now implicated! He couldnt tell m
  16. Need help urgently. Last year someone approached me saying they'd lost their bank card and asked if they could put some money into my account and I withdraw it for them. They let me keep a small amount. £160 was transfered. I thought nothing of it and thought to be helping somebody in trouble but I found out this money was illegal. Recently, a year after this incident, I found out a CIFAS cat 6 has been placed against my name by barclays bank. I want to know how I can correct this as I was only 17 at the time and don't want it to ruin my life! Thank you
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