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  1. Justice Secretary announces victim compensation scheme review, scraps unfair rule READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/justice-secretary-announces-victim-compensation-scheme-review-scraps-unfair-rule
  2. Hi all, we were Future Energy customers, before they folded last year. Shortly before the collapse, they fitted our home with smart meters. Now I was never happy with the gas meter and how it didn't fit in the existing box, resulting in the lid being left unlocked and open (see photos). Now we have been moved over to a new supplier (Green Star Energy), I am wondering whether they are liable for rectifying the problem? If not, who is? Thanks,
  3. Hello. I am another one to add to the list of finding my car not being on the hpi basic check. Got the car in February and today got visited by two people and a car transporter from Burlington Group acting on behalf of Car Cash Point. The bill of sale was never produced from the Burlington operative when i asked for it, instead proceeded to get the police involved. I should have stood my ground but instead agreed to pay off the remaining debt to keep the car. Wouldn't be able to work without it. All i can do now is find the registered keeper and put my claim to get the
  4. Hi guys, I need some urgent advice, i just received three letters from Marston company asking me to pay three parking fines or they going to send a bailiff to take over all my belongings by 31st Jan 18. My driving details have been stolen in early march 2017 i been informed by DVLA in June, that someone used my details to get the new licence but after providing some security details they issued me new licence. When i asked if they found out who is the culprit then they told me that matter is with west Yorkshire police and i dont have to do anything. After that i
  5. New to site, but im desperate for help.* I sold a brand new iphone 7 on 02/12/16. Buyer paid through paypal straight away, no problem. I withdrew funds to my bank account,* and got item ready for dispatch. Received follow on email from buyer stating that they forgot to update their details, and could i send to their alternative address? I said ok, as it wasnt initially suspicious as they had already paid, and it is something ive requested myself in the past, when i bought tyres for my car, but asked for them to be delivered to my local for fitting. sent phone to address
  6. I have been harassed by a neighbor because I wont be his friend. I am from a domestic violence background came out of a refuge and I am an attractive woman in my 20s with mental health issues of anxiety and depression (also recently diagnosed with PTSD due to current events) The HA placed me between two older men, this wouldnt usually be a problem but they both became obsessed with me. I had to tell both of them to please stop knocking on my door, I am private. This is when the false noise complaints from downstairs firstly came however I wasnt the victim because he was elder
  7. Hello, I hope I can get some help here about the worst case I ever had with a Bank. One month ago, exactly few days when I got married, my debit card details were compromised and more than £6000 were stolen from my debit card and paid into some online gambling site in Gibraltar. I found out about these transactions the day after the were made and immediately called my Bank - TSB. I had two accounts with them - a personal and a business one for my limited company. I spent hours on the phone with their customer service, then the fraud team and even they have some "
  8. Hi all. Really could do with some good advice please. I will try and sum up concisely... A friend and I went through the process of booking an apartment in Brighton with Airbnb. We are both new to Airbnb. We found an apartment and communicated with the 'owner' through the Airbnb site system. When it came to booking we received an Airbnb branded html email. With payment details. I forwarded the email to my friend who made payment... before i could stop him as I realised it was bank transfer details which seemed wrong to me. Long story short... as soon as payment was mad
  9. Hi Today I became the victim of a mobile phone fraud. A reputable courier delivered a package to me. When I opened it, there was a new Apple iPhone and a sim card in there that I didn't order. It had been sent from E 2 Save mobile (a subsidiary company of the Carphone Warehouse) so I decided to call them to inform them of their error. The operative said his name was Mohammad and asked me for the 'customer lead' number, which I gave him from the invoice that was in the package. He then started to quiz me on personal details saying that he couldn't arr
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm going to tell you my experience to date so that others may learn from it. It's not quite over yet but I think it will be by next week. Feel free to ask me any questions. I live in SW Scotland and in Feb 2014 I approached a local family run company to quote for double glazed replacement windows. The sales director sent me the quote from his email address. I responded with a query and then accepted the quote by email. His email address was then automatically added to my Outlook email address book. The work was carried out in May 2014. The f
  11. Hi all, I am writing as I too have received a letter from TFL where they threaten to prosecute me. The incident happened in the train in March. I use a type of ticket that you buy in advance and fill in with the date of the journey when you travel. I was going back home after work, tired, sleepy, and I filled in the date on my ticket and accidentally entered a future date as I am so dumb I was convinced it was a different date. I was so convinced that I didnt even bother to double check in the calendar. When I arrived at the destination station, I was asked to show my
  12. :???::???::???: Sent my fine and paper licence in pre addressed envelope, but according to DVLA was never received. Consequence was that I ended up with a court date, went and pleaded guilty. 35 in a 30!! Duty solicitor dealt with it in court and I was there about ten mins. Fine arrives in the post and includes a "Victim" charge, are they really allowed to get away with this?? Can somebody please explain "who the victim is?" as it was a flipping fixed speed camera. What sort of government con is this????
  13. I received a parking ticket in August 2014, from ANPR ltd. My work's car park was operated by ANPR. I lost my permit the day before when my car was cleaned. I didn't notice it was missing and got a parking ticket when someone came round to check. I had been working for the company for 4 months prior to the ticket, parking in the same spot with the same car, as my company had been allocated a certain amount of car parking spaces. I was entitled to the spot. I swiftly got a visitors pass and used it until i left the company mid september. The car is in
  14. Hi, I too have fallen victim to not only fraud, but Vodafone's utter incompetence in dealing with the issue. Here is a summary: - In October 2014 I went abroad on holidays for 2 weeks. - While I was abroad, someone used my identity to change the home address and contact number on my account. - 2 lines were added to my account, upgraded my monthly tariff from £10.50 to £166 (for 3 lines) and ordered an iPad and 2 iPhones – which Vodafone claim were received and signed by me. - Vodafone suspected fraud on my account and cut my line off while I was away, however later
  15. A relative of mine has fallen for this trick - i.e. a website giving the impression that a free trial of a face cream is available, only need to pay £3.95 postage. Hidden in Ts&Cs is that the full price of £97 will be taken from the card if trial not cancelled in 14 days. He received a phone call from the bank asking him if he knew of the £97 payment, he said no (which he didn't) and the bank cancelled the card and implied that the transaction wouldn't go through. Unfortunately, despite this, the money was debited anyway leaving him overdrawn on an account that has no o/d facili
  16. I am writing is in the hope that someone who has had a similar experience may be able to help us. We run a small family owned retail store in the UK. In February we received a call from a man who wanted to buy a high quantity of produce from us. Taking orders over the phone was a normal occurrence for us as our handheld streamline device allows us to do so if the customer giving the relevant security details ie: number in the address and postcode, D.O.B etc. We had no reason to suspect this was a fraudulent transaction as the card details went through su
  17. a Malaysian who ordered a penis enlarger online was stunned when he was sent a magnifying glass. At least it came with a useful instruction: 'Do not use in sunlight'. The victim-who paid £100 for his £5 magnifier-later reported the internet [problem] to Malaysia's customer complaints bureau. Its chairman, Seri Michael Chong, said: 'As you can imagine, he is feeling rather disgruntled.'
  18. Hello, I`m wondering if anyone can help me? I lost my job in January and with bills to pay have been desperately applying for a new one. I saw an ad on Gumtree for a personal assistant job, which I applied for and got. It turns out I think this is a [problem] as I was sent a cheque to run some errands for someone away on business, after I deposited the cheque into my bank account I was then asked to send £200 cash via moneygram as part of an errand to someone in South Africa. This is when I realized it was a [problem], I have not sent any money via moneygra
  19. Hi All, Im hoping any of you lovely people can offer up some advice on an identity fraud matter possibly? I placed a wanted ad on Gumtree for some collectables and a person replied through the site informing me they had some for sale. They asked for my mobile number to txt me regarding price, postage ect ( person was not local and too far to collect, they said they were in Bristol, im in Yorkshire). An exchange of txts began about price and postage and i said i would pay for the items via paypal. The person said they did not have a paypal account and ask for a bank transfer instead ( in
  20. Hi all, hope you can advise me on how to deal with these bottom-feeders. The story so far: In December 2008 I was made redundant. Being in my 60s and in very poor health there is little realistic prospect of working again. I have since suffered a stroke and and am waiting for heart surgery. At the time I was indebted to two credit card companies, MBNA and Lloyds TSB, and kept up repayments for 18 months untill my redundancy money was exhausted. I informed both companies of my situation: interest was frozen and nominal £1 payments were agreed by both companies. Last year MBNA sold my acco
  21. Hi Guys, I have been looking at this forum for a while for advice, and have to say it has been great, much better than MSE forum which is full of pretentious ***ts who tell you to shoot yourself for making a mistake. However this forum has much much better users who have been helpful hence why i have decided to join. Anyway, i am another victim of Toothfairy Finance and have been dealing with these numb nuts for a few weeks, taking in advice from different members of this forum i have been responding only to toothfairy in writing via email. I want to post my progress as it happens a
  22. Hello Everybody, Here is my story and I hope and beg anyone to give me suggestion: I m working abroad on contract jobs and renting out my flat. In Aug 2012, I received an email from Managing Agent of my flat saying that the residents on the same building block fall victim to a gang of ID thieves and asked permission to install the letter box at the flat individual door (the letterboxes used to be at communal area). About six months later I was back to my UK flat and greeted by the threatening letters from Santander Cards Ltd, asking for £6600. So I contacted them and reported t
  23. Well where to start I see that there is a community of people on here that have had a similar situation, so I will explain mine. Some background: Back in May 2009 I took out a 24 month notebook contract with vodafone, which was a separate account to the phone contract I had. Although I assumed these accounts were linked it turns out now that they were not. I diligently set up direct debits for both accounts and made payments month on month. In june 2011 I cancelled my notebook account, as I did not want it anymore. I called vodafone and told them about my desire to cancel. The agent
  24. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bedroom-tax-victim-commits-suicide-1883600 A very sad story indeed. Who wants to bet cameron will blame the woman instead of the tax itself.
  25. Don't know whether I am posting on the right place or not. I have had two creeper burglaries, two cars stolen whilst I was in the house in bed. When I put in a claim, they have refused compensation because I can't show that I was in reasonable fear of physical harm. How can I proof that? I have had a breakdown, and am on benefits. I feel like the world is entitiled to just walk in and take whatever they want, and I am afraid of being on my own, and coming downstairs if I hear a noise or want to get a drink etc. How else can I prove it?
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