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  1. Thanks for the reply. I seem to remember that there was a requirement to have PPI on the load. Do you think its worth looking into?
  2. A quick update: After sending the Conc 7 letter, which was signed for and received by Robinson Way, I have now received a letter from Hoist Finance saying: We refer to your recent communication in which you made a complaint regarding the above account. Please be advised that our investigations are still ongoing and we will be in a position to issue a response to you once our enquiries are complete, no more than four weeks time from now. Should I be expecting them to try some sneaky trick or can I ignore this. I don't remember ever making a 'complaint' so I'm a little concerned about this.
  3. Does this mean that I should relax a bit, or expect more incoming?
  4. Good news (I think). Although I sent the CONC 7 letter on Saturday (which was signed for by "Alexander" yesterday morning (Monday), I received a letter from Robinson Way yesterday saying: "We acknowledge your recent communication and write to inform you that the account to which you're referring is now closed on our files." However, it also says: "We will pass any relevant documentation/information that you have sent on to our client to deal with accordingly. For your future reference, our client can be contacted at the following address: HFUKH1L (Ex Welcome Finance Limited) Quays Reach Carolina Way Salford M50 2ZY" This makes me suspicious even though it is their own address. I am worried that they are going to try something else.
  5. No it wasn't DX, but I have just sent one that will be delivered to Robinson Way on Monday and it is 'signed for' so I can track it as well.
  6. Oh, okay. I'll send a second letter to Robinson Way today "signed for", and see what happens. What should I do if Resolvecall do contact me please?
  7. Thank you for your advice anyway Bank Fodder. Very helpful. I will send the letters out today.
  8. Thank you. Is this the correct address for resolvecall? The letter is not vary clear as I guess they want me to phone them. Resolvecall 2nd Floor Spectrum House 55 Blythswood Street Glasgow G2 7AT
  9. Hi All, Its been a while since I have had to post on here, but you have all been so helpful in the past and an old debt from 2006 has reared its ugly head again. The original debt was a £3000 unsecured loan that I took out with Welcome Finance in 2003. In 2006, the debt was re-written to lower my payments due to difficulties our family were having because of illness. I have checked the last statement that I have for this debt, and the last payment, or acknowledgement of the debt was on 29th May 2008. Since then, out of desperation I have asked for a copy of the CCA, which never materialised and it has been through several debt collectors. I have just checked my credit file and although I can see everything that I have now, there is no mention of this debt at all. My problem is that we moved house back in May, and all of a sudden, Robinson Way started to write to me saying that their 'reconnection team' wanted me to get in touch. I sent them a statute barred letter and heard nothing for a while. Now Resovecall have written to me giving me seven days to call them or a doorstep collector will call to help me to reconnect with Robinson Way. I am thinking that I should send Robinson Way a second statute barred letter as well as a doorstep visit letter to Resovecall. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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