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  1. Thank you sgtbush. You are right. But empathy gives me the argument that to get what i want i stand to lose a an old and very good friend. I believe he is just as much a victim in this as i am. However, re-looking at the HPI companies including reputable ones such AA and RAC they all seem to offer extended services at extra cost (A Jaw Dropping EXTRA COST) These extra services include the details of every owner the vehicle has had from manufacture to present date. The point i am trying to make is pertaining to my original question. The data protection act specifically states i can
  2. Thank you for replying dx100uk. Unfortunately, from the point of the logbook being used for a Cashpoint car loan the vehicle went through two other change of hands before it got to me. I am the third person in the chain to buy the car. I know the person from whom i purchased the car from very well. Having spoken to him he is able to provide me with the dealership name and address from where he purchased the car. He is also going to contact this same dealership to see if they will provide details of the person who sold it to them. This, i believe is where the dealersh
  3. Hello. I am another one to add to the list of finding my car not being on the hpi basic check. Got the car in February and today got visited by two people and a car transporter from Burlington Group acting on behalf of Car Cash Point. The bill of sale was never produced from the Burlington operative when i asked for it, instead proceeded to get the police involved. I should have stood my ground but instead agreed to pay off the remaining debt to keep the car. Wouldn't be able to work without it. All i can do now is find the registered keeper and put my claim to get the
  4. I too have the misfortune of being missold a Personal Protection Insurance in 2004 from a company called Beneficial Finance! Beneficial is a subsidiary of HFC, which is a subsidiary of HSBC? I have never been happy about the PPI from the moment I signed their contract and have made my feelings known to Beneficial basically from that time onwards. Most of my actions to cancel the PPI have ended in irate telephone conversations with their call centre staff not calling back and ignoring me altogether! I tried to claim off the PPI in December 2006 when I was made redundant. My request
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