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  1. Oh dear! I will get onto that ASAP, thanks
  2. I have informed bank straight away when i realised id been had. The advisor said i dont need to change my details as it was done by bank transfer all they see is a reference name/number, not details of the account where the money came from. Do you think I should still ask for another card? Also Iv filled a report in online to Action Fraud online after your advice, thank you
  3. Hi All, Im hoping any of you lovely people can offer up some advice on an identity fraud matter possibly? I placed a wanted ad on Gumtree for some collectables and a person replied through the site informing me they had some for sale. They asked for my mobile number to txt me regarding price, postage ect ( person was not local and too far to collect, they said they were in Bristol, im in Yorkshire). An exchange of txts began about price and postage and i said i would pay for the items via paypal. The person said they did not have a paypal account and ask for a bank transfer instead ( in
  4. Hi, No our contract does not state we must do overtime, its our choice
  5. Hi, its my understanding you must be in receipt of a " qualifying benefit" and satisfy some conditions....full details available here http://www.help.entitledto.co.uk/viewhelp.aspx?sid=29&helpfile=disabilityelement
  6. union bloke is a collegue, and as much use as a chocolate teapot....he says they have to give us 30 days notice ( which they have) and that nobody is forcing us to sign the contract...basically if you dont want to do the overtime for £1.18 below our standard rate of pay....dont sign the contract. Surely this cant be right thou? Basically i earn £9 an hour, and any overtime i do is paid at £9 an hour ( until i reach 38 hours, than any overtime after that is paid at time and a half...im part time 16 hours a week contract).....from end of April ANY overtime i do will be paid at £7.82 an hour...th
  7. Hi all, Last week myself and my collegues were called into a meeting at work ( local NHS hospital) to inform us from the end of April if we want to do any overtime we MUST sign a contract that states we will be paid less than our hourly rate. We will all receive £1.18 less per hour than our standard hourly rate. I cant believe they want us to do overtime at this rate, we wont even be getting standard hourly rate never mind time and half or anything else! They are cutting out breaks down by 15 minutes also! I for one, will not be signing this contract and will not be doing any overtime! Ou
  8. hello all..... My husband has always paid maintanence for his 2 girls and has regular contact, we have them friday to sunday....my husband is due to leave employment as i am disabled and my illness is progressive and has worsened and he is leaving his job to become my carer. My question is will CSA take my money into the equasion? As he wont be getting any money apart from carers allowance, will the CSA take my income into account and deduct maintanence from it? Thanks in advance for your replies
  9. I work for the NHS, and yesterday at work bosses called a meeting to let us know we have to work the royal wedding bank holiday....or if we want the day off we must take it as annual leave....if we dont take the day as annual leave we will be paid at a normal days rate with no enhancement for the bank holiday rate!....apparently this is because under the Agenda for Change, it was agreed we would have 8 days bank holiday, and the royal wedding would make it 9....i dont work Fridays so it doesnt affect me, but i feel for my collegues
  10. Aye, its true.... got a letter 2 weeks ago informing me that because of the cold weather and im on the essentials tariff ( for both gas and electricity )....they had credited my account with £50....i looked at my account online....and they have indeed added the cash TO MY ELECTRICITY ACCOUNT!! LOL!!.....yeah, its been freezing and iv had my gas central heating on more, so to help with the cost we will add it to your electric account ( with i was in credit with anyway)....instead of the gas account......nevermind, cant moan at free money eh lol
  11. Hello Forestchav Thanks for your comments. My son completed a BTEC when he was 13 and gained a merit, which is equivalent to 4 gcse passes, so he already had enough to secure him a place at college for his desired course, for which he has already applied and recieved his acceptance letter. His last GCSE exams for the subjects he has chosen are this month, with just one in May...he is allowed to leave april and return for the exam in May...they call it free study time or something or other lol. So, he already has secured a place on the strength of his BTEC alone, so any GCSEs we see as a b
  12. Jadeybags, Hi You say u were on Income Support so didnt see any of the money....am i right in thinking then if your on IS you dont get any maintanance/CSA??
  13. I for one, am damn annoyed with CSA. My husband fathered a child 5 years ago before we were together with a woman he had a brief fling with, they were never in a relationship and she told him she was infertile and could not get pregnant, so no contrception was used. Niave of my husband to believe her obviously he should have taken precautions. They both went theyre seperate ways, then 2 years ago she tracked him down throu a social networking site, and informed him he had a daughter. He was obviously shocked and asked why get in touch now....her answer was she had met a man and been in a rel
  14. Thank you both for your replies Will i still be able to claim his ctc while he is at college?
  15. Hi All, My son is 16 and due to leave school next month. He has secured a place at college, which he starts in September. My question is: now there is no longer EMA, is there any other money or benefit he can claim? Is he too young for Jobseekers? The course is 3 days a week at college, he has plans to look for part time work, but is there anything to help him financially until he secures a little job? I work part time 16 hours a week and my husband works full time. Any help appreciated.
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