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  1. Thanks for replying. The meter box was in perfect working order, complete with operating lock, before the smart meter was installed. The reason it doesn’t close now is because the smart meter fitted is not suitable for this type of enclosure, the meter itself is what is preventing the lid from closing. The meter installer also removed the lock so that he could fasten the lid down with a cable tie, all without permission. It is a bodge job. Surely that doesn’t make it the householder’s responsibility?
  2. Hi all, we were Future Energy customers, before they folded last year. Shortly before the collapse, they fitted our home with smart meters. Now I was never happy with the gas meter and how it didn't fit in the existing box, resulting in the lid being left unlocked and open (see photos). Now we have been moved over to a new supplier (Green Star Energy), I am wondering whether they are liable for rectifying the problem? If not, who is? Thanks,
  3. On the phone to Barclays now, they really are useless. They are sticking to their guns though, they say an "indemnity claim" (which is what this is, apparently) takes a minimum of 3 working days. I've asked to be passed through to the complaints department twice now, but they seem incapable of even understanding what I want. The financial ombudsman website says I'd have to give Barclays 8 weeks to sort it out before they'll step in?
  4. Hi, I recently took out EE Home broadband, and elected to pay the line rental up front for the year, so £132 was taken by direct debit on 15th Oct. However, the swines also took a second £132 yesterday. I phoned them and they agreed it was an error on their part, but said all they could do was to put a £132 credit on my account (or else a refund would take over a month!), but they told me to call Barclays and claim it back under the direct debit guarantee (Indemnity claim or something they called it). I call Barclays yesterday evening, and they agreed to do it, but said it would take a minimum of 3 working days, plus if they need more details they will post me a questionnaire to complete and post back to them? Now the wording of the direct debit guarantee states: "If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by the organisation or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society". how immediate does it mean? Does Barclays count 3+ working days as immediate? I now have next to nothing in my account, and have things that need paying. Who is responsible for overdraft charges if I need to dip into this whilst this is being rectified? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, just after some advice. I spotted a Samsung tumble dryer listed at a cheap price on a website yesterday. I ordered it, paying using credit card etc. The item was showing as "In Stock" etc. However, today I've received this email from them: Good morning, Further to you placing your order we have been advised by our supplier that the item you have ordered is out of stock and no more stock will be received. Please look through our website and consider an alternate model. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused and we look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. Now it's the coordinating dryer for my Samsung washing machine, I've looked on their site and there are no other Samsung dryers. My question is, can they do this? I mean, it's a Samsung tumble dryer, it's a relatively new model so there is no reason why no more stock will be received (unless they decide not to order it). I'm suspicious that they're only doing this as they don't want to sell the dryer at the price I've ordered it at. I'm just wondering what my best response should be. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies. The DCA is LCS. I've received this from the letting agent: To which I replied: I haven't had any further reply yet. However, I emailed LCS to tell them that I was refusing the debt and that they were to refer it back to their clients. I received a phone call from them this evening stating that even though the check out report clearly shows we moved out on 25th July, they cannot accept it as it isn't signed - but the report was typed up days after we left, how can we have signed it? We signed the handwritten report the clerk compiled on the day, but not the digital PDF version with photos etc. They said that it is our responsibility to speak to the letting agent and get a written statement saying that our tenancy ended on 25th July - which the letting agent will never do as they are the ones who have put LCS onto us. So it ended with me again telling LCS that I was refusing the debt, and they told me that was fine, but that action will continue on the account as our tenancy agreement states we were responsible up to the 7th August. Any help appreciated! I really don't want to end up with a CCJ or something stupid. But as a matter of principle, I won't just roll over and be bullied by these corporations. Thanks, Gareth
  7. Hi all, our 3yr tenancy officially ended on 7/8/2013, but we moved out (and had our check out done) on 25/7/2013, so slightly early. The check out clerk took the final meter readings, gave us a copy and forwarded the report on to the letting agents. Before leaving, I made sure the central heating was switched off (at the wall) and that everything electrical was turned off (fridge/freezer etc had all been professiionally cleaned so was switched off). I even turned the power off at the fusebox in the flat. I then contacted British Gas, gave them the final meter readings and paid the final bill. British Gas have our forwarding details but have never been in touch with us about anything more tpo do with the old flat. However, 7 months later, we have received correspondance from a debt recovery company threatening court action over a £22 gas/elec bill for the period 26/7/13 - 7/8/13. Apparently our old letting agent gave them our details. I know the landlord/letting agent accessed the flat between the 26/7 and 7/8 because they took pictures etc and sent them to us trying to (fraudulently) claim there was damage that was our fault. We suspected at the time that they were moving people in before out tenancy officially ended, as the flat was advertised as being available from 1st August, and disappeared off the market quickly. So I have 2 questions: 1. How can £22 of gas/electricity have been used in a "supposedly" empty property in 2 weeks? This is more than half of what we used in a month when we lived there! 2. If we have proof of the meter readings the day we had the check out done, are we still liable for energy used after this? It's not the money, it's purely the principle of the matter, especially as the LA/Landlord tried to fraudently keep part of our deposit. Any help greatly appreciated. Gareth
  8. PS: sorry for the formatting above, it won't seem to let me write it in paragraphs (when I save it all the spaces disappear)?
  9. and don't say the bus stop! lol.I stopped last week put 40 litres of diesel in the van (2008 transit 2.4 TDCi). About 10 miles down the road, it spluttered and started losing power. Managed to get it to the hard shoulder, where it died. I had a poke around and took off the fuel filter, which when emptied out was full of what I thought was water! It hardly even smelt of diesel! I had it towed home again, and siphoned about 4 litres of rubbish out of the fuel tank!! Now I know this had to come from the garage I filled up at yesterday morning, as the tank was almost empty before I filled up, and was running fine. Well, I got the van back a few days ago, mechanic says it's running but there's no way to tell if something in the fuel system will fail next week, next month, next year etc etc. He drained the tank and he has handed me two 5 gallon drums of pure crap, it smells a bit like cooking oil? I sent a sample to the garage and they have apparently had it tested and said there is no way it could have come from their tanks. They said they had their tanks tested on the very day (how convenient!) I bought the diesel and they were fine, so they are denying all responsibility. Now what? There must be more people who bought this diesel, but I have no way of finding out - the garage aren't going to tell me. What would your advice be? Thanks! Gareth
  10. the above was submitted via an online form, and the vehicle reg and PCN number had to be entered in seperate fields. I hope they look on it compassionately!! Will keep you informed! Gareth
  11. Guys thanks for all the replies, some useful info. I wasn't aware that it wasn't necessary to change the plates/tax disc immediatedly, the letter I received clearly said I should now fit new plates to the vehicle. I went to the parking services building yesterday and got the permit changed, so now that's all legal. Yesterday was the first possible opportunity since fitting the plates (as they were closed weekends). I spoke to the guy at the counter and he said to make an appeal (which I've now done)and he thought there'd be a good chance of them cancelling it. The text of the appeal I submitted was: What you think?
  12. Cool, thanks. The council website let's you do it online now, don't know whather to ring them or use the site. Will definitely need to Permit department to change my VRM, so will do that first. Gareth
  13. Thanks for the reply. Oh I am not arguing that it wasn't correctly issued, the warden didn't know the details therefore was just doing his job. I was hoping that someone in the know, or someone who's been in a similar situation would be able to offer some advice on whether or not they're likely to cancel it or not. Gareth
  14. I have an annual permit (£99) from Hammersmith and Fulham council, allowing me to park on the road at the back of my house. I bought a new registration plate (nothing fancy, just one that hides the age of the car) about 2 months ago. Just got the new documentation through from the DVLA yesterday, so went to halfords and got some number plates made, and fitted them myself yesterday afternoon. Phoned up the insurance and changed the number with them, tried ringing the council parking division but they were closed (only open Mon-Fri). So, I go out to the car today, and there's a £120 parking ticket on it! Now I know why the warden's done it. But surely I have grounds for getting it cancelled? I had to change the plates, as in my opinion it would have been illegal to drive on the old plates, especially as I had already changed the insurance over. By contacting the traffic division tomorrow morning (monday) I would have been contacting them at the earliest possible opportunity. What do you think? Thanks, Gareth
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