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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I had a Crazy Clearance (JD Williams) catalogue, back in 2015. It defaulted in 2016 and is now with Lowell. Looking back, I kinda cannot believe how month after month my credit line was going up automatically, even though my credit history back in 2015 was rather rubbish! I was thinking if there's any point of complaining or trying to raise this issue as irresponsible lending with OC. Not really sure how or what good could it do now tbh. The history of the account (credit used/credit limit): 2015 APR 101/125 MAY 89/225 JUN 218/325 JUL 367/500 AUG 440/700 SEP 704/1000 OCT 747/1000 and so on until it got out of hand and eventually defaulted... Apr-Sep +£875 credit increase. is there any chance to try the irresponsible lending route? And if yes, then how do I go about it? As always, any help is greatly appreciated
  2. I have been harassed by a neighbor because I wont be his friend. I am from a domestic violence background came out of a refuge and I am an attractive woman in my 20s with mental health issues of anxiety and depression (also recently diagnosed with PTSD due to current events) The HA placed me between two older men, this wouldnt usually be a problem but they both became obsessed with me. I had to tell both of them to please stop knocking on my door, I am private. This is when the false noise complaints from downstairs firstly came however I wasnt the victim because he was elderly means he automatically will be believed despite having noise recorders with no evidence and me going out my way to put thick underlay and carpet which nothing in my tenancy states I must do so still I was apparently harassing him with noise. when I told upstairs to leave me alone and not knock on my door he would purposely make noise. He use to pretend to be someone from outside by ringing my doorbell because I never answered when he knocked on my flat door. I found this really weird and after he knocked on my door for about 20mins I told him to leave me alone, he was only knocking to ask me personal questions. After I complained about upstairs noise this is when his counter claims came to avoid prosecution. Said I threw things on his door and slammed doors. Agin he has noise recorders and nothing. I however had noise recorders and it stated he made loud bangs like I said however the HA did nothing and suggested rugs. The neighbor upstairs was also caught liasing with the one below me to make up complaints about me, which was admitted by the one downstairs to the manager (now the manager hates me she is denying he ever admitted this to her) the manager was fine with me until she spoke to the man above then suddenly she turned against me, I have no idea what I did to her but she started to ignore my complaints and be really rude to me on the phone. She also denied he not allowed laminated flooring and cannot provide me with the apparent previous tenancy which states he can have laminated flooring. the HA have been blocking me from going to the Housing ombudsmen by longing out my complaints and not allowing me to escalate or give me replies. This neighbor however went on to key my car, write die on my flat door, push me (when I was pregnant), kick my door whilst threatening me, put dog poop on my car handle and make several false complaints about me. I got the police involved who were useless to the point I made a complaint about them this they did not like then their harrassment against me came. I asked for the neighbour to be issued with A Harrasment order and the police reluctantly did so. However around a week later i was also issued with one based on his false complaints. I have challenged this, how is this proper procedure? The police gone on to make false claims I making reports to crimestoppers about the neighbour and told the HA this. the police also have come to my address several times banging on my door and invited me for an interview on neighbor false allegations. The police tried to bring charges against me for court. However when it got to court even the CPS said it is clear I am the victim due to the amount of calls and dates ect and they told the court they did not want to pursue the case against me as it is very one sided and seems like a witch hunt. Even the prosecution saw what was going on. of course the police did not like this because I still have a complaint against several officers with strong evidence of harassment and breaches of the law and data protection. However now after some weeks the police have again come to my address this morning to "deliver" me a letter from the housing associaiton, since when are police used as personal post men for housing associaitons? I know the HA manager was .... I never got convicted or it even went to court, she hates me and wants me out and I know the police are also .... I do not know what this letter is but I am guessing an ASBO because they can issue these based on the police word and HA word alone. If it is this how do I challenge this? The HA manager I have a complaint against her with several organisations due to her breach of data protection and harrasment against me so she is also trying it with me. The HA or the police wont even let me present my strong evidence or prove my innocence that this neighbor is a liar, they dont even care they just want to shut me up for complaining about things they have choosen to do which are against the law and human rights rather then just deal with the case against the neighbor. I know they are trying to break me but I cannot lie it is working, I am broken. I feel like maybe I should of just given into this mans advances because then I wouldnt even be going through this and despite sending them proof of my medical evidence they refuse to move me, they want me out. It is bullying and I do not know where to turn because they are blocking everything. (there is another thread on here from 2011 which someone else complained about this HA and their bullying tactics so I know I am not alone) I know I need to stay strong but it is hard, they are now trying to issue with me an ASBO which means even on medical grounds I cannot move because before i couldnt move because i had "court proceeding" against me, now I dont they need to make something else so i cannot move and the complaints about me keep coming or I break and leave and be homeless. I hold a lot of paper evidence, witnesses and recordings. I have several complaints with the professional standards with police. I have a complaint with the housing ombudsome who obviosuly cannot help until The HA complaints has finished I have a complaint with the ICO due to data protection breaches By them issuing me with an ASBO I can go to prison and since the man makes false complaints it is likely i will so another way to get me out and ruin my life.
  3. I like to find quirky rules and laws and I have a strange one to share. Story >> 'Having been a practising solicitor for over 16 years, I like to think that I have seen my fair share of quirky cases. But imagine my surprise when I was recently asked to represent a severely disabled man who was being charged with drink driving while on his mobility scooter. I joined the case late in the day. When I met the client he had already been charged with the offense and had attended court and ultimately pleaded guilty to a charge of driving a mechanically propelled vehicle whilst unfit through drink'. Although this story is now a few years old (2014) it still raises several issues in regards to the use and control of mobility scooters. Story can be read here >> http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/salome-verrell/mobility-scooters-raise-legal-loophole_b_5958516.html
  4. @VodafoneUK are taking the absolute mickey. I have been promised a large refund and into my bank account on 24th of November. I spoke with Menna, and she confirmed this would "100% be into your bank on the 24th Miss smith, you don't need to worry I promise" I spoke with her on the 20th of Novemeber after a manager called Temms raised a refund, to confirm this would happen. She assured me not to worry this money would be in there. It has not arrived, and I have been waiting since August 2014! I have visited my local Vodafone store and seen the notes for myself there is a form raised for this refund, but it has not arrived. I will be submitting Vodafone with a Subject Access Request if this is not paid to me today and approaching the Financial Ombudman. I have made numerous calls on this, and been told Menna would call me back after I complained this refund hasn't arrived, and since neither has her call. This is unacceptable, and I pay you in good time every month! I tried to PM Lee Vodafone customer rep, but it wouldn't go through so public forum it is. A very fed up Customer
  5. Hello, We are currently living in HELL. Since we moved in a very ( too expensive!!) one bedroom flat, the landlady started to be obsessed by us. She started to complain constantly about everything and always via email. Then we couldn't sleep because of the noise pollution coming form the ceilings. They are not soundproofed and we ca hear every single annoying noise coming from above. Our guests couldn't believe it. It's really annoying, it's like a bunch of elephants are walking above our heads! As soon as we complain via email and calling her, she accused us of harassing her. We stopped any communication with her, until she started to contact us again via email to complain about the fact we asked to her husband to give us some rubbish bags, because we were new and we didn't know where to find them. Then my family friend needed a temporary address to send receive his new job contract. He gave his HR our home address. Our landlady received the letter and she started to threaten us, accusing us of address fraud and, also, blackmailing us. She wants to charge us for 4 months rent because she is accusing us of having another tenant, without asking her permission. By contract we should pay £300 more per month if we add a tenant to the flat. The funny thing is that my friend lived in another area of Holloway (which can be proved) and he's been sleeping at our place only for 2 days, as a guest for the weekend. Before this blackmail she sent her husband to our place and she spied us from the window of the garden. She saw our friend and her husband entered into the house without any notice, asking for the name of the guest using an excuse. She is keeping the copy of the mail of my friend and she keeps on saying that what we did is fraud and that wehave to pay her. Wht should we do with her? I can't handle this situation anymore!
  6. My other half owes just under £3000 arrears and the CSA just refuse any offer of repayment. They slapped a liability order on him in May. They just won't agree to a repayment plan we can afford. He is on a low income and, despite claiming tax credits, we have very little to live on each month. We are not entitled to help with rent and council tax. By the time we pay full rent, c.tax and just essential utility bills we are left with £100 a week. This has to buy food, fuel (my oh needs a car to get to work as there is no public transport) and buy essentials for our 16 month old son. Obviously the CSA don't care about such trivial matters. Today a letter comes through threatening court action to commit him to prison and disqualify him from driving. To say I am terrified does not come close to how I feel. If he loses his licence, he loses his job. If he goes to prison, he'll lose his job. Has anyone been in this situation? What did you do? Or, what should he do now? We cannot afford a solicitor. Yes, he should have paid. I am not looking for punishment, just advice so please be gentle.....
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