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  1. He started off just looking to find the plan, then paperwork was sent giving the figure of £13,000 and a form to accept this as a lump sum, we are battling to get further information in writing and so far telephone calls have stated that is it, no weekly or yearly pension, just a lump sum, basically plucked out of thin air?? no figures to back it up, no other correspondence and we requested the CETV just out of speculation and so far it has taken over a month to give us this. Was advised by tel phone call to await the CETV as it was being worked out. But, surely some figures should have been forthcoming? in that they must have some in order to work out the lump sum!!
  2. All he has received is a PCLS, to sign and send back. Nothing else. The last statement we have is dated 1999 (we moved in the October of that year). But they are saying the pension is from 1980 to 1995 (company taken over by Hanson in 1995 and closed down in 2003 and no pension was taken out for these 8 years apparently). Telephone this morning to Capita, resulting in them saying that's it, that's all he's getting!! However, after the telephone call hubby received a letter confirming CETV was being actioned and would be forthcoming. So, if it's not a pension how can they put a CETV together??
  3. Hi all, been a while since I've posted on here, but we need help. Just traced an old Pension of hubbies and it amount's to just over £13,000, but having phoned to find out further details, have been informed that it's just that a lump sum!!, nothing else. No income, no pension nothing! just a Lump Sum of £13,069. Seem's like someone gave him bad information over 40 years ago. We are waiting on a CETV, but our plan's on buying a little holiday retreat have gone. However, we would like advise as to whether this minimal sum is worth doing anything with Pension wise, as hubby is 62 this year or should he just spend it? (thank goodness for the state pension(eventually). Any well meaning advise welcome. Cheers
  4. Just had a very worrying phone call started with me querying the fact that they where still under the impression I was self employed (a job I did for 18 months) got put through to tax credits department who said that we still owed £12000 and this sum was now in the hands of a debt collection agency. And that their last letter to us was March this year which is an absolute lie. they refuse to send copies of any correspondence. Not had any correspondence on this issue for years. This debt goes back to when tax credit's first came out and was based on estimates from my local tax office. When I found out that they could do this I stopped claiming tax credits and never claimed again. I have never ever claimed a penny since and my kids are now 19 and as far as I am concerned must have saved HMRC well over this amount. I was under the impression early overpayments due to their incompatence (not mine) had been written off. I am at an all time low, could never pay it off and face paying this off out of my pension. I work part time earning just enough to keep my head above water and now I feel totally gutted and depressed. Any advise would be helpful, especially as I don't even know where to find or if I still have my paperwork. HMRC will not issue old correspondence they say they have sent to me, which I know I have not had. So how can I fight this?
  5. :???::???::???: Sent my fine and paper licence in pre addressed envelope, but according to DVLA was never received. Consequence was that I ended up with a court date, went and pleaded guilty. 35 in a 30!! Duty solicitor dealt with it in court and I was there about ten mins. Fine arrives in the post and includes a "Victim" charge, are they really allowed to get away with this?? Can somebody please explain "who the victim is?" as it was a flipping fixed speed camera. What sort of government con is this????
  6. I also went from Classic to Select, thinking that the classic account was being done away with. I believe that the Select began in 2006, has anyone got Select statement's going back further? I have yet to receive a response form my SAR. Thanks What a shame that the good old day's of being on first name term's and believing that your local bank manager knew you well enough guide you around the bank account that suited your finances and your ambition's.
  7. My lad received in the post an advise and information booklet on keeping his motorcycle safe and secure, sent by the local police. He had recently just brought the scooter, and had only ridden it a half dozen times and had not been stopped as it was Taxed, MOT'd and Insured. I was told that the local police force buy the information from the DVLA and wondered if this was true? As that being a Council Tax Payer, a proportion of the Tax goes to my local force. Having waited 8 days for them (the police) to come out after having a brick through my window, I find myself wondering if this is one of the reasons why in the last 9 months I HAVE NEVER SEEN A POLICE OFFICER ON THE STREETS LOCALLY! Why should we be paying the police to pay the DVLA for data that must be covered by the data Protection Act?? While I have no issues had he been stopped for an offence, I seriously think this money would have been better spent on having a viseable police presence on the street. I have had all sorts of worthless junk mail from the police of late and even received Victim Support correspondence long before an officer turned up. I wonder if the other member's on here agree that it's about time to put a stop on government department's selling on our personnel information.
  8. Hi peeps, I wondered if anyone knows what year the classic account with Lloyds began? I have already claimed my PPI and up until a text yesterday, had no idea that I had been miss sold my bank account upgrade. We were told that to stop getting an overdraft charge and improve our credit score it was the correct account for us. The packaged benefit's were sold to us as a free service. Thanks
  9. Success for two current loans with Lloyds, amounting to just over £1700, Success with three old Lloyds loan's dating back to 2002 over £3000. Now I just wish I had not destroyed the paperwork to a Welcome Finance loan I struggled with for years. My advise don't give up if you know you are in the right.
  10. I would like to respond to the post's on here by my own recent experience. I had a letter asking me to contact the company in respect of a debt for £490. Which I had no idea about and as far as I was concerned was not mine. I wrote to the company concerned and a second letter arrived. This letter stated that the debt was from 1995!! now this happened about six weeks ago. Anyway, as they had obviously not responded to my letter, I phoned them to find out what was going on. It turned out that a debt had been incurred in my name at an address I was supposed to have lived at, I pointed out that I had never lived at said address, but in fact the address belonged to my sister, I told them firmly that I had never ever used her address to obtain goods and that my sister would never ever have obtained goods in my name either, then I realised my sister had in fact moved from that address the year before. I then realised that this was the same year, that I had all sorts of debt problems due to a relative (through marriage) who had done a moonlight flit leaving thousands of pounds worth of debt, taken out in my name and other relatives names. I spent about 3 month's clearing my name, she had used my details but had in actual fact used my marriage date as my date of birth, (I married two day's after my 21st birthday). She had left me mail order catalogue debt's to the total of over £6500.oo. She had supplied half the housing estate with white goods and furniture. Anyway, I contacted all the companies concerned and could prove who I was, where I actually lived and my correct date of birth. I was so mad I was ready to shoot her on sight. I was directed to a firm, who for a fee protected my credit rating and would contact me should any other similar credit request's be made, just to make sure it was me who was applying. It also turned out that she had applied for car credit using my cousin's personnal details. This all happened back in 1995/96. I related these facts to the woman from the debt company and informed her that she should check them out as being correct. I knew this was not my debt and asked for more information and for any proof she had, apparently her company had bought the debt and she would get back to me. Her call to me later confirmed she had checked out what I told her and due to the fact that no original paperwork existed, she had no alternative but to write off the debt. I quizzed her on how she was chasing a debt that was 15 years old and was informed of the following. The company the original debt was with have the 6 years to chase the debt and bring it to court, after the 6 years is up they cannot take you to court. This six years count's from the last recorded payment. The company can sell the debt on to a company such as hers, her company can chase you for the debt and once A PAYMENT is made off this debt, you are liable for it. You cannot at this stage (according to her) be taken to court for the debt, only the originating company can do that. The company can only chase you for the figure owed if they have written signed by you confirmation of the original debt. If this is the case they can only pursue you for it, but as long as it is outstanding it will appear on your credit score. (it is not removed). She also asked if the fraud by the relative was reported to the police, to which I replied I didn't report it, I assumed the Catalogue companies would have done it, but she informed me that I should have done so. She gave an honest apology and hoped I wasn't too stressed by the whole affair. I wonder however, how many people would just be shocked into paying? expecially the older generation. I hope this post will help on this issue. Keep up the good work
  11. Hi, I have read this thread with interest and the most interesting point that hasn't been mentioned is:- we were then introduced to a new accountant who Quote "would change our business to a multi national" he advised us to change to lloyds where his mate is business manager. Maybe it's the way my mind works, but this bit may be worth investigating! These two guy's are the cause of this problem, would they have had some private agreement between themselves? a bit of a backhander misdealing's???? Just wondered where they are now? and if prehap's these two have conned anyone else? after all signing up a stolen business customer from another bank must have reaped someone a nice fat bonus!! Sorry peep's but being a suspicious ex copper has never left me.
  12. I didn't really think about this, I did find out the hard way. Also found out that if you bring account back into credit before 3.30pm no charges happen. But why 3.30?? this is not close of business.
  13. I think CCS is the Customer Collection Service, Lloydstsb's Naughty person corner, for us peep's who won't be good. Have been in and out of their hands, over the past few years. Can I also suggest you sign on with the job centre, ok I know you won't get any money, because of your self employment. but if you sign on fortnightly, as unemployed you will get your stamp paid and you can tell them that you are unemployed and can make a silly £1.00 a week offer for payback if they do take you to court.
  14. I've rewritten to lloyds, as my reply from them covered various point's which were inaccruate or incorrect according to my original letter. Have you read your refusal letter word for word? I wrote a response just restating the fact that I did not realise my PPI was in actual fact a Loan Itself, which incurred interest. I reiterated this fact by saying that I was not aware at the time that I was in fact taking out two loans? one for the purchase and one for PPI. I am awaiting a response, but the reason I have done this is because I wrote and asked for the return of PPI for an old and new loan. Sending two seperate letter's, I am getting the whole PPI returned for one and could not work out why until I realised that I had stated the above point in only one letter, which had in turn produced the positive response. Awaiting the response, but cannot see how they can argue!
  15. I have just dealt with an old supposed debt, asked for more information and a copy of original document signed by yours truely. As this could not be found, they apologised and told me that they could not pursue it further. Thank god!!
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