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  1. Thank you for your replies, they have been very helpful and I have a better grasp of how to deal with this. I will be sure to let you know how I get on.
  2. I am writing is in the hope that someone who has had a similar experience may be able to help us. We run a small family owned retail store in the UK. In February we received a call from a man who wanted to buy a high quantity of produce from us. Taking orders over the phone was a normal occurrence for us as our handheld streamline device allows us to do so if the customer giving the relevant security details ie: number in the address and postcode, D.O.B etc. We had no reason to suspect this was a fraudulent transaction as the card details went through successfully and the 'customer' picked up his order later that day. We heard nothing more about this case until the beginning of June when we received a letter from First Trust bank stating that there had been a query with the transaction back in February and that First Trust would be removing the money from our account. There was nothing in the letter stating that the transaction that had taken place in February had been fraudulent. It wasn't until we rang First Trust that an advisor told us the card that had been used was stolen and that we were responsible, since then we have been to the police, our local bank branch and we have contacted the customer help line several times and after being transferred numerous times we have gotten nowhere as we are being told it is nothing to do with the bank and that we are somehow responsible. If anyone can advise us from a similar experience they have had with the banks we would be extremely grateful. We do not believe it is right that the banks can take that money from our account (nearly £1000) plus charge us a fee of £75 to do so, we also do not believe we can be liable if all security was passed by us over the phone and the details came back as verified to allow us to carry out a transaction over the phone via the banks streamline device. If anyone knows of any agencies that we can seek advise from on this matter it may also be very helpful Thank you for taking the time to read this Jonny
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