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  1. Hi Lee thanks, I don't suppose you have any idea when this may be just so I can ensure I am around. Jodie
  2. Thanks Lee, I hope you can help and I look forward to hearing from you. Jodie
  3. Still waiting for my code from vodafone, is there anything else I should be doing?
  4. Sorry I think I should clarify my last post, what I meant was that due to what seems to be a simple error, my credit rating will be affected for six years, which is how long a default will stay on the record from what I have read.
  5. Lets hope so, we found it strange to, but alas the original position has changed and they are now disputing their stance. It seems ridiculous that I have to suffer for 6 years for a simple error on their part.
  6. Salphy, thank you I am glad things seem to have worked out for you.
  7. CitizenB, once again thanks for your help, I have sent an email and will post the reference number on here once I receive it, and I really hope it will help.
  8. Thank you CitizenB, that is exactly right, and I have now posted my story, so in desperate need of help.
  9. Well where to start I see that there is a community of people on here that have had a similar situation, so I will explain mine. Some background: Back in May 2009 I took out a 24 month notebook contract with vodafone, which was a separate account to the phone contract I had. Although I assumed these accounts were linked it turns out now that they were not. I diligently set up direct debits for both accounts and made payments month on month. In june 2011 I cancelled my notebook account, as I did not want it anymore. I called vodafone and told them about my desire to cancel. The agent told me this was fine as the 24 months had been completed and also told me to cancel my direct debit (which is on record). Anyway I thought nothing more of it, until 3 months ago when I signed up to Experian for the first time just to see how things were. I was shocked to see that I had a bad credit rating as I had a default account for my notebook. Stating that I had missed payments and owed £58. I immediately called vodafone to get this sorted. After many conversations, I finally spoke to a manager, she told me that it was correct and that there was no record of the account being cancelled, so they tried to get 3 payments and sent me letters to an address I no longer lived at (another part of the story) After 3 months of non payment they turned it to a default. We continued the conversation, and I asked the manager to check both accounts, she did and then apologised saying that a note on my phone account existed saying that I had phoned to cancel the account and was advised to cancel my direct debit, but the account had not been linked, which i was informed at the time and also in future calls that this should have happened. Due to the fact the accounts were not linked, not only did the cancellation not show on the correct account but my details were not updated, so the letters went to my old address. Even though they allowed me to cancel the account through my phone one nothing clicked about the two account belonging to me apparently. I requested an email to state what had happened, to which I got the following response: Dear Customer, Just a quick email to confirm that the issue has now been resolved and the charge on the account has now been waivered. A case has also been raised to our Quality Assurance team for this to be resolved in regards to your credit rating and should be updated with yourself within 14 days. Kim Vodafone Essentially Vodafone acknowledge the mistake and told me it was not my fault and therefore I should not have been charged as i followed the procedures, added to the mix up with my accounts. Anyway (sorry I know this is a long story) after 14 days the account had been changed to satisfied, but still a default. I obviously complained, and was told that the Quality Assurance team (who can only be contacted by email) had stated the default stands. I obviously continued to dispute this. Today is the final straw, I contacted the collections team and spoke to a manager, who told me there was nothing they could do, and even though it was clear I had done what I was supposed to do, it was also my responsibility to change my details on both accounts, even though I believed I had done this, I mean they managed to cancel my notebook through my phone account, so when I phone to change my details I assumed this has happened. I was told 9/10 times that the agent would tell you this??? how am I suppose to know if not informed. So essentially it is now my fault for not updating my information, and as such nothing will be done to remove the default that I believe and have been told should not have existed in the first place. I hope that I have explained this well enough, but I am not sure. I am happy to provide more details. It seems to be very complicated. Please help Jodie
  10. How do I post a new default query on the site? sorry I am not overly computer savvy.
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