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  1. Its an anti harassment injuction with the power of arrest The police have wanted to arrest and bring me to the courts for ages with this they can even if the neighbor claims i slammed a door i can go to prison
  2. i am already planning to sue the police how they cannot think i am being stalked i do not know just hope a decent officer comes along and actually deals with my case and th officers who have been harrassing me get sacked it is torture what they are doing to me and i went to them as a victim this is what makes the whole thing worse
  3. human rights discrimination harrassment housing law neglect yes i have had advice i just want more from anyone who has been through something simular
  4. is there anything i can do about the housing association i actually want to sue them i feel bullied and harrassed. its just one thing after another with them
  5. Good sister thanks for advice I will get my solictor to send them a deadlock letter. Stu i have recieved the paperwork. The injuction is listed in 4 different names i have never been known by. This is them trying to devalue my character. The only evidence they have is the neighbors diary sheets. The diary sheets have complaints in them on dates when i was abroad so i will be proving i was not even in the country when certain complaints were made. Both these neighbors have had noise recorders yet it came back as nothing which is why they are not supplied in the evidence. Al
  6. So what the HA have applied for is an injuction against me based on false evidence. The police have told them lies about me even brought up arrest (no conviction) that i have had in the past and this info has been included in the injuction They stated i have 15 names and go by 4 DOB and 7 phone numbers All info coming from the malcious neighbour and no evidence Also found out they have been trying to dig around my medical records stating i am a "risk" Even my GP stated they were shocked at the info coming from them Anyone who sees me as the victim this HA try to turn them
  7. hey, I have an assured tenancy, they wont allow me to take complaints to next stages I have not yet, my friend suggested this but I do think they will try block it if I did get a swap I have all the emails/letters ect from 2014 and a couple phone recordings I am going to write to them tomorrow asking for the things you suggested thank you
  8. I have been harassed by a neighbor because I wont be his friend. I am from a domestic violence background came out of a refuge and I am an attractive woman in my 20s with mental health issues of anxiety and depression (also recently diagnosed with PTSD due to current events) The HA placed me between two older men, this wouldnt usually be a problem but they both became obsessed with me. I had to tell both of them to please stop knocking on my door, I am private. This is when the false noise complaints from downstairs firstly came however I wasnt the victim because he was elder
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