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Found 10 results

  1. On behalf of my sister. Can anyone advise please. She was on Facebook and clicked on a pop up offering products for free with only p&p being required. At no time was she directed to a website or any Terms and Conditions and there was no mention of it being a free trial. Three weeks passed before her credit card company rang to say she'd been charged £200. She explained the situation to them and they said that because she'd opened the products and been using them it was impossible for them to do anything and she would have to take the loss. They did stop any future payments. She's now been in contact with the company directly. At first they denied everything and accused her of not reading the T&C's. Now they've offered her an £80 refund under the condition that she doesn't seek a refund from any other 'body'. First question is did the bank act correctly? Second question is how to deal with Stemologica? Should she accept the offer or keep fighting for the full amount? It's the first time we've experienced this type of [problem]. My Mother and I were also caught out but we returned the products unopened and received a full refund of £50 each. It was the same [problem] but they seem to charge different people different amounts. Any advice greatly appreciated
  2. Acting on behalf of my mother, she like many others on here seem to have been caught with the Stemologica/Beutemer [problem]s going around. Just need some advice on how to best proceed. My mum in mid Nov saw a internet advert for free tesco vouchers £100 if she took up the free trial of this product. She insists that at no time was she made aware that she binding herself into any contract with them or that the she would if she didnt cancel and return the free products within 14 days. She has had two debits come out of her account before xmas. This has almost ruined xmas for her to the point that she hid it from the entire family and juggled money to get by over the xmas period without telling my father. I have found out as she confessed it to me in the past week. So now you now the back story, I am making it my personal mission that I get this money back for my mother. She is in her early 60's and the little savings she has I dont want to see being stolen from her. What is the best way for her and myself to proceed. She has cancelled the payments to the company (Card Payments, i assume) but is now 2 x £97 down. Is there a realistic chance of her getting this money back. Whilst my mum can be naive on the internet, she isnt when it comes to money and agreeing to contracts etc so i know she wouldnt have signed up to this willingly. I would be grateful for any help or any pointers in the right directions.
  3. Hi All. Thanks for the add to the forum. I realise the forum is littered with Stemologica threads, but I feel each case is individual so would appreciate help. I 'fell' for the free trial thing back in June and unfortunately got stung for £97.95 back in June. After a very distressed call to them, they agreed to refund my money if I returned the products within the 14 days, got proof of posting blah blah blah I did all of this. Emailed them the tracking numbers and awaited my refund....and waited...and waited... 6 months later, 6 fretful phone calls later they tell me they can no longer give me a refund and can offer me 'free of charge' some creams! Free of charge even though they have effectively stolen £97.95 of my money! After my call this morning I was left aghast at how these people operate! The can 'no longer' give me my money??? What the hell??? I have now spoken to Citizens Advice Consumer helpline who suggested I send an email accusing them of breach of contract. In the mean time I receive this email from Stemologica: "Dear ***** , Thank you for your proof of postage. Indeed, you appear to have returned the goods as per our instructions, and in principle, would qualify for a full refund. However, since the payment processor your transaction went through no longer accepts credit cards of the type you registered with to initially order, we will be unable to refund you, unfortunately. We could, however, as a means of compensation, send you the identical product, completely free-of-charge. You will receive one Stemologica for free and one Beautemer for free. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards" So basically they have admitted that they owe me money but 'can't give it to me! Its almost laughable isnt it? In the mean time I have called Barclays who within hours have refunded me the money AND compensation for the stress its caused. Incredible! Stemologica have already replied to my email accusing them of breach of contract with this..... "Dear ***** , Thank you for your proof of postage. Indeed, you appear to have returned the goods as per our instructions, and in principle, would qualify for a full refund. However, since the payment processor your transaction went through no longer accepts credit cards of the type you registered with to initially order, we will be unable to refund you, unfortunately. We could, however, as a means of compensation, send you the identical product, completely free-of-charge. You will receive one Stemologica for free and one Beautemer for free. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind regards" YES! The same original email despite me threatening them with Trading Standards and the e-fraud Team. What next? Its no longer about the money...its the principle of the matter. They have my money, and no doubt hundreds of others who can't find a voice to speak up! :mad2:
  4. Hello all! my mum isnt very internet savy, and she replied to an email she recieved which was to fill out a questionaire and recieve a free gift(a set of creams), she did this, then gave he credit card info for the postage and packaging. As is typical with these things, all was not as it seemed. She received the set of creams and after I looked up the company, could see nothing but bad reviews/other people getting charged large amounts to their bank accounts. I then got my mum to cancel her credit card. and then rang the company. I spoke to a very rude american chap, who insisted that I should pay near 100 dollars for the "gift" received. After the call, he sent my mother this email, so obviously tried to immediately charge her(even though their supposed trial period they mention in the email had not finished) He was very rude on the phone, and in the email theres undertones of threats, Shes obviously worried, and if I had known was going to give her credit card info out to a random company I would have stopped her. I just wondered what your thoughts were, and if this company actually have a leg to stand on. Thanks The email reads as follows: ----------------------------------------- By placing your order, you had to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our risk-free trial offer, which stated that you would have 2 weeks to evaluate our product completely free of risk to you. Since you appear to have blocked your card, we urge that you enter a valid credit card number, to where we can charge you the amount owed. As a gesture of goodwill, we are happy to let you keep the product at the promotional recurring rate for our privileged customers with long-standing subscriptions, in place of the full price, and thus HAVE YOU PAY THE LOWEST POSSIBLE RATE, GBP 49.95. Your not having returned the item back to us, while you were in your 14-day trial, and refusing to pay for it, at the same time, is tantamount to customer fraud, and we would prefer to sort this amicably. If you refuse to cooperate/pay, we would have no alternative, but to report you to the relevant institutions, giving all your personal information, and instigating a fraud dispute with your bank. Please bear in mind that we have recorded your IP address and it matches your specified delivery address location. Furthermore, we have proof of delivery of the trial package to your address, which also matches your IP address. This could result in consumer fraud investigation towards you, and could potentially affect your overall standing with your credit card company (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.). I would like to point out that we work within all card associations rules and regulations. PLEASE PROCEED TO EFFECT PAYMENT OF THE DISCOUNTED RATE, IMMEDIATELY. We trust you will render your full cooperation in this matter. Kind regards, Tyler Customer Satisfaction Specialist Stemologica,
  5. I have this morning finally been successful in ending my Account with Faseder Ltd aka Stemoderma.com aka (without prejudice) by many other names. I looked into some of the details about the business and found various statements on their own sites explaining what and how they do and also interestingly their IOS grade. This made me think that this Company is possibly bona fide but sells to various different parts of the World maybe!? and also numerous outlets? When I sent for the samples, like many I gave a card number and this triggered an account! However, by searching back I found the initial e-mail sent to me showing my account details and password. I then typed in the email address followed by my email and password. Hey presto, up popped my account. I then went into each section bit by bit and read everything in there. I noticed a 'box' pop up showing Order directions and AUTO-REFILL was ticked. I un-ticked this box and then ticked 'No further orders'. Following this I went to the comments section, filled everything in and in the comment box I explained politely why I did not wish to receive their products. I double checked everything that I had done and clicked confirm. Within a few seconds, up popped a confirmation message. However, I did not fill overly confident and decided to bite the bullet and phone the UK Telephone number. 080-8189-0213 To my surprise it was answered very quickly and I spoke to a very pleasant lady of American origin by the name of Tatyana, who gave me her extension number of 3113. I explained my dilemma and the lady was very understanding. My account was cancelled and by the time the phone call ended, an email was waiting me confirming my subsciption has been cancelled. As I said her name was Tatyana. 080-8189-0213 ext 3113. She is a Customer Satisfaction Specialist. Stemologica. I now intend to supply my bank with a copy of the cancellation letter along with any name that I know of that this Company uses. I hope all the above is very useful to others who feel that for whatever reason the products are not for them. They can find conclusion to close their account as swiftly as I did. Good Luck from Sorted653
  6. Has anybody had any dealings with this company??? I have paid postage and packing for a free trial of skin products and received the trial pack. My wife was unhappy with the product and i returned same via recorded delivery within the 14 day trial period. I have attempted to email the company to inform them but the email facility keeps informing that the session is timed out even when i hit it without putting any information in. I am beginning to smell a rat. I also have a feeling that this is a ploy intended to let the 14 day period lapse so i will then be charged the full amount. I would be grateful for any replies.
  7. After reading all the messages about the different experiences other people had with this company, boy do I feel EXTREMELY fortunate! First of all, I should have known better but the only reason I went to their site and tried it out was because Yahoo has Ellen DeGeneres on their home page where it explains how she gave away free samples of Stemologica on her talk show. I'm not sure how they were distributed, whether she bought them and gave them out or she sent people to the site or both. But I really like Ellen and I can't believe she truly understands what this company is doing to people. I'm sure if she's using this, the Stemologica company would NEVER pull this kind of stuff with her! Of course that's a guess. I was thinking of maybe emailing her show to explain the problems people are having with that company and to ask her to stop promoting it and/or get in touch with that company to help others that she led to that site. I would think she's starting to get a ton of emails about Stemologica but who knows?! In any case, after reading that article I went to the site. I debated whether to sign up because I don't normally ever do anything like that. I only pay bills and buy items from more reputable name companies, like Walmart, and I only use Paypal when purchasing these products. But I was also thinking about my experience with Sheer Cover (a make-up company that sold a mineral foundation) many years ago and it worked basically the same way. My experience with them was great. I tried it for a couple months then called to cancel and that was that! Not a problem at all! So between Ellen and my past experience with a similar type of system, I decided to try it out. I entered all my information and it came back saying something like "didn't accept". I knew it was NOT my account because I knew I had money in it but I started to get nervous that maybe it was a ploy to get my number to use late....I really don't know how these type of scams work. So I started freaking out and called my bank. Low and behold my bank (BB&T) said they did not allow for the payment because it was an outside the US transaction and that they would need more verification. I was so extremely relieved! And even happier with my bank! After reading about all the problems that some people had with their banks not being very helpful, I feel even more lucky! To anyone and everyone...if your bank doesn't go out of their way to help you in a situation like that, then change banks immediately!!! Way to many banks to choose from and not to mention they make a killing off us consumers. Way more than they deserve and after what the banks did to this economy, they shouldn't be! See, I'm a single mother and live from pay check to pay check. I try to maximize every penny I have. This was suppose to be a treat for myself since I normally buy things for my children first. The real treat was NOT getting it and having more confidence in my bank! Lesson learned! Thanks to everyone that shared their experiences, information and advice! It was very helpful and even comforting!
  8. What is puzzling me is that everybody complaining about this Company, my wife included, signed up for 1 Trial offer. She received two emails, 1 from Stemologica and 1 from Beautemer confirming Kit has shipped. Each order had a different Order No. Stemalogica Order ID: NL4-9ML5D , Beautemer Order ID: NL4-NMLST. Both orders arrived in 1 Package. 3Items from Stemalogica and 1 item from Beautemer. My debit Card was debited £9.95 for C P TO stemalogica.com,9 and £3.95 by C P TO beautegold.com,3. 2 Accounts were registered for on each of their websites with an autogenerated password and an AutoRefill ticked @ £49.95 in each. Is that a similar experience for everybody else?
  9. Hi i have been reading these terrible reviews and i myself have just received my package, they have taken the postage but after reading all these problems i have just been in touch with my bank ( Barclays ) very concerned, the bank have said this .. at the moment is happening online all the time but there is a solution if you get in touch with your bank after they have taken the postage then the bank will put a cat cancellation on the company, they are going to write to the company themselves requesting no more payments be taken from my account, if they do take anymore money after receiving the request from my bank then my bank will refund me within 24 hours hope this helps
  10. A relative of mine has fallen for this trick - i.e. a website giving the impression that a free trial of a face cream is available, only need to pay £3.95 postage. Hidden in Ts&Cs is that the full price of £97 will be taken from the card if trial not cancelled in 14 days. He received a phone call from the bank asking him if he knew of the £97 payment, he said no (which he didn't) and the bank cancelled the card and implied that the transaction wouldn't go through. Unfortunately, despite this, the money was debited anyway leaving him overdrawn on an account that has no o/d facility so he has now incurred bank charges of £6 per day. The bank said they would send a form to dispute the payment but have since called him back to say that there will be no form as in their view, he accepted the ts&cs and it is his fault and they attach no blame to the company (Stemacell). I read up on here and he has already sent back the items, unopened and not tampered with, within the 30 day limit. They have now e-mailed to say they will not refund as the items were not returned in original condition. This is a lie as they certainly were and we took photos to show this. I am planning joining a call to his bank again now that it is even more clear that this is a [problem] to request a charge back. If anyone has any further pointers, please let me know. What I would really like to know is, if the bank will not budge, can I issue a court claim against the company (a legal entity in the Czech Republic)?? I found this but how practical is it? https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_small_claims-42-en.do
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