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  1. Have been ignoring my 6 Payday loans and 4 other debts for several months now, the other companies don't appear to have put disproportionate amount of interest on to the debt but my Toothfairy loan has gone from the original amount of £300 up to £1438 since I took the loan out in late July and I get this email from them every 5 days: We are writing to give you formal notice that ToothFairy Finance Ltd - ToothFairy Pay Day Loan has legally assigned the rights of the above debt to Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited now legally own this debt.
  2. Oh look... Looks like they have begun trying to "Enforce" These debts...
  3. Guys Check this out below; This truly goes to show the shady dealings that company had... I think this should be a lesson for us all. To see a company like this go under is truly a good thing! I also like how it mentions about NDR and MHB being fit about holding Credit Licenses ^__^ What id like to know is how they define the loan book as "Potentially Recoverable"
  4. Many months ago I took out a loan with ToothFairy Finance, what a mistake, which due to personal circumstances I couldn't pay. I contacted them several times about extensions, and got three unique responses regarding how the policy works, crazy people that they are. Eventually I had to contact them to request we come to a repayment arrangement, no reply. I continued emailing them almost daily, then twice weekly, eventually one last time to state I would no longer be attempting contact as they had failed to work with me or even respond through any avenue of email contact, despite their automate
  5. Hi Guys, I have been looking at this forum for a while for advice, and have to say it has been great, much better than MSE forum which is full of pretentious ***ts who tell you to shoot yourself for making a mistake. However this forum has much much better users who have been helpful hence why i have decided to join. Anyway, i am another victim of Toothfairy Finance and have been dealing with these numb nuts for a few weeks, taking in advice from different members of this forum i have been responding only to toothfairy in writing via email. I want to post my progress as it happens a
  6. Hi all, I'm really hoping someone would see this and help me out I'm a 20 year old student and I stupidly took out a £300 loan with TOOTHFAIRY and I signed onto a DMP shortly after, agreeing to take £40 a month. At this point, I apparently had to pay £800. I paid them month by month and to this day I've paid them £310 and I am currently in the process of switching DMP's from Debt Advisory to Stepchange (because they're free) and I received an email from Toothfairy saying that I now needed to repay £1711!!!!!!!!!!!! Bear in mind I have kept up with payments consistently! The £40
  7. hi does anyone know a valid email for toothfairy as i need to contact them but not over the phone.thanks.
  8. Hi i've just had a voicemail from MHB the pretend bailiffs to my office phone number. I am absolutely fuming, surely they are not allowed to just contact me at work? God knows how they got my number, I'm guessing switchboard put them through. I blocked their phone number on my mobile due to the incessant texts and phonecalls and now they dare to call my office. Are they allowed to do this? I do not want to pick up the phone expecting a legitimate business call only to hear these jokers on the other end. Could potentially be embarrassing if my co-workers realize what is going on. I h
  9. Been stuck in a little bit of a toothfairy wrangle (my god I wish I googled them first)... I've actually used the company quite a lot and because I've never had a problem paying back all has been good. Took out a £400 at the end of June but then in the first weeks of July unfortunately circumstances changed where we had £800 of unexpected bills with the car ... We had a couple of PDL's going so I rang them all straight away being honest and actually got some great responses to where I have come to perfectly reasonable deals, apart from Toothfairy. Toothfairy's stance from the outset
  10. Hi, I am having problems with Payday Loans i owe, however the biggest problem before I tackle the others is Toothfairy. I borrowed £400, they now want £934 and ARE THREATENING all sorts of people coming to the house, but from northern debt recovery which are the same company? I have listed below details, can anyone help me here, I'm not paying £934 back! Total payments I have made against the £400 (which was £544 with interest) is £294 so I owe £260? how do I tackle this, they are awful people. Tooth Fairy I took out a loan on 16.04.12 for £400 and I was going to
  11. Just thought i would share to you that i noticed Toothfairy have a new looking website! https://www.toothfairyfinance.com/
  12. All their related websites are down. Have the OFT finally acted on these muppets? https://www.toothfairyfinance.com/ https://www.northerndebtrecovery.com/
  13. I've just got home from work to a letter pushed through the door from GPB solicitors regarding a debt that i have had with Toothfairy finance. The client name on the letter is Northern Debt Recovery Ltd and Toothfairy is listed as the creditor. Basically, GPB are saying that they have been instructed to recover the sum of £919.00 from me. The letter is dated 04 April 2013. They have said in the letter failure for me to pay up "could leave us with no alternative other than to take legal action against you" I have had a loan with toothfairy in the past, but it was in the summer (july)
  14. Hello I have a serious problem with a company called Toothfairy finance, I need some really good sound advice on this! On 1st June 2011 when i was a student, I needed emergency funds. So i Googled "payday loans" being a student and having poor credit I didn't actually think I would be accepted, So when I applied for a £200 loan with TF I was really surprised that I was accepted, Straight away too!! I understood the interest charges stood at £9 per week for every £100 taken out with them! So, come the next two weeks when I was due to pay it off, I had a serious problem with my c
  15. Hello, I had a bad experience with these people. I borrowed £400 and today it is over £2400 in debt with them. Continued harassment by NDR and MH Bailiffs, who for those who dont know, are owned by the same owners as ToothFairy. It's all a [EDIT]. I am refusing to repay, and I am happy for them to take me to court where I will fight them. There is no note on my credit file regarding ToothFairy. I'd like to know if this is the same for everyone? Has anyone ever been visited by a real bailiff, or been taken to court by these people? I have launched a website to w
  16. Do not take a loan from Toothfairy Finance. These people are (Edit) They make it difficult for you to contact them, they do not send you any contract, they do not send you a reminder. They very quick to start threatening you with legal action, and phone you up and threaten to come to your house to collect the money. I repaid my loan of £400, which became £616, the next working day, after the repayment date. Too late they said, and i now owe them £1048. They phone you up, and threatened me. They start taking extra fine money from out of my account. I am now having to change my
  17. I have just received this email from marshall hoare regarding my outstanding loan with toothfairy i have sent them an offer of repayment the most i can afford submitted a income and expenditure form yet they are still refusing to accept my offer and i have now received this email below, i am happy to pay what i owe but they have added over 400 in charges and are now threatening doorstep agents and court action please help. I dont know where i stand with regards to the charges and everything eles. any help with regards to a reply to them any help whatsoever i would be really grateful of. O
  18. Hi to everyone I took out loan 400 pound from paycheckcredit which is MCO capital November 2011 i rolled over couple off times end up my job gone. I tried despite to contact them for repayment plan but they never accepted.So usual things was happen everyday lots of mail text phone call but i didnt answer and i sent their email address i want everything in writing.Still no reply by the time every months i paid their account 1 pound. My outstanding balance right now around 3000 K. The thing is last night when i checked my credit file i saw there is a default by Toothfairy and outstanding bala
  19. Hey all Without wanting to go into a long and embarrassing tale of how I got to where I am, i have managed to fight my way back from the brink and get rid of nearly all of my 10+ payday loans (3 more are being cleared this week alone!) But there is one not playing ball at all, and surprise surprise its Toothfairy. After a LOT of digging I finally found the way to contact them via email here is the email I sent, their reply and my reply. Any advice on where to go from here would be much appreciated, I am expecting them to come back and reject my offer so any tips would be
  20. Hey Guys I have been battling with Speedcredit/toothfairy/NDR/Marshall Hoares for months and months. I finally got them to agree to a payment plan. On a £100 loan they had hiked up charges to nearly £1500, through sheer grit and determination I managed to get them to agree (in writing) to 3 payments of £58 to settle and close the account. All was fine, I made the three payments (Oct, Nov and Dec) as instructed on their email (via bank transfer with a reference number) Those jokers have now said they cannot find my November payment and I still owe them £58 and unless I pay
  21. hi so here goes, where do i begin........... i get a payday loan from TFF it defaults due to a mistake on their behalf and i get hit with all sorts of fees.......im sure you know where im going with this, these fees lead me to being contacted (harassed) by NDR and MHB ive had all of their techniques, emails,sms,phone calls about bailfs court costs blah blah blah.......... i decide to google and find CAG within 7 days of reading thread i found out all i need to know about my rights regarding both legal and with comlaints eg, OFT FOS. last night i prepared an email calling out all
  22. Hi guys, new here so will quickly tell you about my situation, last year I took out some PDLs and couldn't afford to pay them all back, including a £200 loan with Toothfairy. Iv had countless letters from TF, MH and NDR demanding over £1000! Iv offered to pay back the original loan amount with a couple of months interest but they are saying they can only reduce the fee a bit, they are still adding interest. I got an email today from NDR I contacted toothfairy today and received an email from MH so they are clearly all the same company... Here is part of the email I received today,
  23. Hi, I took a loan for £400 out with Toothfairy in September (I had taken numerous before and reloaned but had enough of wasting money etc...). I am now trying to sort this mess out and almost there except for this terrible company. I have paid back £400 so far. The original total amount to pay back was £472. Though it's very late paying it back I have given this company so much already I just want to pay them another £72 to close it and be done with it. The problem is they are saying their fees are adding up to another £850 on top of the amount I have already paid and Marshall Hoares
  24. I've been looking at other posts for advice, I just joined here. . I've taken out loans before with wonga and quickquid and paid back fine. . then I had some issues and took out a loan with toothfairy finance (£200) and minicredit (£100) wonga and quickquid have agreed to repayment plans.. so each week I give wonga £10.27 and quickquid £25, I didn't really wanna argue as they were really understanding and I actually had a different repayment plan with quickquid and forgot to pay so they gave me another chance really, also they only charged me £12 late payment the first time
  25. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a toothfairy problem. I've had a number of payday loans that have become a problem in the last month or two. I've contacted all of them and come to a reasonable conclusion with all of them excluding Toothfairy. I've contacted toothfairy a lot of times both before and after the default. The outstanding balance on my due date was £544. I offered a repayment of £50 a month and on the due date I made the first payment of £50.00. Since then I have received a number of texts and emails from toothfairy, NDR and now Marshall Hoare debt collection
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