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  1. Make sure to ask for the name of the person you are speaking to, as well as a full email transcript of the call. If they ask why, tell them everything on the call is being copied to the FOS for a full official complaint. They usually shift pretty quick.
  2. More so because you dont have legal representation yet. A good lawyer will also tell you never to accept the first offer.
  3. Can you give the history of this. Its also not a fine.
  4. You read up on other cases. Theyre exactly the same as yours. DOnt worry about popla. The decision isnt binding on you at all.
  5. Let ir run. Youd get a letter from the court if they actually applied for an AOE. Theyre trying to bluff you and negotiate out of court, as they always do, to try and get things on THEIR terms, not the right ones.
  6. They're trying to scare you into not setting aside the claim. The ONLY costs involved are the court fees.
  7. Just turn up smart. No need for a suit. its not like youre going in the dock. Youll be sat around a table . Just wear a smart outfit, and brush up on everything, as they WILL try to bluff you if you let them. And thats IF they dont run off before the hearing is called. And then thats if they even turn up tomorrow.
  8. Only if they didnt know your new address. If they knew your new one, then yes. But youd still need a good reason to dfend it, otherwise theyll just reissue it
  9. You wont get any info from erudio as a sar really. Theyre a dca. and will only hold basic info.
  10. can you post up what you got from them?
  11. Did you post this on a well known facebook page a short while ago too? Think you were advised to return it for repair, or do it yourself on there too.
  12. You need to take the time to read other relevant threads on this forum. They are exactly like yours. You go online using the details on the form. You acknowledge the claim form, say you will defend all, do not tick contest jurisdiction, then click through until the end and click save. This gives you a couple of weeks to prepare a defence. You also need to send the relevant CPR request to gladstones.
  13. Theyre prepared, but in a way to bluff you. They know that 99% of people that come dont know what to do and give a terrible defence. Each and every time an informed defense has been made, they lose.
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