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  1. Just saying around this area, a few people were given 3 points when it should be the mandatory 6. But then again this is north wales, and north wales police/courts are a world unto themselves
  2. 6 points and a fine if you plead guilty. If you get a good judge, perhaps 3 points. Thats the usual around here anyway. But the norm is as outlined above. Dont try and get out of it, the court is very good at knowing when someone is pulling a fast one. If you dont name the driver, then it gets VERY serious, and a bunch of punishments come into play
  3. Indeed but we cant force them to update. If they came back and posted an update, it would help thousands of people who are in the same situation.
  4. Is this correct. The nTK was sent and recieved the same day as you got the pcn in the car park? The info we need is what date have the said the NTK was created, and when did you recieve it.
  5. Court, if it ever happens is a long way off. Youre talking months, even longer, if it ever happens. Theres a long procedure they have to go through first, and you can challenge them every step of the way. You ALWAYS ignore the DCA. They cannot do a single thing, despite them thinking they can. And fill that link in that DX posted.
  6. because they get the result they want and then walk away. Very few people do update, especially after all the time and work others give to help them.
  7. Nope. do not ask for another copy. Why would you want to give them another chance to get it right?
  8. Its no good being sorry and referring them to a link to start all over. You work there, go get someone to fulfil your legal requirements. He could even start small claims against E-on and win.
  9. Read other topics about them. They cant do anything. They do this to pretty much everyone.
  10. Could always respond to it, then in mediation simply say... Got the paperwork yet? No? Goodbye. Theyre just trying to get an easy payday without paying the court fee, and hope youre none the wiser and get scared into paying up. Its their basic business practice and they do it ALL the time.
  11. And the fact that they know they dont stand a chance in hell at winning, so they dont want to stand in front of a judge and explain things. Cabot and restons always want to get a default judgement. They dont enforce legit debts.
  12. If they havent complied with the request, then why go to mediation? They cant get any form of court order without having those documents in court. ALl theyre trying to do is get you to agree to give them something, even though legally theyre not entitled to a penny.
  13. of course they want it without a hearing. Ill give you a free guess why,
  14. i wouldnt offer them a penny unless theyve been named on the court order.
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