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  1. Follow it with a letter in the post. AS soon as you notify them , then its cancelled, if youre after a full refund. Also get on to the finance company as well, as they are liable too. That way you cna let the finance company fight it out with the retailer.
  2. I'd be minded to put it in an envelope, send it back to them with an A4 piece of paper with a big laughing emoji right in the middle of it
  3. Simple, you call or write and reject it. It wasnt what you ordered, so you can cancel, or give them the chance to rectify at their expense. As for that note, SAR them and ask for the specific call log where you said that. Are you able to name the company in question? You can certainly do that here if you wish. But what you need to do is reject the order in full, and tell them to replace it with the one you ordered. At the same time, send the SAR off. If they dont record the calls, then it becomes their problem not yours. You could also contact the finance company and cancel .
  4. From a quick google of other consumer sites, it seems drydens saying they have a CCJ when they know they dont , is their current normal business practice. They need to be reported, and dont let them say its an admin error. If it was an admin error then it shows that their entire procedures arent fit for purpose and need investigating.
  5. On an old address, or associated. All they have to show is that they sent it to the last known address. Then as soon as its filed, they magically find your current one.
  6. Just contact northampton and they can advise. If its a fake CCJ, then you MUST report it.
  7. Contact the court to find out. . If they havent followed protocol, then the CCJ can easily be sunk. They might have also got it by the backdoor.
  8. Just saying around this area, a few people were given 3 points when it should be the mandatory 6. But then again this is north wales, and north wales police/courts are a world unto themselves
  9. 6 points and a fine if you plead guilty. If you get a good judge, perhaps 3 points. Thats the usual around here anyway. But the norm is as outlined above. Dont try and get out of it, the court is very good at knowing when someone is pulling a fast one. If you dont name the driver, then it gets VERY serious, and a bunch of punishments come into play
  10. Indeed but we cant force them to update. If they came back and posted an update, it would help thousands of people who are in the same situation.
  11. Is this correct. The nTK was sent and recieved the same day as you got the pcn in the car park? The info we need is what date have the said the NTK was created, and when did you recieve it.
  12. Court, if it ever happens is a long way off. Youre talking months, even longer, if it ever happens. Theres a long procedure they have to go through first, and you can challenge them every step of the way. You ALWAYS ignore the DCA. They cannot do a single thing, despite them thinking they can. And fill that link in that DX posted.
  13. because they get the result they want and then walk away. Very few people do update, especially after all the time and work others give to help them.
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