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  1. Hi, Can anyone help me out.. a month ago 1st Credit sent me a CCA (finally) for a debt which is now statue barred about two years ago. Now they are starting to chase me again for the debt. Any advice on how I should proceed? Many thanks in advance, M
  2. Hi Presently we are on a rolling contract and have given the Letting Agents one calendar months’ notice that we are moving out, as per their letter confirming rolling contract. The have replied with the following: 'I can advise that notice has be served on or before your rent due date and will only take effect from the next rent due date being 11th December 2015 which means your final day is the 10th January 2016 this is when all keys have to be returned to our office ' Are they able to do this? I always believed we should be allowed a four week notice of termination? Many thanks in advance, M
  3. Recently, I have been seeking a mortgage and have been to three mortgage brokers to get a mortgage quotation. Since receiving quotations I have selected a mortgage broker to act on my behalf, making my full credit report available to them, and also presenting all the required documents required for the application in principal. Before, I selected this broker, a previous mortgage advisor, has decided to obtain a mortgage in principal without formal consent from myself, which has had a negative impact on my credit report as he did not have access to it, and I have not given him my report as I had not selected him. Also the broker has not been presented with any of the supporting documents required by a lender. Could you please advise me of where I stand in this situation? Many thanks, M
  4. Hello, Just like a bit of advice. I have recently received a letter from a credit card company informing me that if I fill in a form inlcuding bank details, I will receive about £40 due to a PPI refund. The PPI is for a credit card that has long been statue barred and has fallen off my Credit Report. Would just like to know what is the best way to proceed. Many thanks in advance, M
  5. Hi, Just want to check something. If i say, have a default date 1/4/2008, am I right in believing that although the debt can still be chased it will drop of my credit report after 2/4/2014 and no longer be counted as a debt? Many thanks in advance, M
  6. If I purchase something from PC World and it is on a buy now pay in 6 months, would this go on my credit report? Thanks is advance M
  7. If I have defaults about 5 years ago, what success would I have applying for a Vanquis card to improve my credit rating? Thanks is advance M
  8. Hi, Would anyone have any experience or advice on the chances of winning a CCJ for an account I have in dispute, particuarly if it is with another DCA? Many thanks M
  9. Six months exactly from Default Date. Strange thing is, I have noticed some debts disappear before the default date. M
  10. Hi, I have a number of debts which will go SB in a few months. Having checked my Credit Report, these debts are in dispute with previous DCA and not the ones of my Credit Report. Should I send a letter in advance to these DCA's warning them the debts are in dispute with other DCA's? Thanks in advance, M
  11. OK, thank you for the advice so far. Back on a proper computer and can type a bit easier now. The report is from Equifax from last week. What I am basically trying to work out if whether to let the debts fall off my credit report and build up my credit again. What bothers me is, that if I’m right the debt can still be chased after it has dropped off and whether any further action can be taken against me after it has dropped off, i.e. CCJ’s etc. If further action could be taken, would I not be better off requesting F&F and protecting what rating I have and then building on it? In answer to some earlier questions. Lloyds Current Acc./ Capquest: Last Financial Transaction? Is the an authorised overdraft ? Yes, this was an overdraft. M&S Credit card/ 1st Credit/not on file (which CRA do you use) Poss already removed after 6 years, any payments made to 1st Credit at anytime or to anyone else? Just to clarify I haven’t made any payments to 1st Credit or anyone else. Many thanks again, M
  12. BRIGADIER2JCS : the credit report I have is from Equifax. Caro: I want to get my credit rating in shape in the quickest possible way and also to ensure that there is no comeback in the future. Hope it explains all
  13. Hello, Please find the details of my debts below: Sky Mastercard Now with DCA: 1st Credit Balance: £3,161 Default Date: 28/10/2008 Last known payment: Jun 2008 Lloyds Bank Current Account Now with DCA: Capquest Balance: £3,287 Default Date: 12/8/2009 Last known payment: Feb 2009 B&Q/Edge Store Now with DCA: Aktiv Kapital Balance: £328 Default Date: 31/12/2008 Last known payment: Jun 2008 Lloyds Bank Mastercard Now with DCA: Capquest Balance: £3,716 Default Date: 9/7/2009 Last known payment: Jun 2008 Lloyds Bank American Express Now with DCA: Capquest Balance: £8,484 Default Date: 30/1/2009 Last known payment: Jun 2008 Marks & Spencers Mastercard Now with DCA: 1st Credit Balance: £,2033 Default Date: Not on Credit Report Last known payment: Jun 2008 Argos Storecard Now with DCA: Aktiv Kapital Balance: £210 Default Date: 18/09/2008 Last known payment: Jun 2008 Many thanks in advance M
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