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  1. Youre being scared into complying. Dont. Even if they try court, they need a ton of specific stuff. And it really sounds like they dont have it. Don't get yourself marked as gullible. They do NOT care about you. To them you're just a number. They want your money no matter how they get it.
  2. Just rest easy knowing that they can never do anything. If they are stupid enough to go back to court ( they wont), you can just ask a judge to ask them... theyve had 12 years to chase it. Why now? it is extremely rare enforcement orders are given on CCJ's over 6 years old. And youre talking like 1 in a million . Or more.
  3. Keep ignoring. Absolutely nothing they can do. They know theyre out of time, but hope you dont. So for the price of a letter they hope theyll get thousands out of it. Just remember as well, its a form letter. Auto generated. The only parts different to everyone elses are the dates name and address.
  4. The entire republican party is corrupt to the core. We have out issues with our parties here, but damn, the states is basically a clusterf***. Trumps been c[aught lying, commiting illegal activities, and hes still being defended. Even the US justice department is starting to be his personal lawyer due to Barr.
  5. Well. Their lackeys work on commission so probably thought it would be authorisedand paid automatically.
  6. They're known to.go right to the last minute. Either begging you on the courtroom steps or even going into court and lying and telling the judge he or she is wrong. That's why you need to make sure you have everything in order on your side. Just in case.
  7. Gesture of goodwill. A phrase where someone knows they've done wrong, won't admit it, are still trying to pull a fast One, but want to make it look like theyre still being generous
  8. Id report them. Iirc theyre not allowed to withhold their number
  9. Also never ignore. Is easily soeted2. But if you ignore theres a.good chsnce theyll think they can get a judgement by default if they go to court.
  10. Simple. You can check with your local council. Most have a free online search tool. You also need to read other threads as well. Your issue is no different to thousands of others.
  11. Keep that email safe. Ppcs rarely ever admit fault and may try to chase in a few months or even a year or two hoping that you don't have any paperwork so they can try and chase you unchallenged.
  12. why send a lba? just go through the regulator/ombudsman if they wont play ball. Gotta jump through the hoops first.
  13. You dont need to combine notes etc. Just follow other posts already on this forum. Your issue is no different than any of theirs. Its how PPC's operate and sadly is perfectly legit as theres little regulation around the industry. By taking out a lawsuit against them without concrete evidence etc and prove they arent following regulation in each case ( youre likely on to a loser with a class action suit), you could find yourself owing tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees. I suggest you do a lot of research into PPC's etc and the laws that govern them before you even consider any ki
  14. They can try. Theyll never be able to enforce them if you challenge them
  15. You can set up an auto dialler to generate any number you want, as its just software . It goes through the regular exchange but using voip or similar. They can easily mask the real number using tens or even hundreds of others. Easy way to show this is when you get a cold caller or similar calling, and your caller ID shows 001 or some random number you know for sure isnt a real number.
  16. Just sounds like an autodialler. They dial you up and then send the call to a call centre rep. But if you dial in, its designed to hang up immediately.
  17. Nah. The "brake checking" thing isnt to argue. Its just to wind the other driver into a rage. Sometimes it works, othertimes it doesnt.
  18. You have supremacy of contract. They cant touch you. PPC dont care though. Theyll lie bluff and cheat simply to get money from you by any means. All the communication so far is automatic. Its likely nobody at the one man band has ever looked at your details.
  19. Hey, if youre happy and you have considered the issue fulfilled and closed, well done Just make sur eyou record the call, incase they say anything about you not posting things publically about it. They have been known to do that.
  20. They sent it because they know they are wrong. ALso note that they do not discuss the problem, or even admit any liability or discuss it.
  21. Love to know which lawyers they are, as for what youre saying, they certainly wont be winning any awards, infact theyd get a pretty bad reputation.
  22. Go ahead and try and sue them if its playing out like you said. I hope youre ready to possibly pay out tens of thousands of pounds to the bailiffs, as well as pay your own legal costs. When you could have sorted this cheaply and quickly.
  23. The debts already dead/defunct/unenforceable. WHy would you want to pay them something when you dont have to? If someone is dumb enough to come to your house, tell them in whatever way you want to jog on or youll call 101 for harassment.
  24. Court will be open a little earlier, and duties are first come first served/ . I suggest you speak to the duty solictor, even in you dont intend to use them as representation in the court room. As stated already, you have very possible high penalties for what you have done. A good solicitor can mitigate that more than you could admitting it with a letter.
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