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  1. If the debt is settled within a certain timeframe (ie x days or weeks from date of the order) can the CCJ be removed?
  2. But you can see it’s the one I signed - it’s a photocopy if it. Are you confusing this thread with my masterloan thread?
  3. I posted up the photocopy of the signed CCA earlier. This is not a recon. You took the view, I think, it was enforceable.
  4. The claim is for £7K odd. The settlement offer is for approx. £3K. 'I THINK' the £4K discount is suspiciously like the amount of interest HBOS preloaded to the credit and (and I never got a rebate). Earlier posts refer. Anyway, it looks suspiciously like. Their stoopid £50 charges are just powder added to my ammo, the real issue is the interest. Also, the APR is way out (above the de minimis). However, it is not I gather a prescribed term, but does call into question the amount owed under an otherwise valid CCA.
  5. No ppi. There was the £50 penalty fee and £50 courier fee (attachments, above). Balance, I have argued above, includes preloaded interest (surely?). In your experience, what should my next steps be? Should I fold, make a counter offer or continue dispute? In light of the CCA being (prima facie) enforceable?
  6. Cabot wrote today, saying Wescot have handed collections back to Cabot. Is this a sign of things hotting up? They also made an offer of settling for 42% of outstanding debt. Any views on this and whether, in light of the above comments on the CCA, I should accept?
  7. Admirals' refusal to provide me with the contact details of their data controller must be in breach of the DPA, surely? Are they not required to have a data controller to exercise control over – and take responsibility for - the processing of customers’ data.?
  8. In your experience, are most of those old pre-2007 egg CCAs enforceable?
  9. I received this letter (attached) today, from Admiral. I have a few questions about it. Is it true that that no one there is responsible for sending data to the CRAs? Admiral state that they cannot give me a name and contact details for any sort of data manager or someone there who controls data sent to the CRAs? is that right? I thought all credit businesses had to have a data control manager who has discretion? They also state "You will be in Default under the Agreement: If any Direct Debits are refused by the Bank/Building Society within any policy term. “ The point I made is that I set the direct debit payment dates myself and, while some bounced, Admiral were paid within seven days of that under the same direct debit instruction (re-presented). Surely that is the “policy term”? They also reported some missed DDs and not others, which is odd if, as they state, ALL DDs are reported electronically without human involvement. I would also add that I have been with them about 10 years, without complaint, and they only started filing with the CRAs about 4 months ago. Whether they will or not, surely there is a data controller at Admiral with the power to remove adverse data? This seems to be a classic case of an unhelpful case worker at Admiral with “the computer says no” mind set. Admiral response 17.4.19.pdf
  10. ALL3x from 2003. I applied for them on-line and they sent CCAs to sign and return in the post. CCAs were signed, defo, I remember. The top up loan also had ppi, I know that much from dsar. First step is to see what DCA comes back with. I think I have enough ammo here to keep them tied up for a while
  11. No I was defaulted. In 2006. Passed to a number of cccas and then arrow bought it. Now owned by Cabot. As I say, 3 credit agreements involved and no CCA yet for any of them. They should need all 3 to prove the amount claimed surely?
  12. Ok, well hopefully they can't provide the CCAs for the loan and CC. By the way, Egg flogged me a "top-up loan" which was merged with the original loan and cc at default as well. So another CCA to look for.
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