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  1. Hi DX Yes I have read some of the threads on here but just nervous and dont want to miss a step which may be costly
  2. Hi Dx I have scanned and attached the letter Thanks Parking ticket_GLADSTONE.compressed.pdf
  3. Hi HB The letter does show such header. I have typed out important snippets from the letter . please see below Many thanks Claimant :xxxxxxx Vehicle registration : xxxxx Total Amount outstanding : xxxxx We have been instructed by UK car park Management Ltd in relation to the above debt. It is our client’s case that you are liable for these charges and we would like to draw your attention to the options that our client has in order to recover these from you. The supreme court case of Beavis V Parking Eye(2015) recen
  4. Hi All Hope you're well. have received a letter from Gladstone Solicitors They have quoted the supreme court case- Beavis Vs Parking Eye ans says their client now has the option to commence proceedings in the appropriate civil court. The right exists for a period of 6 years, etc, etc, asking for payment in the next 14 days. Do I still wait for further paperwork at this point or are there steps I should be taking? Many thanks C/
  5. Hi everyone Hope you are all well. I have recently received 2 letters from Debt Recovery Plus (DRP). The most stating that they will give me so much time and if i dont pay, they will pass the file back to their client with a recommendation to take court action. Reading through a few other posts, I take it that I should also ignore this letter and wait to see if anything else comes of it from UKCPM? thanks again for your time
  6. Thanks DX So how do I know when its the last letter before court? Is that if/when the county claims form arrives or before it? I thought it might be prudent to write them a firm letter stating that the permit was in the window but upside down and send photographic proof along with it so they can compare it to the pictures they took, but it will probably fall on deaf ears so I'll follow your lead on this
  7. Hi All Please find the documents attached in PDF format. I hope this is how you want it uploaded. If not, please let me know and I will make changes CPMYork.compressed.pdf
  8. Hi All Hope you are well. I have received the NTK in the post and they now want the full £100. I am a contractor and was only on the site temporarily. The company I was there to visit only lease an office in the complex. Their advice was to ignore them because the parking company is a nuisance. I'm unable to upload more pics. I think I'm over the limit
  9. Hi ericsrother The vehicle is registered to me. I will be going back to that site tomorrow so will take pictures of the sighs they have up and upload them
  10. Thanks DX. I wont appeal as you've suggested but just want to ask.. will appealing it not show willingness to settle if this goes to court stage? Though I'm almost sure it would have been rejected anyway.. I am due back on that site next week so will make sure I take plenty of pictures of the signs and location. I could have kicked myself when I walked up to the car and saw the notice stuck to the glass with the permit on the opposite side upside down and wedged in the corner. I checked their photos online and they actually took a picture of it with all
  11. Hi DX100 Yes it is a Windscreen sticker. I will scan and upload it shortly. Doesnt say its a fine. Just my incorrect terminology
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