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  1. Thank you andyorch just few more questions, I put defence in and cca forms dont come back then will submit that to court as I dont owe lowell the money...also the dates on form say acknowledge the forms so that's 14days then 28 days to pay either way ?
  2. After looking into the defence I.e lowell producing original paperwork, if they do pop up with it as it was a online application for both, they would be able to proceed with the ccj and we unable to pay the amount that they want, Would the ccj be put on credit file ? if this is the case is there a set time that the money has to be paid back ? Or does the judge determine the time span ?
  3. Thanks I will get that done, what will next process ?
  4. Name of the Claimant ? lowell portfolio ltd Date of issue – 28/8/19. AOS +19 days =13/9/19 Defence filing = 27/9/10 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – 1) The claim comprises the following agreements the defendant entered in to: A) gratton plc and Freeman's plc with reference $$$$$$$$$ and current balance of £489.23 B) shop direct financial services with reference $$$$$$$$ and current balance of £922.89 2.The agreements were terminated as payments were not maintained and subsequently assigned to cl
  5. Received a ccj letter from 2 catalogues, was paying 10pw off 1 debt and nothing off the other as lowell said i couldn't afford to pay the 2 off, was finding it difficult to make payments and told lowell, who suspended payments and said they would contact again to check if was in better financial situation to carry on paying, that was 7mths ago, today received a ccj letter from Northampton business centre, called lowell to try and set payments up again ( not letting on that had received the ccj letter) they say its been passed over
  6. Yeh that's who it was, he asked for proof of name i gave ect told him to write if want any Information, Should I just ignore ...
  7. Just had a knock on the door from a man from a company called EVOLVE asking to speak to myself ? Obviously sent him packing and didnt give the name he was asking for, he went around to neighbour's house's asking if knew who lived at my address...
  8. Hopefully Really appreciate all the advice I know must have picked your head dx
  9. Bit of a update, received letter from Mortimer asking to call and discuss repayment plan within 7 days, or a field agent would be calling to have a discussion in relation to my financial situation and trying to sort payment plan out..
  10. So you think should just leave the both of them and see what becomes of them, let them make a move..
  11. What you recommend I should do about the Mortimer scenario, ring or leave they threatening ccj and sent more of them forms again fill in, they already had them once
  12. So what to next, if iva not the answer, And will try with pdf
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