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  1. Yes ,, also its from a peer to peer lending company so its owed to multiple people ?
  2. Hello again, i am stuck with what i should put in box D, i dispute the debt because?
  3. Had 3 calls this morning from Mortimer clark to contact them ? What kind of solicitor calls that many times.. also noticed that letter from them was dated 5/4/19 when only received on 11/4/19 !!!!
  4. I am not to sign them am i ? Nor shall i give any phone number or email?
  5. Thanks andyorch, could you please put a link to your forms that i need to fill out. What will happen then ? Or is it a wait and see what they decide ?
  6. Yeh there is a agreement number on it. What is a section 77 ?
  7. Yes its headed from a solicitors Mortimer clark but says We need your attention potential legal action.we need to talk to you about this debt, if we do not hear from you cabot will ask us to issue court proceedings and then we will ask the court to order a CCJ At the end of the 1st page it says...cabot is flexible about repayment and would accept a reasonable offer of payment,based on what you can afford.
  8. Andyyorch & Dx100uk, thank you. the loan was taken out in 2016 Stopped paying due to wife losing job then i had wage cut so could only manage essentials, tried for ivf but didn't have enough to pay one of them, his words were how you surviving you have more going out than coming in.. not moved house. I trying to sign up for free credit report so will let you now if its on there. In regards to the letter it looks all official and asking for my outgoings there is a dd mandate form,No schedule of payments that has been made or any paperwork from zopa !
  9. Hello, im after some help please, This morning i received a letter from Mortimer clark solicitors in regards to cabot, it for a unsecured loan with zopa, from 2016, they say there is a statement enclosed but it is just a cobot headed letter with open balance and date and closing balance and date which are both the same, no statement is in the letter, how do i know this is the amount? They have enclosed lots of letters with boxs for me to fill in and sign also it has a expenditure form in and sign, The solicitors has threatened that i have 30 days then it will be instructed to go to court for a ccj, any ideas what im to do next pleased ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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