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  1. Hi everyone. Sadly (as expected) I have had no contact from the company. The website is now down so I checked Companies House and it appears they are registered as: Check and Send Global Applications Limited Registered office address 14 Finisterre Parade, Portishead, Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom, BS20 7GJ Company status Active — Active proposal to strike off Company type Private limited Company The Director is the mentioned previously Sarah Jane Jones. As I have details can I go to small claims now and try to claim my money back?
  2. Thanks dx I have emailed the business and I have requested a refund on the form provided by them. I have noticed on Saga.co.uk there is an article referring to the same website and a paragraph from another motorist who also received PCN for same journey at around same time as us. 'At the end of November 2018 I was travelling on the M 25 over the Dartford Bridge and returning the next day. So I went online the night before and thought I had paid for a return journey at a cost of £12. My Tesco MasterCard shows a payment of £12 to "DartfordCrossingCharge Bristol 000“. I have now had to pay £70 fine plus the correct charge of £5 because the official site did not get my money. There must be so many people being tricked by this false website , so why can it not be taken down? The Dart Crossing company isn’t interested. Perhaps because they are also making money from the [problem] every time someone like me makes a mistake?'
  3. No I did not confirm the site as I do not know which site it was. It was the first (and last ) time I had travelled on that road and I paid what I thought was the correct fee. I have been through every stage of this and still end up paying £425.50! This is extortion! I would now gladly pay the £2.50 again if they would allow it. I already paid £6. If you read Bailiff advice's post he has found a website that may be the one used as my bank statement states Bristol in the transaction and this website is owned by someone in that area (albeit a private home when googled). I will do my damnedest to get this money back and am seeing legal advise. If the original money has been taken then it is theft.
  4. Well we had to pay Marston's Holdings bailiff this morning as there is a warrant apparently. They said they would clamp my car which happens to be a works lease car (council) and remove goods if not paid by 8am. We did not know what to do so had to pay £425.50 - if I had been alone I could not have paid that amount . They are sending us a form to complete to appeal...(again) and they were surprised at a Judge not accepting my proof of payment. I will be seeking legal advice, however, I wondered if it is worth writing to Chief Executive of Highways England Mr Jim O'Sullivan to complain and include my evidence from bank statement? Or is there another way to deal with this? If anyone has any sort of template letter I could use I would be extremely grateful.
  5. well I'm not paying £425.50 for something I already.paid plus a service charge to boot!
  6. Thank you Bailiff Advice. I have submitted a claim to that company and will also contact them tomorrow.
  7. Hi Sorry did not notice that. Yes I contacted them.immediately after getting their first letter (sent to wrong address) and they advised to send in proof which I did ( and have done several times). They advised they do not have payment registered and did say the site may not have paid it to them. Is there anything I can do if I have used an unofficial site?
  8. update My Out of time was declined and I cannot afford to have a judge look at it. Marston's have been to my house today and left a letter which is a removal notice saying I now owe £425.50 for an original charge of £2.50 that I believed I had paid. In fact I paid £6!! I have emailed Dart charge again with proof of payment. Any ideas what else I can do please? Thanks
  9. Hi I completed an appeal form with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal service. I have just received a reply stating I need to complete a witness statement and that this should have been included with the enforcement order which it was not. They have given me a link to an online form. Do I have to contact Marston at any point regarding this? I have just spoken to County Court and she is sending me correct forms but I only have until 4pm today! Wish me luck
  10. It is dated 26th Nov with transaction date as 25th. I have completed an appeal form, should I also complete an Out of Time?
  11. HiI Thanks for reply. I made a single journey northbound on 25th NOV 2018 and was driving a toyota aygo, I had no idea what the charges were supposed to be as had never been there before. My sister in law advised me to make sure it is paid by midnight next day therefore I went online straight after crossing (my partner was driving) and paid £6 as requested. I cannot remember the website, however, on the bank statement it states 25NOV18 DARTCROSSING CHARGE, BRISTOL GB. The first 2 PCN letters were sent to my old address. I also contacted via email and the 3rd letter (notice of rejection) was sent to my new address. Both Marston letters were sent to new address. I apologise as I think I got a bit mixed up with what went where! First Marston letter is notice of enforcement, Second letter is simply a demand to pay or contact them immedicately or an agent will visit and yes it is £190.50 Thanks
  12. Unfortunately I do not. They did not send me a receipt so I only have the bank statement for evidence.
  13. Hi I don't have a 'DART account'? I have proof in the form of a PDF showing it in my bank statement
  14. Hi everyone I used Dartford crossing on 25-11-2018 and paid the fee online using the website that appeared when searching. I paid £6 for my small car and at the time did not think anything of it as I have never been there before. I moved house in December 2018 and changed my address on my vehicle registration 2 months later I received a letter (to wrong address) stating I had not paid the charge. I then contacted them the same day and advised I actually paid it as soon as we have crossed over. I was advised then to submit evidence in the form of my bank statement showing the charge which I did via email. I received another email then a letter (wrong address again) stating I had not paid the charge and I was now being charge more due to time scales. I have now received 2 letters from Marston - First one stating that a warrant has been issued by Northampton County Court - I have heard nothing from NCC, and the second stating I now must pay £190 otherwise an enforcement officer will attend my property and take belongings etc etc and more fees will be charged. I have until midnight on 13th August to contact or pay. Can anyone advise me please?
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