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  1. HI Further update email Hi Pauline, Thanks for your further email. I can’t advise that you will not need to pay for the remainder of the booking until an alternative you are happy with is found, as this isn’t in line with the terms and conditions agreed to at the time of booking, or the package travel regulations. Customers who wish to keep the holiday in place would need to pay the remaining balance or it will be cancelled at the relevant charges, regardless of whether the hotel is affected. If a booking is affected our priority will
  2. HI I got an immediate response to last email asking about payment etc that you suggested Hi, Thanks for your email. I will review your additional comments and respond in the next 7 days. I must respectfully advise that I must respond to all customers I’m in correspondence with in strict date order in order to remain fair, but I will be in touch as soon as possible. Kind regards, Benjamin Addison Customer Service Escalations Executive
  3. Thanks I will try that. We don't really want to take a holiday in October this year. I have Diabetes & Asthma/COPD which puts me at greater risk where Covid-19 is concerned. My Daughter & her partner no longer wish to go - they both have anxiety issues. My Daughter having emotionally unstable personality disorder and this is likely to exacerbate her symptoms. My Grandson also has Asthma. It is a tricky situation because if they do offer an alternative, do I have to accept it as long as it is of same or higher standard, even though neither of the only 2 avai
  4. Do I reply with 'my holiday is clearly not going ahead as planned as the hotel is closed until 2021' ? He can tell me I am at the end of the complaints line as many times as he wishes but I am sure I shouldn't have to wait when I have already given them proof that I do not have any accommodation to travel to! This is so frustrating.
  5. Quick response this time with same old information. As you can see they won't tell me anything other than I have to wait. There is a time limit on changing without admin fees too, so I only have until 31st July Benjamin Addison <Benjamin.Addison@jet2holidays.com> Mon 13/07/2020 15:16 6500031/S20H
  6. Hi Honeybee, Thanks I will take the last bit off and leave it that simple - sent. Let's see what response I get, although I can guess it will be the same as before - have to wait for ops team etc etc If that is the case does that mean their contract is void as they are not providing me with alternative acommodation?
  7. I am going to email Jet 2 escalation executive with cc to the CEO now and this is what I am saying. Could anyone tell me if I should change it at all please - I have included the emails from me to Jet2 and their reply on 4th and 13th June: Please see emails from June 4th and June 13th in which I enquired about our hotel not showing on your website. I have written confirmation from Comitas hotels that they are not opening this Summer. (I will forward this to you following this email) Could you please provide evidence that my holiday as booked is still
  8. Thanks - I got this off ABTA website If there are significant changes to the main characteristics of the holiday that mean a significant change to the holiday as whole you are entitled to an offer of an alternative holiday, or a refund of your holiday cost. ABTA cannot determine what is and isn’t a significant change to your particular package holiday, however a general overview of what might be a significant change is below: a change of resort; a change of accommodation to that of a lower category and/or price; a change of flight time or delay
  9. Thanks for your help. I have just seen this on a facebook thread We saw our hotel was not opening so we rang Jet2.com who immediately offered another hotel and gave us a refund the lady was very helpful and polite When I rang Jet2 they said they couldn't help At this point I really would like them to offer us a refund. We do have the funds to pay the balance, but this may be a risk surely as we don't use credit cards. Or are they bound to refund if we refuse to change? Would you advise me to email CEO again and forward the email I ha
  10. This is the email I received from the hotel group, confirming they are closed in 2020 From: puntaprimaplaya@comitashotels.com <puntaprimaplaya@comitashotels.com> Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 8:02:46 AM To: ' Subject: RE: Booking with Jet2 Good Morning XXXXXXXX, Thank you for your email. the isla del aire apartments in 2020 are not going to open. we wait for you in 2021!!!! Kind regards, begoña
  11. Anyway they are still refusing and quoting travel regulations. Seems we don't have a choice
  12. (b)the traveller does not accept a substitute package, the organiser must refund all payments made by or on behalf of the traveller without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days after the contract is terminated. Is this relevant to my situation?
  13. Hi BankFodder We paid by debit card and have only paid £450 so far. The holiday is £2360 in total which is due to be paid by August 22nd. It will be 70 days until holiday on 25th July. We were due to travel on October 3rd. I did try to find some information and have now looked at the travel regulations which point to a refund. However, this 'escalation executive' seems to think we are not due a refund 'under travel regulations'
  14. I would be interested in an answer to this too. I have a holiday booked where the hotel is now not opening due to COVID-19. This was booked in September 2019. Jet2 are only offering a change to next year, however, as you said the prices are really high at the moment. I emailed the CEO and got a reply from some escalation executive stating the information I was given by customer services is correct as the hotel has close due to circumstances out of their control. So, I basically have until 31st July to find a holiday for next year or pay the balance of this holiday and wait until the oper
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